[VIDEO] 120201 Y-Star/TvN Feature on Jaejoong

Y-Star Jaejoong at 3:00 (: Idol financial Technology skills)


Credit: YStar + TVN jaejoong860126
Shared by: JYJ3


30 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120201 Y-Star/TvN Feature on Jaejoong

  1. Lol. Now all the boy’s assets become spotlight~
    What’s going on with korean media these days? I hope there will be eng sub ^^

  2. Oh, this is.. new? rich man !
    btw, can everyone follow my twitter? It’s @applewhirl
    All JYJ fans can follow me and i’ll follow you back^^ BUT, to SMent fans, you better stay away from me 😉

  3. The K media these days….
    what are they trying to do with the boys? 0_o
    I mean they were quite and now suddenly all of them boosting about their wealth? They already know that the boys are rich before but now all of them making news about them….
    What are they trying to tell ppl about…
    Call me over reacting or something…a bit worry for the boys. @_@

    • same with me… Im little worry too.. I hope this is not the “dark-job-by-someone-again”… maybe Im sound so paranoid..but..
      after CGV and Jae twitter insiden (really broken my heart)
      and now?? SK Tivi already expose all their wealth??????

    • I so hope I am a 100% wrong, but for me it smells like really carefully planned out by their enemies. I hope I am wrong, but lately we see this too often, it’s too much of a coincidence for me who is cynical and skeptical.

  4. Now, I don’t speak Korean; my knowledge is limited to hello, good-bye, Jaejung,Yucun and Junsu; oh yeah and some foods like Kimchi 😀 But i’m willing to bet their going on about how well Jae and JYJ are doing in the living well department; penthouse Apts. cars and such. Well…they earned these things!!! Busting their tails for over 2 years and counting! I won’t even go into the treatment they’ve received by their own industry! To bottom line this rant; JYJ has willingly given their all to fans and we fans seeing their pure hearts in turn give to JYJ with our currency; it’s a give and take romance as far as I can see( with a little compromise thrown in :D) you know, like a good marriage. Ooooh! I like the way that came out! 😀

    Any way, I don’t usually say much here at JYJ3 (by the way Admin, you are the greatest and we do appreciate you) only when subject matter comes up that I feel I can contribute to; but this is the best site devoted to JYJ, ever! May you, JYJ and fans continue to prosper V ~ . ~ V

    • Yup, everything they got is through their sweat and tears. They did not make their money of the backs of others, they didn’t pressure anyone in submission to do what they want to make money. What they did and continue to do though, it’s being respectful, humble and giving of themselves and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of wons to causes not only in Korea, but also around the world.

  5. i don’t know how i must feel right now
    those people (tv broadcast) recently aired about our boys wealth time to time and it’s really weird to see the gap between one news to other news really…..really short, i pray that there are no other meaning from this suddenly action from every TV broadcast in Korea

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