[VIDEO + PICS] Argentinian Fans Celebrate Jaejoong’s Happy Birthday ♥

Argentina’s fans gathered  to celebrate Jaejoong’s Birthday on January 28th at the Shopping Abasto, Buenos Aires – Argentina

This event was organized by My Destiny Argentina, JYJSTArgentina, Ayyy JYJ, Missionjyj and Jaeden (Fanclub of Jaejoong)

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Video Credit:  TheDangerousMaii
Pics Credit: Magalí Herrera and Maite Torreiro via MyDestinyArgentina.com
Shared by: JYJ3


20 thoughts on “[VIDEO + PICS] Argentinian Fans Celebrate Jaejoong’s Happy Birthday ♥

  1. Estoy muy contenta y orgullosa de esto!!! Soy de Argentina y ver la nota en esta pagina me llena de orgullo!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!

  2. TE AMAMOS JAEJOONG !!!! ARGENTINA JAECISTAS FANS festejando tu cumple ke hermoso todo y me siento super feliz de ver todo esto MIL GRACIAS a ustedes por publicar esto y a mis chikis Jaecistas por compartir ese dia tan bello 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEJOONG WE LOVE U !!!!

  3. Thanks for posting!!! All the Jaejoong argentine fans are grateful to you!! 😀 We hope that the news of this event get so far and be heard by Jae♥
    We’ll do to everything possible to spread their music and finally make JYJ comes to Argentina!!
    Greetings from Argentina!!! Bye 😀

    Maite ^^

  4. OMG … Her Tatto … WoW … HAIL to HER … she is awesome fan….. i can only dream of having JYJ tattoo…One time I told my husband I want to make JYJ tattoo in my back …. he almost kick me out of the house… hehehe … he told me I can watch as much as JYJ i can in the internet but NO TO JYJ TATTOO … … i wish i can celebrate Jae birthday like these fans … i feel so lonely in my JYJ world …

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