[TRANS] 120131 C-JeS staff tweets about Yoochun

[mykim3130] (C-JeS staff) The royal prince is practicing horse-riding now.

[mykim3130] Sorry that I can’t upload photos for everyone to see because there’s a lot of people here and if I were to start photographing, everyone else here will do it too… but his horse-riding skills are really good. kekeke. Smiling relaxingly while riding the horse, there’s really the feel of a royal prince. kekeke

[mykim3130] (replying to a fan’s question of “Should challenge once with Yoohwan!”) If at current status, probably Yoohwan will win, because Yoohwan’s character in ‘Gye Baek’ is good at horse riding.

Credit: loveissammi+有天爱爱_mickyaiai
Translated by: rachui@sharingyoochun


32 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120131 C-JeS staff tweets about Yoochun

  1. this sounds really intriguing! he already is my white knight on a horse. now if i could get him to come to me, only me————————————–+^+

  2. Can’t wait to see Chunnie riding horse. Just imagine, how cool he’s when riding horse.
    They just wanna tease our patient when telling this story
    I just wanna skip Feb, it’s hard to wait for so long a month
    I can’t wait to see how our Chun transformation from the cold but warm LSJ to ??? Lee Gak
    I hope he’ll make viewers deeply in love Lee Gak like he did with LSJ
    I hope he’ll have a good scriptwriter and everything works well for him

  3. I can’t wait to see Chunnie riding!
    Nobody looks as good in Hanbok as Youchun does, especially in shades of blue, powder blue and royal blue..
    I can imagine long hair Chunnie riding off in to the sunset!!!

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