36 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 120205 Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Ankara, Turkey

  1. Love the fanaccount…. it summarizes what happened in the meeting very well; I wouldn’t tell myself better… If I need to add anything he was extremely happy; you know he was a bit down before coming to Turkey but he was smiling ALL the time.. We were so happy to see him like this. Also he was very surprised about Turkish fans he said he thought there would be Koreans who live in Turkey that are his fans but no almost there were no asians; maybe one or two.. all of us were Turkish and he was shocked and so excited. He really likes to make connection with his fans he just looks EVERYWHERE, as if trying to look every single person. It was so nice of him too ^^ He was shockingly good at with all of his Turkish pronounciations. I never expect a foreigner to be that well, and he just learned them same day!!! He is genious… hehe…

  2. I couldn’t go there 😦 but again im so happy that he actually came! it was like a dream for us. Turks love Koreans but it seemed like no one cares, and then he just came, he came to our country. this is so sweet^^

    • Awww I hope you will get to meet him, Junsu and Yoochun one day. He even said that he would like to go back to Turkey with the members if I remember correctly 🙂

  3. This is such a cute, funny, lovely and sweet fan account. The nicknames they call each other are funny 🙂 I´m so happy Jaejoong felt glad during this meeting and smiled a lot. Thank you Turkish fans for making it a memorable experience for him and giving him such a warm welcome. I hope he goes back to see you again with JYJ members. I´d be more than happy if they come back to Europe as they´ve been here three times and I missed them all three times sniff!

  4. Morning already, gotta go to work. I’m so excite n happy today, Yeaa a bit sleepy cuz twitter storm. Once again thank you JYJ3 Admin for restless job, also JYJ fans around the world For bring happines on JYJ

  5. the fan kissed him on the cheek….the fan kissed him on the cheek…. the fan kissed him on the cheek…. *GOES DELUSIONAL*

  6. Thanks a lot for updating the event. I’ve been waiting the whole day yesterday for somebody to upload and update the event. You ‘re so lucky to be able to meet/see him in person. He looks so cute and charming …

  7. Thanks Turkish fans for making our JJ happy!!

    I guess I should learn Korean too! Maybe I will have a chance to meet JJ, then he may look at me and… who know what will happen after that keke!! A storm love story, maybe haha (^o~)/

    JJ in a musical? Omo! Can’t wait!! Let do it! JJ ah ^^! Miss our prince so muuuchhh!

  8. I miss coming here in JYJ3. 😦 Guise I cheated. 😦 I was so addicted to this other group (dont wanna mention kekeke) nowadays and forgot about JYJ for awhile. 😦 and then le poof! I missed all the news. 😦 I regret cheating with JYJ. Puing ~ Puing~ Jae sorry I cheated. >,<

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