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36 thoughts on “[FACEBOOK] 120202 JYJ Facebook Update

  1. JYJ’s faces

    Junsu = blank
    Jaejoong =as if forcing to be okey?
    Yoochun = blank + disappointed?

    Fighting Boys!!!! Don’t give up! Fans are here for YOU!

    Seeing them this way (sad) makes my heart feels so hurt.. Now I know I’m officially attached to our boys.

  2. The saddest “fighting” I ever saw. Boys, you can’t look beaten now, otherwise your enemies will be joyous. You got to gather all the winds under your feathers properly, so that you can fly even harder and higher to the summit. JYJ FIGHTING!
    And Chun, get well soon. OK?!

  3. JYJ needs Equal Rights and Justice for the crappy and damn horrible treatments they encounter from S. Korean Companies and Korean Entertainment Industry. Aluta Continua

  4. Everybody kindly says “fighting!”, “never give up”….

    JYJ say “we work harder” “try harder”….

    BUT how long still ( >.<)b!

    JYJ are also human beings and not heroes..

    there is an end of nerve…

    Korea, please do something for them to change this situation!!!

    • very true i see Junsu sad i think its about the cancellation of their documentary i know they are all sad but just like u said too much is just too much what more can a human handle : ( who in power would listen and help

  5. @i know you: Calm down, baby. They dont say about choosing to vote for junsu or jaejoong, they say about the website and the way to vote in that website. The site must be reliable sources and the way to vote is not too easy/cheap, I mean that site should request our email address to confirm the vote or sth like that, now there are many websites supply such easy voting that you can refresh site and vote how many times you want, so cheap! I think we all love jyj, I myself is jae bias but love chunie and susu too, I always vote for chun su beside jae…

  6. It was so obvious something was wrong; Yuchun was sick! Su didn’t feel like being all smiley and Jae was trying to put a good face on the ‘sitch’. We’re just a bunch of worriers; but we want you guys to be well 😀 I’ ll take some deep breathes now (- 0 -)

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  8. I will offer another possibility, why they maybe all look so sad/frozen, but this one will be a conspirational one.
    What if they think they are partly responsible for the dating scandal between Ji Hyo and their CEO? You know, after the news about the cancellation of the movie screening came out, CEO Baek was very angry and wrote that aggresive statement, plus preparing of a lawsuit, letter to Fair Trade Commision etc., what angered/targeted two companies – SM and CJ CGV. And within 24 hours, the dating scandal broke out. If they were known to be dating since December, why came the article now, what if it was not a coincidence? The scandal is quite bad for Ji Hyo, because of the past of mr Baek, who now has full hands of JYJ problems, plus his own, plus damage control for Ji Hyo ´s cariere. What if all 3 boys think that Ji Hyo became an innocent victim of their fight with SM? If they really think like this, they must feel realy angry and regretfull, without a possibility to help her in any way. Yah, this was my first thought after I saw these pics. it shows that i ´probably too long in this fandom, when I see ghosts behind each tree… haha

  9. I have read the news about mr ceo and ss song too… It make ss song lose the love of viewers on running man show, they always love gari-jihyo couple there… SM always make worst things/scandals to cjes yg jyp as much as they could at the time sm artists begin to comback… It is how things are… Pr is a blade that can help you and can kill you also.

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