[Other Twitter] 120203 South Korean foreign minister, Kim Sung Hwan, tweets about JYJ

[TRANS] I would like to thank all volunteer staffs that have participated at the Nuclear Security Summit. I would like to thank 3 members of JYJ, our new ambassadors. Witnessing your help and participation, I was convinced that the Nuclear Security Summit for the peace and security of our future would succeed.

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49 thoughts on “[Other Twitter] 120203 South Korean foreign minister, Kim Sung Hwan, tweets about JYJ

      • Amen! This public acknowlegment is such a good thing! It’s seems to be a little thing but this is a high official government man tweeting openly and publicly! He didn’t have to do that! He is showing his support in a “small” way but I think this speaks very loud and clear to me! Small steps & time! Baby steps…right now but steps! YAY! I am hopeful that others will start thinking & acting as well. Hugs! ~pamela

  1. being ambassador of various event which is initiated by goverment could means they are free to be in all media, aren’t they?…
    i just can’t believe being an honorary person but being blocked from broadcast, this is out of mind…
    but thanks Mr. Minister for recognizing our boys tallents, it’s sure won’t be a waste..

    • Sorry I don’t feel as gracious as you do… after looking at the pics & vids of the event, I got really upset at how miserable JYJ looked (yes I know Yuchun didn’t feel well). I’ve spent the better part of the day emailing/tweeting every relevant Korean agency I could find about the lack of support they have given to these young men to resolve the blocking issues. I’m just feed up with them using them for to enhance their image while looking the other way about the problems they are having.

      Here is the letter I have been emailing:

      To Whom It May Concern:

      South Korea has a true national treasure in Kim Junsoo, Park Yuchun and Kim Jaejoong.

      There is tremendous worldwide admiration and respect for these young men who, in every way, have been wonderful role models and ambassadors for their country, however many of us on an international level feel their country is letting them down.

      As an international fan who has followed their struggles to pursue personal and artistic freedoms, I have found my own perceptions of South Korea as a democratic nation have become greatly diminished.

      The continued condonement of illegal interferences in JYJ activities, within their own homeland and Japan, is a terrible injustice and it speaks poorly of the South Korean government’s commitment to protect its own citizen’s human rights.

      With dignity, and amidst these conflicts, JYJ has proudly represented South Korea when called upon to do so.

      JYJ supporters worldwide begin each day with the hope that their courageous efforts to continue fighting the illegal interference with their activities will finally receive the support within their country. This support is greatly needed to help overcome shameful internal forces which have a negative impact on the Korean Wave and further damage your countries global image.

      We ask the authorities of South Korea to acknowledge the service and goodwill these young men have provided to their country by restoring, protecting and enforcing the rights they are entitled to receive.

      Respectfully submitted,

      • Excellent!!!! How many have u sent?? I support u… It is the best way that we keep on voicing to the government… Thanks for the hard work!!!!

      • The two agencies which seem to be the most related to JYJ’s case are.

        The Fair Trade Commission, e-mail address is kftc@korea.kr

        Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, which overseas the media. They would also be sensitive to any decrease in tourism that the media might cause. Go to their website to contact them at

        Politeness is of course really important to not damage JYJ’s reputation.

      • this is really awesome. what a neat letter. i sure hope they take heed of it. thank you for putting to words things that are in many of our hearts. it would be good to hear from more of us too cause that is how you make your voice heard. how did you figure out who to send things to?

      • I’ve emailed & twittered or sent to both email/twitter accounts I could find. Some places I’ve had to use a web form to submit it. The tweets I sent were a shorter version of the one above.

        If anyone wants to help with emails or tweets, feel free to feel free to plagiarize or use my letter for inspiration. Here is a list of some of the places I sent it:

        (NOTE: Please be patient with the web addresses. Their server seems to time out a lot. I had to submit numerous time before it told me it sent successfully)

        Office of the President Email: No direct address/Contact link directs you to a page where you can copy/paste your letter & submit – http://english.president.go.kr/common/email.php
        Office of the President Twitter: @bluehousekorea
        Office of the President Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CheongWaDae

        Korea Communications Commission Email: No direct email/Contact link directs you to page where you can copy/paste letter – http://tinyurl.com/7ujqcyd

        Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission: Emailed but received reply from Asst. Director which said citizens and foreigners should submit grievances, proposals, reports of corruption, and administrative appeals related to government service at http://www.epeople.go.kr/jsp/user/on/eng/FrnPcCvreqForm.jsp unfortunately the form you have to download is not Mac-friendly… I’m hoping someone with a PC can download it, make a PDF and send it to me.

        Fair Trade Commission Email: kftc@korea.kr
        Fair Trade Commission Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/kftcnews

        Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Email: web@mofat.go.kr
        Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/MOFATkr_eng

        Ministry of Justice Website: I haven’t been successful in making this link work to try to find an email address: http://www.moj.go.kr/ If it works for someone else, see if you can locate contact info & let me know please.
        Ministry of Justice Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/happymoj

      • @dbullock

        When I use the link you provided, I was able to get to the website. What I did then was use Google to translate. I was able to find a button that offered up English translation. I’m posting the email address that was posted at the bottom of the page and the link for the English translation from their website:


        E-mail : webmaster@moj.go.kr

        If anyone has any problems let me know.

      • If you have problems opening the link to the email address from here, try doing a copy/paste in your own email account and send from there. For some reason, I got a pop up window about the email client not being properly installed.

      • yes, sis. i’m aware of that too. seeing the boys being praised and abandoned at the same time, make my heart broke.
        now seeing their facial expression, it make me feel even worst.
        but seeing JYJ still manage to keep smiling and spirited *as JJ and JS last twitter* despite all the mass bullying and unfair treatment in entertainment industry, i feel like we should cheer and be with them even more.
        thus, i take it as positive manners from goverment whom rely on them to take part on such formal event *and it waaay more precious than being on the show, it looks like they are on the higher level, just like a boss*
        and i take it as an effort to make world know what’s realy happening to this national treasure a.k.a precious young men JYJ, and i hope not in very long time, they will get what they deserve, A FREEDOM…
        thanks for being such kind, and speak our mind to the South Korean authorities,,^^

    • @ tya That’s right! It’s a huge honor for South Korea and a big responsibility. This could very well open the doors for many news organizations in South Korea as well as around the world to ask for interviews. Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu should jump and jump FAST at this opportunity to start being more public, as now there is a very solid reason for them to do so. I pray that MTV Korea, Rolling Stone Magazine, and world news groups will hop at the chance to promote this over the next months or so. Interviews about this honor could very well lead to many other questions and public awareness of the situation that is effecting them with the blocking and other “limitaions” they battle against! The door of silence is starting to open up a crack and if others will help, the door can be pushed wide open! These young men are smart. They really need to start self promoting!!! Hugs! ~pamela

      • “These young men are smart. They really need to start self promoting!!! Hugs! ~pamela”
        they are not only smart, but also brilliant^^
        how come they still manage to walk this far with such an optimistic view,,they realy are implement the term “heart of a lion”, aren’t they?..
        good role model,,,*hugs you back^^*

      • @ tya Bless your heart ❤ Thank you for the hug, I needed it. I feel alone here sometimes, as I express my thoughts, not many banter back & forth with me! The strength and courage these fine young men have, has made me admire them so much more through the past few years. "Hearts of Lions" is simply poetic, beautiful. Perfect. They have been battling against the Goliath of the entertainment industry, facing walls of corruption & abuse for so long and yet are still strong & loving. These men are so intelligent. I truly believe each one of them realize that those stones they stumble on right now can be used to build a very secure foundation for the future. All of these connections that they make within the "political world" are going to be very helpful to them, in soooo many ways. The cherries on the ice cream sundae just keep adding up! Not only will their lives change for the better, but also many others. This big door of silence and supression is going to open! Time. It will just take time. I've prayed for years for these "boys". Prayed for them to have more courage, strength & endurance when they might feel like they can't go on. I've prayed that these three beautiful "hearts of these lions" would not harden with bitternes & hatred, but would beat stronger with more love, more compassion & more empathy for others. Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu always had hearts of gold before, but now…to watch them grow while they overcome the obstacles that try trip them & try to keep them from getting back up again, touches my very soul. Do I seem too daramatic to you? 😉 I sometimes think that it's really hard for others to understand, you know? Their parents must be so proud! I am filled with so much pride as I watch them blossom through the thunder storm. My heart aches with pain when they struggle. I am older than they are & I feel like they are all my little brothers! 😀 Love 'em! Always have. Thnkx for talking w me! Betcha you won't do that again, will ya!? 😉 Ha ha! Very nice to meet you. Big Hugs! ❤ ~pamela

  2. By appointing the three members as ambassadors for this important event (The “2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit”, which will be held in Seoul in March 2012, will be the largest summit in the security field that discusses international cooperative measures to protect nuclear materials and facilities from terrorist groups, with participation from more than 50 heads of state and international organizations.) shows that the Korean Foreign Ministry believes in JYJ’s image,integrity and capacity to deliver the message the ministry wants to convey to international community. I believe all these people appointing JYJ as ambassadors are not blind of JYJ’s background, the lawsuit and the consequences they’re suffering. I look at this as some kind of support, but it is just the fact that JYJ’s enemy is not only SM/LSM but a whole system, some kind of illness in their society which is already cancerous, it’s beyond the music industry and it involves a lot of individual’s vested interests. So even if there are a lot of high profile individuals who are on JYJ’s side, we see no difference, the mass bullying continues because it’s already in the system and people who take part on this bullying have their own agenda. I think more time and more power are needed to see changes favorable to JYJ.
    Thank you Min. Kim Sung Hwan for believing in JYJ, I hope more people like will join forces and help JYJ on their plight against a societal illness in your country.

    • @ Kris Bless you. Thank you for saying so elegantly something I have been dancing around for a while while now. I felt relieved when I read your comment. I don’t want to be offensive to any person here, but there is a word that sits right on the very tip of my tounge that eats at me. Cor**ption. There I said it. The better, less accusatory word for me to use is “cancer”. There is no proof that Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu are battling against cor**ption, but we all know & feel it. Would you mind if I borrowed the word cancer from you so I can express myself better? You may not have intended for it to be taken in that way, and I don’t want to be offensive or band from here. I have been watching what these fine young men have been going through and cannot find hardly a stitch of news about the situation from any other site! It is so hard to believe that more awareness isn’t out there! Yes, they’re all cute & sweet & so on, I have always known that and agree. Yes, it’s fun to see the fans talking about it, and looking a pictures & listening to the music & watching dramas, BUT…this situation situation of lawsuits & the blocking of artists in their homeland as well as Japan is very serious! Is there some site or organization that you know of where I can maybe learn more and possibly help in some small way? I’ve signed petions online, emailed my thoughts to MTV in America & Rolling Stone Magazine as well as commented on sites. Is there some JYJ support group I don’t know about that is doing something? ? Thankx for letting me vent! Hugs ~pamela

      • The artist BONO (love him) is really active in politcal issues when it comes to human rights and freedoms. I thought I would start working on him next. *just my thoughts Hugs! ~pamela

    • I really appreciate this man. He is openly praising JYJ and standing together with them. My complaint is not against him. It is with the agencies who are responsible but don’t seem to be doing anything – the Fair Trade Commission and the Ministry of Culture who overseas the media. Is the whole country afraid of SME or do they have some monetary interest in SME’s success? I don’t get it.

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