120203 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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208 thoughts on “120203 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

  1. hey hey, just wanted to say Happy Friday… and that I’m having to cut down a bit on JYJ3 (in case you haven’t noticed LOL!) got a lot of stuff going on at the moment, and just don’t have time right now to read oodles of emails LOL!

    Love ya!

    • @ springbok7

      Happy Friday to you to…wish u the best Friday ever!

      I actually noticed that. You seemed to let my replies to you a bit lonely on some posts…

      Love u too…

      • it’s just been a bit too much things pulling on me lately. keeping up with JYJ3, and my homeworks, and houseworks, and the doggie classes, AND getting told off today at work that “your supervisors are not that happy with your productivity lately”, when I thought I was doing pretty well, kinda just made me think i have to give up ~something~. sigh. i’ll still try to check in, just won’t be commenting too much is all.

      • Ooo….that’s awful! I hope you will not hear that “your supervisors are not that happy with your productivity lately” comment ever again.

        I am also lacking at work lately. I know it is my fault. I am always so distracted by JYJ or JYJ3, I really need to do something to.

        I think we can both try to work faster in everything, double the effort and speed.

      • lol my problem is that it isn’t possible to “work faster”, when you’re troubleshooting computer stuff, it takes as long as it’s going to take lol, there’s no short cut or rushing. I just need to keep my mind on the “important” stuff and not get distracted by coworkers and other “stuff” (>.> side-eying jyj3 atm lol!). wae wae can’t we just be born rich and not have to worry about annoying pesky things like jobs? ~sob~ (though actually i really like my job lol)

      • @ springbok7

        Sis, you lost me at troubleshooting computer stuff. So I will say yes to that.

        I also wish I were born as a Saudian princess. Then I change it to be born as JJ’s future wife. I can not determine what I should be since JJ has change his preferences. LOL.

        I already miss reading my books. I haven’t read anything properly since 2 months ago, since I was all into this website..

        Any solution? Cloning?

      • “Any solution? Cloning?”

        HAHAHA that make just more problem: two women fighting over the computer instead of just one HAHAHAH!

      • thanks, sis, i appreciate that. i dunno how long i’ll have to stay in stalker mode. just… sigh, too much things all at once and that lecture today really put me down in the dumps.

    • @springbok7
      Hey my dear friend!
      I can totally understand that “real life” has priority and that you have to choose what to give up. You can turn into a lurker for now but don’t you dare desert your JYJ3 family for too much time!!
      I’m going to miss you so bad, Miranda! (T_T)/


    another one~ a heplful tip: wen my mom makes this she goes to an indian store and buys the butter chiken mixture its easier and the instructions r on the bak of the paper…also the lady seperates the tomatoes from the onions and garlic u dont hav to do that, usualy to make any indian food you hav to hav the right spices. ill tell you on the next GAPP how to make basic curry 🙂 hope u find this useful, by the way u like the title “Indian Food Corner” i think it suits it well~

    • wow looks good! Hey, do you know recipes for nice and spicy lentil curry? I tried to make it on sunday. it was a disaster. I soaked the lentils for 24 hours… and must have boiled them for 3 hours… and half of them were still hard as little rocks when my hubby laughed at me and pitched the whole shebang in the rubbish 😦

      • haha dont take offense your not suppose to soak them for 24 hrs just boil them until they turn soft, wen my mom makes daal it takes a while for it to be done n adding carrots make it tasteier

      • well the recipe said to soak overnight… but perhaps the lentils are just really old lol! they were green ones, not the red ones… thanks for the vid. I’ve grabbed it and will watch when i’m done with my homeworks.

    • i think dolta asked this…yes i love amir khan, i think he is supper sexy, 3 Idiots is such a good movie i recoomend it to anyone and yes the last song i posted Chamak Chalo was sung by Akon, but the one in the mv is sharuk khan Akon’s hindi is pretty good huh

      love this movie and song please watch it if u hav the time…the movie made me cryT__T its so great
      sorry that this is not about JYJ please dont be angry…just tell me n i wont do it anymore…..

    • Pyara,

      Thank you so much for the butter chicken video. I love butter chicken and was looking for a recipe so that I could try and make it at home.
      By the way what does GAPP stand for?

      P.S. Does anyone know how I can stop getting notifications of comments/posts via e-mail, it’s filling up my inbox lol XD

      • @Shadow

        ¡J2, sweetie! You hit the nail hard babe; I’m absolutely sure LSM agenda and daily meetings are as you described indeed. LSM’ mind and life is full of JYJ this and JYJ that and why does JYJ is so…….. If you think about it, somehow it looks like a curse to LSM, only thinking about their whereabouts all the time 😉


        Thanks for posting this my sister. Somehow, I’d missed it 😉

    • honestly i think it could be true o_o …seems that they dont have a life, seems that they live to try to make JYJ miserable, but the funny thing is that is not working LOL JYJ forever at the top…U MAD LSM?

      • @Shadow
        Your story is so creative and so true!
        But can I add something?
        CEO nr. 7 (from copycat department):”JYJ went to New York and held a showcase for free”
        LSM: “Then we’ll ship there SMTown to hold a free concert! Let me phone to K** to see if all business travel costs are chargeable to them”
        CEO nr. 7: “JYJ went in Barcelona”.
        LSM “We’ll send SHINee there for a photo book session.”
        CEO nr. 7: “JYJ held successful concerts in USA”.
        LSM “We’ll send SNSD and we’ll broadcast them on TV!!! But… Why it’s always up to me to find all kind of dirty solutions? Can’t you and your team cudgel your stupid brains and come here with more evil answers?!?!!”

      • @Ellis

        My dear, yes, that’s the true, no doubt about it. Unfortunately for LSM, he seems to know nothing about the western cultures, minds and tastes. You know, not everything comes to dolly girls half dressed nor to gorgeous boys dancing like sipinning toys; well, maybe if your target are only the teenagers but he’s condemned to be defeated if he wants to conquer the western mature and thinking people as well.

  3. Admins, it seem that u guys really busy now and doesn’t noticed my message on previous GAPP
    it’s okay though, i just wanna ask more about the obstacles that our boys have since their debut also the list of our boys achievement,anything that they have now…..i has been think about these since last night which makes me can’t sleep for a while…….’why this happen again and again to JYJ ?”, ‘why there are always be JYJ who must endure all of these matter ?’, ‘why God give such trial/temptation like that to our boys ?, ‘why every time our boys already found a way to move on, those doors get closed again and again ?’, ‘what the meaning of all of these situation ?’. Those question always echoes in my head till i get some migraine…it’s really disturb me…i am really sad and angry every time i remember about everything that those people done to our boys

    but after i relax myself and that time i remember there a book that i ever read, ‘in every obstacles/problem that you have there are already an answer/ solution the one thing that u have to do is search the way to get that answer/solution also keep belief to the God’ also “if you think that God give an unfair treatment to you, please don’t be because God give you so many obstacles not because hated you but otherwise, God really love you, God knew everything and if God decide that those place/people can’t give advantage to you anymore then God gonna close that doors and for the exchange of that door, God gonna give another door which full with so many benefit for you’, if i related all of those with our boys situation, i must not be so sad and angry indeed i must felt grateful.

    -during lawsuit 2009, our boys come to Japan and work together with AVEX and through AVEX, our boys introduced to C-jes, during that time our boys started their activities again and finally they can held a thanksgiving concert. after that AVEX suspend every our boys activities because our boys refuse to fulfill their request. In that time Avex role for the boys already finish because i think they roles only for bridge between our boys with C-jes, God close Avex doors but then opened another door

    – because our boys activities being suspend by Avex, then our boys choose to move on to USA, in here our boys get chance to collaborate with Kanye west, Malik Yusef, and many more for makes their album ‘the beginning’ and there are not only make a step to the international world but also gain new fans from their album, also in the same time prove to the other side that JYJ has reborn to the new transform. the doors still opened

    – back to Korea, our boys get so many cancellation from every media also their international album get banned (please correct me if i mistaken), the door still closed but then no one realize there are still 1 or 2 door that open for our boys especially for chunnie which bring another chance and very rare through SKKS drama, once again our boys can sing for the first but also the last time in the stage also Su who get another door to the new world, the world which bring another happiness and courage for him, the musical world, through Mozart he get his confident and smile back also his talent get recognize to Korean people as musical actor and for Jae, he get another opportunity which a rare and also not less than his brothers, he get a door to a director world which also get recognize by Korean people

    actually i wanna write everything that i remember but i must stop it for a while, i am gonna continued it later after these hard raining and thunders stop

    for all of my families in here, if u guys wanna help me to add more information about anything that happen to our boys during 2011 please do that and i’m sorry for give a long post to u guys (bow)

      • actually it’s not finish yet ^_________^
        i’m gonna add more now

        – corrected : before JYJ activities get suspended by Avex on September 2010, they realeased extended play The…,(september 2010) which debuted at number one on Japan’s Oricon album charts, AVEX role has finish in that time

        – after that the boys proceeded to release The Beginning which each of member shown again their talent for compose song and they get a chance to promote the album via a showcase throughout October and November with dates in South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States.With these, the boys already put their first step on international world music.

        – for Jaejoong, during september 2010 (before get suspend) he got a chance to act in Fuji TV’s Japanese television drama Sunao ni Narenakute (Hard To Say I Love You / 素直になれなくて) together with Keita and Ueno Juri, he became the first Korean artist who act in Jdrama (please correct me again if i got mistake) and he got Best Supporting Actor for Spring season from The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, in the same year he also get a chance to be act in Ayumi Hamasaki PV,’blossom’ ( usually Ayumi always act in her own PV but it’s the only one PV that she doesn’t appear at all in her own PV for exchange Jae get that chance).After this, the door get closed

        – through SKKS, Yoochun got 3 awards on 2010 (Best New Actor, Netizens Award, and Best Couple Award (with Park Min Young) from KBS drama award, and 4 awards more on 2011 ( Best New Actor, Popularity Award – Male from 47th Paeksang Arts Award also Asia Popularity Award and Outstanding Korean Drama Category – Best Actor from Seoul International Drama Awards ) because of these there are so many drama offers for him and from here another door has been open and it was CF world

        -through Mozart, Junsu got 5 awards on 2010 (Best New Actor, Popular Star Award from 4th The Musical Awards and Best New Actor, Popular Star Award from 16th Korea Musical Awards also Ticket Power Award for Musical Actor Category from Golden Ticket Power Award), because of these Junsu get new name as Xiahzart. He also get a chance to collaborate with Hungarian composer Sylvester Levay for a concert called “Kim Junsu Musical Concert, Levay with Friends”. It was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul from the 7th until the 10th for a total of 4 days which also have a special guest from Well-known German, musical actor Uwe Kröger. These musical world door still opened for him.

        – On January 25, 2011, JYJ released Korean extended play Their Rooms “Our Story” which contains not only songs written by members of JYJ, but also essays that were personally written by the three members and a photo diary which holds their everyday lives.Despite the majority of sales being counted in the books rather than CD category, the album sold well enough to chart on Hanteo and these essay was ranked #1 in the Comprehensive Bestseller List immediately following its release.

        – In the spring of 2011, JYJ launched their first Worldwide Tour as a group with concerts held in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Canada, and the United States. In addition, JYJ held two rounds of a special charity concert in Tokyo to benefit those affected by the Tōhoku Earthquake. They also held two special encore concert performances in South Korea: one in Busan and the other in Gwangju. For the Asian leg of JYJ’s 2011 Worldwide Tour, Jaejoong served as Executive Director and with thiese, a new door for Jaejoong already open

        well this is for now, hope u guys really done mind if i post these again in the next day, i still try to remember their obstacles during that time and till now so that’s why there are so many lacks in here and there

      • @miaw

        Thank you. It pays for us to keep vigilant and remember from time to time all the hurdles the guys have had to overcome. Their successes speak volumes about the creativity, drive and amibition they possess! JYJ FIGHTING!

      • @miaw you’re doing just fine; and there will certainly be many more doors open for JYJ; I’m certain of that! Faith, Trust, JYJ !!! 😀

      • Hi @miaw,
        Thanks for this account. How about keeping a regular journal of all JYJ events and stories—all the ups and downs, trials and victories…you did a good job with this 🙂
        Hi everyone, it’s been so long since my last visit to JYJ3, work kept me so busy. I missed all of you! I’ve to read back all the entries from this page today to 2011….geez!
        Hope you are all doing well..i’ll start reading backwards now…
        So long, happy Sunday morning!

    • @Miaw

      Thank you dear Miaw… What you wrote was very inspiring and it helped me a lot. I have been very sad these couple of days for this situation that never seems to have an ending. What you wrote helped me to see the silver lining in their darkest of clouds.

      • Hi @lilibaiyu, how are you? I’ve been out for so long.
        This is nothing new with JYJ i guess. This makes our lives with them more exciting, although sometimes we still feel burdened and worried..nonetheless, we know deep within our selves that JYJ will still be victorious and will continue to choose the higher ground in every obstacle they encounter.
        Take good care…i’m making up for all my lost time with JYJ3, i’m reading all past entries i missed…
        Happy Sunday to you!

      • @JYJ1214
        ” @lilibaiyu, how are you? I’ve been out for so long.”

        Hi girlfriend, I’m good, we have missed you! Things have been jumping as usual around here. JYJ have been making strides forward and SM has been continuing to do their suppressing activities when at all possible. Still, we hope, we agitate for change, we sign petitions and we try to get the word out on what is really going on here as far and widely as we can. Every day, there are still people who arrive at JYJ3 not knowing ANYTHING about what has been happening. Only today I read someone who posted something like, “CM & YH said some hurtful things about JYJ?? What?” **sigh** Where do we start?? It’s a roller-coaster ride, as you already know. But it’s great to have you back and posting again.

  4. hola dear chingus!^^
    couldnt resist junsu’s hip thrusts lol.
    Miranda,i feel you.
    keeping updated with jyj3 sometimes is near impossible with day-to-day issues to deal with.
    Do you buy the lottery?
    I’ve gotten so desperate until i’ve conspired with my mom + gran in hopes of the 10million grand prize.
    Wish us luck! Hehe :p

    • I think admin was so distracted with Chunnie’s hot dance, and added one more of his and accidentally replaced JJ’ spot.

      • admin should put dancing JJ there.. Boy JJ’s dance is sooooooo exotic and intricate! Ha… I so love his weird dance.. (just finish watching x-man)

      • The last time we have JJ’s dancing (half naked), our lovely admins have probably received more than necessary insurance claims, due to lots of sudden heart attacks and fangirls being hospitalised for breathing failure and CPR….

      • oh dear! I remember that! I got a blush when I saw that yummy post and felt super guilty when someone at my back approaches me and me suddenly switching the page of my browser…

      • What was your excuse? Having fever? I laughed hysterically that day and my boss yelled out “NOT THAT KIM GUY AGAIN” LOL!

      • My boss is a male. He is pretty cool. The first moment that shocked him was looking at my wallpaper, at JJ’s so large photo. Then JJ’ screensaver. Then my mobile’s wallpaper.
        Nothing shocked him now….LOL
        Does your boss know?

      • @Jae-is-Mine (Jae&JYJ/DBSKforever)
        “I laughed hysterically that day and my boss yelled out “NOT THAT KIM GUY AGAIN” LOL!”

        Yep. It’s more-or-less always THAT KIM GUY, isn’t it?


  5. Hello~
    So this is random, but I have had this song stuck in my head for over a week. I thought I’d share it and maybe get it stuck in someone else’s head instead of mine 😉 haha

    Have a good day, everyone~

    • @ellyellyelephant
      Yaaaaiiii. (●^o^●)σ Another J-Rock fan here!
      This week I’m stucked on this song, maybe for its refrain that matches with all the drama we had in last days:

      Mou ii yo, mou ii yottara…
      Yameteyo, hottoiteyo, kamawanai de yo.
      (Enough, enough already
      Stop it, back off, just leave me alone…)

      • @Ellis

        My sis, I never knew you were a rocker girl. I am too. I love Miyavi, Versailles, Laruku, High and Mighty Color just to mention a few. Of course, Queen and U2 mustn’t be left out 😉

      • Miyavi rocks!
        I went to his concerts 2 times here in Milan. He master the stage: awesome!!!
        I like almost all sort of music, from classical to blues, from soul to visual-kei, but my heart belongs to hard-rock & punk (the real one from ’70 to ’80: Sex Pistols, Ramones, Generation X, The Clash, not the so-called punk music these days has to offer) and curiously enough (and forever) to JYJ!

      • @Ellis

        I love “visual kei” as well, for example the great “Versailles” video. Very talented young men; great music, amazing Gothic-Renaissance concept and outifits. The whole scenarium is magnificent.

      • Hi @ kris,
        kumusta ka na? Ang tagal ko nawala dito sa JYJ3. Kumusta na ang Cagayan after Sendong?
        I’m reading past entries here to keep myself updated. Seems that my Jae is owned by so many already, hahaha…but I’m still keeping my stand and guard, hahaha.
        Happy Sunday! Ingat!

  6. ¡Who is that gorgeous man in white who moves his hips in such a delicious way!!!! No other than our YUMMY and TASTY KIM JUNSU; “The duckbutt”. ¡OH MY! ¡If JYJ dare to appear in LIMA wearing their white and sinful outfits, they’ll finish me in a minute! *Drooling already on the ere thought* 😛 😛

    • @shueilove
      “If JYJ dare to appear in LIMA wearing their white and sinful outfits…”
      Did you meant this way?

      When they appeared on Barcelona stage, these 3 gorgeous angels almost gave me an heart attack!
      Tight white pants —-> pervy thoughts!

      • Yes, they looked so darn sexy in those white outfits!!!!!!! I give it up to who ever picked those outfits out!!! Also, love Empty and the choregraphy to the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @shuheilove
      dearie, I think you must prepare yourself for nosebleed/heart palpitations, since this is the last stop of world tour it is very likely they will be in the same clothes.
      oh my, this vid is sooo clear. Those silky, tight, white pants really leave NOTHING to the imagination! I’m trying so hard to look elsewhere, but I absolutely cannot tear my eyes from their lower halves. Sigh…I’m surprised at my own pervyness today 😦 it’s all Su’s fault!!

      • @Anva @Ellis @intoxicatedbyxiahtic

        My dear sisters, the air is full of JYJ erotism and beauty. I think probably I will go nuts in Lima duting the concert. I must locate a Doctor in the stadium before the concert, just in case……

      • *during


        My dear, yes, I meant like that exactly. ¡OH MY GOSH! ¡My wild imagination is killing me! Just look at those delicious hips…………. ¡KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • @intoxicated
        I love our 3 young men for their talent, but I can’t deny they’re so handsome!
        I’m am mostly a Jaeharem, but that day I definitely understood why there are so many Xiahpwas and Chunsas…
        I have to say both of them are more good-looking than any picture you can find on line!

  7. Dear Mia and JYJ3 staff: Greetings my dears. Congratulations on your brand new LOGO; it’s great. The red color make it attractive and noticeable. ¡GREAT! 🙂

  8. What JYJ3 means to me : To me JYJ3 is a place where I get accurate information regarding my Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu activities / news in one of International languages I know that is English (although my English is not good :p ) . Although this world is full of differences – language, culture, custom, tradition, character, opinion, point of view, etc – this site is a place where JYJ Family united. Some called it JYJheaven, some call it home. Because of this site’s rules, JYJ Families can come often just to chill, spazz, discuss, make friends, or be pervy! After a year, since I found this wonderful site through JYJFiles, I come to this site more often between my daily life. Call me JYJ3 addict. I tried to stop coming to this site, but alas, I always end up here ^__~
    There is a saying “To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you”, that is why I need Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu, and JYJ3 is my provider. Thank you.
    It’s not to late to say Happy 1st Anniversary and Congratulations on 20M hits, JYJ3.

    “Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be remarkable.” ~ William Shakespeare

    “The fact is that people are good, if only their fundamental wishes are satisfied, their wish for affection and security. Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior.” ~ Abraham Maslow

    • @puti.sis…well said…because English language doesn’t want to know ME much..can I borrow your words
      “There is a saying “To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you”, that is why I need Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu, and JYJ3 is my provider.” me too!!!

      keke..Thank you!!

  9. Congrats to JYJ3 on 20,000,000 hits.. Whoa..I think i’ve missed the party..
    Anyway thank for the admins for sticking up with us all this time….
    *HUGGGSSS my JYJ family here…. love u…

  10. I missed the party!! Happy 1st anniversary and congrates on 20, 000,000 hits JYJ3!!!!! I love the heck out of this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @kris
      “The Boss is off to Turkey”

      It just doesn’t seem quite fair….. looking that sexy in an airport…

      When I first heard about the trip, I imagined him and the President of SK as seat-mates in First Class, sharing salted peanuts and Johnny Walker Black Label neat scotches. You can get a lot of talking done to a captive audience on a 20+ hour flight, I thought… Basically ALL of Jaejoong’s problems could be solved before he touches down in Ankara!

      Just goes to show you, I guess, what a complete dreamer I am.

      • @ lilibaiyu

        I think the president has it canceled after some considerations were made and chose to go to Turkey on his presidential jet.
        Some wise staff members told him that no one would care about his existence if he went on with his first plan. People would greet JJ before his president. That will make it a huge scandal. We all know that the president is indeed less popular than our Jaejoong, but they surely can not make it publicly well known.

      • @Jae-is-Mine (Jae&JYJ/DBSKforever)
        “We all know that the president is indeed less popular than our Jaejoong, but they surely can not make it publicly well known.”

        Hmmmm……….. well, I guess allowances must be made for “the little people.”

  11. ahh this is a lil late but….

    ******** @-@-@-@********
    ****** @————–@******
    **** @——————-@*****
    *** @——- нαρρу ——@****
    ** @—– 20 Million ——@***
    ** @—((—Hits—/)/)—-@***
    ** @—(=’:’)-JYJ3!-(‘:’=)—@***
    ** @–(..(“)(“)..(“)(“)..)—-@***
    *** @———————-@****
    ***** @—————-@******
    ******** @-@-@-@********

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