[TRANS] 120131 Editorial: “Give back civil rights to JYJ!”

Group JYJ that is named by the initials of three young, talented and beautiful men Jaejoong – Yoochun – Junsu is very popular in Korea as well as overseas. After leaving DBSK because of unfair contract issue in 2009 July and standing on their own feet, they recorded the sale of more than 1,200,000 albums. They held and are going to hold concerts in Asia – Europe – North America – Latin America. They are also very active in dramas and musicals. But just a few days before the broadcast of their daily documentary on a cable channel, it was canceled. They have gained the opportunity to bring the documentary that was thrown out to the big screen. However, “as expected”, a few days before the premiere, the theater side notified them of the ‘screening cancellation’. JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment said, “The contract for the screening of documentary The Day in 20 CGV’s complexes from Feb 2nd was sealed. But not long after the press release, CGV informed us that they can’t keep the contract.” After that, suspicion was raised among JYJ’s fans that there was pressure from SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former company that is in the lawsuit with them.   CGV denied, “The decision was made because there was a problem in contract procedures, there was no external pressure.”

Let’s suppose that we believe such explanation. Why do uncommon things for other artists keep happening to just JYJ? JYJ can’t appear on broadcast music programs. July last year, KBS Jeju and Jeju Island was to have JYJ to perform in their show. But 4 days before the event, JYJ received a cancellation notice. C-JeS said, “Such things unofficially happen to us more than 2~3 times a week.” According to majority opinion, it’s because the broadcasters are under pressure after the KFPCAI (Korea Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry) that belongs to gigantic companies requested to each of them to restrict JYJ’s activities. Even though in 2009 as well as last year, the Court has ruled 2 times that ‘JYJ must be ensured their own entertainment activities’, this situation doesn’t change.

SM might want to protest, “Do we even have to take responsibility of the ‘groveling’ manner?” However, that is the essence of power. SM will suffer from incessant suspicion because of that ‘entertainment power’ that doesn’t put an end to the legal battle between SM and JYJ. SM, the home of K-pop that gave birth to the global Hallyu, must seek ways to gloriously conclude the lawsuit with JYJ. I hope the result of the investigation that FTC has conducted for almost a year on SM interfering JYJ’s activities will be revealed as soon as possible. If stopping the tyranny of large companies and opening up livelihood opportunities for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) is called ‘Economic Democracy’, the recovery of JYJ’s ‘social citizenship’ will be part of that.

Source: Khan News
Translation by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
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40 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120131 Editorial: “Give back civil rights to JYJ!”

  1. The result of FTC investigation has been finalized long time ago but it needed an approval from the admin level…..huh…It’s like forever and the chance of the result overturn into an unfavorable angle to JYJ is high…Also, there’s no progress on the court process, with new judges and all…It’s frustrating.

  2. There will be a Light at the End of tunnel at last. This crap is going on for far too long this ship has to come to shore and the restrictions of JYJ activities in Korean Entertainment TV stations and channels come to an end. SM should know you can’t destroy the human spirit JYJ will prevail by all means. Serious injustice has been inflicted on them for far too long and has to end.

  3. okay what I do not get is the fact everyone in S.Korea knows and found proof SM is behind the reason of JYJ not being able to do activity so why don’t they publish it? I don’t get why music entertainment in Korea holds power. IN America you do not see shit like this. I cant stand injustice act, yet everyone does nothing to SM. The hell man.

    • i agree and the longer it goes on and the more things that happen just prove that korea has major issues to deal with and that alone says it is complicated and not able to be fixed easily. jyj’s mission in part is to bring these things to light and make people take notice and begin the process of fixing things. they are so brave just for that alone and need to be recognized as being the david’s to stand against the goliath’s! and they are not alone!!! we will help them. and love them. and support them.

      • I agree with you. I do not like K-pop anymore like the way I use too thanks to seeing how corrupted it is. JYJ are so brave doing this on their own but even though it is tough I know justice will be served or I hope it does. As JYJ fans I know we will always be there forver for our boys and love them! JYJ fans= family 🙂

    • dear, life is no fairy tale.
      just like in my country, people who proven as corruptor could still walk around while there’s so many people demonstrated. but these corruptors have money, big big cash, and they bribe the people in the court and police dept. so that they have more time *and get another scapegoat to blame at*
      this is life. and i won’t surprised about s.korea and SME, there are so many example here already in indonesia…

    • “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces”

      “Run to the bedroom,
      In the suitcase on the left
      You’ll find my favorite axe.
      Don’t look so frightened
      This is just a passing phase,
      One of my bad days.”

      “Careful with That Axe, Eugene”
      credit: Pink Floyd

  4. Everybody.. knows the truth about JYJ and their battle with SME… yet when will someone take real action to stop this madness?????

    • It’s an open secret.
      Day after day SME becomes more arrogant and shameless, but apparently nobody has b**locks to to fight the good fight. I’m appalled from the lack of justice in a self-professed democratic country

  5. The answer is very simple: All the contract issues that those companies claim are BULLSHIT. The truth is no other than this one: SME is behind these cancellations. The end. 😦

  6. Reblogged this on Saz33na's Blog and commented:
    SIGH!!! Can’t SM just give these boys a break ??? Those who wanna leave let them leave, why making their life so hard … it’s not that SM relies on JYJ only …
    Nevertheless I love how JYJ are determined and never gives their hope …

  7. I think that’s why the focus has been on their ‘wealth’, lately; it’s like ‘see, they’re not hurting, look at all the STUFF they have’. Well to these dimwits how much ‘stuff’ they have is not the point; it’s why are you putting roadblocks up in front JYJ for doing something within their legal right to do? It’s not only criminal, it’s become petty and childish at the same time; your big CORPORATE entities don’t like being left and told NO! What SM and others are doing is called criminal harassment and they continue to get away with it!
    I know some of the fans are tired of all this; I get sick of these setbacks too. I also realize that even if we’re not related by blood and we’re so far away from them, it would be so easy to just drop the ball and walk away but it’s become so much bigger than just ‘fans’ and ‘idols’, it’s someones, (three someones in this case) civil rights being trampled on. We fans and JYJ are linked together now (Yuchun staked his claim on us in his ‘Un-Titled Song) 😀 I’d just like us to stay as positive as we can; keep JYJ and each other in your prayers, that’s all.

    • @Barbara D. Bolton

      Here’s what I wrote on the AsianJunkie blog this afternoon:

      “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, SME, as a large corporation responsible to shareholders, has been acting like a rabid dog, out of control, consistently making moves that only further embarrass and shame themselves in this to-the-death revenge scenario they have running against JYJ. And I think it’s true that their actions have unwittingly created an iron-clad fan-base for JYJ who will stick with them no matter what. There is a principle of simple fairness involved here that anyone can understand: to be young, go after your dreams and when you are successful, be paid commensurate with that success. SM treats all its young artists unfairly by this standard and my theory as to why they have gone after JYJ so cruelly is because if all of their other artists get the idea that perhaps they too would like to see some of the money they are making for SM and walk out as well, then their much-touted business model for cranking out cookie cutter idol groups is in the crapper. If forced to deal fairly and ethically with its artists there’s no telling what would become of SME. But by every indication we’ve seen so far, SME is scared stiff of allowing JYJ to have an even playing field on which to compete, that’s the bottom line. “

      • @Lili

        Out of his own mouth PMS ahem, I mean LSM has admitted (bragged) that his “business model” would not work in the US. Reading between the lines, oh, child labour laws, no contracts without lawyers involved ESPECIALLY in regards to minors…. hmmm SME-US? What SME-US? no wonder they can only survive in “democratic” south korea. Any democracy worth their salt would put a stop to their “wholesome activities” in a heart beat. Gawd I cannot wait for the day when SK becomes a real democracy. I only pray that it occurs in my lifetime so that I can crow about it.

      • @Springbok7
        “Out of his own mouth PMS ahem, I mean LSM has admitted (bragged) that his “business model” would not work in the US. Reading between the lines, oh, child labour laws, no contracts without lawyers involved ESPECIALLY in regards to minors…. hmmm SME-US?”

        Hmmmmmm…. Gooood point. I wonder if some enterprising young Korean-American lawyer wouldn’t just “make his bones” by bringing up that fact to U.S. Immigration and the FTC – that these girls are little more than exploitable chattel. Certainly, SM intervened somehow with Immigration the year that JYJ’s work permits were suddenly found to be in error and they ended up having to do their first American showcases for free.

        I wonder if Interscope knows the deplorable terms of their new business partner’s Korean contract? Interesting…

      • @lilibaiyu
        You’re so right about SME and their so-called ‘business model’, they know they can’t allow their other acts to even THINK of getting out of their contracts else it falls down like a house of cards. So they use these terrorist tactics on JYJ as a warning to anyone else who has ideas; as in ‘This can happen to you, too, if you cross us’ sounds like a bad 30’s gangster movie; all cigarette smoke and waggling eyebrows ^ ^

        But the effect it’s having is clear. Like the three monkeys sitting by the side of the rode; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. It’s right there in front of everyone but no one has the guts to speak out. It’s like “as long as it’s not happening to me, it’s all good’ But what they don’t realize is, if these actions aren’t stopped, one day the same path might be theirs. At that point I’d like for them to stop and ask themselves, ‘Do I have JYJs courage and integrity’?

  8. CGV said there was no external pressure,
    BUT ” Why do uncommon things for other artists keep happening to just JYJ?”
    Yes, only for JYJ !

    “SM, the home of K-pop that gave birth to the global Hallyu, must seek ways to GLORIOUSLY conclude the lawsuit with JYJ. ”
    This one really scares me , a glorious conclusion for SM,
    and every knows how money and power work, so JYJ and it’s legal team and supporters/fans must be vigilant 24/7.

  9. My impression about SK…
    There is no Civil and Human Rights when the subject is JYJ. Justice is too slow. “Some” Medias are too cowards. Mass Bullying are worst and being supported. And their government seems like blinded and deaf on these.
    So disappointing…
    But take hearts JYJ! Always Keep Thy Principles and Beliefs! When almost everyone turn their backs on you, there’s always someone/somebody to hug and pull you up! Don’t give up! We, fans are always be here with you till the end!

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