[NEWS] 120206 JYJ’s Jaejoong is a real cutie with fatal attractions

On February 6, JYJ’s JaeJoong posted photos on his Twitter page with the comment: “I’m really happy here in Turkey~~~^^”

In the photos, JaeJoong is wearing a variety of expressions in a pair of chic sunglasses.

On the same day, besides Jae Joong, JYJ’s the other members as well loudly tweeted. Jun Su tweeted to Yoo Chun, evoking big laughs among followers: “You’re such a good guy, but if I have to point out one single flaw of yours, you seem to have a poor sense of humor. You might remember that you once pointed out my appearance as my weak point by showing a video image. You know? Whenever watching the video clip, I become discouraged.”

People who saw the humorous comments left a flood of comments: “You guys are so cute.” “Jae Joong seems to feel good today.”

On February 5, JaeJoong held an independent fan meeting at Turkey Ankara University at the invitation of the Korean Cultural Center in Turkey.

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.korea
Shared byJYJ3


15 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120206 JYJ’s Jaejoong is a real cutie with fatal attractions

  1. JJ is super duper gorgeous his photos have risen something inside me….my happiness, my mood, my desire, my hidden-wild-lusty self….


  2. duh, it’s Jaejoong we’re talking about here! Of course the man is super gorgeous and attractive! ❤ I'm waiting for news regarding the fan-meeting though. Did Korean media even attend it for coverage? C'mon, Jaejoong is so loved and welcome there, let the Koreans be proud of him!.

    • Maybe they couldn’t attend… I’m working for a media myself, tried to contact the organisers but I didn’t get any reply

  3. “Jun Su tweeted to Yoo Chun, evoking big laughs”
    Hahaa, junsu, poor baby su, even if yoochun said you are ugly, he loves you and jaejoong more than anything

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