[NEWS] 120202 JYJ Kim Jaejoong crowned as idol chaebol – What is the price of his hotel room-like ‘penthouse’?

Chaebol stars in their young twenties with earnings that increase exponentially are a growing breed. On Jan. 31, cable channel tvN ‘Enews – List Announcement’ revealed the ‘New Property Chaebol Stars in their Twenties’ list. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was named fourth on the list.

Jaejoong moved into a 90 pyeong (297.5m2) penthouse worth 3.5 billion Won in August last year. The money can be used to buy two 40 pyeong (132.2 m2) houses in that area but Jaejoong used the money to purchase the penthouse in his twenties.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong revealed the interior of his house through Twitter and attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Looking at the interior of the house, it was apparent that he paid a lot of attention to small things one by one and has even devoted a great deal of effort into it. 

Jaejoong, who is usually interested in cooking and interior, is using a full set of German kitchen utensils worth 500,000 – 800,000 Won. There is a ‘F’ brand clothes hanger which was designed by Sidse Werner in 1791 and 600,000 Won ‘A’ brand mirror hanging in the guest room.

The high-rise apartment ‘B Legend’ is located in Samsung-dong and 54 households are currenly living in it.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu, singer Lee Hyori, gagman Kim Yong Man, actress Kim Min-Jung were also revealed to be living in the same high-rise apartment as Jaejoong.

Meanwhile, singer Lee Seung Gi topped the list of ‘New Property Chaebol Stars in their Twenties.’

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translation by: Shermin for JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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33 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120202 JYJ Kim Jaejoong crowned as idol chaebol – What is the price of his hotel room-like ‘penthouse’?

  1. I feel disturbed by how Korean media expose JYJ’s assets these days, call me weird because of that.
    Yes they are rich, so? they deserve every single penny of it

  2. I love the way his penthouse is decorated!

    Didn’t a magazine show Jae apartment first? After it appeared in the mag then the news has not stop reporting on it.

    Can someone explain to me how Jae is considered a Chaebol?

    • Nikki, my guess is this is the kind of neighborhood with police patrols that will stop and question corner stalking groups of unaccompanied young ladies. Who knows what they might be mistaken for. 😉 Just saying. Plus, I would imagine the security in this building has to be extremely tight for the number of celebrities mentioned for this address alone.

  3. The media highlights these entertainers’ wealth as if it’s something noteworthy..well, it is in a way, compared to e ordinary person’s. But if u think about it, they r probably juz earning e same as top entertainers (as well as businessmen and professionals) everywhere. It’s as if SK media expects entertainers to b poor or somehow they dun deserve to b earning other ppl’s money. If an investment banker/lawyer/CEO can drive a Lambo/Ferrari, then why can’t a top star like JYJ do it? N seriously, luxury cars shld b quite common in a country like SK. I see a number on e road everyday in Singapore n cars r very expensive here due to govt levy.

    • It’s a capitalist economy, not a communist or socialist one, for goodness’ sake. If others value ur output, u shld b getting rich n why should there b a limit to ur earnings? Cos others r butthurt? Juz cos SM’s slaves dun earn as much…therefore it’s JYJ’s fault for being ‘greedy’. Duh, isn’t that’s their prob?

  4. Is the verdict approaching and that is why they are starting to put the boys on such shows? I guess someone is working hard.
    Everything they have is through sweat and tears, we can never forget that

  5. They work damn hard for all the money they get. The difference now is they get paid for what they are worth versus get robbed of the money they are worth. It is their right to spend it like they want to, they earned it.

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