[FANART] 120202 Their winsome expressions ❤

[TRANS] JJ: Look! Someone’s coming!

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37 thoughts on “[FANART] 120202 Their winsome expressions ❤

  1. I always love Fanarts, regardless the expressions my beloved are exposing.

    Well….even in fanart, their looks can not deceive anyone of how they actually felt during that lousy event! Lousy lousy lousy event!

    • why call it lousy? isnt that too much? sorry but i feel sad that some fans forget to respect the efforts of other people.. there are 748 volunteers in that event . For your information:

      The “2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit”, which will be held in Seoul in March 2012, will be the largest summit in the security field that discusses international cooperative measures to protect nuclear materials and facilities from terrorist groups, with participation from more than 50 heads of state and international organizations. The main issues to be discussed at the Summit will be as follows.
      Cooperative measures to combat the threat of nuclear terrorism
      Protection of nuclear materials and related facilities
      Prevention of illicit trafficking of nuclear materials..”

      Dont get the idea that I’m attacking your opinion.. you’re entitled to it.. but I feel responsible to correct it since I find it distasteful.. JYJ was there because they believe in the importance of the cause.. so kindly enlighten me where is this “lousy thing coming from” so I would understand.. If it’s just because they have sad pictures then that is a dissappointing reason.. thank you

      • if they have sad faces because of recent blockings and bullying by the K-entertainment industry… it does NOT EQUATE to them being forced to be in this ambassadorship awarding.. JYJ are not puppets that were dragged there to fake a smile.. they were there in their own volition because they believe in the importance of the event they are promoting..
        they might be struggling with the entertainment industries treatment to them.. but they attended the event to support the important cause this organization is advancing that is outside the troubles of the entertainment industry..
        Is it fair to love a country and it’s people who have not helped you in your current struggles? in my opinion, it’s NOT FAIR.. but that what makes me admire JYJ more.. they are showing us class and professionalism… like JYJ we should probably start being sensitive with the struggle of others who works hard for the cause they believe in.. JYJ was treated with respect there on stage.. on that event.. people call them because they believe in JYJ’s popularity and credibility.. as they stand among dignitaries and educated people.. i’d rather them stand on that event than on a lousy lousy music show..

      • yes, JYJ is in another level.
        not just another Idols. but they are beyond that.
        their perspective is higher.
        using their popularity by doing good things.

        I don’t get why some people were complains just because JYj weren’t smiling or doing some fans services.

        we should be happy that some important people trust JYJ not like some others who treat them like outsiders.

      • Don’t worry, you are not attacking me whatsoever. It was tiresome having them exposed like that by their own government, one who are not willing to help them dealing with their current problem.
        Their ‘old’ matters are probably too big for the government to deal with, and since the court had it handled in 2009, it is best to deal with everything in the past also in the court.

        I call it lousy, for that is what I feel. It is a very important cause, yes it is.
        First of all, it has nothing to do with JYJ as them being professional artists. Why did their government ‘dragged’ JYJ into joining that, regardless the important and good cause it may bear?

        If they invited JYJ because of their popularity and credibility, isn’t it worse? They took granted of JYJ while doing nothing for JYJ’ sake. Let’s say that their greatest reason is that they don’t have power to start with, they can still at least say something when JYJ were under attack. Some comforting words to support JYJ would be nice.
        Unfortunately, none of those government officials were willing to deliver their kinds words publicly.

        There are so many people attending the event, and I wish all of them well. I wish the same people can do something for JYJ fighting their rights in their own country. But since they were not there for JYJ, I did not expect them to do so.

        I was so devastated having JYJ on that stage, being shown like some precious dolls. They did that last time, when they met the minister. I did expect so many good things would come after their meeting. That the minister would like to praise JYJ or at least gave away his good impression. I am still amazed that it didn’t happen. Perhaps I thought of Korean courtesy too high that I was left with disappointment when it’s not.

        It’s probably better that they stand among dignitaries and educated people.. but I think they would be much happier if they stand on a lousy lousy music show where they can be themselves.

        Love to have a discussion with you dear sis…


      • @ jenknight18

        I am so happy now. South Korean foreign minister, Kim Sung Hwan, tweets kind words about JYJ….
        Yippeee….I love it because I know JYJ will love it…^___^

      • @Jae-is-Mine (Jae&JYJ/DBSKforever)

        hi.. i understand your frustration .. but my only response to that is we love JYJ..yes.. but there are a lot other big issues that needs equal treatment and support.. world does not revolve in JYJ.. we love them , we support them… but there is poverty, terrorism, AIDS, etc.. it’s just some people decides to focus on those stuffs doesnt mean they dont care of JYJ’s plight… for fans like us our priority is to defend them and support them.. but for some people their priority in life is to stop terrorism.. or promote donations (like World Vision) .. the thing is you just have to be proud that JYJ contributes to make the world a better place and God is in control.. in time their struggles will end because JYJ remains to be concern of others despite of their own struggles.. the problem with us fans is when we are so consumed of supporting them we forgot the world has other big issues in need of support.. and popularity of htis artist to promote is one tool to help make this world a better place.. i cant imagine JYJ snobbing government agencies just because no one cared to them.. that’ll be childishly emo..

      • and we can have difference of opinions i guess ^__^

        but i think.. yes they smile and are happy when their on stage singing .. but see idols who just sing and become popular for themselves versus JYJ who sings on stage bringing with them other people’s cause.. at the end of the day who’se lives has more impact … music show is a stage.. but singing without a bigger purpose i think is lousy.. i love JYJ because their stage is bigger .. not physically but bigger in importance, bigger in impact .. they just not make you smile or drool.. but someone’s lives are actually inspired.. so dont take their ambassadorship (or people trusting them to promote causes) for granted.. it is a manifestation that their talent is not in vain..

      • @ jenknight18

        That is what pains me most. Our JYJ are kind young men. It is impossible for them to say no to any good deed or act. And as much their government care about their well-being, I don’t think they will ever say No to any events related conducted by their government. It is so sad because JYJ are so ill-treated but still care about everything. Nothing can change that, not even the continuous problems attacking their careers and minds.

        But I suppose, since they are human and young, they sometimes let others know what they are feeling at that moment.
        That is why I call it lousy event, because of what they have to do, regardless all the burdens on their shoulders.

        But….it’s getting better now. I hope more will say nice words as their foreign minister has done for JYJ.

        JYJ Hwaiting!

      • exactly my sentiments…we should just be happy for our boys, that even though the korean entertainment industry is ignoring them, some government agencies trust them..it pains me to see them hurting but i believe our boys are strong enough to weather these storms and they will emerge victorious. hwaiting guys!!! we love you and keep u in our prayers!

      • @jenknight18
        “YJ was treated with respect there on stage.. on that event.. people call them because they believe in JYJ’s popularity and credibility.. as they stand among dignitaries and educated people.. i’d rather them stand on that event than on a lousy lousy music show..”

        you got the point….JYJ is not general idol, in my opinion, i’m so proud for them even on bad situation still manage charity and donation….

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