[PICS] 120204 Jaejoong, king of the airport runway, heading to Turkey

At Incheon Airport











Credit: Dispatch
Shared by: JYJ3


76 thoughts on “[PICS] 120204 Jaejoong, king of the airport runway, heading to Turkey

    • You are already here. My connection is …..

      JJ is an enchanting view right?….That is soo…….*faints*

      I need to adjust myself to my slow connection.

  1. why he’s so perfect… man in black, ♥♥♥ it… have a safe fight & have fun with Turkish fans ^__^
    if I’m not wrong, the man with green jacket is Sangyeob, Junsu’s manager

    • u mean talking on the phone…or just checking on the phone.does he always talking on the phone?I am a new fan of him ! so just wondering 🙂

  2. i laugh so hard when i saw the title of the post
    ‘Jaejoong, king of the airport runway, heading to Turkey’
    like usual he really stunning, have a nice and safe trip Jae-ah
    to Turkish Fans be ready now, the BOSS already take off to your country and i’m sure you guys really….really exicted right now and wanna scream so loud, am i right ? LOL
    but how long the trip gonna take from Korea to Turkey ? i hope Jae can get some rest during the trip

  3. wow he really looks like he just stepped off a runway. thats our jaejoongie! that pic where you can see his *puff* of air is soooo hot! someone needs to take that concept to a photoshoot!

    Turkey have fun playing with Jae!

    • He killed me already, at least he killed my already slow connection for trying to keep up with his latest news and photos….LOL

  4. JJ is so HOT, smokes are actually coming out of him (see pic 5-6 down). Granted it’s pretty cold, but those smokes are really steaming (if you know what I mean).

  5. Uri hot prince rules da airport I see.

    JJ ah, hope u have a safe flight go n back. Have fun over there n take care, ok. And Happy Birthday ^^

    I miss him already. Anyone knows how long da flight is?

  6. King of the airport runway? Pfft. More like King of the World tyvm. Have fun JJ!

    Dispatch? Aren’t fans usually the ones taking airport pictures? Maybe Dispatch finally realized this event is important..

  7. handsome *o* with his black-black outfit makes his creamy white skin more stunning!!! #drools
    and his pouty pink lips *wild imagination* >/////<
    gosh!!! he's not good at all for my health O_O

  8. love everything bout him here especially that pinkish small lips…and not forgotten the smoke..he is actually steaming HOTT!!.
    Jae,go melt everything on your way…those Turkish girls are asking for it..

  9. he’s too hot even for the smoke..gosh..have a safe and great trip and hurry back..hope good news will soon follow. we’ll be missing you much.^^

    sidenote: me gotta get one of those jacket with side zipper thingy.

  10. kim jaejoong Most beautiful man in the world Jaejoong and I like a very handsome black color on it. I wish you a nice trip. Please, put Jaejoong in your eyes. Kept on the Jewel(- -)

  11. Okay So We Already Knew the Man Was HOT! 😉


    Kim Jae Joong Setting the AIR on Fire! Check the “HEAT” rising around our JJ as he moves through the airport… LOL 🙂

  12. WOAH~ SO HOT!!! I wonder how much his leather bag worths. *off topic, sorry* Jae, OMG, I can’t take my eyes off him!!! Thanks for this update! 🙂

  13. Jaejoong always looks so cold when he is at airport, never smile and so scary like mafia. it’s make bad impression at me when first time i know him, but actually he is so dorky like gag. LOL bad Jaejoong ah..

  14. OMYGOSH…OMYGOSH ….Can’t seem to stop smiling … look to the right ..look to the left …pheew …lucky me … hubby and kids not around …. pure pleasure while it last …..ishhh …feel so silly … he is so gorgeous in BLACK ……what to do …otoke …otoke ….

  15. Wow he look so damn sexy and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about his outfit and bag, so stylish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love him in black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His lips are just too sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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