[FANCAMS] 120205 Jaejoong at Fanmeet in Turkey – Part 2

Part 1

Fans waiting for Jaejoong ❤

The Fans Before JJ’s Fanmeeting in Ankara/Turkey

Jaejoong greeted Turkish Fans ^^

This is first shot… I was so excited and shook cam too much here… sorry

He first greeted the fans saying hello in Turkish “Merhaba” .. Then he introduced himself; the translator was kind of bad at Turkish so he was a bit funny ^^ Then fans greeted him saying welcome to him in Korean and stood up and greeted back ^^

About Turkish Foods and Jaejoong’s Favourite Song

He was asked if he tasted the turkish food. He said yes. You know, he really loves the spicy food. So he said “I ate spicy one.”
– “How was it?”
– “It was delicious.”
Next Question :
– “Until now, What is your favourite song among the your songs ?
– “In Heaven”
That not in the video but, then he asked us : “What is our favourite song then ?”
We said it’s “In Heaven” 🙂

JYJ’s members Nicknames

He was asked if they use nicknames for the members. He said :
” For Junsu, It’s JunChan.” 🙂
” For YooChun, It’s Park Yoo” ( Park Yoochun)
They were not funny nicknames. So he said : “I’m sorry. They are not funny.” 😀
“The other members call me JJ'”
Again that isn’t in the video but, after He said his nickname was JJ, the whole hall shouted ‘JEJE,JEJE..”
He was shy again after that 🙂
We were laughing to the translator more than Jaejoong 🙂 He can’t speak Turkish very well though 😀
Aaahh Today was really unforgettable 🙂

At 3:46 Jaejoong sang “I will protect you” ❤

“I will Protect You” ❤

“One fangirl who was choosen for photo taking kissed him on cheek when she got on stage!!!”  at 4:34 >.<

Credit: @Rosefairyy via witchhag23 + JYJTurkey + Karpanamel + KGirl91tr + SeZnbLck + konstantinretsinas
Shared by: JYJ3


19 thoughts on “[FANCAMS] 120205 Jaejoong at Fanmeet in Turkey – Part 2

    • you are going to love every minute of your time there! have so much fun and bring back cams or pictures if you can along with your memories! just don’t faint or have to miss the concert cause of a nosebleed!

  1. oh gosh, I had to play the last vid on mute xD and it looks like staff or security or whoever had to take a step forward after the kiss LOL

  2. All I can see are beautiful ladies, did the organizer only select the pretty ones ?
    That was so amazing, Turks men are really good looking (as far as I have seen in movies/magazines/books) but these ladies are mesmerized by a Korean guy, well of course it’s KJJ, I should not be surprised.

    • I don’t know why, but I think that people of Middle East are probably blessed with gorgeous looks.. because we can see pretty/handsome folks walking down the street everywhere in the country (not just the celebrity ones).. no matter does s/he is a poor or rich people.. Yeah, so I’m sure that Jaejoong is honest when saying that they are pretty,, ^^

  3. what O.o he still calls Junsu Jun-chan and omg i didn’t even know he called him that
    anyway its crazy how beautiful he looks seriously they should make a barbie out of him, meaning a doll and sell him world wide, i mean the Jaejoong doll would surely make ken commit suicide and i can already smell the melt rubber.
    but seriously man its crazy how beautiful he looks, these guys look better each passing year #.#

    spam so don’t read :
    ” ooooh a Junsu doll huh?!?!?!?!? would be magnificent,
    hmmm, the things i could do to a Junsu doll that i can’t do to a real Junsu : / “

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  5. You can tell he was so happy to be at the fan meet. Also, you can tell he was so flattered by all the fans attention. When he looked shy made him look even more hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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