[TWITTER] 120204 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] ㅋ I can’t give you stars I have..ㅠ

–in response to–

plmok30: I have also started to play ㅋ. Can’t you give hyung “star”? I have come to know about the importance of “star” ㅋ

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @plmok30
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


38 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120204 Junsu Twitter Update

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  2. Ahhhh there you are!
    Rest Up Junsu…Yes.. ease your mind… in a few days you will be on stage…Giving another performance of a lifetime! 🙂
    We are waiting. We know you will give your very best and that is all we expect! xxxx 🙂

  3. plmok30 if u had stars i’d steal them and give them to junsu, like seriously man your not yoochun of course Junsu would hold on to his stars : P

    if i was playing this game i’d steal all of Junsu’s crops, then i’d give it back to him and steal them again and then give it back and give him all my crops and stars too and for free too, i just want to play the game to steal his crops and give him stars, hell i’d steal everyone’s crops and stars including Junsu’s and then i’d give it to Junsu, why do i have to steal his crops along with everyone in order to give it to him, why am i imagining what i’m going to do when i play i don’t even have an i-phone : D

  4. Game is a kind of sport for brain…….Junsu definitely use all over his body to exercise n practice!

    ……and with a good results !!!

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