31 thoughts on “[HQ PICS] 120202 JYJ at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit – Part 5

  1. Impressive. Same scenario but totally different feeling. They still seem sad and angry but not so much as in the previous photo set.
    @bluefyre, you are right, fans photos are much better.
    Oh and so many photos of Junsu! ^^

  2. Really, I don’t think I can stand to see any more of these photographs of them looking like this. This is so upsetting.
    I really wish we could do more right now. How are those petitions going, has anyone checked them lately?

    These poor guys. I think we all had our hopes up for the new year and this has just devastated them, and now they are going to have to be apart for a while because of Su’s and Chunnie’s projects. Poor Jaejoong. He just looks ruined…

    • @lil sis this just come out of nowhere with speed to them,there is another thing call avex saviour is around and many things.I think there are so many good things at year end and JYJ and fans were caught up again in this bullying. But we have to stay strong,keep fighting on,keep a smile.I just hope there is no other big thing bothering them that we don’t know and I hope this won’t effect their work.

      • @zan JYJ= my encouragement

        Again and again, I am struck by how truly intimate is our relationship with the members of JYJ. They COMMUNICATE with us, they really do, on a daily basis. They are exactly like boyfriends posted somewhere in a faraway land, sending little notes and photos every day so that we will not feel abandoned. Sending videos telling us how much they care and how grateful they are for our love and support. So when something like this happens, which has obviously so affected them, it is just very hard, very hard to see them failing so noticeably to be the energetic, tirelessly UP JYJ that we know is their chosen way for us to see them. It is just very very hard. They are so dear to all of us. I deeply and truly hope that they know it.

      • Following on that train of thought, The Day was supposed to be a gift for fans who could not purchase COO… & this happening is a huge disappointment to them. I remember in one of their old tweets from 2010, there was a lot of bad luck prior to the Seoul Concert (notably w/ the roof collapsing) and they had commented that even though it was none of their fault, they still did not feel absolved from it stating that they felt that they had ‘lied’ to their fans… Whatever they do for us is a promise, & it wounds them deeply if they cannot fulfill it.
        Here’s the source if you need it X///x http://sharingyoochun.net/2010/11/27/trans-101127-jyj-twitter-update/

    • Like our good days and bad days, it’s one of their bad days, with the flurry of these recent projects and the recent CGV debacle, it’s no wonder that they are >///< & they've had little time to convalesce from that… It's hard to see those tired & resigned expressions on their faces… But let us just do what we always have w/ our undying support-there's another tomorrow waiting for all of us. It will be better.

  3. i guess im fallin in love with Junsu.. yes! im officialy becoming YooSu.. ottoke.. how could i manage this 2 cute adorable guy with myself..

  4. omg. jae looks… really… broken…. T.T and it breaks my heart!! i can only see a few pics that he actually smiled… like a real smile and not forced…. T.T jae just learn english and move here in the US lol JYJ in the US lol

  5. i think our boys are so sad. don’t be like this dear, this is not your fault. we are always with u. If they do like this more, we love you guys more and more. Pls be happy boys.

  6. jae wears his heart on his sleeve, whatever he’s feeling..anyone can tell. chunsu both look tired recently..especially junsu..his sparkle seems to have lost its way..i hope things get better for all of them..and indirectly, us.

  7. theyre just gorgeous as always but i’m not happy seeing :”(
    guys, don’t be sad like this, you make my heart hurt, u know? everythings will be alright so dun think too much, keep ur health and we’ll run faster like u said
    we’ll always stand by JYJ and support ur guys ❤

  8. Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
    Like I never ever loved no one before you
    Pretty pretty boy of mine
    Just tell me you love me too
    Oh my pretty pretty boy
    I need you
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
    Let me inside
    Make me stay right beside you

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