[VIDEO] 120202 JYJ appointed as Honorary Ambassador of “2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit” – Part 3

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[NEWS] 120202 JYJ Kim Junsu shows off how selcas are done

JYJ member Kim Junsu showed the fans how selcas are done.

Kim Junsu simply tweeted “Hwaiting” on February 2nd along with a picture.

In the picture, Kim Junsu’s posing in the classic ulzzang angle. Kim Junsu’s skin looks absolutely beautiful as it glows in the lighting.

Netizens commented, “Restroom is the best place for selca kee kee”, “Ulzzang angle???? Handsome~~~~”, and “Junsu oppa knows a little about ulzzang pose!?!^^”

JYJ members became the honorary ambassadors for the ‘2012 Nuclear Security Summit‘ on February 2nd at thge Coex Auditorium.

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[Other Twitter] 120203 South Korean foreign minister, Kim Sung Hwan, tweets about JYJ

[TRANS] I would like to thank all volunteer staffs that have participated at the Nuclear Security Summit. I would like to thank 3 members of JYJ, our new ambassadors. Witnessing your help and participation, I was convinced that the Nuclear Security Summit for the peace and security of our future would succeed.

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[NEWS] 120202 JYJ Jaejoong to Hold Fan Meeting in Turkey on February 5

On February 3, the MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) announced that JYJ’s Jaejoong will be holding a fan meeting at Turkey’s Ankara University on February 5. He was invited by the Korean Culture Center in Turkey.

According to the MCST, Hallyu has swept into Turkey. The fan meeting will play its part in spreading Hallyu and providing a chance to exchange culture between Turkey and South Korea.  Continue reading

[NEWS] 120202 Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” Holds First Script Reading and Camera Test

The cast and crew of SBS’s upcoming romantic comedy drama “Rooftop Prince” gathered at the Ilsan Production Center late last night, February 1, for the drama’s first script reading. Actors JYJ’s Yoochun (“Miss Ripley“), Han Ji Min (“Padam Padam“), Jung Yumi (“A Thousand Days’ Promise“), Lee Tae Sung(“Hooray for Love”), Lee Min Ho (“The Moon that Embraces the Sun“), Jung Suk Won (“Ojakgyo Brothers“) and the rest of the cast met each other for the first time. Production director Shin Yoon Sub and screenwriter Lee Hee Myung also sat in on the reading. Prior to the reading, the actors participated in a camera test, where they wore their hanboks and zoned into their characters.  Continue reading

[NEWS] 120202 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong raises his little finger up while singing


JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun recently drew a lot of attention with his little finger and Kim Jae Joong also captured the public’s eyes with the same pose.

In SBS’s series Protect the Boss, which aired last year, Kim, who played the role of Cha Moo Won, sang Shin Sung Woo’s Prologue at a karaoke. His song fascinated many female fans hearts.

When he started singing, his little finger was holding a microphone. Then he started singing passionately like he is singing at a concert and his little finger was raised up.

People responded: “I want to be his little finger.” “Kim raises his little finger up too.” “JYJ members are connected with each other.” “Kim has long, slim, and pretty fingers.” “I loved his song in the series.”

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[NEWS] 120202 JYJ Kim Jaejoong crowned as idol chaebol – What is the price of his hotel room-like ‘penthouse’?

Chaebol stars in their young twenties with earnings that increase exponentially are a growing breed. On Jan. 31, cable channel tvN ‘Enews – List Announcement’ revealed the ‘New Property Chaebol Stars in their Twenties’ list. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was named fourth on the list.

Jaejoong moved into a 90 pyeong (297.5m2) penthouse worth 3.5 billion Won in August last year. The money can be used to buy two 40 pyeong (132.2 m2) houses in that area but Jaejoong used the money to purchase the penthouse in his twenties.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong revealed the interior of his house through Twitter and attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Looking at the interior of the house, it was apparent that he paid a lot of attention to small things one by one and has even devoted a great deal of effort into it.  Continue reading