[PIC + INFO] Jaejoong fans donated 7 tons of rice to needy children in China under Jaejoong’s name

The children made a sign thanking Jaejoong

The sign reads: Jaejoong hyung, thank you!

Credit: @ShadowJaeJes | Shared by: JYJ3


27 thoughts on “[PIC + INFO] Jaejoong fans donated 7 tons of rice to needy children in China under Jaejoong’s name

  1. Nice gesture….
    Love it when the fans put the money to good use.
    So much more meaningful that way and really creates great PR for JYJ,

  2. ROFL… The kid holding the banner/picture looks like my nephew in the Philippines (although my nephew has slightly bigger eyes) hahahahaha.

    On a different note: people with same personality gravitates towards each other no? JYJ have big hearts and so does their fans….

  3. Thanks admin for posting this. I tweeted yeaterday but got drown out by 3 naughty boys and their fans! Lol^^

    It’s always good to know we fans not only follow our boys, buy their albums and attend their concerts, we do show much love like what our boys do. ^____^

  4. I wish JYJ INDONESIA can make social event too, for expl bring your old book n donate for orphanage, or visiting Dharmais Hospital in Pediatric Unit, bring happiness for those Children who struggle with Cancer

      • we already have dear.. follow @JYJIndonesia and u can give ur opinion/provide suggestions for JYJ fans activities in Indonesia.. ^^

      • hi @putrihs,, okey,,^^ I think I’m just to addicted to this site, that I think even for the name we should also make some kind of affiliation… kekeke.. pardon me. Can I add JYJIndonesia on facebook?

      • @ai uta: hmm.. idk if they have a fb or not.. but im following their twitter acc.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and on feb 18th we will discuss about JYJ come to Ind and how to protect them frm YJshipper.. ^^

      • @ai uta @putrihs already follow JYJIndonesia on twitter. Beside organizing JYJ for come to Indonesia, we can make sub unit on each region, such my self in Yogyakarta cuz barely know who else love JYJ near me beside my friend who i recruit, lol….( everyday i push them listen JYJ music n Yochun/JJ drama). On 2011 i read news about JYJ canceled Indonesia concert, that so sad. I stil wait n save my money for next concert……..

  5. Some of us I-fans stateside can step up with projects too. There are soup kitchens, church org. and children’s wings in our local hospitals that we can donate to; in JYJ’s name if you choose to. JYJ and their fans are setting a good example for us all. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. So cute that I have to hold myself not to kidnap these babies… ^^ It’s true babies’s/children’s smile is the most genuine smile in the world.. How can we tell whom of these kids that don’t deserve all the happiest things in the world??
    Thank you fellow JYJ fans for bringing smile in their faces.

  7. oh that picture and message is ubber cute! i love to see love spread around and fans doing good things in their names. it is better than all the fan gifts he could ever receive cause we can help them make a difference in someones lives. it is something they would so do in an instant on their own too. think of how many others have been helped with these contributions. can’t get enough good will and love in the world today! it is something i think makes THEM proud too! they do love their fans as much as we love them!

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