[PICS] 120202 Press Photos of JYJ at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit – Part 3

Some of the pictures were resized to fit JYJ3 screen. Click on pics to view in full resolution.

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Credit: nameless + JJ Gall via lunji + @The_4Feel + as tagged
Shared by: JYJ3


46 thoughts on “[PICS] 120202 Press Photos of JYJ at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit – Part 3

    • I got one tongue there…..
      So…my darling JJ was probably depressed there, but it didn’t take away his natural instinct, to keep his sexy lips moist…..

      And I was about to offer mine for that purpose….*sighs* no luck there…

    • Huh?!?

      Didn’t you see JJ’s forced smiles? He was seriously faking them. And Junsu’s expressionless face? And Chunnie’s tight lips?

      I know what serious looks are, but girl (or boy?)….those are so different from them being serious. Okay….we can do serious, seriously unhappy….seriously upset….:)

      • I’ve watched the video of them talking and they look normal to me… it’s just those pics that make them look sadder than usual. But overall, I don’t really see the big deal, maybe I should stare at the pics some more 😉

      • @ deljoon

        I saw the video too….they are saying blah blah blah (understand no Hangul effect)…..
        The photos are better messages….

        Yes…look at the photos. Kick, curse or kill something (maybe skip the killing part), then come back with happier spirit.
        Err….I thought you were not as devastated as we were though…..but still….happier!

      • agree with you,Jae-is-mine(what??Jae is yours??)it is surely a forced smile…it just didnt look normal…i ve seen hundred pics of him.not saying iam a pro or something,but something is not right in those pics..they seem sad

    • Yoochun has colds that’s why he is off the weather.. Junsu is typically serious in serious event and Jaejoong is being Jaejoong to me.. I guess I need to stare more.. We know they have struggles lately that makes them probably tired, gloomy and straight face…. plus it’s snowing ..

  1. OMG my first impression they look awesome, second they look sad specially uri Jae and my conclution is there is anyone in this planet or galaxy that can look so freacking hot and sad at the same time?;;;; know im feeling guilty for looking at them in a pervert way

    • @regi..iam guilty too…for thinking that Jae sometimes look so yummy and breathtakingly beautiful in some of those pics.he should admit his mistakes too.why did he has to use his tongue to tease us…arghh i need a neurosurgeon,there’s something wrong with my brain..i should be sad too but why am i like this..jae’s heavenly looks will turn a funeral into a happy place…omg

    • i think dat there are alot of su pics in the previous post..^^..dis hair colour on him is pure win! he looks gorgeous..a lil tired but gorgeous nonetheless!!<3

    • The admins were not the one who took the pictures, they just post what were submitted to them by fans. Please look at the credit, it’s not Admins’ fault if more Jae’s photos were taken.

    • Instead of doing nothing and demanding, you should probably try and find pictures of Su for the admins to post.

      Btw, the admins of this site are working hard maintaining this site for the sake of the boys and I-fans. They don’t have to be at the beck and call of people like you!

      • @sake soju…i know you didn’t mean it..as long i read your commented before, i little shocked OK dear, just next time careful ^_____^ after all we are JYJ family….enjoy what the boys good news coming up next few month ^___^

      • thanks! if u have seen my other posts, i support all 3! already sending my order for NII hoodie worn by jae! and still saving up for COO. i just changed my profile pix. that is my homemade cupcake for jae’s bday. previous profile pix is a cake in the shape of js’ err…..behind.

        must show i am not that the js-only fan in case i get scolding again! 😉 seriously had a shock to see few comments reacting to my post. never before….


      • thanks . *hugs*. not taking to heart at all. just need to clarify the original post meant no harm. i am still enjoying all the posts on this site… sipping coffee… ogling at the pictures (at work ! sssshhh) … ^^

  2. boys are looking good, though i had to double over the first two pictures because i thought junsu was jaejoong and jaejoong was junsu lol. /mindfucked

  3. why people in all the pics and in all the post keep saying that the boys are sad or unhappy…UNHAPPY for What??? for being chosen as ambassador!!!! being chosen is not a joke i do believe they are more than happy….and i have notice that after any blocking or cancellation of their activities one organization will choose them as their ambassador… God bless this boys!
    JYJ fighting!!!

    • I guess most still relates the boys’ mood on the issue with CGV.. there might be talks backdoor we dont know.. but if I as a fan sometimes feel tired of the blocking… couldnt blame the boys if they would feel tired once in a while.. but i believe they’re stronger and that their fans love them no matter what ❤

  4. despite showing their sad faces, they still look extremely gorgeous 😛
    and i see jae’s birthmark and tongue, weee :”D

  5. JYJ sent a FB message; we can calm down now; Yuchun has a cold and just started working on his drama, they’re all working out at the gym, so they’re tired. We all know how hard Junsu is working. They wanted to let us know what was happening; I guess our concerned messages reached them 😀 Oh yeah they said to comment to them on FB 😀

  6. They look so tired! Hopefully they get some rest.
    But we shouldn’t assume that they’re sad. They seem more tired to me. With all the upcoming stuff.
    Album prep, South American tour, Junsu’s musical, Yoochun’s Drama, Interviews, Photoshoots, etc.

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  8. they’re not sad just tired~~ as you can see JJ is so sleepy and tired he probably can’t pay much attention XD i guess he’s thinking about going sleep or resting a bit. micky is tired because he’s sick and junsu.. well he looks ok as always~ there is nothing to worry about ^__^ it’s really amazing that JJ looks hot even when he’s tired o_O

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