120204 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^


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      Admin opened our GAPP at 12.27…..my internet just recovered 5 minutes before it. Now it is late again…..
      Can’t even open Twitter without crying…..

  1. Hi fellow JYJers!
    Happy weekend^^
    Some quotes to share:

    The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

    A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  ~Grace Pulpit

    If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.  If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder.  If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow.  If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile.  But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.  ~Author Unknown

    Friends are like walls.  Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s good just knowing they are there.  ~Author Unknown

    And this 2 which I’ve posted:
    “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side…”
    “There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.”

  2. before bed time (too late already) just want to ask all my sisters..I little confuse ..is it JJ birthday today? why look like he have too many Birthday ? and is it a normal calender or Chinese calender? I will come back morning to find the answer..if yes it coming very interesting for me ….Thank you…Hugs!!!!!

      • I thought JJ’s mom didn’t know about his real date and registered him to be born on 26th Jan, before his bio mom said that his real one is 4th Feb.

      • I suppose she didn’t include all details while surrendering the most precious baby in the world. She did say about the 4th Feb, when 26th Jan was ‘announced’. I could not find clear details about the ‘giving up’ case nor the bio dad. It most likely had to do with digging up = tearing JJ’s heart up. He did say that he didn’t want it.

      • @ jen (@jenx2511)

        I did read about it on some unreliable website that also has so (too) many YJ freaks stories. I have noted down that website for being YJ’s lair and talks mostly about nonsense and crazy stuff.
        Also, it’s JJ’s dad who is Chinese, not mommy. So why something like bad date ever came to surface did awe me.
        Even if it’s true, I feel it is so funny. The birth date is now attached to JJ. I think he also doesn’t believe in that hocus focus or it does not scare him at all.

        Sorry for interrupting you at the first place Jen….:)

    • His real birthday is feb 4th, and his real name is Han Jaejun
      but because 4th feb in chinese mean easy to die or something they changed it to january 26th ^^

      • @ nikhapi

        I wish I were Korean, being JJ’s fiancee, the only one he loves….LOL
        I am Indonesian…..:)
        What about you my dear?

      • @ nikhapi

        I was like….OMO…nikhapi believed it. I am so bad….
        Well….although I am Indonesian, it is true that I am engaged to JJ….* smiles sweetly*

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        You bad girl… you really got me there! You see I’m innocent as Junsu here… kekekekek
        And I have to tell you the truth YOU CAN BE ENGAGED with JJ COZ DAMN HE”S ALREADY MARRIED…. AND GUESS WHAT WHO?? TO ME!!! kekekekkek

      • @ nikhapi

        I was bad….*sighs*. I will let you be married for JJ for the rest of the weekend as my punishment…
        Please return him to with without any scratches, bite-marks and lack of energy…..wow, I sound pervy now…LOL!

      • @dolta
        You’re learning Japanese? You know somewhere in time I had an urge too study Japanese but learning on my own is hard… I suggest watching Jdrama and animes will help. I happened to learn few phrases by watching it….

    • I think it is his angel aura….being exposed to us, mere human being.

      Btw….we will think he is also strikingly handsome even if he is spotted near a trash bin…

      • and he can wear trash but still be looking fabulous at it! Everyone will think it’s a fashion statement and people will start wearing it. LOLS

      • Hahahaha….nice to talk to u. I hope to see u again later, need to prepare everything before JJ arrives. Wow our hotel room is so full of his instead of mine……LOL

        *real: Need to watch Death Note anime*

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        You know how meticulous and metrosexual JJ is! kekeke

        I know why you’re watching deathnote…L has a striking resemblance to JJ 2005 no? kekeke

      • @ nikhapi

        I watch Death Note because JJ love it……LOL
        I really love L….I think I would love Light if he is not too obsessed and becomes a crazy freak.
        But L and his mysteriousness and his nothing-can-beat being smart is so fascinating.

        JJ is our L. It would be epic if they can re-make the movie in Korean version and have JJ playing L!

      • Better this Death Note doesn’t end up in JYJers hands, otherwise Korea must experiment a brutal increase of strange death cases among Showbiz CEOs…. First is obviously LSM!

    • btw, do you know a manga called Angel Sanctuary?
      the main character, setsuna mudo, really resembles JJ a lot!

      I think JJ is best actor to portray setsuna
      here some pics of setsuna

  3. Hi! I’m a new JYJ fan and I have posted on here one or two times (my Twitter is @heyitsrocky91 if you would like to follow me)…So, I was looking at JYJ songs today on YouTube and I kept noticing a few people would be like “They need HoMin back” or “They were better as 5” or “Can’t wait for them to get back together! Keep the Faith!” Now, to the Keep the Faith comment…I thought that meant like never going against your values and principles, not hoping one day for them to get back together. Am I wrong? Also, it does kind of piss me off that some, not all, but some of the old DBSK fans seem to think they need those other two guys. (I’m not a fan of the other two guys music but they are not bad either). How do y’all feel about that? I’m not saying DBSK wasn’t good because they were and they deserved all of the awards they won, but i feel in love with JYJ because of JYJ. I don’t think there is anything missing when they sing. Does it make you mad? I feel that the older fans should respect the fact that a lot of JYJ fans were not DBSK fans first so we don’t really want them to get back together. Not saying that I don’t ever want them to sing together again because a reunion type concert would be cool but I don’t want them to get back together permanently. I have been called selfish for this. Am I selfish for not wanting them to get back together? Maybe I am, who knows, but I did fall in love with JYJ for JYJ, not because they were DBSK before. I almost feel like it’s an insult for people to say to JYJ that they can’t wait for them to get back together because it’s kind of like saying “Well, I tolerate you but you would be so much better if you were still apart of DBSK.” Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but you get my point, right? I understand that DBSK will always be close to their hearts because that is where they got their start, but it is the past and JYJ is future. Wow, this post was much longer than I intended but am I the only one who feels this way? (I hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings but I had to ramble and get that out.)

    • @rocky

      Welcome here dearie! I don’t get the award the idols are receiving in Korea at all eversince the other SM artist won it like they really deserved it! I think there are better Korean artist who deserve that award!

      And I agree with you about the AKTF. I think it’s all about the principles and how you fight for it and never give up! Some fans are really delusional and taking things literally! If you ever watch some DBSK5 video on YT and read the comments under.. It’s complete riot! That’s why sometimes I just skip reading the comments…

    • I bet some of the fans feels the same like you re the AKTF and reunion, and it’s ok to post your rant in GAPP. Thank you Lovely Adminie for inventing GAPP ^^

    • Hi Rocky…As an old gal and an old fan, it’s annoying to keep seeing that all over JYJ places..Be it facebook, twitter, YT comments, it becomes pointless to argue with them since it won’t get into their heads.

    • me think please respect JYJ and the other two.. i like JYJ cause they’re sing from heart and it reach mine and the other two … i don’t know.actually i don’t like DBSK or tohoshinki (i’m sorry to say this) cause i’m hard fans J-Pop , J-rock and american rock…although I like their songs (duh dolta you’re weird)….and 2009 tohoshinki get famous in Japan ……i’m angry with them K-POP in J-pop please get back in your country… i dunno about them ….and i don’t like jaejoong first i saw him (i’m sorry again please m(_ _)m ) in August 2011….i’m searching video in youtube then i’m typing “empty” then “what this JYJ-empty..that’s cool”…”who’s guy with red hair woah i like his voices “….”ow sooooo he is junsu”….”err i know in the middle is that jaejoong”….(now i’m JYJ fans)…then i saw all comment in that video ….”what this DBSK”…”what this SMentertainment….what this..cassiopie..”.”what this yunjae…and yoosu”..(in my tought this is video about JYJ but what the..i..F**K gsbhdiawuwjw)
      I am angry with comment in youtube cause in that day i do not know about anything (Lawsuit,DBSK,Cassiopia,SMenterntainment)…then i’m found JYJ3 then…i’m learning about something……PAST…..PRESENT…..and FUTURE…..I respect JYJ PAST and fighting about they’re future…..i’m envy with JYJ …cause they’re choose glory days and find their dreams …(I am sorry now i am JYJ Fans and like Jaejoong very much) Peace

      but again i like ballad song such

    • those YT comments is getting tiring for me..
      you’re not wrong about AKTF, it’s them who is at wrong. Jj said so himself.
      I agree DBSK back then was good.. but that is the past. its gone, its finish no use to live on it. but sumtyms it makes me wonder if they go out of SoMeone together as they should be wat will happen to them. I also blame those two for not believing that they can make it w/o SoMeone, it means that they also don’t believe in the power of those 800,000 people who believed in dem. sorry but the fact is (for me) they are so coward.
      JYJ is best as they are now. JYJ is JYJ; TVXQ is TVXQ two different entities.
      those FANS (tsk,tsk,tsk)
      they’re so delusional to the point that they can’t accept the fact that JYJ and Homin already moved on.
      I agree with you they can do a short reunion concert/album for the sake of their past glory but nothing more than that. you are not selfish everyone has their own opinion.

    • Hi @Rocky, welcome!!^^
      I encountered DBSK5 after the lawsuit, and I liked them, especially their acapella. It was because I think I haven’t meet any other group that can sing acapella as beautiful as them. It was the first and the only one k-pop acapella grup up until now I guess.. For I am not a Christian, but I was speechless when I heard their acapella version of a gospel song “O..Holy Night”… I myself will be pleased to listen to any beautiful acapella whether it’s from DBSK5, western singer, or whoever the artist is.

      Back to the some of “OT5” fans keep clinging on AKTF (the way they wrongly interpret), if I can hoping and positively thinking about what’s on their mind, what they are expecting is maybe about this rare beautiful acapella to be happened again. Well I can understand them if it was their intention. What I can not stand about some of them is when somebody starts to say that JYJ are better when they were five.. Excuse me,, to me that statement is just so wrong… It was true that DBSK5 each do have fine basic vocal qualities, but if JYJ would ever want to do it, -YEAH, IF ONLY- I absolutely have no doubt that JYJ will be able to sing acapella as beautiful as they were in DBSK5, or maybe even better. Yeah maybe 3 voices won’t be enough to cover 5 voices the same way they did. But in my country, we once have a 3-members-group of female singer, called AB Three, that blends so beautifully in their different voice into a songs. AB Three was a legend, unlike the hype of “k-pop girlgroup wannabe” that are popping-up like mushrooms these days here in Indonesia.. I see JYJ’s potential as I see AB Three, they are more than able to pull a beautiful harmony into their song themselves. Just my opinion.. and thanks admins for the invention of GAPP where I can discuss (ramble) things like this with you…. kekeke… Have a nice saturday and @everyone!! ^^

      • @all good evening Ladies
        They should respect I believe our JYJ is good by themselves and I hope other Duo is good by themselves although I don’t listen.In my opinion,they can have reunion concert after long long time after every issues resolved,I think is impossible to reunite permanently.DBSK,TVXQ is legend I understand,the perfect boy group but they should also learn to see JYJ effort,I want JYJ to fly high. I am not surprised at youtube,I was surprised at Facebook page,individual page,admins said “please make them together”,I got shocked,they are following our boys,posting individual photos 24/7 and they want them to get back,What have they been looking..

      • Thanks for the nice replies! I was hoping I hadn’t offended anybody because I know not ALL old fans are like that but it can still get annoying when a few do it! Thanks for letting me rant and I have to say that I love this place! 😀

    • @Rocky You are Most Welcome Here! Actually it’s best not to read the comments in youtube cos’ most of them are pests in which you wish you can use insecticide to spray on them, or just read the first page and then don’t try to read the rest of the pages, cos’ you maybe clenching your fist and ready to punch the screen.

      Anyway, your mentality are in sync with JYJ, JYJer and JYJ3. You will like this piece of heaven here ^______^

      • Lol, yes I do wish I could spray them with some sort of bug spray! I agree with you though, it’s just best not to read YouTube comments

  4. Happy Saturday Morning….Happy Birthday our Price JaeJoong and guess what…..happy birthday to me ^_________________^!!

  5. Makoto Toshinaka tweet about our boys again

    @MAKOTOKOSHINAKA мѦѥѳ†ѳ 越中 睦

    @MAKOTOKOSHINAKA мѦѥѳ†ѳ 越中 睦

    @MAKOTOKOSHINAKA мѦѥѳ†ѳ 越中 睦
    JYJ #nowplaying GET OUT

    i think this person being so addicted with Get out ^^

  6. HELP!
    Does any of you remember (have the quote and/or article) in which JaeJoong said that K-pop is only popular around the venue premises, and that k-pop influence is exaggerated?

    I think it was sometimes around their Europe concerts, but I don’t remember for the life of me. Thank you.

    • 초코릿 (@gorjaeouslips)

      Posted Saturday 4th February 2012 from Twitlonger

      [TRANS] ‘Because of JYJ, a wife has left her home!!!’ http://bit.ly/xNtTbt —-it says ‘hyemi-ya! pls come back home. I was wrong~!! now no matter if it’s other countries or wherever it is, I’ll allow you to go to see JYJ concert. even if I wont get any sleep, I’ll reserve you JYJ concert’s ticket in Interpark… you and I have been in relationship for 8 years~ I’ve become a real fan now (in the end)…Love♥

      yeeeppp, so a husband made this banner for his wife so his wife could get back home T_T I guess they had a fight….;_; anyway, he is so sweeeeet!! pls come back soon, Hyemi!

  7. Can someone please explain to me why Jae celebrates his birthday on January 26th but he was born on February 4th? Also, why was Junsu born on December 15th but registered on January 1st. Why do he celebrate his birthday on January 1st. What do they mean by registered. This does not make any sense to me, so please can someone explain to me why it is like it is.

    • Jaejoong’s real birthday is on the 4th of February but if I’m not mistaken, his adoptive parents/family celebrate his birthday on the 26th of January because this is the day they registered him as their son. About Junsu & his twin brother, I think I read somewhre that their mother was afraid that since they were born at the end of the year, there would be a bigger age gap with the people born the same year as them than with the ones born the year after. That’s why she registered their birthdays on the year after. (sorry if I’m not being very clear, I don’t really know how to explain ^^”)

  8. Sorry muslim sisters ,i heard for my father who is visting malaysia at this moment that there r lots of celebrations going on there
    I really want to experience this oneday inshallah
    Here in europe i really miss this i allso want to experience ramadan in a moslim country inshallah this summer i am going to dubai
    And experience the atmosphere of ramadan inshallah

    • well, good luck sis, hope you can taste a new ramadhan experience this year,,
      greeting from Indonesia, we have so many celebration here as well..^^

    • @nina: pray for u too..
      hopefuly u can celebrate
      ramadhan in moslem country,
      come try Indonesia. bdw, where
      do you come from? we will have
      a celebration day of our prophet
      mohammad born day inshaAllah
      this month..

      • Thank you sisters and happy eidmiladun nabwi
        To you all
        2 years ago i went to malaysia really it was the best i am defenitly going back and indonasia is high on my list country that i want to visit by the way my father visited ladt month indonesia he had only good things to say he really loved it
        Since i have been to malasya i really dont feel like spending my summer vacation in europian countrys i realy want tobe in asia not because it was beautiful but you people are so kind and friendly
        Allah really has blessed you with golden hearts

      • That’s so sweet of you dear..now you have made new friends from Malaysia and Indonesia, and when you come back to visit us again, let us know..we are happy to show you around^^..

  9. @nina: pray for u too.. 🙂 hopefuly u can celebrate ramadhan in moslem country, come try Indonesia. bdw, where do you come from? we will have a celebration day of our prophet mohammad born day inshaAllah this month.. 🙂

  10. I was wondering if I am the only one who have never read any of the YJ shipping fictional stories. Or also seen any of the YJ photo shopped pictures or videos made by the fans who are delutional about YJ relationship. I am not even aware of where you would see any of this type of stuff. I will point out very strongly I am not one of those fans. I am not a fan in general of this type of stuff done about any artists. I also am not a long time fan of TVXQ even thought I have heard some of their songs and love them. Also thought they were a great group back then. But I am a 100% fan of JYJ. I admit I am curious to know what it is that people are hating so much. Is it wrong of me to want to see or read at least one to see what it is that people hate so much? Please do not hate and attack me for being curious.

    • I think a lot of it is dumb “YJ-holding-hands-we-will-be-together-forever-AKTF!!!” stuff but there are definitely some R-rated photoshopped pics and manipulated videos and THAT is what pisses people off. Clarify whatever confusion you may have. I don’t think you need the guidance or permission of anyone here.

      • more like constantly tweeting Jaejoong the R-rated photoshopped picture of HIMSELF with the other person
        so disturbing

        and we cannot forget Thailand

        watch this video on youtube and read the comments
        have fun 😦
        and you cant really put it down to Jae being an idol and idol fans being crazy because nobody had this problem with yoochun and Park Min Young and i’m sure nobody will have a problem with Han Ji Min and yoochun either but god forbid JJ gets within two feet of a female

        its not cool to define jaejoong solely through an imagined relationship

        jaejoong sighs: it must be because he misses *appa*

        jaejoong texts on phone (yesterdays FB pic): he must be texting YH

        jaejoong says he wants GF; *he cannot* because he has “appa”

      • Oh that is right! I completely forgot about those loons.

        Really I can’t care anymore. Once Jaejoong introduces someone ANYONE that isn’t that insipid moron as his future beloved these idiots will turn into antis (revealing their true colors) or just sign into the local mental ward where they belong.

      • I really can’t get their mind set, they are supposed to be girls, but why are they so obsessed with man-man relationship? And it’s just alright if they keep their obsession within the group but they try as much as they could to preach it to everybody especially to the people who love Jaejoong. I don’t care whom they think as gay and who is the macho man, but they are so sex focused, if they are normal females, why do they enjoy on 2 men having sex, spending their time photoshopping, editing video, writing porno stories, sex is supposed to be private, but they want to spread it. Do they do it in their real life, posting to internet what they do with their partners on bed?
        And I scroll comments on that video, I think these people leaving sick comments are Jaejoong’s antis, they just try to humiliate or embarrass Jae and piss his fans. Even if you believe in YJ but value Jae, you can’t afford to embarrass him, and granted he is really gay as what they to want to believe, the more you’ll protect him and shield him from mockery. If they are really a fan, they should have put value on Jae as a person first before their fantasy.

      • @MIA2 i giggled at your “sign into the local mental ward” comment…but I agree…that video should not have so many dislikes…and it was just ACTING! I would hate to see what those people would do and say when he gets a real girlfriend…It kind of makes me want to cringe at the thought of it…..

      • Yeah I could not believe the video had so many dislikes. I can see that some of the comments were from some seriously delutional crazy fans. You know I put the blame on SME for putting this way of thinking into some of the fans minds. Because from my understanding all the boys from TVXQ played a fake roll when they were in the group. Jae was the mother and YH was the father. I think I got that right. So from my understanding they use to play around hugging and fake kissing each other just for show on different occations. In which I still do not understand the purpose of putting this type of image out there if they were not gay. As far as I know Jae is not gay but if he is I would still support and love him 100%. I finally looked up on youtube some fake videos that were made of JJ and YH and I was horrified. Some of the fans have a vivid imagination. I can now see how people get angry about these videos because I found it very hard to watch. like I said I do not understand why SME would have them play like they were gay if they were not gay. I can understand if they were doing it for a movie then you are truely acting for a purpose of playing a part. For me even if I saw a women and a man acting like they like each other but there was no true chemistry I would not like to see them either. But just having the boys play around with each other in public and that is really not who they are, what is the point. I personally do not get any satisfaction from watching that type of stuff.

      • I wasn’t actually asking for permission to look at the pictures or videos. I was just curious about what is in them that most people hate to look at. Also, if I was the only one who has not seen any of this type of stuff. I even do not know where people go to look at this type of stuff. Since some people hate this type of stuff I did not want anyone to think bad of me because I wanted to at least look at one of the really bad type of example. So I can see what it is that people hate so much. I hope I was more clear.

  11. Turkish fans thank u so much for welcoming Jae with the cheering this JYJ Jaejoong !!! very loudly ^^
    u guys awesome and have fun tomorrow

    • pretty~! 😉
      look. its jaejoong’s eyes in her..
      ahhh..superior genes indeed. she reminds me of a korean actress. the sassy girl+song hye kyo?wah..nevermind.. still, very pretty.

    • Little brat grew up so fast! JJ must be so proud. What about his half-brother?

      p.s. brat is meant endearingly. I know some people aren’t native English speakers so I clarify so as not to confuse anyone.

      • O she is so beuatiful and looks someone with a kind heart
        She should get married to junsu or yoochun
        Babys will be amazing beautifull

    • This is JJ half sister right ? JJ female version, beautiful ^^
      i hear JJ have one bio nuna but she is with JJ bio father, i’m curious with JJ bio father face and background, he must be so handsome..lol

    • Very good looking like her big bro, so it discounts the massive plastic surgery debate. If there was, maybe just a slight enhancement which is very common nowadays even with ordinary people as long as they have money.

    • @Rechien
      Thanks for sharing…oh she’s a real beauty! Lucky girl, and Jae cares so much for her too! He must be a very protective brother.

    • @rechien,, thanks for sharing.
      She is beautiful, she must be Jae’s half sister from his mother side, doesn’t she?
      Well, everyone must be blessed in so many different way.. but I just can’t help to think that Jae is really blessed to have a very BIG family -in real terms-, which is from his own bio mom-dad, his bio mom current family, his bio dad current family, and his adopted family, along with each family’s older generations and also the upcoming babies generations… I wonder has he ever been confused to diferentiate all of them… kekekeke…
      I hope he has warm relationship with all of them…

    • @Mia2

      As you said my dear, it’s ridiculous. ¿A whole album composed by different versions of the same song? ¡Poor girls! SME is condemning them to be rejected from the US musical stage since the beginning. Very sad thing 😦

      • Oh, but I read a news yesterday that Best Buy Store had to close down because of the uncontrollable crowd and the police had to get in due to the explosive response for SNSD US debut ….was it true or just media ?

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop making me laugh so much!
        The album up for sale IS NOT the one I mentioned earlier. I would think kpop fans are the ones buying this crap but you never know. Maybe the people of the U.S. have finally lost their minds. I think it is pure media hype from Korea which is so lame and embarrassing.

      • @kris….Best Buy Store??? where??? Not on the store close my….OK tomorrow i have to run to the store to see that Album..with my eyes!!!!!

      • OOO..myyy…Ok…when the first read you comment, I though about all the Best Buy store will be over Crowd to buy GG Album like they did when the new iphone out ……but Only one store??
        OK what i see and my experiment :
        * In Canada, Best Buy everywhere, even my town only 40,000 ppls still have a big BB store..you can not only see one store to measure how popular you are.
        * The way i look in picture the girls make event like promotion and sell CD ( like some of my local singer in my town)..Pps will curious to see what happen , off course will have some “their fans” , especial the crowd big city like New york with alot of tourism
        *.About the Polish come to control the crowd it is very normal…It about safety….In my town, some time we have just kid soccer tournament or small local festival with little crow than normal, more car or traffic , they will come right away..Or some private event advertise you can due with polish to more safety with pay extra charge over time about 50-100 dollars hours ( like someone said) you cant not count for your “popular ”
        * If the event with the paying tickets…they got 1300 fans ( i am not sure the number because i really don’t trust SM calculation) they are lucky..I can count they may have first step success …but don’t say with me they are poplar already ( like JYJ even they have few real concert in US and Canada with at least more than 15.000 pps and more came their concert, i still didn’t say they are popular in here)…but if just only sing in comer of the mall with free promote ..eeee just way different story…SM should treat them better than that!!
        *Best Buy close…Maybe they can due with store for promote, or best buy better close for few hours ..you can not do business with crowd like that and not safety at all..and off course because this event is private , SM have to pay for those business hours
        anyway just my opinion what i see…no offence GG!!! few to correct me or disagree!!

      • @anva
        Yes, I agree with you, only one store and they made the headlines as if something SOOOO BIG. People tend to gather if something unusual. Of course with the presence of nine sexy beautiful Asian ladies plus their some hardcore screaming fans around in non-Asian community will invite curiosity from all those people around. And with the police, even if it’s only ten people and there’s some disorder, police will naturally get in. Korean media is really some thing.
        Here’s one example how SM and media play their game : [Full English Translation] “The truth of SM’s LA concert

    • Lol, are they freaking serious ?! 8 versions of the same song, and a terrible song at that ? I hope fans won’t be stupid enough to buy this. And the “accapella” version sounds so bad. Actually, it doesn’t even sound like an acappella, there is nor harmony and their voices even sound altered at some parts (it’s particularly obvious during the chorus). If I was a Sone I would feel insulted.

    • OH, is all I can say. Eight versions of the same song. No need to even listen because I’ve heard it three time already. Listening to it again is not going to change my critique of it. Way to go SME, just keep throwing that stuff out there. It will stick somewhere I guess.

    • What the hell?! This is an insult to all SONES. SM’s convinced that SONES would buy anything for their beloved SNSD, be it crappy or not. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    • WTF SM LOL
      really o_O the same song over and over again W-O-W
      they do any shit just want more money 😡
      poor Girls :((

    • @Mia.

      Say What? IS SME OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!!
      OMG!! Listen to the SUPPOSED Acapella Version.. ITS A MUSIC REMOVED VERSION!!

      This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what we already know that SME is truly just about EXPLOITATION! SME thinks so little of SNSDs fandom that now they make NO effort to produce NEW music, just rehashed versions of the same song…. PEOPLE ITS ONE SONG 8 TIMES!!! The Snoop Dog version has 30 seconds of his voice…

      If SNSDs fans do not realize what an INSULT this is to their intelligence then they deserve to be exploited by SME.

      I’m not a fan of SNSD but this is just wrong and my message to SONES is this … GET A GRIP!… and start VOTING with your dollars! You’re not helping SNSD by buying any and everything SME throws at the market. By doing so you are telling SME that you are willing to foolishly spend your money on mediocre products.
      MONEY TALKS… and that is the only thing SME understands… SONES start using the power you have and that’s your spending power! Stop letting SME INSULT and EXPLOIT YOU!

      When an album does not sell, SME will be forced to make BETTER MUSIC!
      In the end you will help the girls get better concepts and better music.


      • There is nothing left to be said. If they continue to go along with this, shame on them. So sad.

      • ROFL
        I’d like to see how SONES will rationalize this one….
        Seriously though enough is enough! ELFs failed to make SME pay for their insult towards SuJu maybe then the SONES will step up to the plate.

    • just the best joke..really Insult SONE…..I remember when” In Heaven” out the lot of antis and SM support clamp they are greedy because they had some song from “the room” in it..like we all know why because in Heaven was their First Office Album and even The room their never have the change to perform in TV or show…and now what “The BOY”, the same song over every where and one song in all Album..just …I laugh my head off LOLLLL!

      • LOL! This can’t be compared to “In Heaven” or “Their Rooms”.

        “Their Rooms” was not an album. It had to be sold as a “book” because no distributor would work with them and therefore it was decided that the songs would be placed in a real album in the future. Lo and behold, “In Heaven” (an actual album) came out and JYJ added 4 new songs. Stupid haters never take the time to get their facts straight.

        This……this is just beyond disgusting of SME and the most horrible insult possible to SNSD. Even if they are 3rd-tier idols that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t also feel humiliated having to go to highly popular American shows (Letterman, Regis and Kelly) do a completely lame dance and then have the host promote an album that is 8 versions of the song you JUST danced to infront of everyone LIVE in a country where you are NOBODY in the music scene. I laugh at SME but not at the girls. That must have been horrible but ultimately they should have taken notes from their oppas on just what a piece of shit SME really is.

    • @MIA2
      Really? 8 versions of the same crappy song? I hated the first and only I listened.
      What kind of weed are CEOs smoking in SME’s office? Do they transferred headquarter in Jamaica?
      That’s freakin’ insane!

      • Wait, I heard someone gave the Harry Potter guy (forgot his name) SNSD’s The Boys cd. So is this what they gave him?

      • Daniel Radcliffe? OMO I would die of pure humiliation!
        I think they might have been better off giving him the Korean album instead but the songs there are bland as all heck.
        It was horrible and from my understanding DR likes rock music and some hip hop. He is a gentleman so I don’t think he will say anything rude about SNSD or their music. Poor girls!

      • OK I checked on Wiki and they released three English albums. All are titled “The Boys” (one is a “special edition”) The first two albums are the English versions of the Korean album and the third album is the one with the 8 copies of one song. I doubt they promoted that album in the shows. Sigh of relief for them but this is still highly embarrassing.

    • OMO I read more of their wiki and lol how ridiculous!

      The Boys:
      Critical reception
      Katherine St Asaph from Popdust awarded the “The Boys” 3.5/5 stars, and noted that while the song has ‘military drum breakdown on the bridge’ and ‘lots of chant-rapping and trading off vocals’, it lacks a memorable chorus. Jen Erenza from Ryan Seacrest’s official blog complimented it, calling it a ‘foot-stomping, head-crackin’, and girl-powered track sung by nine girls that everyone needs to hear’.

      Starting from September 26, 2011, photos of the members were released online showcasing a fairytale concept.

      Girls’ Generation had their first live performance of “The Boys” on October 21, 2011 with the song “Mr. Taxi” on Music Bank. It was also performed on Show! Music Core, Inkigayo, and M! Countdown. Girls’ Generation also had their first live performance of the English version of “The Boys” at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 23, 2011. The group performed the Japanese version of “The Boys” for the first time in Fuji TV’s Hey Hey Hey! X-Mas Special on December 19, 2011.

      Music video (I couldn’t stop laughing! My mom thinks I’m crazy)

      Girls’ Generation in “The Boys” music video.

      The video begins with Yoona picking up a black crystal. The camera zooms into the stone and shows the other members walking around in the area with rose petals falling in slow motion, along with Jessica releasing a white dove. The song begins and the girls start the dance routine in a black and white fashioned room. It also shows them dancing in a misty atmosphere with sand on the ground. The dance break in the middle of the song features a rap performed by Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung. Towards the end of the music video, the camera focuses on a slow-motioned flying dove. The video ends with the girls posing inside the black crystal while the rose petals continue to fall.

      The music video for “The Boys” choreographed by Rino Nakasone Razalan, was met with mostly positive reception among the public.[citation needed] Fans noted that the ‘choreography is more polished than their previous works’ and praised its stunning visuals along with the girls’ beauty.[citation needed] Both the English and Korean music videos combined managed to garner 10 million views on popular video-sharing site YouTube in 3 days, a new feat for K-Pop music videos.[citation needed] The Korean version of the music video uploaded by SM Entertainment currently has an 82% approval rating, based on the number of likes and dislikes.

      The Korean version of “The Boys” music video was the third most viewed video on YouTube’s music category for the week of October 25, 2011


      • you’re right XD
        btw, i think jj back then was already really handsome.. but now he is getting more and more gorgeous O.O
        is he even human? XDXD

    • Okay since you started this…. 🙂
      I know we’ve posted this like a thousand times before but…here it is again..
      Besides NOBODY does NECK ROLLS like Junsu… LOL 🙂

    • YOUCHUN……
      Oh So Suave in that dark midnight blue.
      I think he wants us to touch his chest… Oh!? sorry little Chunsas….. 🙂

  12. this is the first time i’ve ever seen theese vid.. wow, the guys are so handsome in here O.O
    but still, i prefer JJ XP

    • @Hilya…

      Oh! Well here is something I found today. I was cleaning up my old JYJ photo files and I found this photo of JJ. It’s JJ with facial hair…. Not sure it might be a photoshop. LOL

      I bet you have NEVER seen this before! It is pretty shocking so brace yourself!


      • OMG WTF?!?!?!? O.o
        nooooooooooooo jj don’t ever dare to let your facial hair grow again (sorry, my english suks, i know :()
        he looks older… so much older…

        the pic comment in utterly right… omo, i think jj’s smile is illegal… he could kill some one just with a glance while smiling… ok.. even when he doesn’t…

      • @ A Friend of JYJ
        i like that pic, he looks so badass, kind like a bad boy.
        many people say they like JJ when he is in mirotic era but for me i like his style now, he looks more masculine and full of smile , i don’t really like his image in dbsk era..cool, less smile and looks sad…and this image is created by sme right..
        JJ now is more expressive with his feeling..kind like that.

      • @Love_JYJ

        Yeh I know what you mean.. I think I felt the same dway the first time I saw it.. seriously.. badass, badboy rockstar..
        But I agree.. I like his look now.. much more masculine..
        I really like the JJ forehead…… I actually love them all with their “FOREHEADS EXPOSED” man that sounds sooo wrong! 🙂

      • @All

        Hey guys it was great talking with you!!
        I’ve got to go.. I’m on call this evening.
        Have a great night!!

      • Finally! Someone agrees with me! So I’m a new fan of JYJ and of course I looked up the old group DBSK, and I would always see people commenting on how happy Jaejoong looked back then compared to now (I will admit that he had lost a lot of weight but he’s gained it back now) but to me he looks way, way, way, happier now than he ever did in DBSK. I’m not saying he wasn’t happy but I feel that he feels more liberated and free now that he doesn’t have to play a role anymore. He can just be Jaejoong. 😀

      • @ A Friend of JYJ
        Don’t worry me either, i’m obsessed with JYJ forehead too lol
        anyway take care ^^

        @ Hilya
        yes he is so handsome, also yoochun and junsu too
        i really like JYJ members style and image now ^^.

      • @ Rocky
        yes, even me, as a dbsk fans in the past prepare their image and style now, but if you ask me about dbsk image in korean and japan i prepare when they are in japan (at lest it much better than in korean).
        i never understand they why sme creat an image for them.

        ok i should go too, bye ^^

      • I’m with, I liked Jae’s image in Tohoshinki (Secret Code era) but I like him more now as JYJ, cool ,simple and freestyle, elegant and classy in special occasions.

      • Well, this photo show you if JJ let his mustache and beard grow. It is good for us though, because JJ is a man. And if he is an actor, he will let it grow to support his character.

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