[NEWS] 120203 JYJ says, “What’s the greatest thing is that we’re together”

JYJ is in the limelight for their firm relationship.

On February 3, a picture was posted on their Facebook official account with the caption, “What is the greatest thing is that we’re together.”

In the picture, all the members of JYJ are in a friendly pose. The way they look natural is eye-catching.

Netizens responded: “I’ll always love and support JYJ.” “My family, friends, and JYJ” “It’s terrific to see them all together.”

JYJ recently went through tough times when the release of their documentary film at theaters was abruptly canceled.

SourceTV Report
Credit: Korea.com
Shared by: JYJ3


121 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120203 JYJ says, “What’s the greatest thing is that we’re together”

  1. On white day March 2010 YC said ‘JYJ is a good name. We will move forward with style’, they have moved forward with style together as J-Y-J. Don’t anyone dare to change otherwise!!!

    • @coffee craze

      “On white day March 2010 YC said ‘JYJ is a good name. We will move forward with style’ ”
      He’s keeping no secret about his stance..always make it obvious to fans. I like his style.

  2. three of you are strong on your own but you are stronger when the 3 of you are together….likewise we your fans are stronger too when all of us JYJ fans are together supporting & fighting beside you.JYJ fighting!

  3. Just when everything is tough and disappointing…CJES put up these kind of photos of JYJ and we are all reminded that we’re going through this together. I think my happiness started when I get to know these three incredibly artists: JYJ.

  4. For JYJ, the best thing that they got out of being in that hellhole, is each other.
    And that with this lawsuit, they know,
    “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side…”
    “There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.”

  5. JYJ personifies…class, charm, personality, poise, intelligence, wit, talent, caring, giving, loyalty, strength, and last but not least…love. Love for each other, their families, and their fans. All these attributes make up who they are. None of these characteristics can be bought. So try as any one might, there is no way JYJ can be stopped. All efforts to do so are momentary set backs, and they will ultimately fail.

    Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu = strong bond = JYJ = strong bond = fans. This is how we roll. 😉

  6. These three young men have become the touchstone for fairness and equality in S. Korea. They are a cause célèbre. Anyone who is educated, forward thinking and fair minded knows this upon hearing their story. I think that over time their fame will grow just because of this fact, if for nothing else. It will be fashionably correct to be on their side. They are making history, changing the way the music business is formatted in SK and SM is helping them to do it. This is what I don’t understand about SM – don’t they realize that ALL of the things that they are doing are only making JYJ’s position as ground-breaking independent artists more firmly entrenched and more admirable and defend-able??

    • “This is what I don’t understand about SM – don’t they realize that ALL of the things that they are doing are only making JYJ’s position as ground-breaking independent artists more firmly entrenched and more admirable and defend-able??”

      In a word, NO. Incredible arrogance makes one stupid beyond belief. How are they suppose to know this with the level of arrogance they sit on? Let them wander around in the wilderness. Eventually, they will run out of food and water, and waste away. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Couldn’t happen to more deserving bunch of JERKS!

    • yeah,that former company, they are too “obsessed” with JYJ, until they can’t see that they are digging their own graves,,pity them…

      • I been thinking the same thing as all three of you guys above stated. I totally agree with everything you guys said.

    • SM is blinded by the anger they have and revenge they seek. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are all about love. They always have been, haven’t they?! 🙂 Bless their hearts. ❤ ~pamela

  7. Yup being together, that’s what important. Besides, the fact that they are out of the hellhole, it’s the fact that they can be with their family and friends when they want and when they can on their own terms. I am happy to know that they have such a strong support from their close ones.

    “JYJ recently went through tough times when the release of their documentary film at theaters was abruptly canceled.” If this is translated catching the nuances of the language, it makes me somewhat mad because it’s reported so matter-of-factly, as if they are saying…oh, and by the way, JYJ just suffered some injustice…but moving on with no attention to elaborate on the implications of such facts. Why the freak are you reporting such things with such simplicity and nonchalance? Aarghhh!

  8. This pic generated antis for YC again. Some shippers are very unhappy at YC. One even accused YC of blocking someone’s true love. I think he/she even wishes that YC break his spine or something. So annoying. They’re sick in the head. Really gross. They need to leave YC alone.

    • Well, I say they can ship their happy little behinds off to Never Never Land for all I care. Their thoughts don’t change a thing. YC is a whole lot happier where he is. And all the JYJ fans are happy for him. So, they can stick that up their noses.

      • I agree, YC is not afraid of sending a message boldly. Do you remember when he refused to sing W and saying Jae as the leader? There were so many fans (?) unhappy about that. And this one, I love YC even more, he seems to be protecting Jae from all those bunch of crazy people who may be thinking of sex 24/7 in their lives, photoshopping, writing those porno fanfics and even editing videos and having Jae as their subject. These people are so sick, and they can’t contained their anger with that photo, some posted pornon-fic yesterday here.
        YC is like saying to all those tweeting to Jae disgusting photos and messages ” this is the real thing, cant you see?”

      • @pian
        “You know sometimes I feel like 6002 is doing it on purpose…..”
        It’s obvious, isn’t it? 😉

        “Works for me.”
        Make it two, works for me too.. 🙂

        @kris (new ava? good one..but I’ll miss that see-through white t-shirt ava, lol)
        I agree 100% with you here..especially..
        “YC is not afraid of sending a message boldly.”
        The one thing about YC is..he doesn’t hesitate.
        When it’s time to send a message..he sends one. I like his style, really.

        “Do you remember when he refused to sing W and saying Jae as the leader?”
        Yup, and he earned himself some substantial antis right there, on that occasion.
        But I don’t think he give a damn anyway.

      • @bubbly
        Hey hardcore chunsa, SKKS and Miss Ripley just broke the DVD rental record held previously by Winter Sonata.

      • @pian
        Err..”hardcore chunsa”..that’s me, alright! haha~
        “SKKS and Miss Ripley just broke the DVD rental record held previously by Winter Sonata.”
        Really? Wow..this is great news.
        Another record broken! Yeah~!!!

      • @pian Yuchun doesn’t heck-care care about those idiots. So what, he love his hyung and koala (LOL!) hug him in which I will like to trade place with him. They care said all they like, whatever…..Park Yuchun-sshi is one cool man that doesn’t give a damm to those ass.

    • LMAO. If that’s the case, then I hope there will be more of these photos. CJES should release one photo per week on facebook. I hope those shippers will explode from jealousy.

    • bwahahaha….’blocking someone’s true love’….it’s absurdity is beyond ridiculous. I can’t with these lost-soul shippers. Sometimes I wonder how they can even function in the real world…

      • @anva Cassies are really crazy! I bet those extreme shippers are the older fans! I won’t dare step on any of their sites.. Too much is too much and I can only handle a little.. I do love yaoi but not to the extent… And I only ship yaoi in manga not the real people… But I love the brotherhood they have and if you’ll ask me I can see the closeness more to Chunnie and JJ than Yunjae.. for godsake where the hell is the fucking evidence they’re talking about? And I think JJ and Max is much closer than Yunjae..

        @admins if my comments is inappropriate.. kindly delete please..

      • @pian Wow hating Yoochunnie is not right at all! That guy has an amazing smile that shines the heart of many! I find it hard to believe that fangirls can hate him… hmm… such a power Yunjae fans have….

      • @nikhapi
        IKR. YC’s just trying to wake them up from their delusions. Those shippers are out of their minds. They believe in their own lies.

      • @pian and you will be surprised if you learn how old they are! Damn majority are ahjumasss!!!! Yeah,,, Chunnie’s action is like a reality hitting them now!

      • @nikhapi
        Really?! I’m an ahjumma too. How can their perspective be this way? They need to go back to school and learn their basics then.

      • @nikhapi
        OMG! They need to see a shrink for this case. Don’t they have their own personal lives to lead? How can they be so obsessed with this YJ thing? Sometimes, I wish JJ would just clarify everything but I don’t think JJ would do it since he’s too nice.

      • @pian JJ is just too nice. I agree. He would rather take it all in.. Sometimes I wonder how and where he vent all those kept frustrations and negativity?

      • @nikhapi
        He probably vents it out to YC and JS that’s why YC is already starting to make his move. Good thing YC does not give a damn to what other people might say.

    • @pian
      “One even accused YC of blocking someone’s true love.”
      C’mon..”true” love? Since when?
      These delusional fans..”some” YJ shippers especially..
      are really a sick bunch..
      they need to see doctors like..NOW~!
      Any good ones you can recommend? hahha~

      Just leave my YC alone, and JJ too..you bunch of psychos..pffffft!

      • @bubbly
        Those shippers act like they’re in a cult or something. They’re creepy. I think YC’s just trying to get the message across. JJ must be so offended by these shippers’ acts that YC took the initiative to settle it once and for all. From refusing to sing “W” to his constant skinship with JJ, it’s all there. Some people just need to get off their case.

      • @pian
        Exactly! He’s like look people..I’m clinging on and hugging my hyung now.
        So does that mean..JaeChun is real. No!!!
        Our close brotherly relationship IS.

        And aren’t we glad that at least YC is doing somethin’ to help his hyung out.
        For all we know, if they continue to keep their silence..
        god knows what these creepy YJ shippers will do next!
        And maybe..just maybe..they might think that JJ actually welcome them YJ shippers.
        Because in their “rotten” minds, YJ is real.

        The simple message that YC/JYJ is trying to send out here, through this pic..
        my guess, is..YJ is naught but an illusion~!
        You need to p/s’ed your photo – that’s illusion.

        JYJ IS real~!!!
        Our close brotherly relationships are real~!!!

        What better way than to caption the pic with..
        “What is the greatest thing is that we’re together.”

        I guess it’s also a strong message to the OT5ers too.
        Be prepared..JYJ is here to stay~!!!~

      • i dun get it why those antis so mad? i prefer my idols are straight so i can build a dream one day they will be my boyfriend (slap). i am not against gay thing .. but still to see them live in normal life, has girlfriends and bond in BROTHERHOOD it more nice to see.

    • what? Bunch of crazy shippers -______-
      Leave my Yoochunnie alone!
      By this photo YC has proved that the one is real is JYJ. In the end it’s JYJ babe!

      • Hey there @gigi dearie *hugs*
        New ava? 🙂
        And you’ve picked the Chuncheeks at it’s chubbiest to be your new ava, lol~! How adorable.

        IKR? People..your pics are p/s’ed..
        THIS photo is REAL~!!
        JYJ is real, and here to stay. Woot~!

    • well , i would shout to them SOULMATES IS REAL !!! xDDD
      no but seriously these people need to stop !!! wth ??
      i want cjes to post more pics like this so they can die of jealousy , and its not like jaejoong is their boyfriend so they can be jealous that yoochun is this close to him -_-
      this yj crap needs to stop its too OLD !

    • @pian Extreme “fans” are so very immature. They have a lot to learn about life & relationships, don’t they? I hope they start to grow up soon! I’ve seen some of the ignorant & hateful things, too. I’ve been searching for a transcript of an interview for hours on the net this morning. I just roll my eyes & scroll on! Roll & Scroll! 😀 ❤ ~pamela

  9. Being together with best friend can give you courage to do things in your life.. i really admire their friendship coz best friends somehow are closer than ur family… when u love ur family u love them as granted.. as that it has to be.. but loving ur best friend is an option… to pick what kinds of people to lean on… i know that for sure coz i have a very best friends i can lean on and count on no matter what.. so i hope those three stick together as friends and families,being together is indeed the greatest thing…

    • @Trianita It means everything, doesn’t it?! At one of the lowest, most horrible times in my life, so many who I thought would be by my side to support me when I really needed them…left me. Only less than a handful stood next to me to help me pull through. The ones who walk with you & carry you when you can no longer pick yourself up are the type of people this world needs more of! I feel so much relief in knowing that Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu have each other, their families & other special people in their lives that fully support them. ❤ ~pamela

  10. well, Slave Management can blockade JYJ anywhere they want, but one thing for sure, they will never ever able to blockade the brotherhood…they will never ever able to stop them from being together…..

    • I think it’s all about time… no matter how hard SM blockade JYJ.. i’m sure justice will side on JYJ themselves.. we just have to be patient while we continue our support for them.. 🙂

  11. already there have been photoshopped HM appearing in Jae’s cellphone in a continuation pic..
    love chun’s expression..its like he couldnt care less where his leg was..make up all the stories you want!

  12. Yuchun is stating it is us three; together; what can you do about it, anti’s!!! This is what the media should be reporting; their BROTHERHOOD not cars, where you live, how much did it cost!?! I understand the pros and cons of media reporting on JYJ, they are public figures, after all, but the real, sweet moments between these three being publicized is seriously lacking IMO.

  13. yochuun is soo cute!!hug jaejoong like that..and jaejoong looks a little bit annoyed (?) but they’re so cute being together..!

  14. JJ.YC.JS bond is like a strong marriage, take the good with the bad and you have Facts of Life. I wants until death do us part for this kind, humble and strong spirited young men. Together they are making History, i like their Bonding and in your face Unity. SME take that to the Bank cos you can humiliate, batter get in their way by blocking them on TV but they are unbreakable Unit and a Force to recon with and your harsh treatment won’t break them UP making them more stronger to love themselves and one another What a World.

  15. This just might be my favorite JYJ photo ever. It really says it all.
    Even Chun with his leg over like that, but nobody would suggest that there is anything in their manner that suggests they are in love with each other. And it is just so cute.

    I swear, those fans who were so invested in YJ or just DB5K cannot accept the reality that they are JYJ as 3. That is how it is. After 10 years will they still continue to pretend that JYJ as a 3 member group doesn’t exist?

    From the hairstyles, this was taken around the time of the filming of PTB & Ripley. C-JeS – please release all your wonderful photos of JYJ!!!

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