[NEWS] 120201 Jeon Sookyung, “JYJ Kim Junsu doesn’t behave like a top star but like a child”

Musical actress Jeon Sookyung praised JYJ Kim Junsu

In a video interview, Jeon Sookyung praised JYJ Kim Junsu, “He is a polite friend who doesn’t behave like a top star.”

It is know that they have appeared together at The Musical Awards which was held at the end of last year. She explained, “He has good manners. It’s good that he still keeps a child-like innocence that doesn’t match the reputation.”

She added, “He sings so well too.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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39 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120201 Jeon Sookyung, “JYJ Kim Junsu doesn’t behave like a top star but like a child”

  1. though she meant it as a compliment..i can just imagine junsu..pouting and running off into one of his ‘charisma xiah’ phases as soon as he reads this…don’t be surprised if he goes and gets a fake tan after this!lol!^^

    • i commented about this on another site too..but seriously it gives me all kinds of fuzzies when i hear the ppl who work with them sing their praises….like a proud mum..eventhough i’m younger than them!lol!^^

      • and in korean it means pretty his appa names him pretty did ya know, because he was a pretty baby so that means his name means pure and pretty just like him when u look at his face you see the pretty pure faced baby still aww how cute #o#

      • “It’s good that he still keeps a child-like innocence that doesn’t match the reputation.”

        ¡Yes! I noticed that too. I seriously hope she was talking about “Intoxication” and not about anything else (¿Ladies man Junsu? ¡OMGS! ) Tbh, if it happens to be like that, it wouldn’t be a surprise. He’s hot and gorgeous; why not?

      • i think they mean serious professional, u know how the serious professionals look like right they behave seriously and very adult like, not child like like Junsu, they also have a sharp big aura about them but Junsu’s friendly and looks up to everyone ells around him. Junsu is serious and professional and a deep thinker but it doesn’t appear on him so he most of the time branded a child though that part is true its not the only part of him its just the dominant part when u think of it we all have a child part within us it just doesn’t dominate the other features and one feature of our character is the dominant or rather shows more than our other features. i think Drama directors didn’t choose junsu because he looks childish so he may not fit the role of manly men like yoochun and jae in their dramas his voice is also husky when he speaks and in dramas they want the female to be the one who is adorable not the male and Junsu is very adorable u know so drama directors would more encouraged to choose Yoochun or jaejoong more than Junsu for their drama’s as main character. its how i came to realize it anyway.

  2. Jeon Sookyung, “JYJ Kim Junsu doesn’t behave like a top star but like a child” —->
    This is Junsu’s lovable point ! His heart is really so clear & pure like an excellent child !
    He always can maintain a good atmosphere anywhere he exist due to his straight forward answers (make fun & joyful) . He make others happy as his wordings are cute & seriously & funny !
    So his hyung Jaejoong & Yoochun always can’t stand laughing due to Junsu’s funny answers , it seems they always bully to Junsu , actually they were made laughing by Junsu i/o bully to Junsu .
    We love Junsu ^^ & JYJ ^^

  3. “It’s good that he still keeps a child-like innocence that doesn’t match the reputation.”
    Its Junsu’s charm. Hes a handsome, sexy and extremely talented man, but he has this innocent aura that makes him so cute and adorable *-* . Thats why i love him the most, his cutennes and sweetness makes me fall in love with him ❤

  4. Tell you the truth. When Junchan sang Xiahtic or intoxication, I still saw the moment of sexy baby not a sexy man. (just talk about the look not the ability to sing.)
    But once I saw Elisabeth rehearsal, it blew my mind. That is very sexy devil man.

    • @ppmm
      Good point…come to think of it, like what you said, in Xiahtic and Intoxication, he was himself, sexy cutie Junsu. When he got into the Death role, he has a completely different aura and manner about him, dark, intense and authoritative. It’s a totally different level of sexiness becos’ of the power that’s coming from him.

  5. All 3 JYJ members can be handsome, sexy, deep, talented singers and actors…. the list goes on and on. But what I really love is their pure hearts, so humble and innocent. There is nobody else like them.

  6. Omo :3
    Everytime someone who isn’t into this fandom praises our boys I feel so proud of them and so relieved to know what I perceive of them it’s not only because I love them but because they’re truly amazing people in every aspect :3

    Our bb Junsu being so polite and cute and child-like :3 and humble and talented ❤

    Loving them even more every day -0-

  7. does she mean some top stars in korea behave rudely and arrogantly hehe???

    junsu is really humble and so nice btw…never change junsu bb

  8. So proud of Junsu. What others are seeing is what we’ve always seen in Junsu; sweet, humble, charismatic and sexy all rolled into one. Keep shining!

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