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272 thoughts on “[FACEBOOK] 120203 JYJ Facebook Update

  1. ha ha ha love this 3 dork, jaejoong was like busy with his phone to notice what yuchun is doing. junsu look so cute. jaejoong who on the phone? why look so serious? ha ha ha

  2. Awww..it made my day! When the 3 get together is the most precious moment for me too 😀
    Look at Junsu smile, Jae expression, and YC hugging his hyung. Awww.. I love you boys <333

  3. my heart flutters everytime I see how close our young men’s are. JYJ’s way pass beyond friendship, what they have can rival any sibling love.

    I will be ending my day with a smile knowing that no matter what happens, we, JYJFamily will never let our precious angels to be alone.

    a perfect way to end the day. Goodnight my fellow JYJsisters 🙂

      • Me too ^____^
        I really love to see them always being together in whatever situation.. Supporting and loving each other more than friends.. They display the true value of friendship.. They really made my day ^____________^

  4. Chunnie is like a child, all “umma pay attention me!”; Jae’s going “umma is busy” and Su’s all “cellphones are funny, hee!”.

      • It’s not that he looks like a mother, he does have a certain mothering fussiness when he’s taking care of his peeps though. At least he does to me.

      • Even if you have decent thought of the term, you must not call Jaejoong “umma” no matter how much do you think about his “mothering” whatever. And you have failed tone it down with your ” ” thingy.

        JYJ are living separately. They took care of their own lives now. JJ does not even take care of ChunSu. JJ lives alone.

        Surely you don’t want me to call you “B….” although I tone the word down with ” “, do you?

      • I didn’t take this comment as Jaejoong looks like and is an actual mom who reproduces and owns a female reproductive organ. I took it more like Jaejoong is very nurturing and caring similar to how mom’s are which is why some people compare him to a ‘mom’. I do understand what you mean. There are definitely people (I don’t need to say it, everyone knows) who take it way too far and think he can actually reproduce. *mind boggled*

      • well, they can just say, ‘he’s a caring hyung” or maybe appa ? why do they have to call him ‘umma’ ?
        this ‘umma’ label has been attached to him since tvxq5 era when sm even giving character of family to each member, like jae is mom, yh is dad, bla bla bla, *smh, pls, that era is over

      • Yeah. Of course they can. I just don’t think there’s anything negative in saying he is similar to a mom just as long as they aren’t saying he IS a mom. Hyung, omma, or appa I think they are all similar in the fact that they are all caring and very nurturing. But I understand what you mean. Because of the past labels, saying Jaejoong is like an omma has become very negative. :/

      • Hey, it’s all a matter of behavior. I happen to have a couple of male friends who are warm and mothering and know some female friends who seem a little colder and formal, at least at first. It’s just a point of reference. I certainly don’t think Jae, nor my friends, are women or even want to be women.

    • errr hai this is first i see photo
      Junsu——>hyung,i want to see it….. 😦
      Jaejoong—–>what?, no…..don’t this is for adult (LOL you know what i mean)
      Yoochun——>everybody don’t watch it……cheers 🙂

    • Umma is actually an insult if you are referring the term for Jaejoong.

      We don’t want Admin to go on deleting your comment, but you really need to refrain yourself from doing it again.

      • Calm down, it’s only referring to the qualities (caring, nurturing etc) that Jae has and not that he is actually a mother. Those qualities are commonly associated with mothers hence it’s like a simile. Jae is caring and nurturing like a mother. It’s very similar to how some refer junsu to a dolphin. Junsu is obviously not a dolphin but he has some traits that some view as characteristic of dolphins. Plus, there is nothing wrong with referring/comparing someone to something or someone else. Don’t be to reactive =) Don’t think people mean it in a bad/negative way.

      • @Lily: I agree.

        I think one of the major reasons why a lot people get so angry over Jae being called an “omma” is because of the connotations it has to Jaejoong being a submissive stereotypical woman who can’t do anything without her significant other (which most deluded shipper fans like to label him as). This stereotypical “omma” thing was also heavily promoted as the “real” Jaejoong by SME during his time with DBSK. If that was the case then yes, I would not be very pleased about it.

      • I think fans here in general are very protective of the guys, because for the DBSK fandom, to refer to Jae as the umma also means that Yunho is the appa, therefore there is Yunjae. And the topic of Yunjae is viewed negatively in thie site, so i won’t blame fans here for reacting like this.

      • Yes, indeed; it “is because of the connotations” Words have no power w/o meaning given by humans. Humans give meaning to words based on their own experiences, filters, perceptions. The word “umma” in this case has a specific meaning that right away makes a connection to the person attributed to. The same way the word “appa” makes a direct connection to the person who is attributed to. These particular words carry a history with meaning, which can affect someone’s life. It doesn’t matter a rats’ tail that the man is caring, nurturing ( and why shouldn’t men be like this?). What matter’s the label that is tattooed on this man. Why should this man continue to carry this label just because some people find it satisfying in their minds?

      • @ Lily

        I am actually calm enough. When I am upset, I kill people with my wonderful words….LOL

        Btw….I don’t actually care if she is referring to the qualities JJ has that made her call JJ “Umma”. JJ can be anything, a sister, brother, mom, dad, gramma or grandad, he still does not deserve to be called “umma” at any occassion.
        People called him that when he was still DBSK5. The boys were much younger and probably considered the name cute or whatever. But JJ is a mature man now. Calling him “umma” even by a gold tongue brought back the memory and can be considered an insult for they don’t even live in the same house for JJ to actually treat ChunSu with his whatsoever motherhood.

        I don’t mind if people call JJ a cat (as to Junsu a dolphin). It doesn’t bear any memory in it.

      • @Lily “Jae is caring and nurturing like a mother.” – do you mean that a father is not doing the nurturing and caring too? Oh, please. *rolling eyes*

      • Umma is woman , Jae is a man. He is a young man. See the difference?
        And Jae has been call as umma since SM days, which SME who made it. Jae is umma, YH is appa, geez. So its senstive case for jyj fans. You can’t blame us since delusional OT5 make that as their reason to believe JJ is gay bla bla.
        Why we have to call him as umma when we can call him as appa or hyung? It does more fit than umma.

      • Read the comments of the above by some readers. If you are a girl maybe you like your friends to call you appa?

        “People called him that when he was still DBSK5. The boys were much younger and probably considered the name cute or whatever. But JJ is a mature man now. Calling him “umma” even by a gold tongue brought back the memory and can be considered an insult for they don’t even live in the same house for JJ to actually treat ChunSu with his whatsoever motherhood.” by @Jae-is-Mine

      • @lala, “There’s nothing about calling Jaejoong “Umma” geez people D:” – IT IS WRONG. Umma is a name for female human. Since Jaejoong is a male human, he cannot be called ‘Umma’. When it comes to bringing up the children, Umma and Appa (parents) do the same role, like caring, nurturing, educating, etc. So, to call Jaejoong “Appa” is more appropriate.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my boys ~~ this is the reason why i fall in love w u guys >< ur bond is so strong

  6. This pic is beyond adorable and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel you do not always see men show their true brotherly love for each other so openly. Seeing stuff like this just warms my heart so much and put a big smile on my face! I wish them nothing but love, happiness, and friendship for the rest of their lives!

  7. no words can describe how am feeling rite now:) their togetherness make me envy of what they have; pure and honest; none fake gestures, who can deny their close bonding, love them:)

    • True!!!!! ^____^ i wish for theor happiness until the end.. Stay strong and always be together ok? I will be very very happy if homin can leave the ** SM and reunite with jyj.. I bet it will be the greatest news of us esp me ^____^

    • I love them together or separately. I don’t know how many times i’ve said that throughout my time of being a JYJ fan. ^^

  8. thank you, admin for deleting crazy comments ^^ those yjshippers are really out of their mind.
    if YJ is real, they don’t need X-rated fanfic or photoshopped pics. it just proves those are only happening in your fantasy.
    look at the way chunnie clinging to jae ! now that’s real ! LOL !

  9. Can we all form a circle around them? These MEN are much stronger, smarter, wiser, loving than people give them credit for.

  10. errr hai this is first i see photo
    Junsu——>hyung,i want to see it….. 😦
    Jaejoong—–>what?, no…..don’t this is for adult (LOL you know what i mean)
    Yoochun——>everybody don’t watch it……cheers 🙂

  11. I think it’s the same person but he/she is using a different email each time. Trolls. They need to get smarter -_-

  12. instead of YUNHO i think JAEJOONG prefer KISS Wang Ji Hye for 50 times! i know he make alot of NG for purpose.. kekekekkekekke..

  13. LOL ROFL
    poor Yunjae fans
    we should understand their pathetic behavior
    they get crazy because they only can live with these fanfics and photoshop
    your know your fantasy is dead xD

  14. 🙄 i guess this place has become big enough that trolls feel a need to come and disrupt its peaceful existance. I have stayed out of responding to them directly because thats what they seek… attention. But, a part of me can’t help but feel sorry for them. Then again, they waste their time trying to upset people. What a pathetic life they live. Life is too short to be wasted like that.

  15. I’m as soulmate and yoosu lover …. lolling on the floor now
    save ur self crazy shipper …u will never find a real pic like this…..EVER

  16. So, uri JYJ3 admins can’t sleep, eat, poop for the next 24 hours cause they have to defend the house? LOL.

    Thanks, admins. You rock.

  17. What a LOVELY POST, but some stray dogs try to make it messy. Thank you dear Admins for a quick housekeeping.
    Now, back to the main attraction,
    did JYJ or some staff stalk JYJ3, reading all those comments from SNSS posts, worrying that JYJ are sad and down thus they post this photo to reassure us that JYJ is just alright.
    How I love that photo!

  18. My three guys are soooo cuteeeeee…omg!!! Love Soulmate…JaeSu…ChunSu…hahaha!!! They are Brothers…and Chunnie and Su LOVE Their “HYUN” hahaha!!….Love JYJ!!!

  19. Why oh Why do I ALWAYS miss the fun????
    Darn it!!!
    I had a really awful day and I would TOTALLY RELISH eating those trolls ALIVE!!!
    The powers maybe are mad at mee!!!!
    Come here again you uneducated trolls!!
    Let me show you how it is really done!!

    That aside…… I am sooo squeeeeeeing on the cuteness overload of the picture!
    Oh how I love thee JYJ!!

    • @ kementari8


      Hello sis! How are u today?
      Nothing fun actually. This troll is way different from the OT5 last time. We pitied them for being deluded. This one only had big S in mind and implemented it into some old weird joke. Nothing is worth of reading in the troll’s comment.

      • @Jae is mine

        DAmn Because I REALLY REALLY want some blood!!!!
        It would’ve been so much fun to rip that person a new one!!
        To relieve stress you know?
        Those immature, delusional and disrespectful fanatical fans? (can I even call them that?) are the perfect target to sharpen my trolling skills.

        By the way, I am doing ok thank you!!
        I hope that you are doing well too!!

      • There a crazy “B***H” running amok with the damm X-Rated fan-fic. Luckily the admins deleted the whole damm thing! I could not log in from my office w/o getting a warning from my IT dept but luckily most of our regular here swarmed in to attack! *Whew~~~

  20. Ahhh…..JYJ3 is clean and fresh again. After flies and mosquitoes fogging effect, the room is now a decent place again.

  21. This pic made my day…the first time i smiled from ear to ear after the CGV cancellation.i really love these 3 gorgeous guys.

  22. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu being together is so cuuutteee.. what i love about JYJ is they always shine as an individual and as a group.. i never get bored looking those pic of three adorable men!

  23. I’ve never like to comment on O5 being delusional, but i just had to let this out. ‘Where the hell did they get the meaning that JYJ must have meant it ‘together being 5’.? Seriously, they are bordering psychotic..

    • Those OT5 are leaving in a different world where rainbows and sparkles exist.. Can’t blame them though real life sucks big time and being in neverland is such an escape! kekkekeke.. (wth am saying?)

      • rainbows and sparkles… speaking of which i remember some five guys but in a different country XD

        Im sick and tired of those YJ shippers,esp with their behavior. they;re really so desperate >.<

    • O.O just when you think they couldn’t be anymore *sigh*….I’m actually shocked that some of them thought along those lines…how…??? Nevermind, tbh I’ll take an o5er over a yunjae~er any day.

  24. o mine… i can be the cushion that is supporting their back on the couch…

    most important in my life ? many things are important. cant rank them but JYJ definitely very important as my work desk now has their mug, calendar, phones/PC wallpapers are them… mind thinking of them. constantly checking RuleTheSky on iphone (thanks to junsu), … and WEARING NII polo-shirt which the 3 wore during one of the NII event ! it’s JYJ for me anywhere, anytime.

  25. Yoosu so cute to their JJ hyung!!! This picture make up the gloomy pics yesterday! Don’t lose the smile boys! Keep your head up and we fans we’ll always be behind you!

    • @nikhapi
      Can I comment on your avatar?
      How come that a beautiful boy as Jaejoong can transforms in the most unatractive woman on earth when in drag? It’s a puzzling mystery! 😀

      • @Ellis I know but this avatar makes my life so… I’m intended to keep it for my own amuses. The fact that he don’t look like a girl here unlike some claimed is a mystery to me too. How can he look a girl here? It’s even in the best 5 Seoul (arirang) and they used this pic for JJ..

      • @ellis I think he looked girlier in their banjun drama way back in the old dbsk era? Honestly I become a fan of JJ when he played Muwon in PTB. He looked like a real person and manly there. I used to have a strong dislike with JJ in his dbsk era coz he looked so gay and unreal then.. Now we see the RAW of him and it’s so amazing! That’s why I don’t get people saying he’s ugly nowadays when I think he’s never look cooler than nowadays!

  26. most important thing in my life every day is to be healthy,happy with loved ones and keeping my dreams within sight as i work towards them.

  27. Awww this is such a cute photo of them. I hope they stay together like this forever!
    I was wondering that the photo looked old as their hairstyles are totally different now. Whether it’s old or new I still love it!

  28. LOVE THE PICTURE!!! kekeke *pardon the shouting*

    Chunnie’s expression is like “Wae, Jaeharem, I’m hugging hyung… 😛 ”

  29. This picture brought a wide smile to my face!
    It exudes playfulness, closeness and most of all LOVE…
    Love between the three of them which had gone through hard and good times together,
    Love that is Real…Brotherhood to the end!

    Ahhh…so I miss the mayhem
    I salute our JYJ3 warriors for being tough and swift in bringing out their katanas
    and slashing down the “strays”
    and our ever efficient admins in “cleaning-up” this place we called JYJheaven
    where JYJfamilies can chill, spazz, forget our age and be pervy!^^

  30. Arghh..I missed the fun …again!!!
    Ahhhhh..what a beautiful brotherhood friendship..i love this picture of them three^_^ and make it my desktop wallpaper :D..

  31. They looks cute, kkk. (Clinging Chunnie and Susu’s angel smile, >.<) I guess the pic is taken around PTD days, since Jaejoong has the-Muwonnim-hair. ^^

    This post was spammed constantly by Yunjae’s Fans…
    People need to learn to follow the RULES

    • where have you been all this time? 0.0 anyway my english is not good enough to explain to you. but those fake ot5 ad yjtard shoulnt do things that make people hate them in the first place

    • Where have u been girl?!
      Didn’t u see that delusional YJ shipper posting XXX fanfiction in here! Not just one, but many! It’s beyond annoying! They can post it on THEIR homes, not in here.
      And u have to note that we love YooSu, soulmate or jaesu in BROTHERLY way. Not in XXX rated.

      This is home of JYJ fans, we don’t support Homin. Its more we don’t care about them. OT5 are more than welcome in here, but don’t spazz our home with Yunjae and Homin stuff, because u are here as a guest.

      As I said, this is home of JYJ fans.

      • Oops, I didn’t see that. Posting XXX fanfic on article like this sounds NOT right. Why did he/she do that? *confused*

        “We don’t care about them” —> friendly?-enough-attitude, (aigoo, my poor English). *PEACE*

    • Read the whole rules here especially the last one:

      JYJ3 Rules and Regulations:
      • This site has been created to support Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu from JYJ. So you can’t bash any member here, neither bash JYJ’s fans, JYJ3 Team and JYJ3.
      • Please don’t HOTLINK the pictures we posted here.
      • You can share or translate our Posts in other sites, but please give us the credit (Credits/Translation Credits: JYJ3) and do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.
      • Only to TVXQ5′s fans: You are welcome here, but please remember this is a Fansite that supports only JYJ, so please refrain yourself from spamming about Homin and Yunjae.

      Personally, I DO NOT RESPECT delusional OT5 and Yunjae Shippers.
      “Respect is something have to be earn”. You can tell your friends to earn that respect.

      • Wow, I don’t know why but “You can tell your friends to earn that respect.” sounds PRETTY harsh. It seems that I can’t say anymore about OT5 and YJ since it’ll be considered SPAM again and got deleted. T T. So I won’t.

        PS: I’m here because I support JYJ.

      • @1V..look like you not been here for long…this topic become sensitive because have alot of reasons….any way thank you for support JYJ..just simple we don’t support HM and YJ, and we don’t want fan war either that why JYJ3 have this rules …other..if only about JYJ we are welcome everyone come to talk, fun and enjoy the news …..Peace!!!!!

      • @1V
        I was not able to reply u because I was in class whole day.I don’t know whether u read this or not but let me say my thought. I also cannot understand first why JYJ3 is so sensitive about OT5 and YJ thing they love the same mens,we don’t know them personally to defend like that,why cannot they live in peace

        .After a time I came to understand.They love the same person but whole different way.While other side love omma jaejoongie who shy when appa YH hug,here we respect Jae as the men who is beautiful inside out,the men who is director of his own tour,the men who can lead his two member with love and care,the men who can make friend with anyone,we respect Jae enough to collect his quotations and use it in our own life like the words said by Leo Tolstoy.
        So simply these two group cannot live together,the other site come and attacked for so many time,(I will never understand why they do that) so is like allergic reaction,after many time of attack when one word concern come out we over-react with war but it will be the same if somebody come into your house and say the person u admire is gay.

    • um
      everybody already stated it
      just throwing this out there
      Jaechun is in “bromance terms”

      Who the JYJ boys date are entirely 100% upto them
      and if any fans here tried to go yunjae shipper on them other fans would say something against them

      You must not have been around when the site was first created
      we got a lot of you arent true fans if you dont “AKTF”

      we dont treat JYJ as a subgroup
      They are our only group
      and this is the only place that we feel we dont have to apologize for that

    • 1. this is JYJ FANSITE ( Jaejoong,Yoochun and Junsu ) not OT5 fansite
      2. we don’t hate all of OT5 but only to some people who doesn’t care about our site rules
      3. like @gigikusakit said, we love Yoosu, Jaechun and Jaesu in BROTHERLY way and not to something that related to XXX

    • ¡AH! Disgusting women whose minds are full of rotten thoughts and evil wishes. Just go and “play” with your “girlfriends” if you like so much the sensation. Leave JYJ and JJ alone and with their masculinity intact.

  32. I LOVE THIS TOTALLY AWESOME PIC OF OUR BELOVED JYJ!!! my Chunnie is such a snuggle bunny ~~ i wish it was me!!! ^_~
    i also love how sweetly Junsu is smiling ~~ all 3 R soooo adorable!!! SARANGHAE JYJ!!! ^_~

  33. This one is definitely a KEEPER!!! I absolutely love JYJ bromance. Seeing their smiling faces is going to make my day a better one today! Off to work! Have a good one everyone.

    Don’t forget on GAPP, please post your own “What JYJ3 Means To Me” messages. Thank you! Love you all!

  34. JYJ always make my day
    just smile and feel happy ❤
    love seeing them like this, my 3 angels, i love you guys
    how can they be cute like this, i can't stand anymore awwwww

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  36. gaaah i didnt get to see the yj shippers trolling this site~

    anyway~ i love this pic so much, its really obvious that they are really bonded, close and love each other XD

    Chun is really cute! ^^ I wanna hug JJ in the similar fashion.

  37. I love this “Being Together” pic.. When asked what is the most important thing for me.. It’s being happy..
    And being together with JYJ has made me happy. New friends, new world, new excitements, new experience. so many new .. XD
    I hope they post a lot of more pics like this in the future. *selfishfangirl

  38. Seeing this picture makes me so happy,it wipes my worries out.As long as they hold on to each other there is nothing they can’t achieve.

  39. OMG! JaeChun!!! 😀 .. And Junsu’s smile ❤
    They look so cute together! ❤

    Chunface and his 'Are you guys Jealous?' expression next to Jae's cool expression is just so funny! XD

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