[TRANS] 120201 ‘Liberal’ overseas strategy, ‘Narrow-minded’ domestic operation… Two faces of SM?

Strange things arose from the ‘1st Asian Song Festival’, which was held on November 2004. On the eve of the festival, Hallyu star singer Tony An, who was supposed to host it, announced that he would not do so. It was because the organizer initially asked him to host and perform on the festival, but suddenly told him not to perform. Tony An said that there was no point in just hosting it, hence he rejected the request. At that time, the key participating members of the festival were singers under SM Entertainment. Netizens simultaneously protested that there were senior-level figures from SM among the board members of Korean Federation for International Culture Exchange that organized the festival. They also questioned if SM tyrannized Tony An in order to promote singers who were under its management.

In 2005, a terrestrial musical program suddenly vanished. A person involved claimed that SM had something to do with it. A staff from the broadcasting company said, “SM ceased the appearance of its singers on the program, showing how much it wanted the program to stop”. 

SM is the biggest agency in South Korea. It is practically impossible for SM singers to stop appearing on public and cable TV everywhere. SM not only has influence in domestic broadcast, but also in the world’s second music industry, Japan, Europe and the United States. In the mid-1990s, the CEO of a huge agency who had successful actors under its management threatened a reporter who went to cover a report by saying, “If you don’t stop reporting, I will immediately stop the actors in my agency from appearing in the drama.” The huge agency, which manages its top stars in this way, has more influence than one imagines.

Among the big agencies, SM is boastful about its system being the most systematic in terms of its relationship with the mass media, method of content distribution, training of its singers, etc. Silently, SM backbites singers who left the agency. JYJ, who emerged after the separation of TVXQ is a typical example of backbiting.

After SM and JYJ started their lawsuit, JYJ have to live their lifes, covered with scars. They were frequently barred from appearing on music and artistic talent programs and denied from appearing on ‘KBS Jeju 7 Wonders Special Live Broadcast’, etc. Such siituations, which are difficult to understand using common sense, continued to occur. Recently, the screening of JYJ’s ‘The Day’, a documentary about their lives, on cable channel QTV suddenly went up in smoke. The trailer for the documentary has already been made.

Frankly, which broadcasting company will reject top stars like JYJ? Many netizens and people related to broadcasting believe that SM caused the revolt and ‘suffering of JYJ’. With concern, they are keeping an eye on the situation. What the fans of Hallyu hope for is strong logic rather than a magnanimous and tolerant attitude to accept everything.

Source: Munhwa via Nate
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112 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120201 ‘Liberal’ overseas strategy, ‘Narrow-minded’ domestic operation… Two faces of SM?

      • I know C-jeS is a small company, but I wish they can partner with international agencies. Like the agency that is working hard for JYJ in Peru. It is obvious the Korean industry is tainted, and JYJ needs to expand internationally and evolve out of the Kpop world. We need JYJpop. They need to start working on foreign promotions, and opening new opportunities in foreign markets.

        Frankly, I think the current crop of Kpop “stars” lack what JYJ have, and most will fade away very quickly. The current popularity of Kpop is internet driven, and like all fads will fail at some point, when youngsters move on to something else. It boggles my mind that these industry leaders continue to bow down to one company, rather than realizing that without them, SM is nothing. If they call SM’s bluff, others will follow. I am sure SM will be the one begging then. Right now, they are dancing to SM’s tune, and SM’s every whim, do they not have any pride in their work, in themselves?

        Finally, I hope fans continue to stay strong and support JYJ. As frustrating as it is, I will never stop fighting for JYJ. I know that might sound over dramatic, but each obstruction, each blacklisting/backlash against JYJ, just makes me want to support them more and fight for them more. It’s funny, SM and its cronies have actually made me a bigger JYJ fan!

      • @StandupforJustice
        Yeah~~~ agree & thumbs up for your comment 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Dear JYJ,
        Please, bring all the JYJ goodies for Peru concert, Every thing will sell out.
        We will support you with a big paycheck for you to fight SM.
        We also want your to live wealthy, healthy. That will surely piss SM and SM slaves to no end.

    • My thoughts exactly. Their current artists arent that great compared with the other idols.They may be more popular but their recent songs/album have dropped doen in value in terms of quality (no good).
      And I bet the reason why SME has started entering SNSD members into dramas is because he want to gain control of the drama world too, so that he can drive out JYJ. Isn’t it sickening?

      • They are trying to infiltrate the drama world, by using their current cash cow SNSD. If they can develop relationships with those people, then they can use it against JYJ. I seriously hope the drama directors and producers will not give up their autonomy and become SM lackeys like those in the music industry.

        I wish all those who have left SM and have been victimized can come together and work as one to publicize the corruption going on.

      • @ Standupforjustice I did not read your comment before I wrote mine! Jeez, I should have, though because you & I were saying almost the same thing! 😀 I am not comfortable at all with SM pushing those girls into dramas either. I feel the same as you. The reason for doing so is to start lining up the “pawns” in order to start the process of blocking Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu from another division of the entertainment industry in South Korea. SM will also use them as a “cover up” for being in the industry. More victims. More lives damaged. I can barely stand it. SM is planning, of course, but they don’t want to seem so obvious so they need to use those girls. If they are able to get the girls in, then they will manipulate to start the blocking of Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu. If then they start getting attacked for it they will use the, “we only want our girls” or “the girls wanted so badly to be in dramas” excuse for bieng there in the first place. Should that happen, and the public starts to say, “how could you blame SM” or “there is no proof SM blocked”. This will allow them to gain sympathy and cast doubt on the truth. SM is learning how to play the victimized to gain public favor…watching & listening as Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu steadily march on with much love & support. They know how to get it, now. I hate that SM & the others who help sm are able to block in South Korea! We know they will be more than happy to expand the reach to J Drama, as well. Control & instilling fear is what makes abusers the happiest. The arms of SM are long, and very angry.
        I really do believe that others artists will begin to speak out against SM after they witness more positive things happening in Jaejoong’s, Yoochun’s & Junsu’s lives. Right now, so many are unaware of the truth that would enlighten them. Others who do know, or have an idea, are too afraid right now. Hugs! ~pamela

      • My thoughts too. And lately SJ members are also in WGM… Hmmmm… Well we’ll see about the drama SNSD’s will be in. Im still rooting for Yoochunie’s drama! 🙂 He’s proven that he’s a good actor and not just win “Netizen” popularity award unlike others hehehe… same goes for Jae. They are proving to be good actors too.

      • @ loveUnchanged Hello! I was not very happy to find out that SM has been trying so hard to get the snsd girls into dramas. All that is within me feels that this is only happening due to the desire of SM to secure a stronghold so that once those girls start working in those dramas, SM will be able to use them in order to manipulate Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. This whole situation is like a game of Chess. SM is always thinking & planning quite a few steps ahead. They always will because they have never known any other way, nor has anyone ever been able to pull-back-the-reins on them. Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu should not take off their armour & should always be aware that they are the targets of SM & others invovled in this cruel situation. I know sex sells, and everyone likes to see pretty girls…but that is a good excuse and a great cover to keep a master manipulator from looking really obviously guilty, isn’t it?! Hugs! ~pamela

      • Honestly, I don’t think we need to be all that worried about SM ruling the drama world since
        1. Ajummas rule the drama world and I don’t anticipate them being much impressed by SNSD girls.
        2. Chunnie already stole a lot of Ajummas’ hearts and JJ is close behind.
        3. I think SM’s strongest actor right now is probably Siwon and he’s not doing all that well. I checked out one of his drama since Javabeans raved about him but I wasn’t impressed by his acting and couldn’t even finish it. Can’t even remember the name of the drama.

      • I heard a lot of ppl like snsd.. i only know jessica (due to wild romance)n e girl who acted wit kwan san woo in cinderella man (yoona?).. their actingwas so horible… I was thinking wont their horrible acting pull down e popularity??? just my thought..

      • @Nandar: noooo… dont mention them, i wanna cry when i saw KSW with yoona and LDW with jessica.. i was like: WTH?! after they pairing with a great female lead such a LDH, KSA, CJW and suddenly had a downgrade with SNSD members?! oohhh…

  1. “SM caused the revolt and ‘suffering of JYJ’.”

    Yes -___- I would like to believe is not true, but I think they’re indeed suffering, fucking SM >______.<

  2. “With concern, they are keeping an eye on the situation. What the fans of Hallyu hope for is strong logic rather than a magnanimous and tolerant attitude to accept everything.”

    Yes damnit! Quit eyeballing the situation and start raising hell about it! This has gone on long enough!

  3. JYJ have to live their lifes, covered with scars
    *crack* my heart breaks T_T how much i wish i could share their burden, i feel useless 😥

    • @nomusicnolife Awww please don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry. I have a little saying about scars, it helps me think differently when I see mine. I, along with everyone else, can see the scar accross my neck anytime I look in the mirror or see my reflection somewhere. It’s the one scar I cannot hide from view. I look at it and say to myself, “My scar is proof that I survived.” 😉 I am more unhappy about my wrinkles! wink wink 😀 I want to take away the pain they feel, too. Hugs ~pamela

      • @pamelah1 aww ~ thank you for your words. nobody get trough life without a scar right? i used to be really broken because of someone and i went through it and moved on. i believe justice will eventually stand on JYJ’s side. dun worry bout the wrinkles haha >_< no matter what, i'll keep on supporting them even if i have to leave some scars on myself 🙂 *hugs*

  4. Kisses for the writer of this article…

    Yes, SM is strong and powerful… They may give everything they can to make sure JYJ fail at the end… However, I’m sure in their deepest mind, SM knows that no one in their agency can do better than JYJ… I’m not saying their groups are bad or something… but let’s be objective for once…

    As individuals, the three of them are amazing. They have raw talent. They do everything by heart. They were born handsome. they are genuinely nice person. They posses unique charm.
    Combined. JYJ are formidable.

    So, SM… do whatever you can… but, I will make sure I would buy every single thing that is endorsed by JYJ, hell I would buy anything with JYJ faces printed on it… I would vote every single voting that involves JYJ… I would send them tweets of encouragements, love videos, comments on facebook… I’m going to make sure every single one of my friend like at least one of JYJ song (and actually quite successful in this)… I would do anything in my power to make sure they don’t stop singing, so that they can do everything they wanna do… So that they would still feel loved and happy… 🙂

    Btw, SM works are kinda declining these days… Their new boyband is boring (sorry for the fans)… -_-

      • It’s a combo group known as EXO-K and EXO-M. They have the same number of members and sing the same songs. The differences: K=Korea, and M=China (mandarin) This is how they are being promoted. I personally have not heard either group sing, so I don’t know how good or bad they are. I think the running assumption is, they are so suppose to be the next greatest thing since sliced bread. The SME push may be to promote these two entities like crazy, which does not bode well for TVXQ, SuJu, or Shinee.

      • Yup .. so where would these old groups fit in if sme are upping the hype on this new group? Before they get a real grip on what’s happening, a lot of time has passed them by and they’ll just be wondering what the hell they did with their lives under the mediocre management of sme.

        Thank God JYJ are already out of sme!

      • @Butterflies…: honestly I have heard a quality voice of some EXO personnel, compare to another rookie group, they look more promising. one thing I regret to them is they join with SM, if they join a cube Ent with beast, I think they would look like “human” , idk everytime I look at them is like a mannequin made by SME..

      • @putrihs

        Since I don’t have any interest in what SM puts out or shoves down people’s throats, I tend to miss what is happening. But even if they do have talent, since SM is stuck in the same mode of giving their artists material that’s not worth much, the likelihood they are going to blow up the planet is minimal. It’s unfortunate, but the artists under SM are not going to really do much. I suspect the rosters under YG and JYP are going to make a mark before any of SM’s acts.

    • @W-W
      Ditto ^^ most of your comment above 🙂
      On this part— SM is strong and powerful…— hmm… not so
      To me, SM is weak, insecurity and corrupted.
      It’s not worth to represent the South Korea country’s culture; it’s actually bringing shame to their young generation. Imagine, SM is trying to provide sex toys in many forms such as: YJ shippers, dancing puppets, and 9 Viagra pills for older men.

    • Totally agree. Can I also add that JYJ has foresight and the acceptance that they won’t be “boy bands” forever. They decided to take control of their destiny. The reality of sme totally crushing them and not being able to perform at all was too big, but they took that risk and they made it. Looks to me that sme is trying very hard to recreate the tvxq5 experience with new boy bands. Am not really optimistic about this. New-comers in an industry where boy/girl bands are ten-a-dime, I doubt they have anything we have not seen before. I just hope that these kids will not fall prey on sme’s greedy hands.

    • I don’t know if yr talking about ‘XxxoxX’, but i watched the video on YT and they sound suspiciously like a particular ‘DUO’ of SMs; all you’d need to do is switch out the audio onto the 2 and no one would know the diff.

  5. honestly–i didn’t mean to bashing but I think SM’s artists are not that amazing. i never liked any of them (except TVXQ) because i think, why they didn’t change their management? did they afraid of being poor?
    in my opinion, JYJ is the most amazing artists..

  6. “Frankly, which broadcasting company will reject top stars like JYJ?”

    THIS. How come TOP STARS like JYJ get rejected from broadcasting companies? something obviously wrong and obviously we all knew who behind all of this.

    Korean govt, korean media or PRESIDENT please TALK LESS DO MORE! Do something about this! Grrrr…..!

  7. after dbsk breakups.. after hangeng leave suju.. i stop listening all music of sm’s artists.. right now, i just listening JYJ, others boyband/girlfriend give me headache

  8. something I wanna laugh at is ::: HAHA SM YOU A HOLE ! EVEN THOUGH YOU TRY TO STOP MY(OUR) JYJ BOYS FROM PERFORMING ON TV AND ANY OTHER THINGS TO DO IN KOREA.. JYJ is doing so much better without your help.. last year they made more than a million copies and and wait ,, they probably earned more then they did when the 3hree of the boys were still under your control but sadly I just gotta break it down to you .. JYJ performed in the US before you oh and also europe 😉 Oh and also I really wanna rub this into SM`s face THEY WILL BE THE FIRST KOREAN SINGERS TO EVER PERFORM IN SOUTH AMERICA !!! XD XD XD

    • AMEN!!! i really looooove the fact that our boys are the first one korean artist to actually do a WORLD TOUR; and no fucking sm town whatever….SOLO CONCERTS. Asia, Europe, North& South America….U MAD SM??? XDDD i have always said this: in the end JYJ is more powerfull than any agency, SM block them bcause they are afraid of JYJ’s power…..how pathetic is that….biggest agency in Korea, my ass….

      • don’t forgot middle east too they will come to us one day cos they have a millions of arab fans sis / pro so yes jyj are a big star more than what sm or any one can imagein that so sm you are still fucking loser

  9. you can feel win now but you never knew what happen in the future so SM do what ever that you can do because when the time has come, you are gonna get more hurtful experience than which JYJ have now and in that time no one can help you even with your money also your cronies…..all of those gonna be meaningless/useless….so prepare yourself SM

  10. “Frankly, which broadcasting company will reject top stars like JYJ? Many netizens and people related to broadcasting believe that SM caused the revolt and ‘suffering of JYJ’. With concern, they are keeping an eye on the situation. What the fans of Hallyu hope for is strong logic rather than a magnanimous and tolerant attitude to accept everything.”

    That sums up everything…

  11. SM are a crap
    I think it even won the trial JYJ will remain banned
    because sm is the boss in Korea
    I feel angry
    But I know that I will always defend JYJ
    But never will support the kpop

  12. From Dubai, Qatar, AbuDabi where one rich person own not 200 but 2000 car collections and cars garages look like museums to some parts of Africa where SME music and Korean Hally u stars has never penetrated JYJ has a good shut. The bad treatment at home will make and generate a good karma overseas for this young talented sweet souls. SM SUCKS
    SM wants JYJ back? sorry you cannot have them forward ever backward never.

  13. SM need to be hurt where it will hurt them the most their pockets. I do not understand why people who can want just boycott SM. Stop buying their artist music and they will feel it for sure. Just like that movie theatre if I lived in Korea I would stop going to that paticular movie theatre. I am sure there are other ones people can go to. I will never spend one penny of my money on any of SM artists. I have nothing personal against any of the artist but I could never support SM(Devil)!!!

  14. I’m not bashing any SM’s singers but I think they’re not raw talent like JYJ. They got everything like success, popular now because they’ve a big (greedy $ machine) promoter, but not because of their true talent
    I say so because (sorry for out of topic) after accidently watching SNSD video debut show on Kelly & LMan, I feel they’re really akward and not confident comparing to other shows even they’re pro singers and perform countless shows. The important point I wanna say is if you’re a pro and true talented singer, you’d never show your nervous side. For this point, I never see in JYJ’s performance. JYJ maybe a little shy or quite when they’ve an interview (because of language) but I never see them nervous or shy or showing tired on their faces when they perform because they’re true talented singers. They always show 200% efforts in their show, not being nervous at all, just showing how true talent and professional attitude they’re with their amazing live singing (Most of you can understand what I mean when watching their live concert). Now, this ability rarely see in boy or girl groups. From a small (manga salon in Spain) or big show (japan concert) JYJ always makes you feel that you never regret after watching their shows, if it’s, only the feeling of happiness and desire of seeing them again.
    It’s kind of funny when I remember something about their concert. My mom (she doesn’t not really like it first) I watched their concert in NJ. But After seeing them live, my mom always says how perfect they’re and now she always compared to other singers and says why they’re not as well as JYJ. And now she says she can understand why I love them so much especially my Chunnie. And she usually tells me that I’ll never get a boy for you if you’re always YCnie ! Kkkkkkk

  15. Oh, the wonder of illusion. Yes, SME does a lot of huffing and puffing, using their artist roster as leverage. But to what end? At some point this is not going to work anymore. Right now, SME is rolling along on fumes. Financially, they are not as strong as they used to be. Yes, they do still make money, but that money well is not as deep as it used to be. The reason? Three young men who now are FREE to be who they want to be.

    So, the smoke and mirrors, the fumes that make up what SME is all about will eventually evaporate. If there is any justice in the world, there will be a change in the political climate in SK come this fall, and the progressives will wield more power than they do right now. If that should happen, then the days of SM being top dog will begin to lessen.

    But one thing is for sure…in the United States…SM, who? Not that big a deal, believe me.

    • Since am new into the kpop thingy due to my love for JYJ, I’ve often wondered what’s the thing with the sm town type of concerts. With the recent europe concert and the upcoming south america concerts, I cannot be more proud of JYJ for doing solo concerts. Concerts not intended to widen JYJ’s audience but simply to thank the fans who have supported them all these times.

      While sme, with all the hype that comes out of their paid media people, I cannot find any essence on their woodstock type of concert. Does this mean that no sm artist have enough powers to hold a solo concert overseas or sme does not give their artists the opportunity to hold solo concerts (perhaps, financial risks are too high)? It would seem that these type of events are aimed at promoting all their artists a little at a time just to balance out the expenses for overseas events. It’s only now that I realize that news on the supposed “success” of these overseas concerts are just exaggerated. So I guess am just wondering how these things reflect on their artists. What their artists feel about this? I think that most of sme’s efforts are so calculated to make sure they get to earn more than they spend. It’s so different from the way that cjes-JYJ handles things. The freedom must be all too sweet for JYJ. And while sme is making it sound that they are well known worldwide, JYJ has been very humble with their world-wide recognition. Not rushing things but are happy to be doing things one step at a time.

      • Teya

        With LSM’s distorted vision of what SM is capable of, the one factor he keeps forgetting, kpop is a ‘niche’ market. It is not mainstream. Yes, more and more people are hearing about it, but that is as far as it goes. ‘Niche’ markets need a few important elements to make it to the mainstream. For the forseeable future kpop has to rely on non-Asians outside of Asia to bulk up their audiences. When one is going for a target audience outside of one’s on culture, please try and understand that audience.

        I don’t think the kpop companies have thought this through well enough. It is not impossible to get a foothold. Latin music is worldwide. But the edge Latin music has, larger demograhics worldwide and a large music offering. Their people groups also intermingle with other cultures. They don’t try and pass off just one genre. SK is trying to rely on one genre to make a difference. This is way shortsighted.

        Where I live there is a relatively sizeable Korean population in the region. But because we also have a culture centered environment, people are accepting of music that is not necessarity pop oriented. Therefore, traditional music from various diverse cultures is always appreciated. If you add pop music to the mix, it won’t seem so out of place. But trying to make a name for just one genre is rather lame. There are festivals of all kinds during the year, especially during the warmer spring to fall months. Exposure in those kinds of environments would work a lot better.

        But since I don’t expect dear old ‘daddy’ to change direction anytime soon, I’m not looking for them to have the kind of success they want. That fiasco of SNSD on DL is a prime example.

  16. As the law suit dragged so long by SM and SK’s court system,more people reliaze how bad SM is.SM thinks JYJ would be buried by now,but haha not in million years,JYJ will be alive because of this battle.So go F youself SM.

  17. I honestly don’t see the appeal in the other SM groups. I think the only group that i did like and still do, that came from sm was Shinhwa, but they were smart to leave the company… All thats left for me to say is
    JYJ FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 We, your fans got your back. Anyone who messes with JYJ, messes with the entire JYJ Family

  18. Again they keep on saying the facts but still no one with high power stops it…
    I guarantee you, if people will not buy and support SM to stop their wrong doings, SM will stop and leave JYJ alone… but no one is going to do that because well no one cares. Sad reality but true, I cant wait to the day JYJ beats SM in the lawsuit and SM looses all their money and no more SM.

  19. I feel that the more SM has messed with JYJ it has only made JYJ more popular. Do not get me wrong I do not wish that they have to deal with the BS SM does. However, ironically SM are actually helping them to become more popular because people are seeing that they are the devil. Which is making more people turn around and support JYJ. The more popular JYJ becomes the more successful, financial, and goals they are able to complete.

  20. I`ve posted this link to a group with romanian fans of TV5Q ( where I was added by a friend and staid there b/c of my sympathy, but I`m seriously think to leave) and one member commented like that: “This is from JYJ3.There`s everything it`s exaggerated”. After writing and deleting some rude comments, I`ve only asked her what does she think is the reason of JYJ being blocked in SK and Japan. Now I`m waiting her answer. But how can she be a fan when she support SM?

    Truly, like a friend said today to me, JYJ3 is like heaven for JYJ fans.

  21. its kinda funny to see how the “biggest agency in SK” its that afraid of 3 young men…i mean, srsly, the only reason why SM blocks JYJ is bcause they are afraid of their talent, sucess & fanbase. How pathetic…..
    I think that at the end JYJ’ talents speaks for itself.s…their music, charisma and personalities are enough to make people fall in love with them….so keep trying SM, u never gonna stop them!!!

  22. SM – ‘boastful about its system being the most systematic’
    ‘systematic’ my ass…i would say, ‘cold-blooded, corrupt, evil, anti-humanistic’

    IMO, JYJ did not juz leave cos they were exploited. Being employees, they must hv seen how dirty SM was n refused to b part of such a ‘system’ any longer. I think Pierrot’s lyrics say sthg abt ‘dirtying my mind..take ur hands away’. Perhaps they knew that award shows n charts were rigged n dat SM was pushing others ard to ensure DBSK’s success. Even sthg ‘minor’ like hving to follow a script during concert talk time n hving to pretend to laugh or whatever – dat wld suck big time for any honest person.

    • I remember Micky during any silly variety shows be it in Korea or Japan smiling but his facial expressions seems fake then.. It is as if he’s face saying “What the fcuk is this….”

  23. This explains why sm is pushing their artist into the drama market to get more influence.

    And also makes sense of what they did in japan… Homin in Avex, Snsd and shinee in other separate companies… This will give sm influence in japan

    • Thank God SM’s “idols turned actors” are awful and are major flops in dramas or else they would be able to influence the drama departments too. That would be scary…

  24. We knew about this like 2 years ago?!!!
    And oh~ the lawsuit also drags about 2 years already…
    What I think is, it’s not only the K-entertainment scene that’s @$*£#*|£], people up there in politics are somewhat as @&&@¥<*€~ too!
    LSM has influences in many areas and I would be surprised if Korea regards SM as the biggest entertainment company that they do try to 'help' him one way or another.
    Sad, but true.

    • Sm is such a huge company and I believe it has shareholders from all sectors, from CEOs, directors/managers, high ranking officials from different offices.Of course those shareholders are always ready to help protect SM’s image/reputation or else the value of their stocks will go down, self interest first. JYJ tarnished SM’s image, the lawsuit is a big blow against the company and all those big time shareholders (those KEPA/kfcpai,broadcasting executives) joined hands to punish JYJ and be sure no one follows the same act. LSM is a rich businessman, and some, whether or not they like LSM, they want to have connections with him, so LSM can always ask favors/request/demand even with just a phone call. That’s how scary for anyone who dare to go against him. JYJ dared it, endured the consequences and are still enduring, hopefully JYJ will never get tired and continues to hold on, because I believe the time will come when LSM’s influence can no longer hurt them.

      • I read somewhere that e govt pension fund/investment company is a significant shareholder of SM. That would explain a lot of things. As many hv said, JYJ’s situation is juz a symptom of e deeper political n economic probs, e corruption n cronyism in SK

      • O.O
        It’s O.O…Well, the gov should invest in sth that is stable and not in sth as volatile as an entertainment company, although there are risks in other business but invest in an entertainment business? O.O

      • @coffe craze

        It’s not so much that it’s bad to invest in entertainment companies…heck Disney has pension funds that invest in their stock. But what we’re talking about here are viable, REPUTABLE companies. Somehow, I don’t think SME can compare favorably say, to a company like Disney. The caveat I would suggest is that because the SK entertainment system is so screwed up, THAT system is not a healthy one for investment of groups like pension funds.

  25. I’ll say again, if the people in the Korean entertainment industry can’t or won’t see anything wrong with what SM is doing, then it’s going to be ‘Ho Hum’, What wrongdoing?’ JYJ isn’t just in this for themselves; when things started getting too bad, they could have just dropped the lawsuit and given in, but they’re not giving up because they know others are coming behind them. And what could they say to the future singers, dancers and songwriters when asked: Why didn’t you warn us? you knew what was going on!

    No! I believe other young artists along with JYJ will step up to take back the entertainment industry and clear out those with ‘dirty hands’! JYJ and others have shown us how much courage, honor and integrity that exists in the Korean ent. industry. I can only hope and pray that they will not be let down and that others will join them on their journey. JYJ Fighting!!!

  26. this is a bunch of BS! they better not block JYJ from dramas or i swear to all that is holy…. I AM SERIOUSLY GOING TO BOMB THEIR DAMN BUILDING!!! ugh!! this is seriously pissing me off. they are nothing but a bunch of bullies!!! and their new boyband is nothing but a piece of crap. YES I SAID IT. A PIECE OF CRAP AND I AM NOT SORRY I SAID IT! i’m not being biased just because i hate SM because i love suju and homin too but I HATE what they are doing to them! so you know what SM- i am not even entirely impressed with SNSD. they can’t act for shit. sorry. so…. SM GET A LIFE!! or better yet… END IT! ugh im so mad…

  27. wow calm down @eccho dear..*fans you* 🙂
    yes i’ve advertised for peeps who have terrorist friends to wreak some havoc on their building..haha
    somehow, truth will prevail guys.
    lets have utmost patience *forms prayer circle*~OHMMM~
    LSM is a shrewd businessman who thinks he’s the bomb and owns everyone’s ass..therefore he abuses his power and is reeks filthy arrogance out of his pores.
    but our boys, no..our ANGELs..have nothing but goodness in their hearts..
    i’m glad we are using legal means (petition) to fight against the bad guys.
    even if our efforts might not lead to a quick fruition..give it time.
    the saying goes: don’t get mad, GET EVEN.

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