[VIDEO] 120202 TV News – JYJ appointed as Honorary Ambassador of “2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit”


Credit: PreciousJYJ
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35 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120202 TV News – JYJ appointed as Honorary Ambassador of “2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit”

    • I’m sorry. You sound hilarious! I was lol from your last post, then I saw this and I couldn’t help myself, ROFL. It’s suppose to be sad, but the way you say it makes it funny.

      • @ LoveUnchanged

        It’s all about sadness, unhappiness and rage for today, or ever since that stupid nuclear blah blah blah came to surface. If I can do anything good by crying, cursing or even killing the moronic idiots virtually, I would have been more than happy to do so.

        I am a realist. Perhaps that is why I pulled myself quicker than others. I still feel a pang inside, everytime I see JJ’s forced smiles, Junsu’s no expression face or Chunnie’s angry look, and I curse the idiots every single photo I see…but nothing good will come from wallowing and burying myself in sadness and anger.

        So….what shall we do next?
        All my frying pans have been overused. Same with my brooms. And all that used to be pointy are dull now.
        I have tried to contact an assassin, wanted to be one myself but denied due to lack of experiences and national incident that might occur later…..*sigh*

      • Your comment make myself giggles while i have the same feeling with you since “The Day” haven’t been successfully appear in Silver Screen cinemas.

        I know our boys hopes vanish like hot instant noodle.

        If anything i could help the boys, I’m willing to.

        Oh, I forgot that we can express our feeling to CGV by doing this petition here is the tutorial:

      • See what I mean. Everything you say today ends up being funny, even though their serious stuff.
        I don’t wallow either. I mean I use to wallow in missery and depression everytime the boys get hit hard from behind without notice. But then I realise that when I wallow, everything in my life get affected, negatively, for days. And it never helped anybody. Not the boys and definitely not me. So this days, when the “shameless” come-a-calling, I just summon them to God and try my hardest to push out the sadness within instead of dwelling on it. It works like a charm; and I’m ready to take on new challenges after a day.

      • @ raffz85

        Thanks for the links. It almost killed me once. I looked again and again, and then they let me pass. But I failed to comment. I sometimes think life is so unfair. That time was included.

        @ loveUnchanged

        Sometimes I let my sad feeling exposed too. I believe in “Share your happiness, but less of your sad moments”
        I was so keen in No sad moments but failed each time. Less is better…^___^

      • That is the effect of not able to do something to lessen my boys’ feeling…..

        Now you make me sad……………..*sobs*

      • @ nomusicnolife

        Ohhh….join the weirdos club then….we smile when we are sad. We show our smiling face to lessen our boys’ sadness and to cheer their spirits up….^__~

  1. YC is changing to be manly handsome man from cutie pie~~~ Why do i think he is so handsome… Usually i think he is a cute or HOT or sexy or rocker guy… I never see him as a mature manly handsome man… But nowadays whenever i see him, i was like “OMG, so manly, so mature, so handsome” .. Something wrong with me?? 😦

    • Our unhappy JYJ. Let’s pack our stuff now and travel to SK!
      We can bring anything pointy to stab the moronic idiots there.
      I can hug and kiss JJ as his consolation. I will pull Junsu close too. Need to tell him the world is not South Korea only.
      You can do whatever you want with Chunnie….after you let me kiss away his sadness and rage…..(this might take some hot wet kisses)…LOL

  2. Jeajoong, Yoochun and Junsu do not any more Accolades. All they need is vindications, Equal Rights and Justice for once in their lives.

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