120201 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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        Cheer up! I am worse….LOL. I even closed my Twitter for this. But after 5 seconds I opened it again, and lost GAPP….LOL
        Isn’t it funny?

      • @ nomusicnolife,next time ,don’t refresh the page,just wait until they pop up the note *new tw.*,that’s your chance…
        whenever you make the refresh for the page,you will loose few second…more than the time you read the new tweet.

  1. *sigh* all of sudden people talks about C-Jes CEO old rumor regarding him blackmailing an actor, was once a “gangster”, etc. again… i’m clueless about this old rumor, can someone give me the link where i can read about this rumor? T_T

    • this week is totally a roller coaster week for me. from the non existent of Monday Couple moment, cancellation of JYJ Documentary, the rumor about Jo In Sung as a guest in RM, Jaejoong tweets, and now bam! news regarding Jihyo and CJes CEO — with lots of people with different opinion… and some people now start to attack this guy too. aish and there’re some of people who insisting to take jihyo off from Running Man… that’s just too harsh… ;_;

      sorry for rambling here. i just need to spill this out. ><

      all the best for jihyo anyway. i hope certain people in k-ent industry didn't use this to harm jihyo. x'(

      • yeah… some netizens called and wrote to SBS to take jihyo off the show permanently. some people now even talk something bad about C-Jes CEO and how this thing will ruined jihyo’s image. ;_; i just… don’t know how to react.

        what a major bummer for me. ><

      • what what what? what happen with jihyo and mr.baek? >_< i dont know anything, and people start saying something bad…. i dont like it DX i like jihyo, and i respect mr. baek, and i dont think they deserve all the bad comments from others 😦 they're good people…

      • @Jae-Is-Mine: actually they’re both confirmed to be dating. and there’re lots of criticisms for Jihyo, and some even brought up this old rumor again. it’s a “harm” for both parties. some people accuse CJes CEO for disclosing their relationship and causing “harm” to Jihyo, and some people attack Jihyo again. 😥

      • @ noi

        I didn’t follow the dating part (sigh). Thanks for informing me. None of Mr Baek or Jihyo interests me (sigh).
        Why can’t people just let them dating (or get married)….(sigh)
        People are so ignorant…

        Sorry noi. You will see the different me if it’s JJ who is dating a girl gossip is about…

      • sometimes I don’t get with this sk-culture in sk-ent industry

        little rumour = huge scandal

        geez… entertainers have their rights and private life too U___U

      • @ noi
        According to my a friend, a longtime K-entertainment fan, a translated article was floating around the net accusing Mr. Baek of being a member of the Korean gang, Yang-eun. It was just a rumor only.

        Mr. Baek was never convicted of threatening Kwang Sang Woo, a well-known Korean actor. The man convicted of that is someone else, someone much older (around 58 yrs old) and is a member of a different gang.

      • omo it should be longer. it’s just some people start to talk about this rumor again in Running Man forum and i feel the need to defend him… but i can’t since i’m a bit clueless regarding this issue. ><

      • @ noi

        There was sort of dispute back there involving Mr Baek. But if he is so unreliable, uri JYJ would not have CJes or him, right? Let’s see things from what JYJ are thinking about him.


      • @Jae-Is-Mine: i believe Cjes CEO is that reliable, i’m thankful for him. but i feel so depressed for trying to defend him with lacking of info in my hand ;_;

        i guess it’s best to leave all this rumor/theory/etc… *sigh

      • No way they are going to remove Ji Hyo from RM. She’s the ace, loved by many people! I love her too. I’d not worry about it, really. I don’t think that’s going to happen just because a couple of people think thay way.

      • @ noi

        You can google down Mr Baek’s case. I did that too. You just have to be selective of what sources are reliable and what are not….:)

  2. I didn’t know where to post this so I guess I will just post here. would it be impossible for the fans in Turkey to somehow bring
    up this issue during the korean cultural event? It simply does not make any sense anymore to the point of the entire situation
    being ridiculous. The south korean president will be there and the korean embassy ishosting this ‘cultural event’ aren’t they? so they are promoting the continuation of the hallyu wave because it is culturally related (invited turkish people/fans) and having Jaejoong there sort of cements everything.

    If their aim is to spread korean culture and hallyu wave it would be good to let them know that international fans know what is going on and do not [will not!] mindlessly consume the stuff they are putting out. If there is an opportunity for it,it is an innocent enough question to want to know why Jaejoong and JYJ who are so popular overseas can not be seen on tv in their own country. If Jaejoong is influential enough to be considered as a cultural representative of korea he should be given the same rights that (presumably!) other lesser known artists have there.

    I understand this would be a complicated thing to consider but I believe the two subjects are not completely unrelated? but maybe i am deluding myself. The blocking makes me angry so I want action. i want to hit something! maybe if we get them where it matters (if not public image, than their economic gain through the ‘wave’,as they call it, something ANYTHING will happen. it might be more effective then petitions and other stuff that would get brushed off or forgotten. of course that would be a possibility here too.

    Of course I also get that this is like a once-in-a lifetime meeting for JYJTurkey who probably want to simply enjoy the time they will have with Jaejoong. completely get it.

    • I support you! I think even though it relates not to the event, you can gather JYJ fans in Turkey for some protest act (rally) outside the building where the event is going to be conducted.

      Make sure that you will not violate any regulations, your own country or international laws. You can ask your local police department about this. Also make sure that nothing considered scandalous occurs due to your own culture.
      If it’s allowed, some banners about supporting JYJ and the blocking can also be included.

      I wish I were there. I surely join you….

      Indonesian fans

      • sadly i’m not from turkey and therefore even sadder still not one of the lucky 500. but probably a rally/protest would be too much. because jaejoong’s feelings about that would be a mystery and I would hate to ask something of others I can not take part of. I just mean simply if there is an opportunity to comment or ask questions or even to lightly joke about it then that should be taken advantage of to let them know I-fans are aware of the situation and to nudge them in the direction of thinking ‘hey, this might be hurting our wallets as well as our image to potential consumers.’

      • Oh…Don’t be sad. I wish I were there too, but I am not.
        I think as long as it’s a decent rally, it will be just fine. And I think Jaejoong will appreciate any appropriate supports shown by his fans.

        I really wish for it to happen though. SUPPORT JYJ AND STOP BLOCKING JYJ, THANK U banner will be awesome.

        Well….we can still pray for the best of JYJ…^___^

    • @Monica
      “I understand this would be a complicated thing to consider but I believe the two subjects are not completely unrelated? but maybe i am deluding myself. The blocking makes me angry so I want action.”

      No, you’re not deluding yourself. I too hope that Jaejoong will broach the painful subject of what has been happening to him and JYJ with the President. I PRAY that he will. I really do.

      • yes I hope so too. if the fans brought it up though i think it might carry more weight and significance because I don’t see how the president can motivate the judicial system or influence any other part of government without offering some solid reason or evidence that isn’t because he just fell for Jaejoong at first sight 😉

  3. HI~!!! this is really of top not related to jyj u dont hav to read it if u dont want too
    wen i turned on the tv yesturday i saw a preview of a show called wonder girls special on nickelodean( CA tv show for teens nd kids) i got so happy that kpop is makin its way to the us, but it makes me pissed that sm is behind it grrr now i see wats sm doin its tryin to spread its branches, “tryin to take over the world” they used dbsk to take over japan, now exo for china and i guess wonder girls for us…if it doesnt work they might make another group. its hard makin it big in the us b/c its so diverse i hate this side of me that likes to evaluate things….but now i see that mostly all music companies r the same, except for some though. i really hate sm for doin this, but they r smart ill give them that and hope they all go to hell
    r we goin to do the whole cultural food thing? if we are then i recommend this:

    it tastes really good, very sweet and yes im indian and proud 🙂 am i the only one of my kind here?

  4. uhmmmmm so yea I just finished watching David Letterman and watched SNSD’s performance on there……….I really have NO IDEA what to think! I dont like them, I never have but I was curious how they would do, my two sisters and I waited patiently for them and I think we all were shocked. I dont think that man even payed attention to them. Im a little jealous because I remember when JYJ came to america and the rumors spread that they were going to be on that show but it never happened and I was sooo disappointed. Its random but I was curious if anyone else watched……god I cant even imagine tomorrows performance

    • yeah me too, dont know y ppl make a big deal out of snsd they r not that talented, hate the way girl groups try to act cute it dosent fit them, thats y im not into kpop girl groups there r some exceptions though

      • I am not SONE and care not about them, but I really appreciated it when they sang in MAMA while KHJ did lip sync…

    • @ xxjenjaexx,because of the rumor at 2010 *…JYJ & David Letterman*,I’ll not watch this one…
      Sorry,I don’t like any idols or groups from SM…

    • @ xxjenjaexx

      Quoted: I dont think that man even payed attention to them.

      Why do you think it happened? DL didn’t usually neglect his guest.

      • It that I thought they would have SOME interview staing why they wanted to branch into the US market and their goal and all that stuff that would be done in a interview but all they did was sing, dance and that was about it. DL just said their album name before they performed and after they performed said “thank you” in korean gave them a football and said goodbye.
        I think he was having too much fun with Bill Murray and Regis lol

    • I’ve seen the video, and I was expecting for an interview or some sort of profile introduction, but I was just expecting too much. They were just dancing there then goodbye. I don’t know if those three old men were amazed or what. Here’s the video, you can judge yourself, and this is not to bash the girls but a discussion in general about this Hallyu wave.

      • I get what you mean. For me I dont ONLY listen to JYJ my ears have opened up to MANY kpop gorups who I have fallen for but even though they are SM I had hoped for some interaction so kpop would be more recognized in the US my sister who DONT like snsd, also wanted the same. In my opinion SM jumped the ship with SNSD, first of all i firmly believe that if you want to spread your music to another country and try yo make it there then become fluent in the language. I think only two girls are fluent but even then ALL the girls have to say something thats one reason I didnt want JYJ to be in the US because only yoochun can speak the language and if they did have some interview he would be the only one speaking but I would rather have all of them speak and interact with the audience.
        I think I hoped too much with SNSD, Im still cringing….,why pick “the Boys” who knows what they will with tomorrows(todays) performance, Im not watching though cuz of school.
        My hopes are on Wonder girls but I like WG so if they failed nothing changes

      • LOL Ellen is amazing with ALL of her guest, and she really knows how to lighten the atmosphere., but something like what she did is what I also expected.

      • maybe because them being on an american show is a shock in itself to my senses but they look like they are out of their element. this kind of staging, amount of people, and dance is not really done much in the US. were they lipsyncing or was it just the audio of the video off? the fact that there was no talk segment beforehand put them in a not so great position because it just made their performance a spectacle. I mean you just watch these girls ‘performing’ without any sense of their uniqueness or humanness.

      • Yes, DL should have just let the girls greet the audience and introduce themselves and say something about their music. I feel embarrass for the girls actually.

      • i also felt embarrassment. but more about i would be embarrassed to say i like kpop if the only thing people knew about it was snsd on letterman. as a girl it made me cringe especially the dancing paired with the outfits. it doesn’t seem weird in s.korea because in that environment that is not unusual in entertainment (unfortunately).dunno…something about it put me off.

      • I understand what you mean, Monica. It would be the same for me. But to tell the truth, I never say I like kpop because I don’t. I just like JYJ and then some songs from other 2 groups but I listen more to Korean independent pop, rock and hip hop bands than kpop, really.

      • Thank you @@ xxjenjaexx..
        OOO..That’s it??? just come out sing and dance and that’s it???That not mean for a guess..I am feel sorry for the girls even I don’t like their music….he little crue with the girls…just like hire someone to entertainer not treat them like a guess..not even short interview and little polite how are you?? just the end “the girls is here, everybody” !!!!!!

    • I thought they were pretty decent actually, looked good, danced well, did what they were supposed to do. They were just a musical guest anyway and those never get interviewed. I wonder how much SM had to pay to get them on the show, I’m really curious about the sum.

      • paying to get on the show crossed my mind too. that is the real embarrassment here if that is true. must be a few thousands at least. probably more

      • few thousand what? dollars? I think more. But why is that an embarrassment? A group that is totally unknown in the US definitely has to pay to be a guest on a well known show.

      • But I heard that they were invited to perform on the show. I pity the girls.Some people are making fun of them since American’s reaction to them are not good. Tbh I think the reaction will be the same for all the kpop groups not just snsd.

      • Appearance on American entertainment TV shows are by invitation. There is no pay involved for entertainment acts. That’s called payola and is illegal, at least here in the States, obviously no so in SK. Letterman also doesn’t do ‘interviews’ per se with musical guests. They perform…hello…goodbye. That’s about it. Actually the audience for late night shows are totally different from those of morning or afternoon shows. To be honest, afternoon shows are way mor popular than either late night or morning.

        Aside from the obvious charm/personality part, that’s why Oprah and Ellen are so much more popular. The demographics are different and the audiences are larger. Charice’s appearance on both Ellen and Oprah were perfect for her entre into the American music scene. Not to mention Oprah’s contacts like Celine Dion and David Foster.

        So SNSD appearing on DL not as much of a big deal as one might think. The trick is to fnd a review in a NY paper to see if they were even mentioned.

      • I’m not saying they paid the producers of the show but c’mon, they definitely paid someone to get invited. No one would just invite some obscure band, there were talks, negotiations involved, and money, I’m sure.

      • @deljoon

        My understanding is that Interscope Records is going to represent SNSD in the States. They probably were the ones who promoted SNSD with the booking agents for the show. That happens all the time. There is no pay, trust me. Folks go to jail for that kind of thing over here. No one is going to risk that especially on an unknown quantity. I mean that’s what the record companies are for, promoting. So, I would not be surprised at them working the rounds to get them TV exposure.

      • @deljoon
        “I thought they were pretty decent actually, looked good, danced well, did what they were supposed to do. ”

        To an American eye, and I have one, there is one word to describe their act: awful. SNSD fully lived up to that description on David Letterman. This kind of hyper-sexual pandering cynically labeled as “music” does not wash in the U.S. by discerning viewers. Which happen to be the core audience for Dave’s show. I don’t know WHO gave the OK for them to appear, but I’m sure the snide comments aren’t being lost this morning on the bookers there.

        As far as “Regis And Kelly” is concerned, the legions of brain-dead stay-at-homes watching THAT hot mess — it’s anybody’s guess what they thought. If those are the converts to the Hallyu Wave SM was hoping for, Good Luck. And they’re welcome to them.

      • Never really cared for SNSD musically or artistically but decided to be fair and watch the posted YT vid with an unbiased, objective eye.
        My only reaction afterwards is that of Overwhelming Second-hand Embarrassment. Gawd, why put those poor girls through that, trotting them out like minimally-musical lolita-doll automatrons?
        Wae/Doushite—Isn’t it punishment enough for them to be still working for SM?

        If you’ve ever watched Letterman with his musical guests before, you’ll recognize that his reaction here is an extremely reserved one (probably due to the girls’ relativd youth), considering how acerbically-mean he could be to objects of his ridicule. However, his poorly-muffled laughter sprinkled throughout his words as he, Regis and B. Murray went out to say goodbye to SNSD was truly pathetic and humiliiating for me —a K-pop consumer–to witness and acknowledge. SAD.

      • @livingfree

        Yes. Yes. A more wrong-headed casting decision on Dave’s booker’s part I can’t imagine. This was SO not in the Letterman’s musical audience wheelhouse, I can’t tell you. It was sad. And bad.

    • no one’s reaction to this really matter because the media will say they conquered the US anyway … so whatever .
      I love David Letterman and I watch his show but I don’t think he would do JYJ or any K-pop act any good simply because the people who regularly watch his show aren’t the kind who who would like any pop music especially k-pop ….exposure does not mean success .
      and wading your range may make you neglect the places you’re the strongest in …. do I make any sense ? … sorry

  5. Yayy~♥ can everyone follow me on twitter?
    it’s @applewhirl , i will follow you back. Oh, JYJ fans can follow me^^
    But, to SMent fans.. sorry, you better stay out of my sight 😉

    • I can’t still believed he already debut as an actor! Poor boy can’t act at all but yeah he’s an idol! But I do love their music! I wonder what MV is this familiar with.. hmmm..

    • I really like FT Island, they have nice music but yeah when I saw this MV I was like hmm this is very familiar. But you know what they say imitation is the best form of flattery. On a side note I rather dislike Hongki’s hairstyle in that mv.

    • ermm… i do listen to some ft island’s song like i hope and im going to confess but watching this mv makes me….hmmm…how should i say..ermm… ……. i just hope there wont be any fanwar 🙂 and hong ki’s hairstyle reminds me of hyun joong? lol

      • I don’t think there’s no problem with it. Both MVs are similar but that is nothing necessarily negative as Asuske said. I do listen to some Ft island’s song too and I think Hong Ki’s presence on the stage is amazing.

    • ohhh, yeah just saw the tweet of @eatyourkimchi, they also thought that the FT island’s MV is a rip off.

      i think it has many points that are similar with In Heaven.

    • @Junmoshi, are you new to JYJ3? I like your gravatar!
      I thought Hong Ki was cutesy in You’re Beautiful, but here he looks too pretty and girly for me. I wonder why FTI decided to make their MV so similar to In Heaven…

  6. LOL i was freak out just now.
    i was reading the GAP when i raised my eyebrows becoz of many many weird comments. i mean, why so suddenly everyone thanking JYJ3 admins as if there’s something need to be cried of. then how come everyone congratulate the sites hit which only 1M, then change to 17M. OMG!! what the heck is happening??? did JYJ3 restart the hit’s counter?! and why everyone is emotional!! and why the heck the GAP’s year change to 2011?!
    jimmie make an appearance O.O!!
    then i went back to the main page, clicking the same page only came back to same comments O.o
    am i dreaming?!
    am i in the wrong year?! but why the news post are recent?!!

    the 259 comments that clicked was come out as the 259 comments of guide rules -_-;;
    stupid phone make me freak out..huff

  7. Bollywood meets Koreawood…through his mighty prince, who of course is in the leading role:

    Dae to the Bak

    • Thank u!!! I love all Mirotic videos…
      Okay….I love all videos that have JJ in….^__^

  8. i just re-watch some our videos in YT and when i re-watch their performance in Billboard 2010

    i read some comment in there and i just shakes my head when i read this comment ( mylenacarla1998 : fake videos )
    for me this performance always be my another favorite performance from our boys, i really like Su voice at 2:37- 2:49

  9. So i hear younha already won the lawsuit ( about her unfair exlusive contract ) congrat younha but..sigh..why it took so long for JYJ, seems like SM is sooo powerful in korean more then SK president..sigh

  10. I am confused about this statement “Emancipate them from slave contract!”(taken from the post on 02-01-12 Lawyer Park Chan Jong Tweets about the continued interference of JYJ activities)! I am still learning a whole lot about JYJ. Every time I think I have the story straight on what happened and what is going on with them something else is said and it confuses me. Can someone please, please, please, explain something to me. If you have already answered my questions I thank you so much. I just wanted to get a few more responses to try to understand everything.

    I thought their contract with SM had been terminated according to the ruling of the court. Also, that SM is sneaking and interfereing with their activities in Korea but they really should not be able to?

    1. So are they still trying to get out of thier contract with SM or was thier contract terminated?
    2. If yes, have they been trying to get out of it since they left in 2009?
    3. Are they still trying to get out of thier contract with Avex?
    4. If yes, this is why Avex continues to try to block them from doing activities in Japan?
    5. C-Jes has filed a lawsuit against SM and Avex to get them out of thier contract?
    6. Please tell me anything else you think I should know about their background situation with SM and Avex.

    • 1.The court suspend JYJ’s contract to SM for awhile, until the final result will be made. But, JYJ cannot signed exclusive contract to any agencies because the contract still legally binding. The can be blamed for dual exclusive contract. JYJ have to wait for the final result.

      2. Yes, since August 2009 and still counting.

      3. Yes. In the middle of Sep 2010, Avex want to change some terms on JYJ’s contracts which will bring disadvantages to JYJ. I think one of it’s is Avex want JYJ to leave CJES. JYJ doesn’t agree and Avex suspended their activities in Japan.

      4. Actually JYJ contract to Avex already over in February 2011, but Avex still insist that JYJ belong to Avex since they already suspended JYJ contract in Sep 2010.

      5. Yes

      6. –

      • @gigikusakit thanks for responding to my questions! Since their contract ended in February of 2011 that is why they were able to give those 2 charity concerts in Japan? Even though Avex tried to stop them.

        1. Didn’t Cjes file a law suite against Avex to stop them from interfering with JYJ activities in Japan?
        2. Do Cjes lawsuit against SME include not only getting JYJ out of their contract but also stopping SME from interfering with their Korea activities?
        3. Didn’t the court rule that JYJ could continue their activities in Korea as JYJ?
        4. Also, Isn’t SME being investigated for unlawfully interfering with JYJ activities in Korea?

      • 1,Yes, because the contract between JYJ and Avex has over but Avex keep interfering JYJ activities in Japan
        2.The main purpose of the lawsuit is to terminate 13 years slave contract. CJES cannot do much about stopping SM interfere since they playing dirty tricks aka backdoor pressure.
        3.Yes, the court allowed JYJ to continue their activities in korea while they processing the lawsuit
        4, Yes, it’s already 1 year since FTC started investigating SM but still no result about that.

        As u can see, it’s weird because JYJ cannot be seen anywhere on tv even the court and FTC has agree SM should not interfering JYJ’s activities, obviously SM plays ‘backdoor pressure’ to isolated JYJ from TV.

  11. To continue the discussion up there on SNSD’s appearance on David Letterman…here’s the HD vid:

    Like the audience, I am not familiar with SNSD and this is the first time I’m watching their performance. I thought that they were sexy, pretty, they danced well but vocals were not too impressive – kinda thin and high, only 3 main vocalists I think. However, halfway through I started to think that they looked a bit like fembots (female robots like the ones in Austin Powers)…perhaps it was the autotune or whatever it was that made their voices sound so mechanical, or the barbie doll faces and bodies, synchronised choreography and precise movements, from the seductive glances to the way they held the mikes as they belted out the notes, right down to the knock knees. There was a sort of stiffness and little spontaneity. Everything including the sexiness was just an act. I didn’t get the feeling that they were artistes feeling the song. I would liken them to workers at MacDonald’s churning out the perfect burger. I guess that’s just normal for kpop (or rather, SM-brand kpop). But it is completely different from American pop so I’m not sure whether the audience will take to it.

    I suddenly realised that maybe this is why, when DBSK performed some of their songs like Mirotic or Wrong Number, they would do exactly the same movements almost everytime (not just big movements, even the way they looked at the camera or pulled open their jackets). It was probably all scripted.

    I’m glad that now we can see our JYJ interacting with each other and the audience on stage in a completely natural way, without any scripts, that they can do all the adlibs and improvised dance moves that they want. They are true artistes perfecting their craft.

    • They looks like a puppet for me : you only can sing this, wear this, no talk and dance this.
      I like Mirotic, but I found it’s boring to see the same movement, dance, interaction in every performance. It’s also the same case to every SM idols. It’s too manufactured. It’s like everything the did already scripted.

      I’m happy JYJ can do whatever they want and interacting with fans and each other ^^

      • @intoxicatedbyxiahtic
        When YC said”I want to be a singer who sing freely on stage”I did not understand that word but I understood after watching DBSK live with other artist live shows,is scripted is boring,live show is supposed to be flowing with crowd.I am glad JYJ can do that now.

    • @intoxiahtic
      hi BB i missed you. *hugs* hmm..i like snsd..just for superficial reasons..but this performance made me cringe a lil. >.< just wanted it to end.end.end. sometimes i see the way these girls become all eye-flirty it makes me nauseated..cos its obvious its fake..also thats not how i want asians to be viewed at..being real is harder than it seems eh..

      • @butterfly, hey I’m here! 🙂 How are you? Haven’t seen you around or have we been missing each other?
        I so agree with you! It’s the fakeness of it that’s a turn off. I think it fits the stereotype of Asians being conformist, predictable and ‘neat’, the factory of the world, that kinda thing. And Asian women being exotic and obedient dolls/sex kittens…quite opposite of Britney Spears or Pussycat Dolls for example.

    • They look like ‘Asian Pussycat Dolls’ to me…Sometimes the music is catchy and making you move a little, while you’re uncomfortable watching girls selling their good stuffs up there…

      • @coffee craze, haha, I wrote about SNSD and Pussycat Dolls (PD) at the same time as you, but we have different thots. Actually I only watched PD’s MVs recently. I feel the 2 groups are totally different becos’ PD have the image of ‘sexually liberated’ women who are in charge and not afraid to let it all out…whereas SNSD gives me the feeling that they’re trying hard to be. SNSD want to be sexy in front of the audience but maybe inside they are still conservative, it doesn’t come naturally to them and so has to be manufactured.

      • LOL..@coffee craze and @intoxicatebyxiahtic…you girls let me see something else…..Thanks for both vids..agree with @coffee they both similar with the girls stuff and agree with @intoxi too “2 groups are totally different becos’ PD have the image of ‘sexually liberated’ women who are in charge and not afraid to let it all out…whereas SNSD gives me the feeling that they’re trying hard to be” !!!!!

      • I’m actually addicted to Nicole’s ‘Right There’ a while back…lol…girl’s got a good voice, look, vibe and she knew how to dance. A few days ago, there was a report saying that she didn’t need to wear a skimpy cloth to be sexy ‘cos she was already sexy with her vibe and attitude. I second that report.

      • @coffee craze
        hey, thanks for the vid, nice song. I like PD’s Hush, Hush and Buttons. Yes, I get what you said now. ‘music is catchy and making you move a little, while you’re uncomfortable watching girls selling their good stuffs up there…’ – this part is the similarity between both groups. I was watching Nicole’s Whatever You Like MV and my jaw dropped, so sexy. The Boys was boring tbh but I heard SNSD’s other songs were better.

    • Oh I don’t know. 😉 Two grown-ups who found an attraction to each other and are exploring where it might go. Despite misgivings about the fact that Mr. Baek is the head of the agency, neither one is apparently involved with anyone else, so they are free agents. Besides, this is not a ‘management’ company, but an agency representing artists. I’m sure being the responsible adults they are, both understand the situation. I’m happy for them. Everyone deserves to find the person who will be that special someone in their life.

      The fact that there are calls for SJH to be canned from RM shows how pychotic that side is. Her personal life has nothing to so with her professional one, as long as what she does is not morally unacceptable. I’m sure a lot of this nonsense is being orchestrated by ‘others’. Just like the infusion of continually mentioning Mr. Baek”s past. The man paid his debt. That is all that can be expected. Besides if anyone thinks Sejong law firm would let the guys sign with an unscrupulous agency, they really don’t know what is going on. LSM is the poster child for deviant and criminal behavior. They really should learn to mind their own business, because Lady Karma is watching.

      • I agree with you ~ I don’t understand why people keep on bashing her and Mr.Baek. They even start to bring up Mr.Baek past issues and wants Jihyo unnie to quit RM. Some comments are really harsh 😦 gonna ignore it ~ ignorance is bliss 🙂

      • There is a person deserving to be banned from a DJ post than SJH who’s doing nothing but being a human in a relationship. I don’t know why no one called for a ban for the person DJing on KBS?? on radio saying JYJ is a greedy bs/traitor. That was really out of line and no one did anything about it but a little complaining. *shake head*

    • It seemed quite obvious that Dispatch is trying to divert public attention away from the CGV incident by releasing the stalker pics of Song Ji Hyo and CJeS CEO at this time. If they were seen dating since Dec, why choose to release them only now?
      Anyway, I hope both Song Ji Hyo and Mr Baek are not too affected by some of those infantile remarks posted on allkpop.


    There are roughly about 8,000 more hits before the 20M mark is hit. So, get ready to start with the first 3 selections from the activity list. Admins, please expect to be asked again about us donating to add a feature to the site that may cost extra. We want to show our appreciation for all your hardwork in making JYJ3.net the incredible site it is. Thank you in advance. 😉

      • @zan

        Hi sweetie. Yes, I agree that @soebhrin’s (sp) wonderful suggestion will take time and planning, just like the trip. As I mentioned, we don’t have to rush to do anything. Doing things and doing them well, should always be our motto. 😉 My twitter is: @baby_skeet Take care, talk to you later. Off to work!

  13. Hi everyone~~~still remember me??i’m seldom comment now because I just got my computer that been repair..but I as usual still lurking this heaven JYJ site on my phone..huhu..

    So the big event now is Jae in Turky right??

    And I heard C-jes still looking for movie theater to play JYJ muvie..Is it true??I hope so..pray everyone~~

    • ^__^ sure remember you, how can we forget?? ^______________^ welcome back!!
      I dont know hope it true but ,..other side dont want the boys hurt, and disappoint again…i know the boys always try their best but too much for them already !!

      • Thanks for still remember me..hehe….this week is a stress week for JYJ fans right??I admit…this is the first time I ever crying for JYJ hard after all those cancellation..I feel my heart shattered into pieces…especially when reading Jaejoong twitt… really..I also surprise that I can cry for something like that (in office inside the toilet hukhuk..)

        My heart broken to see comment like “JYJ fight against lost battle”..

        Hum..but now after calm down I think I become more stronger and in my heart I promise that I will always support them, I dunno how long but until JYJ dont get the treatment theiy deserved, this support will never end~~~

  14. all i can say is: stress!!! haha. what a bad hair week for me. basically i felt a bit down that my shipping is over, but i’m getting more annoyed at how some netizens react. sbs forum board flodded with netizens asking to remove jihyo, some tweets called her as ‘gang woman’, some think that she probably want the money or something, some goes calling her ‘betrayed’ her love line in running man, etc… i was like, what the hell! leave her alone! and some people started to bash cjes ceo, calling him unwise for disclosing their relationship (though i think he didn’t intend to disclose it in the first place), brought up his old case, even there’s someone who think that the ceo using this picture to force jihyo to date him. argh. i’m not easily frustrated over a comment but this week flodded with bitter news for me. hopefully this is just me overreacting, and it won’t affect jihyo’s career too much.

    and all this thing happened after cgv cancellation. i know i might sound very paranoid, but it’s just too suspicious of how this news comes out now, and again brought up cjes ceo past. :/

    • I hope people will stop scolding her. First its her life, if he’s the right one for her, then instead of bash, i think people should bless 🙂 i read some comments there and i can’t continue. Some even say Mr.Baek only wants her in the bed. I was like wth?! and about Mr.Baek’s past, my opinion, well everything has past and everyone makes mistake right? and i still didn’t get over my depression about the cgv cancellation And perhaps im a paranoid kind of person, i doubt that too? :/

  15. Is the girl group called SNSD or Girl Generation? I have heard of them before but have never watched them perform. I thought they were pretty and had sex appeal and their performance was ok/cool. Their dancing was good but it was a little to cherographed, stiff, and not natural. I really do not like a lot of the K-pop girl groups. However, I do like 2NE1 because they are not all cutesy and bubble gummish. I do not know of all the songs they have sung but the ones I have heard made become a fan of theirs. I like them because they are different than most of the girl groups. They are pretty and have sex appeal. But they perform with a lot of energy, emotion and strength. They come accross like strong women. I like girl groups or female artist who can deliver powerful performances. Hopefully one day we will see JYJ on one of the talk shows in the US that would be awsome!

  16. Just had to post this…what’s the opposite of Angel Xiah? Something rarely seen but devilishly sexy…striding forward with that exposed chest and that nothing-cute-about-it, you-know-you-want-me smirk…yes, you got me burning up, Su!

  17. little information about Chunnie’s drama:
    “Cjes staff tweets about Chunnie! “The Royal Prince is practicing horse riding now.
    Sorry that I can’t upload photos for everyone to see because there’s a lot of people here and if I were to start photographing, everyone else here will do it too… but his horse-riding skills are really good. kekeke. Smiling relaxingly while riding the horse, there’s really the feel of a royal prince. kekeke”
    http://tl.gd/fls2pb ·”
    “Jung Suk Won to Join Yoochun and Lee Min Ho for “Rooftop Prince”
    ““I’m honored to join this show. I can already feel the young energy from this drama. Since this role involves both romance and action, I’ll make sure to bring different sides of me to the show,” Jung Suk Won said in a statement.”
    And the last one..I hope our chunnie dont get hurt when show off his “skill” like this ^____________^ sorry chunsas for teasing our boy!!!!!..hahaha

      • HUGS@Zan…suddenly want give you a hug with don’t know reasons..maybe too many thing in my head right now.. comeback topic ^__^
        hiding in corner …. honestly i never use my twitter for twitter any thing..just open for help the boys with votes or petitions .. before know JYJ, i never open to public social online in my life…my time just work, call home, learn, news and listen select musics ..the boys and JYJ3 really get me ^_____^….I am embarrassing!! ok…let me some time to find it out how it work i will tweet you, sweetie , don’t laugh at me!!!

  18. Party time!!!! 20 mils hits!!! Dae To The Bak!!! Congrats Admins….Thank you for this beautiful and warm site and 4 sure d hard work…^^…

  19. INTERESTING ARTICLE from the blog… AsainJunkie…com
    He/She comments on JYJ fans incredible commitment to the group.
    QUOTE >> …”but the level of DEDICATION that JYJ fans put forth to support them financially is UNLIKE ANY OTHER I’VE SEEN FROM FANS OF A KOREAN GROUP.”

    Has SM Entertainment’s Interference With JYJ’s Activities Accidentally Helped The Group?
    IATFB 01/31/2012 9

    Before all you JYJ fans start sending me death threats, hear me out.
    Recently, JYJ’s documentary film “The Day“, which was scheduled to screen at CGV Cinemas in a little over a week, was abruptly cancelled by the company.

    JYJ‘s documentary movie ‘The Day‘ has suddenly been canceled just 10 days before it’s official debut.

    JYJ’s CJES Entertainment stated that it is due to CJ CGV breaching the contract which they are now appealing, and the fans who heard the news were also outraged.

    On the 30th, CJES Entertainment reported through an official press release that JYJ’s ‘The Day’ movie debut has unfortunately been canceled, and are arguing that it is due to CGV breaching the contract due to unknown reasons.

    As fans will point out, it’s not exactly a mystery regarding who’s probably behind it, even if officials will never explicitly say so themselves.

    Needless to say, JYJ fans weren’t happy.

    On the portal site Daum, thousands of fans at the community called “Agora” posted an online petition requesting CGV’s explanation of the issue. The petition, which is aiming for 100,000 supporters, encourage more participation of all JYJ fans by saying, “JYJ is being ostracized by a group of people. We should stop it now.” Also, some of the netizens are organizing a group boycott of all CGV theaters, which is one of the largest movie theater chains in the country.

    Honestly? That’s mild for what JYJ fans usually organize and it got me thinking as to whether or not SM Entertainment is actually hurting JYJ at all.

    Admittedly, help is a hard word to prove. For JYJ, in this context, it’s impossible. Both because part of the interference is not being able to gauge fan response on music shows and sales in both Korea and Japan. Certainly though, they aren’t starving because of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, they deserve to be compensated for their work, but it made me wonder if SME’s actions didn’t actually facilitate their wealth. I understand that their raw sales may not be as high (they may be higher, I don’t know), and while I get that acting and endorsement opportunities may be limited, they no longer have to share 99% of their profits (or whatever the figure was) with SME, as they are now effectively operating as independents.

    It’s my position that SM Entertainment’s constant screwing of JYJ at every turn has not only emboldened their existing fan base, but also garnered them fans sympathetic to their cause, and has turned them into the default symbol for standing up against corporate evils in the Korean entertainment industry.

    While it’s standard practice in Japan for fans to support their artists by organizing sales of albums through purchases, fans in Korea usually focus on achieving wins in meaningless things like popularity polls and music shows. In the case of JYJ though, what I’ve noticed is that because fans can’t support them publicly anymore, they band together in gigantic groups and support them through album sales, merchandise sales, and concert sales.

    To an extent, all fans do this, but the level of dedication that JYJ fans put forth to support them financially is unlike any other I’ve seen from fans of a Korean group. Remember when JYJ couldn’t get their work licenses in America and were forced to perform for free? Fans were gathering in droves asking where they could donate money to the trio. It’s insane. I’ve never seen that before from fans of an idol group and I can’t help but wonder if any of this would have ever happened if SM Entertainment never tried to blacklist them to begin with.

    Make no mistake, JYJ’s members were once part of a pop idol group that was mass produced by a company to generate profit. Yet through their actions, SM Entertainment has somehow turned JYJ’s public image into that of a sympathetic indie artist, ironically netting them more loyalty (definitely), more support (likely), and more money (probably).

    Link: http://www.asianjunkie.com/2012/01/has-sm-entertainments-interference-with-jyjs-activities-accidentally-helped-the-group/

    • This article is stuffed with the honest truth.

      I had never bought CDs or DVD or a magazine from Korea. Even if I listened to some K-Pop music, I had no disc. YouTube provides free music, at least for now!
      Now my house is filled with JYJ CDs, DVDs, magazine featuring them. I was able to spend a montly income to attend a JYJ concert (and I’m ready to do it again if they’ll come back to Europe!).
      I was a silent reader in blogs, never expressed my opinion, and now I actively support JYJ in any petition or poll or whathever (Frying Pan© at hand, when needed!).

      Thanx JYJ for making my life a little more animated!!
      Thanx JYJ for introducing me to my lovely sisters and brothers on JYJ3!

      • @Ellis

        What I like about the article is that she does seem to realize JYJ fans are a “different type” of fandom.
        I appreciate the article for at least that acknowledgement.
        She makes this point….
        ” fans in Korea usually focus on achieving wins in meaningless things like popularity polls and music shows. In the case of JYJ though, what I’ve noticed is that because fans can’t support them publicly anymore, they band together in gigantic groups and support them through album sales, merchandise sales, and concert sales”

        Yeh I support them by buying product, but the fact is that JYJ delivers QUALITY MUSIC and it makes it easy to decide to buy their products. That alone is one of the biggest differences between JYJs fandom and other fandoms for K-pop idols who are supporting their oppas even as they pump out what marginally passes for MUSIC.

        JYJs fans have the added bonus of actually getting a Quality Product-REAL MUSIC for the dollars we spend in support of JYJ. That alone makes us unique in the K-pop landscape…

    • Thank you for posting this piece, especially since it falls on the day we can proudly proclaim 20M hits on JYJ3! Rather apropos don’t you think? 😉 What the author has done is highlight what separates the men from the boys. Real talent. I doubt seriously if many of us would be here if the group in question, JYJ, were some average boy band.

      But knowing that 3/5 of DBSK were responsible for raking in millions of dollars for LSM/SME, not to mention being used and abused while accomplishing this feat, the fans who followed them out the door and support them, KNOW what is at stake. When you are on your own and NO ONE is willing to lift a finger to help, then the only ones you can count on are your fans. The guys even said, they weren’t sure if the fans would be there for them. Now they know, no confusion here.

      I think most people in this family aside from spazzing over the exterior of JYJ, RESPECT the courage it took to walk away from a known situation, to risk the unknown. For me, it speaks about intestinal fortitude. It’s not something you can buy, borrow, or steal. You either have it or you don’t. If the guys were willing, as I like to refer to it, walk the plank together, then I could do no less as a fan than support them wholeheartedly.

      So, through whatever difficulties JYJ must endure, my discomfort factor is no where near as profound as theirs. The author nailed it as far as I’m concerned. Yes, SME screwed up BIG TIME. My question to them is…What part of STUPID don’t you get?

      • @BAFfie
        ” I think most people in this family aside from spazzing over the exterior of JYJ, RESPECT the courage it took to walk away from a known situation, to risk the unknown.”

        I know I do: mad mad respect, 24-7. I referred to the JYJ fandom as ironclad. And I believe that’s true. We are in it for the long haul, day in day out, no matter what. Set-backs? Pffft! We’ve already had a boatload of them and we’re not going ANYWHERE. We are behind JYJ 1000%. That alone will encourage them to continue to do what they do.

  20. Congrats for 20mil hits!!! Thank you admins for your hard work ^^
    since in the previous GAPP there was a suggestion to post MVs, I`m just gonna start with “Halte durch” by Xavier Naidoo.I think the lyrics of “Halte durch” fit JYJ`s current situation quite well…”It will all be over – when we stand up for each other!”
    Greetings from Germany 🙂 *first try to embed a video*

  21. An interesting and positive interview article on TODXIAH from—-of all places, KBS Global Entertainment News (Le Gasp! Will wonders ever cease?) .

    “Kim Joon Soo: ‘The Role That Has No Correct Answer Attracts Me’ ”
    Kim Joon Soo will play the role of Tod in the Musical “Elizabeth.”
    The musical “Elizabeth” is based on a true life story of Austria’s Empress Elizabeth, and the other protagonist besides Elizabeth is Tod, which is the personified character of death. “Tod,” who met Elizabeth when she was young, fell in love with her and came to stay right beside her during her lifetime while tempting her. Elizabeth, who came to be destined to live in the cage of the palace even though she had been pursuing her free life and love, became weakened by Tod’s temptations.

    Rookie musical actor and star idol group member Kim Joon Soo of JYJ will challenge himself by playing the difficult role of Tod. Kim Joon Soo reportedly worried very much when was first asked to play the role, regarding whether he could play the role very well or not. Kim said, “Doing something that I want to do and something that I can do is another story. I thought that ‘Death’ has to be grave and dignified, and the actor who plays this role has to have enough acting experience. I agonized greatly whether I could successfully play the role. But I realized that ‘death’ does not exist and there will be no correct answer.” He explained that he decided to play the character because he would present something that does not exist. Kim continued, “The head of our agency asked me, ‘Why do you think that the character should be dignified even though it does not exist?’ After I listened to his question, I realized that it could be young or innocent, and I decided to present ‘Death’ my own way, according to how I think.”

    His own thoughts on death have also changed from vague ideas of “What is after death?” and “Do I really die someday?” to a more concrete definition, in which is, “Death is something that makes people feel that they are only human who inevitably die, which makes people feel miserable.” Before he creates the image of “death,” he thought about how Elizabeth thinks and feels before “death.” Five actors who will play death and Elizabeth and the director discussed together. Kim Joon Soo said, “Death asked Elizabeth what ‘death’ meant to her, and she answered that she, who had been dreaming of free life, felt pessimistic when she became the empress. I thought that ‘death’ might have brought her a kind of freedom, comfort, and peace.”

    The character of “Death” will be played by Kim Joon Soo in his twenties, Song Chang Ui in his thirties, and Ryu Jeong Han in his forties. The three actors have different charms and different experiences, and their ways of presenting the same character might be different. Kim Joon Soo hinted that the character death that will be played by three different actors will be varied in their costumes and hairstyles, and he will present dancing more than the other two actors. He did not lose his courage in a situation where he had to appear with other veteran actors, but he said confidently, “Watching different acting by different actors who play the same character is a very exciting element and the power of the musical.” He also said confidently that he could use the best of his weak and husky voice to play his character.

    He seemed to be free from the restraint of an actor who came from an idol group. Kim said, “I knew that some people criticized me that I had been cast as the protagonist only because I came from a star idol group, and I had been very cautious. I did not know about musicals at all when I appeared in the musical ‘Mozart’ as the protagonist, but musicals gave me strength and hope when I had gone through a very difficult situation, so I do not want to give up appearing in musicals. Now I only think that I have to repay the audience and the producer who have shown trust to me. It is true that I come from a idol group, and I am trying my best to change people’s prejudice about me. I want to be regarded as a musical actor who really loves musicals.”

    • @livingfree

      Thanks for posting this article. What a fantastic interview!
      Junsu’s responses were wonderful and as always reveal how truly deep his thoughts have always been. Here are my favorite parts… sorry i know I’m just repeating.. can’t help myself. 🙂

      1. “Kim said, “Doing something that I want to do and something that I can do is another story.” (I like his humilty..)

      2. “Kim Joon Soo hinted that the character death that will be played by three different actors will be varied in their costumes and hairstyles, and he will present dancing more than the other two actors…” (naturally…:)

      3. “Watching different acting by different actors who play the same character is a very exciting element and the power of the musical.” (Junos shows respect for his seniors)

      4.. ” … but musicals gave me strength and hope when I had gone through a very difficult situation, so I do not want to give up appearing in musicals. Now I only think that I have to repay the audience and the producer who have shown trust to me. It is true that I come from a idol group, and I am trying my best to change people’s prejudice about me. I want to be regarded as a musical actor who really loves musicals.”
      (I am so happy Junsu found his niche, and a place to share his amazing special talents)

      BRAVO Junsu! Great interview!

  22. Just a Comment on SNSD on Letterman
    – Please note that I don’t hate this group… They are just not my cup of tea… Not into their music.
    So I’m just making an observation….
    The fans of SNSD are making a big deal about the fact that they were on Letterman. But to understand the significance or lack of significance one has to understand the US Late Night TV market and David Letterman himself.

    SONES … clearly don’t understand Letterman. If they did they would know that, if Letterman really wanted to help propel them with their debut in the US market on TV then he would have done two things:
    1. He would not have placed them at the END of the show and
    2. He would have taken 3+ minutes to speak to them on the “sofa” after they performed.
    Anyone who watches Letterman knows the format. He would have walked over and said fantastic and said “we’ll be right back to talk with SNSD” then gone to commercial and when they returned they would have been sitting down near his desk and he would have had a conversation, with them, even if just to joke around a bit, ask about their history as a group and what their future plans are.

    That is how Letterman confirms that he wants to help the groups or artist that perform for the first time on his show. When he does that for any celebrity that appears its like an endorsement. The fact that they were at the end of the show and that he just handed them a football and moved on…well that speaks volumes.

    The fact is Letterman’s demographic is NOT SNSDs target market.. so really they were just a “novelty act” or someone called in a favor from Dave Letterman to get them on the show.

    But of course we can expect the SK K-pop media to put their usual “SPIN” on triumphant debut and how the US market responded with WILD enthusiasm…..

      • @zan

        What!!! Really??? Oh My Gosh…….. 🙂 Did not mean for it to come off like that… I really did not want to sound mean, but i guess I did… sorry…
        (I try to keep my Junsu bias in check but seriously… no matter how hard I try I just can contain myself…. 🙂
        Oh by the way
        Do you mean “do a move like that” JYJ going to US market?

      • Omg the comments made me laugh, but some are saying the truth. Girl groups were huge back in the day and now their time is over. There are girl groups here that are talented but aren’t being recognized maybe if one of the snsd girls went solo them there might be a chance. I kinda feel bad for them cuz of the reactions but you can’t change the audience minds quickly. Like I said before I don’t only listen to jyj I have other groups I like so I’m a fan of kpop and when friends find out i get called weird for listening to Korean music thats why I rarely share that part of my life with anyone I meet not even my friend that I’ve been friends for more than ten year knows my little secret. Anyway thanks for sharing that article, I already know sones are going crazy with the performances calling it a success.

      • @Kris.

        It’s sad.. but sometimes any publicity is publicity all the same… who knows that may go viral and get them more exposure…

      • Well, the american public is not the asian public. Everything is very different; different cultures – different minds – different tastes. Is very difficult to sell a musical group formed by nine cuties half dressed (sadly not all of them talented but very beautiful) than to sell a trio conformed by three talented men who have albums in english (produced in the US) and songs american style. ¿Can you see the difference? What JYJ did with “The Beginning” and what they are going to do with their next worldwide album are very clever movements. Wise men our JYJ 😉

      • @Shuheilove
        “Well, the american public is not the asian public. Everything is very different; different cultures – different minds – different tastes.”

        Wow, you got THAT right. SNSD was doomed from the second they walked out on stage. They are a ridiculous parody of bad pop music to American eyes, especially the adults that tend to be fans of Dave’s show. The insulting tweets were inevitable. If SM seriously thinks these girls have a hope in hell of a career in the US, they are even crazier than I think they are. For starters, their image is NOT to the liking of the average American woman at all. The average American man would probably be too embarrassed to say he merely likes oogling their half-dressed bodies. Second, as one of the tweets asked, “why only 2 live mikes for a nine girl group?” That says “lip sync” and there is nothing that will disqualify you from being taken seriously as a singer faster than that, in the U.S. anyway.

      • At first I wasn’t going to watch it. I read the comments, and went, OH. But I doubled back and watched. That was my mistake…first off the song does not appeal to me in either Korean or English, critiquing the singing would not be fair. What really struck me were the visuals.

        First off the whole thing was a flop visually. There were too many damn girls cramped in a too small space! If you’ve ever been in a TV studio, those things are tiny. Cameras only make them look bigger than they are. They are very ‘intimate’ settings. I can only imagine what the studio audience thought watching that. The movements had to be stiffled because of the space. I kept expecting to see the ones on the left side bump into the orchestra section. The camera work sucked. Even after rehersals, once the coordinators saw the stage setup, they should never have put them in black outfits, they got lost in the set. Oh my.

    • @Springbok

      Thanks… yes it is an interesting read… and i find this point most interesting where he says this….

      “…..And if you can stand me sounding even crazier, here is this: making money from art is not a human right. It so happens that technological and societal blahbity bloos have conspired to create a situation where selling songs about monkeys and robots is a viable business, but for most of human history people have NOT paid for art…”

      He is a writer… yet in instance people consider… writing as an ART.. is it not?
      He may have lost me right here… Going back to read it again…

      • @Springbok

        Then, his take is really interesting… Weighing the cost of the piracy against the potential for gaining exposure and new supporters who will pay for the music… maybe that’s the real issue…

      • Yeah, that was my point in the original MU post. If material producers will make GOOD material, and make it AVAILABLE to the people who want it, THOSE PEOPLE WILL BUY IT!!!

        But sadly, the powers-that-be in the US entertainment industry seem to fail utterly to comprehend this fact. They seem to be utterly incapable of understanding that the “lost revenue” numbers that they throw around are utter bullcrap. The people who will buy the products, will buy the products whether it’s available via piracy or not. The people who will only access the products via piracy will never buy the products anyway. So how did anyone lose revenue? It’s just beyond me how idiotic these companies are. Make your stuff available globally at a reasonable price via iTunes, netflix, hulu, , and the people who want it, will buy it. End of story.

    • The moment bean counters took over the helm at most sports and entertainment companies, the quality disappeared or became a faint shadow of it’s former self. No longer were sports and entertainment done for the artistry involved. It suddenly became all about making money, and more money.

      For me, there is enough blame to go around. I was one of the last holdouts when cds became the vogue. I simply refused to spend $18 – 20.00 on a product that cost pennies to produce. Then it finally became difficult to find music in LP format. So, I broke down and bought a cd entertainment system. Then, the internet happened, and music uploading became huge.

      I remembered thinking, people are forced to buy a product which at best might have one or two decent songs on it. Where is the fairness of this? Both the company and artists were bleeding the consumer dry. But music consumers bore responsibility as well, they continued to be used and abused. Pavlov’s dog and all that conditioning, don’t you know.

      So, now we have reached the point where everyone is concerned about ‘piracy’. Well, look in the mirror guys…you created this monster. It’s like once the genie is out of the bottle, you can’t get it back in. If you make a product that is overpriced, so you can make huge profits, and the artist gets paid big time, then why are you mad because the consumer has decided enough is enough.

      The author is right, art hasn’t always been bought. Originally artists had patrons. Ask Michaelangelo. But as things evolved, people became exposed to ‘culture’. So now a balance has to be struck. What I can’t figure out…if the brain trusts who screwed up in the first place are to help clean up the mess, how can they correct it now?

      • @BAFfie
        ” Both the company and artists were bleeding the consumer dry. But music consumers bore responsibility as well, they continued to be used and abused.”

        Not the artist, virtually never the artist. A tiny fraction of 1% ever sees much profit from their record companies, keeping in mind that even getting signed to a record deal in the first place is more-or-less a miracle in itself. The overwhelming profit motive, built into every artist’s contract is NEVER the artist’s idea. And the number of albums they must sell before everything out of pocket by the record company is paid back and they can start making money is astronomical.

        Rarely do artists “get rich.” There are thousands that are dropped after their first album. Many more are allowed to make more, although they never turn a profit for themselves. The dirty little secret in every country’s music business is that overwhelmingly, except for a tiny percentage of high profile artists, one can NOT make a living as a working musician. An insurance salesman makes a princely fortune compared to a musician. And they have job security.

      • My sister, I get that the ‘average’ artist does not get the best deals. Maybe I should have prefaced and said, the big kahunas of the music/sports industries…Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, etc. Lets be honest, most big name artists are not siging ‘minimum wage’ contracts. So, when the pricing structure first came about, the cost of the purchase price of cds was astonomical compared to what they actually cost to make…pennies. As in most industries, your blue chips are the ones that drive the momentum. This is all I’m trying to say.

        Look at the cost of concerts now. They are way over-priced. But people put up with and pay the ticket prices. Sports is the same way. But if the argument is they are trying to protect intellectual property rights…first they should be about the business of putting out some intellectual property. Precious few cd albums consist of a many faceted piece of work. Out of 12-16 songs, you might get 2 or 3, worth anything. The hole they dug, is big enough to put them in China by now. They didn’t get the memo about stop digging.

      • @BAFfie
        ” Out of 12-16 songs, you might get 2 or 3, worth anything. The hole they dug, is big enough to put them in China by now. They didn’t get the memo about stop digging.”

        Oh, I KNOW. You’re so right. But once again, this is not the artist’s idea. This is the greed of the corporate record company. All I’m saying is don’t blame the artist for these decisions. This tiny minority of artists that actually do get signed are at their record company’s mercy, believe me. The Heavyweights: all bets are off – they’ve proved their worth and they are calling the shots because people WANT THEM.

        Kind of like JYJ when you think about it. People just WANT THEM, in their hundreds of thousands. They are at the top of the heap, artist-wise. This is why they will never lose, why they will always be supremely successful. Because they are getting a huge percentage of every dollar or won brought in as a result of their work and because they have a righteously committed fanbase who will NEVER desert them.

  23. @Springbok

    Then, his take is really interesting… Weighing the cost of the piracy against the potential for gaining exposure and new supporters who will pay for the music… maybe that’s the real issue…

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    • i dont care much of that seoulbeats’ poll…its really funny.. all Shinee members are winning .. SHINee’s Key almost beat Bigbang TOP for the best rapper.lol…

      well.. im just laughing at all the comments there.. they all are shock when Key is beating T.O.P.. and Jonghyun beats JUnsu… not that they aren’t good but majority knows they aren’t the best…

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