[FANCAM] 120205 Kim Jaejoong Leaving The Fanmeeting in Turkey O.O

“He is really very kind. He kept smiling during the leaving.. Kim Jaejoong thank you for making us happy today. We are always love you ! Never change.. Keep smile like today..”

Credit: KGirl91tr
Shared by: JYJ3


25 thoughts on “[FANCAM] 120205 Kim Jaejoong Leaving The Fanmeeting in Turkey O.O

  1. i don’t know how many time i already said it
    Turkish fans thank u so much for everything even though you guys only have 1 week for the preparation but it’s really amazing and i hope you guys don’t mind for share it through fanaccount ^^

      • @Yane1210

        Oh My Gosh! Yes it was so lovely! I love the fact that on the spur of the moment he can he can sing accapella.
        Truly gifted…. See this is true talent. JJ did not even have to think twice other than oh wish song shall I sing?

        I also love the way the fans joined right in singing along.
        JYJs fans are so bonded into them. It’s beautiful to see. 🙂

    • I really wish I could understAnd what they were talking about but JJ kept smiling and found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this guy!!

    • Thank you! His voice are love~~ it melted me. I miss him sing on stage, with all JYJ members. Healing voice indeed. Thanks again for sharing.


    It’s funny even with the language barrier we can still feel the love you guys have for JJ.

    Thank You so much for making this such a special day for JJ. 😉

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