[VIDEO] 120201 tvN E NEWS: Korean Idol Star Cars – Jaejoong and Yoochun

N0 1: Jaejoong and No 2: Yoochun

Credit:  jaejoong860126
Shared by: JYJ3


42 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120201 tvN E NEWS: Korean Idol Star Cars – Jaejoong and Yoochun

  1. Hot men with hot cars!

    JYJ fully deserved everything that they have right now!
    They earn everything with their bare hands!!

    Jealous someone??? 😀

    • Each day JYJ is becoming a hot news item. Even if they are banned from tv/radio shows, but they always made to the print media, that even their random tweets become a news article. We can’t say which news are ill or good intended, but I think tv news reporters have also realized that when it’s about JYJ it draws viewers interest. And I think it’s uncommon in SK for celebrities to own all JYJ is having right now, their cars and houses, so they sensationalized everything about their luxuries to sell their news, hopefully there’s no hidden evil motive. But if you look at the brighter side, it’s good that they keep on talking about JYJ, from their cats, tweets and luxuries. Imagine if meda don’t care about JYJ anymore, no news, no tv appearance, no live performance because of venue problem, that would be horrible.

      • @kris

        “But if you look at the brighter side, it’s good that they keep on talking about JYJ…”

        Fully agreed. Maybe they are trying knock some senses to the others… ” Wake up!!! Time to take charge of your destiny.. leave SME! Get a life ” 🙂

    • It’s not a bad thing actually. Since more news of this are out there, it create a better image of what JYJ can achieve outside of SME, which means that SME idols will probably envying them. Wealth in SK is big, everyone wants the foreign goods, and admired those with them and have money. That’s why you get a lot of news regarding what stars own, and what stars live in luxury. It fit to their name. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing, that’s why they’re being listed and more and more people talk about them. It’s about their wealth that people are interested in. SK especially in Seoul has this expectations of the good life that they’re all running to, type of society. They wants to have the foreign goods, they wants the brand names, the exclusive stuff and not cheap goods. That’s why there was a news of North Face endorsed by BB created gangs brawl in Korean school. Because every one wants it, and it’s a symbol of wealth and hardwork, if you don’t have it, then you’re nothing, so everyone wants it, steals it, beat up someone that has it. All because it’s an expensive foreign goods. I dared say, JYJ’s wealth is the reason why they gets a lot of talks. And as JYJ venture more into the drama department, they’ll talk more about it. Actors and Actresses gets the general public attention, and if they are rich, then more people will talk about them.

  2. it has been the N time, media cover our boys luxuries
    i still wonder what their purpose for that action because in short time almost of media now give a highlight nonstop to our boys life and their luxuries

    • I agree with you i just hope this is for good intentions
      however i have the feeling that they are trying to show that fans don’t have to buy jyj albums and goods to support them
      There is something suspicious
      i hope I’m wrong but unfortunately K media doesn’t have the Credibility OR Honesty regarding JYJ
      Enjoy your lives JYJ
      I pray for ALLAH to bless you

    • Again, it’s not a bad thing. It’s what interests people. Nothing related to SME. If it’s SME, they wouldn’t allow news to talk about JYJ’s wealth, because the more news talk about it, the more their idols will see JYJ’s success and earning. So it’s just kmedias and general public interested in JYJ’s wealth. Korea, or Seoul is very what’s the right word? I don’t want to say shallow, but it’s like, they have expectations of good life and admired rich people, it’s all social status. That’s why you get a lot of dramas about social status and always a rich guy in the drama. It’s all about brand names, expensive foreign goods. It’s not just SK, but it’s the same mentality in most Asian countries, society. JPN, SK, China, Vietnam… heck, even in the US, people mostly interested in what stars own, what they buy, what they use. Other than their talents and dramas that they promote when they need to, they don’t have much to talk about, but just stars’ wealth. JYJ is actually being recognized by their wealth. Their wealth is the reason why there’s news of them tbh. And as they goes more into dramas, more of the general public will be interested in them, their wealth especially.

  3. So, what the boys made everything through sweat and tears. We have to stay attentive here, because this s..t is happening to often these days, and I am sure it’s carefully planned out to take attention away from what’s important.

    Also, the reporter attitude is disgusting, he reports as if the cars are things that can’t be imagined by a simple person like him. this servile attitude…

    Again, I don’t know what their plans are…and I do hope that I am wrong, I better am wrong than seeing the boys sad.

    • yepss..
      I already suspect something being planned by someone.. *uuhh..Im already paranoid now*–> but, we have to be carefull to everything now…
      if not, WHY people always make a such news continuous in K media

      My friend told me, hey..even Taeyeon snsd in Minho Shinee drama!!
      and I..omona?? really?? oomygassss… This DRAMA shit by SM artist is really something planned by SoMeone… and I smell the cheating and corrupting again in drama wolrd..

      oohh noo.. Im already paranoid after the cgv thingy.. call me paranoid or something is up to you, but, WE are JYJ fans, so..we have to keep watching this “strange” atmosphere… hhmmm

  4. Please JYJ fans, don’t fall for this crap like they care about them, its so fishy. Me think SM…….is behind this media bliss about JYJ lap of luxury if Korea media want to do the Rich and Famous show, or Korean Media wants to do the next episode of Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams. you include everybody in the Entertainment business not just JYJ alone. This whole explosion about Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s fancy lifestyle is an illegal exploitations of them, by SM and its cohorts to show how good this young men are living instead of their situation banning them in the media. Korea Media do show JYJ media blackout and stop showing their houses and cars on t.v. rather give them Equal Rights and Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALUTA CONTINUA fighting

    • Maybe but i don’t think so
      The last thing SM will do is to show the world how successfully JYJ are when they left SM, in terms of careers and wealth. that only shows how unfair their previous agency to them in case of freedom of choice and profit distributions.
      So cheers! 🙂

  5. Where is junsu Ferrari, Lamborghini is my personal dream car.
    But this continuous report are trying to say,they are dead rich people don’t need to fight for JYJ’s injustice.
    They earn this with sweat and tears.
    They are world star but they cannot perform in any stage in their mother land korea and their second home Japan.We still need to fight for those injustices.

  6. As JYJ fans we’ll just keep our eyes and ears open; not take everything that’s printed about them, in Korean media’ at face value. Not everyone has an ‘evil’ agenda, but past experience should keep us alert. Just sayin’ – _ –

  7. Come on guys aren’t you all being a little too paranoid here? not trying to be rude or anything. but they ARE showing other idol’s cars as well. or maybe I’m crazy and i love jaejoong’s Lamborghini (my dream car) so i wanna see more XD

    • I think the same too… they are idols so it is normal broadcast showed their cars..and other idol cars were shown too… don’t u think it showed that JYJ got what they deserved after left SM.. 😀

      • Well sometimes you have to take things with a grain of salt, as the saying goes if you’ve been bitten by a snake before even a worm looks dangerous…….. Since they are still in the doghouse pertaining to their music not being in the media, TV even Radio blackout in Korea and their Documentary movie was cancelled by CGV to be screen in Theaters you have to wonder about this Media bliss about riches than helping them to break this blockade from SME.

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