[TWITTER] 120204 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] For sure there are many similarities between the Turkish people and Koreans. This place is a GOOOD place indeed! I’m very excited and looking forward to the next few days here.

Source: @mjjeje | Trans by: Mr. Egg (@elbowyeish) | Shared by: JYJ3


45 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120204 Jaejoong Twitter Update

  1. Oh JJ!
    Such a wonderful greeting for the Turkish fans!
    He is the perfect Cultural Ambassador indeed!
    Making us sooo proud as always!

    GO JYJ!

  2. Daebaksama gets a little EMO.

    Oh, JaeJoong-ah, you are a world citizen baby! If world peace is going to ever be achieved is going to be done by people like you, and the ones here in JYJ3 who are finding common ground despite language, culture, and geographical barriers; people who understand that being different is good and make us who we are; people who respect differences, embraces them, and build connections with people from around the world. Politicians have nothing on us! Everyone here is different and beautiful, but we are brought together through our love for JYJ. Internet is a magnificent thing, if we know how to use it for good.

    • Love your words! And his tweet is very nice indeed. I´m glad he got a good impression of Turkey and seem happy there. I hope he will enjoy the coming two days and have lots of nice memories and experiences to take with him back home. It´s so nice to have him back here in Europe in our time zone, I´m very excited for him. Thanks to all Turkish fans who gave him a very lovely, warm and respectful welcome upon arriving at the airport. I´m sure this fan meeting will be another success, enjoy and take good care of him 🙂

    • @daebaksama
      Hi , i got emo while reading your comments too. I can definitely connect with you and everyone here in JYJ3…unity in diversity,,really awesome! dae-to-the-bak!
      My only wish is to have the luxury of time to converse with every JYJ lover here…i would love doing that!!!
      Happy Sunday everyone!
      Jae, enjoy Turkey…and Turkey continue to love and protect our beloved Jae. You are so lucky!

    • @daebaksama absolutely love your comments, our love for JYJ brings out the
      the best in us!!
      Jae, have a wonderful time in Turkey~~

    • @everyone,

      Hugs you all! You are awesome along with JYJ and uri JYJ3 admins. Peace and chocolate or maybe this picture posted by @ClaudelleLe on twitter. She killing everyone w/ fantastic pics

      • @daebaksama

        i love ur comments very much ~~ U expressed what we all feel perfectly!!! i also LOVE this pic of Jae that U’ve shared with us ~~ thank U *hugs* (i’m a chocolaholic, how did U know?? ^_~)


  3. يا حياتي تعال البلدان العربية بعد الحضارة هنات راح تعجبك
    اهم شي افرح وأقضي وقت ممتع ^^

    اهم شي انك مبسوط بس لو بيدي السلطة جان جئتك باول طيارة

  4. Jae-ah have fun during fan meeting ^________^
    i’m glad Jae felt like in his own country when he came to a foreign country like this
    Turkish fans once again thank u very much for the warm welcome and have fun together with him in fanmeet
    i am gonna waiting for you guys report about that event ^___^

  5. I’m looking forward to possible sel-cas he might be taking during his trip…kekeke!!! Hope he enjoys his stay there^^~~
    I hope he’ll visit UK too someday!! ❤ Have fun Turkish fans!!^^v

  6. I have betrayed myself and come to surface on Sunday just for ever and forever love, Jaejoong.
    Sweetheart, I love it when you enjoy yourself.
    Be happy and stay strong my darling, for every one here loves you like crazy.

  7. I feel glad knowing that you’re feeling great in Turkey my dear Jaejoong. Enjoy and cherish every minute and make all the sweet turkish girls very happy. ¡You can do it my gorgeous man!! ¡Jaejoong fighting! 😀

  8. I know that Jaejoong is always sincere, but isn’t this part of some kind of exchange of culture program between Turkey and Korea? He really sounds like a cultural ambassador. After C-JeS’s statement about the Nuclear Security appointment, I started to think that the work they are doing as ambassadors is at least as important as their work as entertainers. I mean, save the planet from nuclear destruction and bring peace between nations. No wonder they are suffering so much. To shoulder such things…
    No wonder they had such serious faces at the Nuclear Summit appointment.

  9. turkey fans are awesome..
    glad to know jae is happy to be there^^
    turkey fans plzzz take a good care of our prince^^
    anyway guyzzz hv u see jaejae bio sister newest pic?
    damn she is gorgeous….gonna be the next ulzzang

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