[NEWS] 120204 JYJ’s Jaejoong arrives in Turkey

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has arrived in Turkey to attend his fan meeting!

As reported previously, Jaejoong will be holding an independent fan meeting event with his fans at Ankara University. Jaejoong departed for Turkey earlier in the day through Incheon International Airport, wearing a chic all-black ensemble with a luxurious pair of shades.

Many Turkish fans patiently waited for his arrival and upon seeing Jaejoong, the fans started chanting, “Jaejoong JYJ“. Jaejoong was quickly ushered to an awaiting vehicle by security.

Check out the fan cam footage below!

Credit: akp | Video: jaejoong860126 | Shared by: JYJ3


31 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120204 JYJ’s Jaejoong arrives in Turkey

  1. How i wish i could be there to join the chanting XDD “Jaejoong JYJ” that’s dae to the bak! Thank you soo much Turkish fans

  2. these turkish airport staff were probably thinking…. “what the heck?? who is this person that got these people to wait for him and actually brought their cameras…??” LOL he’s KIM JAEJOONG!! THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN ON EARTH!! ❤ kyaaaaa~~~

      • Was just in Turkey last summer…if you don’t look Turkish, you’re gawked at LOL so the cameras just make the situation worse…

  3. Finally, safely arrived at Turkey. Wish he have a great time and Turkey fan treat him well. Have FUN, and Jaejoong JYJ, show the world how special and precious you are. To those people out there who want to ruin their career,EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!!!

  4. he did not rushed actually. he rather walked slowly and i think he did this to let everyone have an oppurtunity to see his awesome uniqueness. out of world you are indeed! then he looked everyone from the car. we danced, cheered from him and JYJ. he watched us until the car leaves. and so many beautiful things vs. vs.. but most importantly thank you kim Jaejoong being such an incredible HUMAN and visiting our Turkey. and everyone who waited in the legendary cold evening of Ankara.. thank you. Our Jae love is daetothebak!!. JYJ Fighting!! wheteher you are in turkey or another place we will protect you as long as we are able to breath as JYJ Family.

  5. curious here, but isn’t that junsu’s manager?
    shouldn’t he be with junsu for his preparation for of ‘elisabeth’?
    or maybe they traded for this venture?

  6. THANK YOU Turkish Fans for the great welcome !
    I’m overwhelmed by Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ Jaejoong JYJ …..

  7. I bet the South Korean president will not be greeted as warmly as Jaejoong was received by his fans. In the video there Jae keeps a straight face as he usually does but a few times he shows his curious side and looks over towards the camera/fans haha.

  8. Isn’t Turkey the place that did those wonderful birthday celebration videos? Last year was Yuchun, this year was Jaejoong (?). I don’t remember exactly.

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