[VIDEO + TRANS] JYJ’s Greetings to Chile and Peru for the upcoming 2012 South America Tour


English subbed message

Credit: ycantyouletitgo

Spanish subbed message


JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ

JJ: Finally we will give a concert in Latin America *cheers*

JJ: We’ve never been to Latin America before

YC: No~

JS: I was there once

JJ and YC: Ahh that’s right, you were once in Brazil

JS: Yes, I was in Brazil. But for me this will be the first time going to Chile and Peru

JJ: The dates of our concerts will be in Septemb….*laughs* on March 9th for Santiago, Chile and on March 11th for Lima, Peru

JJ: We hope for your welcome in our tour. We are going to prepare a lot for a good concert. And we hope to see you soon. Please wait for Us. 

JYJ: We are JYJ. Thanks!

Credit: Noizu Producciones via JYJPeruLovers
Translated and Shared By: JYJ3


37 thoughts on “[VIDEO + TRANS] JYJ’s Greetings to Chile and Peru for the upcoming 2012 South America Tour

  1. CONGRATULATION Chile and Peru …

    OMG, you got it guys.. Please make each concert memorable and please share the moments with us who can’t be there to watch JYJ. But, we never give up to have a hope that one day, WE, JYJ Indonesian fans will be able to come to their concert, maybe in nearby country.. JYJ Fighting!! Chile and Peru Fighting!!…

  2. oooh! they did this video clip during the Nuclear Security Summit…I guess..(cos’ of their outfit). Poor YC…he must hv been feeling quite unwell. Yoochun ah…take care of your health! With the drama filming starting soon and the SA tour coming up…hope tat you will recover soon! JYJ Fighting!!! Kim Jaejoong…fighting!! Kim Junsu…fighting!! Park Yoochun…fighting!!

  3. Looks like they have a schedule concert this coming september. Jae probably give us a hint.. where could it be??? Praying praying praying ^_^

  4. September? It’s so long. I want it will happen sooner, cant wait ^^ Save up my money to buy new album and ticket ~ Maybe jyj will come to my country!! ~

    Chunie is not in a good health? Oh, baby please recover! T.T Can I send him some good drug like vitamin or nutri food…?

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