[NEWS] 120203 The Rooftop posse assembles for a test shoot


Here’s a look at the men of the upcoming fantasy-sageuk-time-traveler drama Rooftop PrinceYoochun stars as the Joseon-era crown prince and should, in my opinion, always be in sageuks; he just looks so much better in my eyes in that dignified sageuk-wear. Either that or he could just adopt hanbok as his everyday dress, though really, it might just be easier to keep acting in costume dramas.

In the drama, Princey makes the 300-year quantum leap with his entourage, which consists of Lee Min-ho (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), Jung Seok-won (Ojakkyo Brothers), and Choi Woo-shik (Tree With Deep Roots). I’m bracing myself for the inevitable moniker F4, which will undoubtedly be slapped onto this quartet, even though it’s a term that reallyneeds to take a hiatus from popular usage. I guess it’s convenient, though; you won’t find shorter shorthand around to describe a foursome of pretty, pretty young men. 

About the prince’s posse: Lee Min-ho’s character is a prickly sort — you know, uptight and difficult to please — and also a genius. “Pure macho” swordsman Jung Seok-won is always on his guard and ready to protect the prince. And eunuch Choi Woo-shik happens to be “the original vegetarian,” which I hope gets used for comic effect.


Aside from the fact that this prince is considered handsome, I’m feeling a lot more Vampire Idol with this bunch than F4 — and that’s a great thing, because the vampire idol boys are hilarious. And adorable. They’re also fish out of water, just from the other end of the time-space continuum where they’re used to things being a lot more high-tech and easy than contemporary life in Korea.

The drama recently held its first script reading at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center on the afternoon of February 1, where they also held a camera test with our series leads. That also included our second leads, pictured below in modern-day-wear as characters the crown prince meets when warping to the future. Er, the present. Lee Tae-sung (Playful Kiss) plays a charming playboy, while Jung Yumi (Thousand Day Promise) will fall into a love triangle with the prince and his princess-lookalike, played by Han Ji-min. Han was conspicuously absent from the photos, but she’s probably busy still shooting Padam Padam, which is winding up for its finale week.

Rooftop Prince will premiere on Wednesday, March 14.


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174 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120203 The Rooftop posse assembles for a test shoot

      • 20? waah this drama gonna be intense >.<
        Yoochunnie must be super busy. I got good feeling about this drama. I don't care about rating, as long as the scriptwriter did her job very well it's gonna be okay

      • @putrihs
        Wow! You’re one of the few I know that loved it. Have you seen Autumn in my Heart (Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun)?

      • @pian: are u asking about that drama? kyaaaa… i loveee it.. because of that drama i become of huge fans of won bin.. even i think the way song seung hun died is a little bit ridiculous.. ;p

      • @putrihs
        OMG! Me too! Fell in love with Won Bin through this drama! Won Bin stole the show! I just wish YC will be able to reach Won Bin’s level. WB’s such a great actor. Epic line from WB: How much are you worth?

      • @pian: that’s why i reallllyyyy want chunnie has a mellodrama, IMO if chunnie join in mellodrama he will has a BIG chance to show all his feeling.. *i want to see him crying out loud until he hard to breath*

      • @pian: the way chunnie crying doesn’t bring tears to my eyes.. *am i asking too much?* but the way ldh crying suddenly makes me mad.. just like i can feel her anger..

      • @putrihs
        Chunnie cried in Miss Ripley and that crying chunface are floating around in internet.. fans used it for fanarts. Crying Chunface in taxi, riding horse, at salon.. lol.
        He shouldn’t cry again rofl

      • @putrihs
        The problem with Ripley was the script. I thought YC’s character would have a major tranformation from a sweet and pure puppy to a vengeful, jilted lover but he never changed till the end.

      • @pian: yessssss.. I was really waiting for that change .. but all I get is a lame character of park yoochun.. too bad!!

      • @pian
        “I thought YC’s character would have a major tranformation from a sweet and pure puppy to a vengeful, jilted lover but he never changed till the end.”

        EXACTLY! I was disappointed when YC changed again from dark YC to puppy lover 😦
        What a wasted.
        He was so cool when he became dark Yutaka ..I got goosebumps when watched it

      • @gigikusakit
        If it could be as epic as SKKS, then I could care less about ratings. BTW, Miss Ripley and SKKS broke the record for DVD rentals formerly held by Winter Sonata.

      • @pian
        “Miss Ripley and SKKS broke the record for DVD rentals formerly held by Winter Sonata.”
        Both with uri Yoochunnie in there, hihi~

      • @pian @bubbly
        I’ve heard that from twitter, passed Winter Sonata wow.
        SKKS was indeed amazing but I’m surprised than Japanese fans also love miss ripley!
        daebak.. chunbie power indeed!!

        as @pian said , just give us good script n I think the drama will be just fine. I like all the cast, there are also many veterans actors n SBS seems do everything they could to boost Rooftop Prince. Last but not least, I trust YC. He always picked good project n always do his 100% on his project.

      • @gigikusakit
        So surprised too that Miss Ripley’s popular in Japan but I noticed that a Japanese drama is so different from a typical K drama. Japanese dramas are darker in genre which is what Miss Ripley is. That may be a factor why Miss Ripley’s doing well there.

      • @Pian
        I loved Bae Yong Joon not because of Winter sonata but because of the “Legend”/”The first King’s four gods”/Tae wang sa shin ki. That was an awesome drama. Action, romance, and fantasy. It was awesomely made. With a dissappointing ending (the lead girl didn’t end up with the king even though they loved each other).

      • @loveUnchanged
        One thing I don’t like about Korean mellow dramas is that they always end either in tragedy or the leads never end up together.

      • @putrihs
        Leader-ssi is a sad person :(..she likes sad endings to dramas.
        You are not sad when you see the two leads don’t come together at the end of the drama?
        Like after say 20 episodes of chasing after the drama.
        I’m exactly the opposite.. 😛
        I love happy endings..it doesn’t matter if it’s a lil’ sad in the beginning or middle..
        but the ending must be HAPPY~!!! hihi~ 😀


      • @bubbly: I like the drama which draining ur emotion and requires full concentration to understand the story, I like to see the changes in the emotions of each character. 🙂

      • @gigikusakit
        yes. Dark Yutaka gave me goosebumps. When he was contemplating on what to do upon the revelation of Miri’s true colors and then when he turned sideways to meet the pimp. The way he turned his head, the stare he gave to the pimp and his voice, his aura suddenly changed into a dark, cold man–very subtle but effective. I was anticipating of how he’d deal with Miri but by next episode, he went back to being a puppy. Such a waste of talent!

    • Hi @gigimonica *hugs*
      LOL. Our very own p.a. is lost now..hahaha~~

      I see new ava! 🙂
      And you’ve picked da Chuncheeks at it’s chubbiest as your new ava, lol~!
      How adorable!

  1. The more I read updates about this drama, the more excited I get. I really hope Rooftop Prince will be good. I need a new drama crack/addiction.

  2. why jung yu mi got the role as the second woman? she looks good in the thousand days promise .. I hope he gets a “partner” in this drama, although not pyc, bcause pyc should be together with ha ji min isn’t it? ;p

    • Hi leader-ssi @putrihs *hugs*
      Wow..you are really our drama princess..
      alongside @noi and @JUNO of course..lol~

      Because when you go “why jung yu mi got the role as the second woman?”
      I went..who’s jung yu mi? I’m clearly not a drama person, haha~
      So she must be good huh?
      If so, that’s certainly good news for RTP.

      • @bubbly: huugg!! she is the 2nd female player in thousand days promise, i’m not saying she is good compare to A-list artist *soo ae* but when u saw her acting in thousand days, u can feel her pain and her sacrifice.. she’s know how to represent hyang gi feeling, not to much aegyo but can be mellow too.. 🙂

      • @pian
        Oh really?
        Wow..I wonder what made her chose second lead in “Rooftop” over first lead in “Doll mask”? 😉

      • @pian: *typo, i mean she*.. so it seems this rooftop story attract many star attention ne.. unfortunately moon chae won resist it .. *sigh, i want her as a princess* kekekekee..

      • @putrihs
        My guess is Moon Chae Won realized that this drama is Yoochun-centered as depicted in the title. MCW or her management probably wanted a MCW-led drama that’s why they rejected it. But, they claimed Rooftop is more of a sageuk drama and MCW wanted to take a break from sageuks.

  3. I am certain Rooftop Prince will be a very very good drama. JYJ’s known for their intense focus on any project. Yoochun always delivers and is never shabby on anything he does. JYJ3 – thanks a million for all the lovely updates and images. You guys/ladies are wonderful. I’m terribly excited. Miss JYJ so much.

    • Yippie..it works! haha~
      I posted quite a few comments earlier on..
      on another post that is..but all my comments went missing..arghhh..
      I wonder what went wrong.

      • Maybe it was because of that troll, or should I say “pervert”, on that recent JYJ facebook pic post.
        Anyways, do you ever feel like changing your avatar with an actual pic? And you just don’t know how? If so I’d tell you how to do it. Not that I don’t like your green “bubbly”; It’s very you, whatever that means lol. I was just wondering.

      • @loveUnchanged
        Lemme see..you are the “N” person to ask me this question..hahaha~~
        Nah..I’m not ready yet. I guess I’m just too attached to my lil’ green monster.
        I love her too much..to change it for now. Can you believe it? lol~
        Maybe one day..I’ll..when I’m ready to dump her for my Chun.

        One day.


      • I can’t believe somebody has a tighter hold on your heart than Chunnie. And its none other than “the green moster”. Well that’s ok. I actually like your green monster since it reminds me of you.

      • @bubbly…

        I like ur greenie monsta thing wit cherry like lips.. easy to spot u.. 🙂 ah.. miss u guys.. I read e posts n comments but diff to type .. my ph key pad too small even for my skinny fingers… 😛

      • @loveUnchanged @kaloocapri @Nandar

        A big THANK YOU to all my sissis for..
        loving my lil’ greenie monsta with red/cherry lips..


        What a way to describe my buddy. Kkeke~

        Noted. You’ve skinny fingers. I hate you!

      • @kaloocapri
        Hey..come to think of it..that might be THE reason why! 😀
        I guess, I should try to jump lesser, ne? haha~

  4. wah i just read this article on dramabeans, and now in jyj3.. really cannot wait for this drama *chunnie in hanbok again* plus there are jung suk won and lee tae sung.. count me in!

    • @taraLuvJJ
      Wait..we are counting..
      ee..where were we?!
      Haha..I lost count again.. 😛

      lol, jk~!

      Afterall “Rooftop Prince” did win the recent Innolife’s poll for the most anticipated drama of 2012~! 😀

    • Obviously it’s gonna be different. The story line (plot) is different with different faces (except our prince), different directors and writer (hope he’s good) and a whole new broadcast station (not that it matters, lol). Plus they will spend half or more than half of the drama in recent time (even though I hope they will do more sageuk than contemporary). It’s gonna be different all right. I just hope its gonna be just as good as SKKS or even better. Better would be great!

      • I also think it’s gonna be different. I smell more comedy in here than SKKS.
        I think YC wont accept the drama offer if Rooftop just going to be SKKS part 2.

      • @pian
        I’ve been waiting for long time to see Chun to take this kind of drama. You know, with sword, horse riding and rom com stuff! Please script writer, do not crush my high expectation >.<

      • @gigikusakit
        I’ve always wanted to see YC make use of his taekwondo skills in a drama. It’s been a while since he’s shown off his martial arts skills. Isn’t he a black belter?

      • @pian
        yes I think he hold black belt.
        I’m not sure if he still good in taekwondo or not..since he said he rarely practiced it these day. But I agree, I want to see some fighting scene too.

      • @gigikusakit @gigikusakit
        They showed off his multilingual and piano skills in Miss Ripley. I really hope they get to showcase his taekwondo skills in this drama. I miss him being athletic.

      • @gigi @pian @loveUnchanged
        Rom-com with a good blend of actions..sounds good! 🙂

        Don’t set your expectations too high! It’s better that way, I guess..hihi~

      • @pian
        but he never being athletic. I mean, he doesn’t really love sport and never become a ‘muscle’ man before but I guess there’s possibility we may saw some fighting scene in this drama. He’s Joseon prince after all.

      • @gigikusakit
        He’s athletic. Have you seen some of their variety shows during the db5k era? He’s really good in basketball and soccer. He’s just not a gym buff. JJ’s the one who’s not good at sports but he loves working out. Junsu could attest to that.

      • @pian
        yes I’ve watched it. He’s pretty good at soccer and he love to play basketball. Jae never good at sport but he love building muscle though lol

      • @gigikusakit
        LOL! That’s why JS keeps on saying that JJ should not be allowed to play any ball sport. I remember YC saying “JJ’s useless muscles”.

      • @pian
        rofl n I also remember Jisung from PtB said JJ is not good at sport all all lol. Poor baby.
        Junsu is the best among the 3 in sport

      • @all
        If my memory serves me right, in one previous interview..
        Junsu did pester Chun to join him for a soccer game and after much pestering..
        Chun still declined..saying he’s NOT a soccer person, he’s more of a basketball person.. 🙂
        Am I missing somethin’ here? hihi~ 😛

      • @bubbly
        actually I think Chunnie pretty good at soccer but since he rarely play soccer n usually FC Men will attracted media and fans maybe he’s not confident ROFL~
        Poor Chunbie >.<

      • @gigikusakit @bubbly
        Yes, JS mentioned in an interview that whenever FC men has a game, he keeps on calling YC to join them. JS really wants YC to participate in their games but YC keeps on declining him. But I think JS has not given up yet on YC. Poor JS! He really wants YC to play and keeps on pestering YC with his calls. JS’s the best in soccer while YC’s the best in basketball. Saw a Japanese show they were in before and it was so obvious that YC’s the only one who knows how to play basketball among the 5 of them… Even Jisung noticed JJ’s weakness then. At least JJ still has his muscles, right? LOL!

      • @all
        This is interesting.

        JJ the gym buff..full of “useless” muscles, rofl.
        But hey, at least he’s got muscles! 😀 haha~
        Now there’s a reason why Junsu never invite him to his soccer games, lol~

        JS’s the best in sports. I guess, that is where he gets his infamous “duckbutt” from ;).

        YC the taekwondo black belter, woah! Haters, you hear that?

      • until very recently i had no idea YC and JS had taekwondo black belts

        its OK if YC’s bad at sports
        its obvious he doesnt like working out much
        might be because of asthma

      • Actually as an asthma patient, its not advisable for him to do any strenous exercises. I bet that’s why he wasn’t feeling so good recently. It’s probably because he over did the horse-riding training. I hope if he films for something laborous, they will pace it out for him. Rooftop Prince, Fighting to the Top!

      • Really? I can imagine it too . Horse riding up in the mountain with cold weather must be so tiring for him. I know ‘mountain’ sound a bit weird but since it’s half saeguk drama he probably will filming in the village and alley like he did in SKKS.

        He should take care of his health and drink all the medicine pills from Blessing YC ahjummas lol.

      • Yuchun’s Taekwondo level is a 3 dan black belt, dan grades 1–3 are classed as national instructors. And he was a national representative when he was young, Yunho said so in a program. Yuchun also play basketball, baseball, snowboarding and diving.

  5. i guess i’ll got many bricks by saying this, BUT i want park yoochun in mellodrama just like thousand days promise/princess man.. the one with the female lead dying/sick, i just wanna know the way chunnie bring his all emotions.. is not easy, i like everytime i saw kim rae woo, so ji sub or kwong sang woo crying out loud. i wanna see how park yoochun crying like that because he losing his lover.. *_____*

    • @putrihs
      I have nothing against melo drama, but it cant be denied that melo drama is bit heavier and more people tend to love romcom than melo.
      If chun take another melodrama, I hope they will do much better than Ripley. Ripley was fine but still there’s something missing in there. Maybe Chunnie will be do better in melo drama when get bit older. He seems too young for me to play in melodrama.

      • @gigi: “If chun take another
        melodrama, I hope
        they will do much
        better than Ripley.” this! pyc
        character in ripley its so lamee..

    • @putrihs
      Erm..can we save this for his next project please? 🙂
      Coz I really wanna see Chun in a rom-com 😦 , for once.
      I wanna see da many Chunfaces put to good use.

      That said..arrgghh, I hate to watch dramas with de female leads dying and all..
      maybe I’d watched too many in the past..Korean dramas especially.
      It’s getting boring *yawns*

      Now, my turn to say, don’t bash me!


    • @putrihs

      stand by u.. Noticed that we have same taste in dramas..i ve been reading above posts but my fingers r too slow to reply all the posts.. i want chun to b multitalented actor like lee byun hyun.. i want a drama like iris for chun.. it is melo+action.. tho LBH isnt my fav actor, i really respect his talent n skill.. he is awesome…

      • @nandar: hug!! I have not
        watched IRIS, the last LBH drama
        that I watched were All In
        together with Song Hye Khu, Ji
        Sung and Ha Ji Min. he is not one
        of the flower boy actor, but he
        definitely has character.
        characteristic of LBH in every
        drama is very clear, and don’t
        forgot Beautiful days with Choi Ji
        Wo,IMO his face is a trademark
        for melodrama.. kekekeke. . *bdw,
        he is not my fave too..* 😀

      • @putrihs

        Yes, altho he is not my fav actor (due to age gap) i love his dramas.. I think i have watched nearly all of his famous dramas… Daebak… Especially i really IRIS (cuz of LBH KTH and TOP) they are really good… Watching LBH and KTH acting will give u goosebumbs and cry out loud with them… Serious.. My princess is such a crap after u watch IRIS… I dont like KTH ( 😛 ) but i like her acting… Amazing.. The scene she cries cuz her friend confirms the death of LBH.. WoWWWW… So scary (of cuz in a good way)… and LBH witnessing the car bombing while KTH is waiting in the car… thats amazing!!!!!! *both-thumbs-up* this LBH is so far the best actor in talent and acting skill… I want YC to be like this… Go Mr Park!!!!

      • @Nandar: I’ve said in one article in JYJ3, KTH is only good in melo drama. when you put her in light drama with too much aegyo, it’s like u eat Blackforest with too much cream .:p ok i will try to watch IRIS.. 🙂

      • oh, yeaj.. I remember that… YES!!! thats right… KTH is really good for melo but not for rom-com i guess… Juts not so her type.. but sad that most of recents dramas are rom-com with famous idols with suck-ie acting skils.. Honestly i am really waiting for good dramas with good actors .. I think i have said this somewhere before (or in youtube, i am not sure).. It is true that K-dramas are famous but in terms of being good , K-dramas are still far away from Jap dramas… But Jap dramas are not that popular may be cuz of weak promotion and the casts are not like candy boys and girls… just my thought..

      • @nandar: I always watch the Japanese drama when I was little, my mom is a fan of Japanese drama. I think Japanese drama is less desirable because the story is too heavy. and they rarely use bright colors for image retrieval. but even I could cry when watching a jap cartoon .. they know how to make a story. ^^

  6. maybe the script is good.. funny drama.. I like that…. can wait for this drama….
    but the women is not like a princess…

    i want lee young ae,, or park min young…………

  7. I need march to be quickly by the time..I’m so bored nowadays and very2 excited about this upcoming drama…I hope they make the storyline much more interesting because I already have faith in yoochun’s acting, he is always good in act of whatever character given to him. Now just make the storyline as good as his acting, it will sure “BOom” all over the world even will make greater impact than skks.

  8. keep our fingers cross 6002’s drama this time will be the best drama for this year & receive very good responses from all over the world! hwaiting my prince 6002!

      • ah i see…

        but hey.. i have read one twitter update .. CjES staff saying that YH might be better in horse back riding cuz his role is something something.. (cant remember exactly 😉 ) what is it a bout??? he has new drama…

        I have been loving YH lately… 😛 he is a more-mature-yet-look-younger-and-serious-looking version of chun… 😀 i still prefer dorky chunface tho… 😉

      • @Nandar: i have heard a rumor that yh joined in gyebaek too along with Song Ji Hyo.. 😀 that’s why im asking, is gyebaek already running or not? i want to see yoohwan.. 😀

  9. “Yoochun stars as the Joseon-era crown prince and should, in my opinion, always be in sageuks; he just looks so much better in my eyes in that dignified sageuk-wear.”
    YES..Yoochun in that dignified sageuk-wear is ♥ ~~~!

    “They’re also fish out of water, just from the other end of the time-space continuum where they’re used to things being a lot more high-tech and easy than contemporary life in Korea.”
    HAHA..I smell fun here~!

    “Rooftop Prince will premiere on Wednesday, March 14.”
    Marking this important date down my diary, lol~

  10. “yes I think he hold black belt.
    I’m not sure if he still good in taekwondo or not..since he said he rarely practiced it these day. But I agree, I want to see some fighting scene too.”

    @gigikusakit, how do we know YC has a black belt in taekwondo? I didn’t know that at all. Have you read or seen any report ? I would love to read that.

    I think the “Rooftop” drama will go the same way as SKKS which made me notice YC as a talented rookie. I agree wihth @pian that Miss Ripley ddnt have a good script. Infact i was a little dismayed that YC’s potential was not fully exploited in that drama. I want to see him in some action scenes.

    If “Rooftop” has as good a script as SKKS, YC would have it made.

  11. really hope that this drama will receive a huge response and can compete with LSG next drama,heehhee..

    can’t wait until march is coming..^^

    6002theMicky Hwaiting!!!!

  12. @nandar: hug!! I have not watched IRIS, the last LBH drama that I watched were All In together with Song Hye Khu, Ji Sung and Ha Ji Min. he is not one of the flower boy actor, but he definitely has character. characteristic of LBH in every drama is very clear, and don’t forgot Beautiful days with Choi Ji Wo,IMO his face is a trademark for melodrama.. kekekeke.. *bdw, he is not my fave too..* 🙂

    • @princesschun28 leader-ssi
      IRIS! One of my all-time fave drama. I love dramas of this genre..action, mystery, suspense kinda stuff. But the ending is a major turn-off. I hope Chun gets to land a role in a drama of this genre in his next project :).
      I really like Lee Byung Hun. I think he’s one of the greatest Korean actors around. He might not be the most handsome, he doesn’t have the height and what not but..
      like my Chun, he’s got loads of charm. I guess, I’m not so much for looks.
      To me: charm comes first, look comes second. Charm lasts, look doesn’t.

      Oopss~! Now I know. So this is the reason why I’m so attracted to my Chun 😉
      And I’ve been wondering all this while, why.


      • @bubbly: HUG!! so IRIS is good huh? @Nandar already reccomend that drama to me.. my opinion of LBH its same with u bubbly.. he’s not flower boy but he SERIOUSLY has a loads of charm.. 😀

  13. @gigi: “If chun take another
    melodrama, I hope
    they will do much
    better than Ripley.” this! pyc character in ripley its so lamee.. :((

  14. does anyone know when gyebaek appear? because there are rumors that yoohwan join in that drama too.. *just curious of his acting skill, he is decent in thousand days* 🙂 thanks for your info JYJ fellow..

  15. Off topic.. I know..

    Talking about dramas, Currently i am watching Moon embraces the sun and wild romance… I like the story and child casts of Moon.. but the leads turn my mood off.. I somehow think JIW should be the king cuz his personality and look fit the king’s personality; such as the king has a bright smile.. If i know correctly, JIW is famous for his killer smile… the older version casts really spoil the drama..

    I dont know why, WR didnt trap my heart.. I think the story construction was good and the casts are good actors.. Especially the girl amazes me.. She is new but the way she acts is really daebak… Of cuz Soo ji sub or something?? the lead guy.. I dont know his name but i saw him in a few dramas.. He is an amazingly talented actor.. But somehow i find that there is no chemistry between the 2 leads at all… they both are good but no chemistry, i dont know why… I mean compare to Spy MW, WR is way better in terms of story … But somehow WR didnt took my breath even those romantic scenes… I really like the chemistry between the two leads of SMW… Both of them were never my fav and even worse, it is my first drama of Eric.. But the strong chemistry between the two leads take my breath…

    Summary, 😀 I think to get a drama a hit, the director must be good, the script writer must be awesome, the casts must be good, talented and famous, and there must be a strong chemistry between the leads.. the reason SKKS was successful and MR fails is partly due to strong chemistry between the two Parks but there is no chemistry between LDH and PYC.. For RTP, i think the story is good, the actors are good.. So i am just praying the director and the script writer are awesome and there will be an extremely strong chemistry between our Mr Park and HJM.. I dont mind if they really date to get that chemistry… I really need a good drama of Chun….

    RTP fighting!!! Yoochun fighiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • heehee.. Miss out something..

      I saw Jessica from SNSD for the first time in Wild Romance.. and watched Cinderella Man of KSW and Yoona(?) from SNSD.. Really ??? I mean SoMeone is going to launch those girls to K-ama world?? GOD, please save K-drama world.. I swear i cant live without JYJ and K-drama… I need GOOD K-dramas… I dont despise them or so.. I just think they really kill the role.. They have dead face… PPl might brick me.. i dont care thats what i think.. And i believe it is true.. I mean the lead girl from WR is not that pretty type and she is also new.. But i like the way she acts.. She is really good.. But those idols, ummm,,, they cant act at all… 😦

      Pls, even if it is JYJ, dont spoil the drama just because u want to be more popular with the drama … I really hate to see those idols killing the world i love… But this is why i love our JYJ boys more.. They really are very talented and good in whatever they do.. They know what they have and they know how to make good use of it.. 🙂 *thumbs up*

      Honestly, I am dying to see JS in a drama.. But it is ok, he can take time and learn more.. Cuz i want him to act well in a drama than just act in the drama to follow the trend or so but didnt do well in the end..

      Ya ppl might comment me “ya, of cuz u will say JYJ is good because u r JYJ fan”.. Well, ppl, let me tell u.. I wasnt a JYJ /DBSK fan till 2010… I was a K-Drama fan who hates to see idols spoiling the world i love to live in… Not that i love JYJ and say this it is just that they have this thats why i love them… Isnt it surprising that YC turned me (who hates plastic-like-bad-in-acting-idol-turn-actors) into his fan with his first drama…

      Really, Mr Park… All the best for RTP.. Show them that you are a rare multi talented artist !!!!!!! I believe this is who u r!!!!!

    • @Nandar sissiiiiiiiii!!! *bighugs*

      Very well-analysed sissi! 🙂

      “For RTP, i think the story is good, the actors are good.. So i am just praying the director and the script writer are awesome and there will be an extremely strong chemistry between our Mr Park and HJM..”
      THIS..I agree! Two are in the pocket. Another three to go.
      Especially the chemistry department, and the script writer too and darn..the director as well, haha~
      Let’s pray hard and hope for the best~!

      “I dont mind if they really date to get that chemistry…”
      Are you sure you won’t cry a river, sissi? 😉


      • @bubbly

        Sissy.. Of cuz u know that i will cry an ocean if he dates another girl (other than me 😀 ).. kee keee but what to do.. I will stll smile as long as our chunie is happy.. I will give them my blessing… (T_T)

        oops … suddenly i feel like i am so gracious~~~~ 🙂 😀 😛

    • The young cast of Moon/Sun nailed their roles. It was such a big disappointment when the adult characters came into the scene. For me, Han Ga In is just a pretty face, Kim Soo Hyun is not pulling it for me. I think he’s just lucky to bag all these great roles since he has a strong backer (Bae Yong Joon). He’s not a good actor. I agree, I would have preferred So Ji Sub for the king role. They’re just fortunate that they have an amazing script to rely on.

      • @Pian

        Guess what?? I am so deeply in love with the young couple of Sun and Moon.. Arent they lovely??? I really wish the whole drama will end with those child actors.. Really… U know i cried a lot with those kids.. I think they are too awesome~~~~ 5* for thsoe talented kids!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OMG! Yes! Way more impressive than their adult counterparts. Would’ve preferred the story to revolve around the young ones as they go through maturation. Great chemistry by the young guns too.

      • I love the kids in The moon that embraced the sun too. The older versions are good actors too but they are playing a tamer version of the kids that’s why we see such a vast difference. The kids were carefree whiles the adults have a world full of problems on their shoulders. Take for instance, the prince turned king. He’s actually a very good actor, but he’s too tame and too weary to be carefree. He also has a heart problem (partly because of his evil father-in-law). They should have made him a bit more hyper. The only person who’s still carefree and hyper as an adult is the illegitimate Prince (Yang Myun Gun). For the ladies, whiles I liked the young empress’ acting better than the older version, I can’t say the same for the young Yeon U. I think Han Ga In plays her role better than the little kid. Yeon U the kid wasn’t as intense as I would have liked(probably the fault of the script, because I’ve seen her do much better in other dramas) . Every time I watched her I felt like she was “acting”, if you know what I mean.

  16. @ agree with you ……about “Moon embraces the sun ” the first few eps really good, the child cast acted amazing..very promise for future of new excellent actors and actress …but the adults cast some how turn me off..I lose my excite..they are not bad..just they not good enough to pull out of characters..now i can see it not easy to act in this kind the dramas!
    I am K-drama fan too…I have to honestly say…I few lucky K–drama industry have those new kids talents like ” “Moon embraces the sun ” child’s cast, otherwise i feel i will have to stop watch drama because of ” SOMEONE send to try dominate our Drama wold..HMMMM!

      • @anva

        I just hope that those talents will not be kept in the wardrobe by StupidMen!!!!!!! u know that StupidMen is trying to influence the whole world!!!! *sigh*

    • Jessica is already being bashed by netizens for her atrocious acting in Wild Romance. LOL!
      I really pray that YC’s new drama will be a big hit just so YC can gain a leverage over SM in the drama department.

      • @pian

        I dont hate her (but of cuz I am not happy about KBS JeJu case) but seeing her first time didnt give me good impression at all and which makes things worse is her face is too plastic.. I m not sure if she really did surgery tho… Sometimes i dont encourage actors and actress to go for beauty too much.. Those medications, injections and surgery will kill the facial expression somehow… Most of actors and actresses think beauty is the most important thing.. in fact the most important thing for an actor or actress is to pull off their roles and make viewers emersed in the story… Well to me.. 😛

      • @Nandar
        That’s why I find it ridiculous that SM’s trying to dominate the K drama land too. SM is getting a dose of their own medicine. We all know that most (if not all) SM artists went under the knife. Well, you can get away with stitches, botox, etc. in Kpop since it’s probably the norm in Korea but to pass as an actor, you’re major selling point is your facial expression. It’s the main requirement in becoming a good actor. It’s not all visuals. Her face is weird. Make-up cannot even cover up the fakery. I’m not hating on SNSD. I’m a drama fan by heart. I would not even take notice of JYJ if it were not for YC the actor.

      • @pian

        I like your wise comments on plastic surgery and what it does to an actor’s facial expression. Except maybe for his dental work, YC looks absolutely natural and handsome to me since the day he debut at 17 years old,

      • Jessica in Wild romance doesn’t look pretty at all. I was actually shocked. The body guard was 10x prettier than her even though they didn’t dress her up to look pretty. I think Jessica would have looked better with blond hair. And her eye-bags were too obvious (worse than the worse Chun-i-bags, lol)). She’s probably being overworked and under-paid. I think Yoona is good though. There wasn’t any chemistry between her and KSW in “The Cinderella man” but she wasn’t a bad actress.
        I liked Wild Romance untill Jessica showed up. It’s not that I don’t like her (I couldn’t care less about her), but her character/role/part slows the whole flow of the movie down. They should focus more on the main leads.

        The male lead in WR (Wild Romance) is Lee Dong Wook not Soo Ji Sub (SJS is the guy in “I’m sorry, I love you”). And the lead actress is not new. She’s new at playing lead but she’s acted in dramas such as “Loving you a thousand times” as the mistress, “BOF” as the psycho friend, Poseidon, and I heard she was also in “Playful kiss” (not so sure). She’s really beautiful in long hair and a good actress. Her present hair doesn’t do her any justice.

      • @LoveUnchanged

        “Jessica in Wild romance doesn’t look pretty at all” ~~ this is what is give me a lot of ?s.. 😀 i know she is very popular in S.K. But i dont find her pretty at all when i first see her in WR.. I thouhgt it is due to diff taste (like in LSG case. i wrote somewhere here that i dont think LSG is good looking at all 😛 )

        “I think Yoona is good though. There wasn’t any chemistry between her and KSW in “The Cinderella man” but she wasn’t a bad actress” ~~ umm.. I am still not convinced for this… 😀 I know YN carries a cutie ahjumas’ girl image in her group (like YC in DBSK/JYJ) but i dont find her cute at all.. to me, she has a plain simple normal face which is lact of emotions and feelings.. I mean to me, ok. 😀 I prefer Go Hara than her.. that little girl is adorable to me… Weird taste.. oh, talking about weird taste, i got to know IU lately .. She wasnt my type at all.. I dont know why, i prefer a girl like Park min young or Park Shin Hye than those “cutie pie” girls… And YES, the lead girl from WR, to me, she is not pretty.. She is cute!! So so cute~~~ the same feeling when i first see PMY.. 😛

        ” but her character/role/part slows the whole flow of the movie down. They should focus more on the main leads.” ~ cant agree more.. I think they do this to increase the rating.. But in fact i prefer the leads without jessica.. her dead face really kills the drama.. But somehow it makes the lead girl shines more.. Cuz comparing to Jess, that lead girl is really good and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “The male lead in WR (Wild Romance) is Lee Dong Wook not Soo Ji Sub (SJS is the guy in “I’m sorry, I love you”). ” ~~ this!! *blush* 😀 😛 i dont know their names.. 😛 just type the name i heard before… LOL *run and hide*

  17. Hello Chunsa’s …. may I speak?
    I have a little gift for you….
    Here is a little something a friend of mine who is an avid Chunsaphite sent me as an example of why she is so devoted.
    I have to agree… this one is spellbinding…
    Here it is… 😉

      • He does. They have the same body structure too (though one is more toned than the other). I want Chun to be as good an actor as he is. Did you watch him in “Vampire Prosecutor”? He’s really good.

    • @A Friend of JYJ *bows*
      My Lady!
      You changed your ava! Nice. But then again, I’m gonna miss that sexy ava of uri Junsu’s 😦 ..haha~

      Let’s see what you’ve for us here..
      O.O Omg..this pic of our Chun is just..
      Wow! Such raw masculinity!
      Look at those smouldering eyes and the Chunlips..
      oooooh-my-gawd~!!! I love this.
      THANK YOU for sharing this lovely pic with us, my Lady.. 🙂


  18. @bubbly

    Twinnie … Give me 5!!! Yes, that proves that u r my twinnie!!!!! 🙂

    I have posted here (somewhere on YC’s post) that i dot go for the look.. I go for personality and YES something called “Charm”??? until now , no matter how much i love our chunie, I accept that he is not the most hansome korean guy… But the reason i like him is not because he can trap my heart without knowing why… i fall deeper and deeper into him while i am trying my best to stop loving him… *sigh* .. I need a life.. 😀

    Yes, Charm lasts forever but look doesnt.. Plus, u can buy/ create look but not charm.. LBH is not my fav actor (or rather the actors i fantasaze cuz he is too old for me dear and i ike tall guys..) he got my greatest respect for being the best actor… He never fails to make me drawn in the drama.. I think all his dramas are really good!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • @Nandar twinnie

      Here you go..big 5!! 😀

      But seriously, in my book..charm weighs more than look! All the time.

      Wae? Words can’t even describe how much I love my Chun but..
      I still get to lead a normal life..can’t you?
      Weird twinnie, kkeke~
      Ok, I’m just kiiidiiiing~! 😀
      Mr Park, just what exactly have you done to us..poor Chunsas *sigh*

      Lee Byung Hun is a great great actor, no doubt about this.
      I love him too, but of course..
      I love my Chun more, much much MORE~!


      • @bubbly

        Is it weird??? I am falling deeper and deeper for this greenie “ugly” little monster with kissable-cherry-like-lips…. U know whenever i see a girl beside our chunie, I get irritated and angry.. But there are 2 girls i dont mind seeing beside Chun..

        1. The cute Korean unnie who works at airport and searched our yoochun thoroughly.. I know our chun has really high taste in women. But i just find her too cute and adorable.. And i love how she love our chunie and declare her love in public… A+ Unnie!!! 😀

        2. Little “ugly” greenie monsta with kissable-cherry-like-lips and who i called my twinnie @bubbly!!!! I love how u get excited over every small little thing about our chunie baby… I love how u always love our chunie… i be happy to see u beside chun .. *hug @bubbly*

        Note: Dont u think i am so COOL, @bubbly??? 😀 😛

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