[PIC] 120201 JYJ’s Jaejoong Featured on Turkish Newspaper “Milliyet”



Credit: JYJTurkey
Shared by: JYJ3


15 thoughts on “[PIC] 120201 JYJ’s Jaejoong Featured on Turkish Newspaper “Milliyet”

  1. The article talks about JYJ as one of the most popular groups in SK. It talks about their past as members of TVXQ and how they formed JYJ in 2010 after the dispute with their previous management company. Then it mentions JYJ’s album The Beginning and the people they worked with. It goes on to tell that they had 15 concerts in 10 countries and that their album In Heaven has been on top on various charts. It says member Jaejoong is coming to Turkey and that many people are very interested in the event. It says peoeple from France and Arabia also wants to come to the event. Overall it is nothing we don’t know about but I’m surprised to read such a detailed article about them on a Turkish newspaper. (By the way Milliyet is one of the biggest newspapers in Turkey.)

    Seriously though… Jaejoong is coming to my country (I never thought that he or any member of JYJ would come to Turkey) and I… will be on a plane that day going from one city to another which are not even remotely close to Ankara 😦

    • thank u for the information dear
      aww…..don’t worry dear
      i felt that next time when Jae came to your country, he’s not gonna alone but also with Su and Chun together with their dancer for another JYJ concerts 🙂

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