[TRANS] An apologetic husband uses a banner to plead his JYJ fangirl spouse to please come back to him


“Hyemi yah!! Please come back home. I was wrong!!
From now on, if you tell me that you want to go watch JYJ’s concert, whether it’s abroad or anywhere I’ll let you go. I won’t even sleep to book JYJ’s concert ticket at Interpark for you… You and I, we have been together for 8 years already~ Me too, I have totally become JYJ fan…”

Photo: JYJ Telzone
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3 | Shared by: JYJ3
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75 thoughts on “[TRANS] An apologetic husband uses a banner to plead his JYJ fangirl spouse to please come back to him

    • er, i’d divorced him if did that to me but truthfully he wouldn’t have the power to prevent me : D so i may not really divorce him cause he wouldn’t have his way at all. i hate it a lot and super much when a guy interferes in a woman’s business , this is a lady thing guys could never understand so men should shut up about it or ells suffer like this banner dude.

      • I don’t know what to make of that at times. I’m single so I don’t care but even so I really like JYJ for their music and their current struggles. That they also happen to be really attractive is a bonus but not the main reason I like them. Looking at this from a purely “musical fan” POV neither the boyfriend nor the girlfriend have any right to deny each other a concert. If she wants to attend a JYJ concert that is fine. If he wants to attend another concert that is his right too but most fans I’ve learned aren’t purely musical fans. Some have a heavy emotional and/or sexual attraction to JYJ and that is what is kind of iffy about this.

        I know perfectly well that both males and females check others out even when they are dating or married to someone already. Having a ring on your finger doesn’t mean that you are blind to good looking people. I understand that but some fans say things that I don’t think are OK to say when you are already in a serious relationship. It is one thing if my boyfriend or husband has a crush on Beyonce, it is another when he makes explicit sexual (or emotional) comments about her and then tells me to just shut up and understand because it is a “man” thing. No it is not. It is just disrespectful. Women shouldn’t be hypocrites about this and act as if men also don’t have feelings.

        I know I sure as hell wouldn’t tolerate my husband going to a fansite where he does nothing but check out some woman and “drool” over her pics or call her the “ideal” woman and what not. (mofo does this “ideal” woman clean the house or take care of your kids? Is she there for you when you are sick for you to be ranting about her as if she was the best thing since sliced bread?) Therefore I wouldn’t do that to him either. But alas I don’t know how this woman acts. Her love for JYJ could be a totally innocent crush or maybe she supports them due to the unfairness of their situation or maybe she has really given her boyfriend a reason to be jealous and hurt but due to their 8 years he decided he still wanted her by his side. I don’t know the full story so I can’t say but her priorities are effed up is she is seriously picking a boyband over her man of eight years. Priorities ladies. We don’t live on the moon.

      • as long as he is faithful meaning he doesn’t cheat on me am fine with him making sexual comments even write fanfics about her , but not to my face cause am not a lesbian : D am talking about respecting boundaries he can’t come complain because of what he learned when he crossed into my boundaries and i am total believer in treating ur spouse like he/she treats you so she shouldn’t think too highly of himself we are equals so he can’t have a say over me nor i over him if he don’t like this then he should get lost : P

    • its definitely because he disrespected her right for happiness JYJ are happiness to me, only my enemy would try take them away from me when i finally have the chance to see them. i think any guy out there is a total jerk and ass hole a complete as holes if he tries to even voice out his discomfort at what makes his lady happy. if a JYJ concerts makes her happy who is he to tell her off if i was her i’d totally break it up cause a dude like that believe me won’t stop at preventing her from JYJ concerts he’d continue take away more of her happiness a way, until she realizes she is miserable and he is the cause of her misery. thats how dicky men start at it first, they eat u alive peal u pedal by pedal untill u are a peddles flower and realize u are no longer a flower that is bright and blooming because the pedals that make u bloom with sweet smell and beautiful colour is no longer there to surround u and make u what u are, because he is the one who took away all ur pedals and left u with nothing but the stem even though he gives u water and keeps u rooted and not cutt off from the earth so that u can continue living u realize ur not like the other flowers, the others are proud with their peddles but u have non to feel happy about, u only have the stem so u can’t bloom only a stem and that makes u gloom. u become a miserable person and who the hell wants to be sad ha ? did he think about her feelings or just his, he’s a selfish guy its good to leave such men early before they rip off all ur peddles and make u ugly. i’m happy she left him and she’s a big idiot if she believed his lie and went back to him, that kind of man is not honest he’d continue ripping her happiness away and then apologize again and go back to making her sad and miserable by taking away from her more things that make her happy some men just can’t stand to see a woman smile and happy.

      continue living

  1. Hyemi -shi please came back to your husband now
    hmm……i wonder how our boys gonna react when they saw something like this happen ?

  2. The power of JYJ…even making a wife leave her husband. I remember a fanboy’s girlfriend broke up with him cause he loves Yoochun…wow

  3. lol.i.wish my husband will be that considerate. he hate whenever i droll over jaejoong photo. it will be the 8th world wonders if he allow me to attend jyj concert ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Hyemi is getting marriage-counseling at the moment

    ….Rain & Se7en support her earnest adoration of JYJ…I suspect she’ll return to her *nest* soon ~ โ™ฅ

  5. My heart goes out to this poor husband….
    This poor man.. no matter how wonderful he is is competing against AWESOMENESS that is JYJ??
    If you took the distinct features and personalities of JJ, Junsu and Youchun and combined them into one man you would have the PERFECT MALE!
    How can he possibly compete? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. LOL…..

    i guess her hubby was jealous because her wife’s love for JYJ..

    but i think it’s kinda cute the way he ask apologize for her wife..using a banner, and a lot of people can see that..

    what will JYJ oppa think if they see this banner,hahahaha:D

    *and please go back home hyemi unni..^^

  7. LOL, this story is funny, sweet and sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give props to the husband for displaying how much he really love his wife by putting up a banner for all to see. So I truely hope she goes back and they can work it out.

  8. aDorkable, cutely repentant, stupid-ishly funny hubby! Now my criteria are changed.. Some of them are “must be a JYJ FANBOY!!!” and “hang a banner telling me to go home”

    • the goof just doesn’t realize the severity of his action
      does he want to die !???

      and beside he should know better than post a banner like that, if he had an ounce of intelligence he’d appliy for a job at c-jes to disguise himself as the as the towel boy for JYJ just to get a hand on JYJ’s undies when the boys aren’t looking though it would be a real drag if it turns out Junsu doesn’t wear underwear when he comes to work , then he’d have to disguise himself as the cleaning man and take nudy pictures of the boys
      when they’re in the showers.
      if he accomplishes that she would not only take him back but never let him go.
      Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, but what man would go to such lengths for the woman he loves, but seeing this guys desprate banner he might just go for such length if his prompted by the right person, namely yours : P i’d so take advantage of his situation and convince him into going on such a mission to save true love and in reward i get a Junsu concubine for myself. tied in red and pink and yellow wrappings with red and pink and yellow ribbons and bows #.#

  9. if i got married some day i want a husband like him xD he has to accept and support my fangirling for JYJ…well, anywas my plan is to marry Junchan *-* LOL xDD

  10. ” laughs madly ”

    : P

    ” good what she did to him, let him respect his wife’s happiness, JYJ are our happiness the creature man must understand this and not cross the line or i’ll divorce them all from their wives” said by judge Pierrot : )

  11. i hope everything ends well for them..I’m so lucky that my husband is very supportive of me. He even advice me to do blogging of JYJ if I love them so much. Sounds like crazy but that’s him. As much as I love JYJ, I love my honey even more.

  12. I wonder if JYJ are aware of this. What would they say to the couple now? Perhaps they can even write a song for them. This is really epic!

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