[NEWS] 120202 Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” Holds First Script Reading and Camera Test

The cast and crew of SBS’s upcoming romantic comedy drama “Rooftop Prince” gathered at the Ilsan Production Center late last night, February 1, for the drama’s first script reading. Actors JYJ’s Yoochun (“Miss Ripley“), Han Ji Min (“Padam Padam“), Jung Yumi (“A Thousand Days’ Promise“), Lee Tae Sung(“Hooray for Love”), Lee Min Ho (“The Moon that Embraces the Sun“), Jung Suk Won (“Ojakgyo Brothers“) and the rest of the cast met each other for the first time. Production director Shin Yoon Sub and screenwriter Lee Hee Myung also sat in on the reading. Prior to the reading, the actors participated in a camera test, where they wore their hanboks and zoned into their characters. 

The drama is about a Chosun era Crown Prince (Park Yoo Chun) who travels 300 years to the present to reunite with his dead Crown Princess (Han Ji Min). Historical-fusion-contemporary-fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince” will premiere on SBS once Gu Hye Sun’s “Please Take Care of Us, Captain” ends mid-March.

Credit: Soompi
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53 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120202 Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” Holds First Script Reading and Camera Test

  1. The anticipation of watching YC action in new movie is really high, hope the storyline does good to him this time as par as SKKS:) All the best Micky, take good care of ur health:) YC Fighting!

  2. They said that the SBS president and the head of the drama department also came to this event because they have high expectations for this drama.

  3. I read the synopsis somewhere-else… han ji min is not the one that play as princess but actually the other lady which though as her rival in this above article…am I right??

  4. YC’s facial expression on that Prince costume is 100% the same as his face in Seoul Nuclear summit. Is he conditioning himself with that kind of sad face? March is getting nearer, the handsome best actor is in action again!

    • But this one he looks stiff not sad nor tired. Maybe we have to take that YC was sick yesterday
      March come faster pls 😀

      • @gigikusakit
        I think the cancellation of “The Day” in theaters really affected him, JS & JJ. Some say YC was not smiling at the SNSS because he caught a cold. I don’t think so. Just because you have a cold, you could not even force a smile. Their pics in SNSS were a bit awkward. JS looked sad, JJ looked sad but was still trying to force a smile and YC just looked pissed.

      • Ikr. YC in here and YC in nuclear was total different. Yesterday all of the looks gloomy, they are not as bright as they usually does. They seems forced and said.
        YC doesn’t smile at all + he was sick =make me so worry

      • God, what’s wrong with me? Omg. TYPOS.
        I meant yesterday all of THEM looks gloomy. They seems forced to smile and looks sad.

  5. I want YC in Running Man. Gosh I really hope SBS let him show up on variety show *pray*
    Good luck 6002, take care of ur health too! Rooftop prince fighting! ^____^

    • @pian
      I hope SBS will took everything they can to make this drama as hit. Even by letting YC to appear on their show.
      They already lost to MBC before..cmon SBS! Yoochun has to appear on your show!

      • They’re losing BIG time to MBC right now. SBS’s Captain has a 6 or 7% rating while MBC’s Moon & Sun gets around 35-37% rating. That’s a huge disparity!

      • I really like e moon too.. e story is really nice n child casts r amazing.. but it killed my mood a bit due to male main cast.. to me e lead who takes e king role isnt a good fit.. i don know i dont really like male (adult) actors except Il Woo..

      • @Nandar
        That’s what I heard too. The young cast of Moon/Sun did justice to their roles but the Adult Moon/Sun are a big disappointment. It’s really hard to act in a sageuk drama. There are a lot of elements required for it. That’s why I’m so impressed with YC because he really nailed his first drama and it’s Sageuk at that.

      • @gigikusakit
        There was a rumor that MBC will extend it since it has high ratings. SBS then announced that they’ll also extend “Captain” but then MBC later said that there will be no extension for Moon/Sun.

      • @pian
        So Captain gonna be extended or not? Bcause I know for sure that drama got nothing, from popularity, rating, attention, nothing.
        I’m sure if SBS gonna extend it, it’s just to protect Rooftop Prince.

      • @gigikusakit
        Exactly. If Moon/Sun extends then Captain extends too so that they’ll both end at the same time. SBS is protecting Rooftop.

  6. Off topic.. but hjm somehow really resembles kahi.. i don know why but i dont feel good abt it.. 😦 is it called ” jealousy” ???

    Chun, m i really in love wit u??? (T-T)

    • @Nandar
      LOL! I think HJM’s way prettier. Kahi has the legs though. I give her that but I don’t find Kahi pretty. There’s something fake about her.
      Sweetie, it’s ok. Let 6002 date. He’s at the peak of his virility. He should enjoy it. It’s not like he’s going to marry the girl he starts dating. YC’s cautious.

      • Ya i know.. I will accept his decision no matter what.. but u see, somehow, something like “Heart Broken”?? feeling is there.. Ah!!!! Nandar is a bit SICK today!!!!

      • @Nandar
        Awww! To all young chunsas, please get a hold of your hearts. As, YC said, “It’s all an act. There’s nothing romantic about kissing scenes since there’s no feeling involved”.

      • @pian
        Agree. He seems very careful about marriage. In SKKS fanmeeting he even said he may get married when he’s 40 years old +__o
        We can’t blame him since I think he afraid to end up like his parents (T__T)

      • @gigikusakit
        40?! That’s too old. I hope he gets married at 30. But I guess it’s possible that he’ll marry late since it’s common among Korean actors/entertainers to marry in their 30’s. Yes, the divorce was devastating for him.

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