120205 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

Today is Jaejoong’s fan meeting in Turkey!



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  1. i don’t know why…but i really like yoochun n harang picture..yoochun’s eyes so sincere..btw i miss harang so much n also xiahki n vicky

  2. Oh, lovely photos, specially the ones with dogs as I love dogs.

    They are preparing another TV report in Peruvian TV. Noizu productions has informed the fans of a meeting to record the fans. I hope it’s as good as the one with the fanboy who loves Yoochun or even better.

    • It’s so nice to hear that. Thank you Peruvian Fans and Peru Broadcasting networks, you are giving JYJ what’s denied to them in their country. I’m so happy thinking that JYJ is receiving much love from a country as far as Peru. @Junmoshi, are you a Peruvian?, thank you for updating us.

    • @junmoshi,

      you rock. and noizu productions is doing a great job as a promoter and producer. what do you hear about chile? how are things going on there?

      • No idea how things are going in Chile. I’d love to see the productions team in Chile is as good as in Peru but that’s not it. Last update came from a Chilean fansite saying there were a bit more than a thousand tickets left. When I know something else, I’ll let you know. And thanks for the compliment. ^^

  3. Wow, this is the earliest I’ve ever posted on GAP. lol XD How’s everyone? I’ve had a long day so it’s bed time for me. See you all in a few hours. *waves* おやすみ!Goodnight! ^_^

    • Through the ways they handle their pets, one can tell that they are so affectionate . Lucky girlfriends, present or future,(but I think they have already special someone).

  4. Happy Sunday everyone,
    it’s kind of lonely here in GAP today.

    Just realized how danceable JYJ’s BE THE ONE, the beat is so inviting to move your body!
    Here’s a a mashup of vids for be the one by JYJ, hope you like it! Vids included are: I’ll be Back 2PM, Ayy Girl JYJ, Keep Your Head Down TVXQ, Beautiful B2ST/BEAST, Shutup U-Kiss, High High GD&TOP, Cry MBLAQ, Mazeltov ZE:A, Soom B2ST/BEAST. Hello SHINee, Supa Luv Teen Top, BTD Before the Dawn Infinite. (Uploaded by annabellen96 on Jan 14, 2011)

  5. Man… JYJ… Can I be your pet please??
    These guys are so affectionate. Again.. I wish they had girlfriends!

    But while we are waiting… hehehehe… I sooo want to be Jiji… I could use a neck rub like that every night……. 😉

  6. Happy sunday everyone.I am sure jae will have fun today,Turkish fans are always cool & know how to party.my dear sisters,I will be MIA today,if I don’t go practice today my partners will kill me.see u all in your morning,my night.

  7. Jae said on the FM he will play in a new drama!!! Yay *o* Can’t wait for it!!!

    And what was that Jae XDDD You could marry a turkish girl because they are so pretty ^^ But after that hiding under the table LoL Nevertheless, Turkish fans are really lucky XDDD

    • Thank you @wanzhaf..It is sooooo beautiful…sometime because fans so talent and put the love and hope so much in the boys drama…I feel scare if the drama not reach fans expectation…i wonder if i feel like it how the boys feel ….burden… absolutely more then me!!

  8. Hi guys! It seems this GAPP is too silent huh? Anyway have you seen this video which is posted to other site? This is so cool!I’m so excited for PYC’s new drama now! Please come quickly March!

  9. From twitter, during Jae’s FM in Turkey.
    “LMAOOO a girl kissed Jaejoong in our traditional turkish way but the staff kinda held her back lolol”

  10. jaejoong tweet
    I love TURKEY! TURKEY fan’s is so active n cut^^
    i think he miss the e…so he tweet again “e~haha” LOL he’s even cute XD

  11. IMPORTANT from Twitter:

    Shadow @ShadowJaeJes Reply Retweeted Favorited · Open
    Jaeharem from 28 countries donated 7 tons of rice to poor children in China under Jae’s name. So sweet img.ly/dyZv

  12. I think I haven’t shared it here~ Last week, Jang Geun Seok (JGS) guested on a Japanese show. The show had Jejung before when he was promoting for Sunare. There was a short clip of JGS mentioning Jejung. I was confused because they showed a photo but it’s not Jejung. But I gathered from Jpn fans that jgs indeed mentioned Jejung – saying he watched the show when Jejung guested and the host kept on saying ~seyo~ at the end of each sentence.

    here’s the link

    Some Jpn fans have tweeted FujiTv to correct this oversight.

  13. Hello, it’s me again family~~ ㅎ I’d like to ask if anyone else is interested in admining for a JYJ tumblr blog with me? :”) Just in case I can’t reach you again and you’re interested, please email me at: claire_945@hotmail.com// Thank you~~ :’D

  14. -another one bowed 3 times in front of him so he did the same to her (Jaejoong FM in Turkey )
    it’s totally remind me about Young Jaejoong story which told by his parents

    A special way of education
    The background behind the birth of “Insa” Jaejoong (T/N: “Insa” is the Korean word for saying hello or goodbye—in this context, it means saying hello to one’s elders)

    Father: So, for that, our Jaejoong… on relationships between the seniors and the juniors there are a lot of cases like that, but on saying hello, I really taught it well—killed it.
    Even when he was young, like when he comes home from school, he was the boy who said hello ten times if you met him ten times that day.
    Mother: So one day he says—
    “Mommy Mommy’
    – What
    “Mommy you know the Ajusshi (T/N: non-young man) upstairs… but I met him ten times (today). So I said hello all ten times but later the Ajusshi goes “Hey you dork (T/N: not quite the literal translation, but know that the name he calls JJ is rough but affectionate), stop saying hello, you dork. It’s ten times today!! And he just really scolded me… cuz I said hello ten times.”
    – The Ajusshi is doing it because he finds you cute (T/N: literally, pretty, nice), it’s not that he’s scolding you, he’s doing it because you’re too lovable (adorable) because you’re so good at saying hello you’re cute.
    “Ah~ I see^^”

    another story about jaejoong from his older sisters

    Older Sister:
    So the 5th sister Yusun (younger than the speaking sister) was like, then I’ll take him up there (to the Audition) secretly
    Yusun and Jaejoong, they woke up without Dad knowing and they took the bus up together to Seoul.
    That was when everything began.
    Jaejoong, he always says, that the fifth sister
    The one who helped him become a singer was the fifth sister, he says.
    Everyone probably knows. Jaejoong is rea~lly nice (kindhearted).
    He’s a guy, but because there were eight sisters and one boy, even his personality when he was young, was a girl, a girl.
    A girl to the bone (T/N: literally, “by nature,” “from the sky”).
    The sisters, so I’m the fourth and so I’d tell my younger sister to go buy me something, for example to go buy me ice cream. I for sure told the fifth sister, but
    In the end Jaejoong would go out and buy it.
    The order would get passed and passed down until in the end it reached Jaejoong.
    Jaejoong, he would have gone immediately if (some other) sister had told him to, but since the sister who was only one year apart from him had told him (to do these things), how annoying is that.
    But still, he would go.
    Jaejoong is really nice (kindhearted). From the perspective of others, they think things like, Jaejoong, because of the sisters, even his personality is that of a girl.
    In some ways, Jaejoong has the strength of a man, but (in other ways) he is soft (delicate)
    As he said on TV, Jaejoong really holds it in (endures pain) a lot. He holds everything in, endures it, and
    He endures it three times. When I say three times, the “one” time in those three times isn’t the one time that we think of, but rather ten times, combine them and that’s the “one” time (in the three times).
    His heart is really that big.
    So that’s probably why Jaejoong (*embarrassed*)… that’s why he is so popular. This might be just his sister thinking but…
    (from JaejoongDay interview)

    • Thanks for sharing this! Love these insights, and we can see that they are really true.

      ‘The order would get passed and passed down until in the end it reached Jaejoong.’
      – so cute. Can just imagine Jae as a sweet little boy with eight older sis..

      ‘Jaejoong has the strength of a man, but (in other ways) he is soft (delicate)’
      – wow, amazing combination. Jae is so beautiful inside and out. I love his angelic voice that’s sweet as honey and clear as crystal, his husky low notes and the emotions in his singing too. But I try not to look at him too much sometimes, cos’ I feel like he’s gonna put me under his spell. 😉

  15. I think turkey fanmeet is the best even among all JJ and JYJ event this time, why ? coz we don’t even need to deal with all that YJ drama things and disresfectful act from some ot5 fans who love shouting someone name who not even there, so i quess this is why JJ soo happy, thank you turkey fans ^^

    • wow scary,,
      After that you must paid them back more than they give you for your debut preparation (like a gangster) and than work for them for the rest of your life..scary..

      • @Love_JYJ
        Ditto ^^ I’m adding the most unfair of SM’s condition in the contract,
        They demand your silence and deny your right to grow. This is the nightmare for kids who their desire is to earn a living to support their family at the very young age.

    • … Run Forest! Run!

      Someone Please Call the United States Child Protective Services IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    • Notice how they said “for his or her debut as an entertainer” … only for the debut will they pay 100%…. they did not mention paying for anything else did they?

      • This is not about SME the entertainment company. SME (in this article and some economic circles) is a term for small/medium businesses or entrepreneural enterprises. Powerful companies like Samsung for example eat up the little guys. Because they are so huge they receive the protection of the government. Banks also favor deals with these kinds of companies over a local start-up because there is less risk of defaulting. With fewer resources SME’s can’t attract the best of the best who graduate from universities. Big companies offer better pay and benefits for them so many graduates go work for them and this (over time) leads to a stifle in innovation and growth. Studies have proven that big companies manage their workers less effectively than smaller companies. There is also the higher risk of corruption between the government and the big companies as well as between the big companies themselves.

      • @MIA2..with my limmit english and education..i hope I can understand all what you mean…
        ‘ Big companies offer better pay and benefits for them so many graduates go work for them” yes that true..that is the problem with my company right now…have a lot pps loo ing for the job but it not easy to get someone work effective with the payment like they want ..usually big company offer beter than us.
        “here is also the higher risk of corruption between the government and the big companies as well as between the big companies themselves.” and i also agree with this..with all headache about politics in big companies and easy corruption happen
        “big companies manage their workers less effectively than smaller companies” only this one I not sure..honestly with my experienced from few companies i work ….I still see the big company more good management than small companes..ofcouse not all, but if not they really got trouble in short time with all their expenses .

    • SMEs stand for Small and Medium Enterprises and their recent slump is nothing surprising since chaebols (family or group owned businesses) still get the lion’s share of profits, government protection and the talents of the workforce. This is an issue in many countries but it is particularly worrisome in China and South Korea. It doesn’t help that banks are also reticent to give loans to these kinds of businesses and as a consequence they suffer but I believe they will continue to grow despite the adversity.

  16. I wanted to share this video because i feel like the lyrics deal with some of the stuff JYJ has been going through.

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