[PICS] 120205 Jaejoong posing with staff, wearing fangift, and mutual bowing with a fan

Jaejoong poses with a fan who was also a staffer at Turkey fanmeeting

Credit: @maybeaday

Jaejoong wearing RockJJ’s fangift at Incheon airport to Turkey

Credit: RockJJ

A fan bowed to Jaejoong 3 times and Jaejoong reciprocated her gesture

Credit: Busra ALDI
Shared by: JYJ3


60 thoughts on “[PICS] 120205 Jaejoong posing with staff, wearing fangift, and mutual bowing with a fan

    • They do look good together, JJ’s not my bias either. If it was Yoochun on the other hand then that would be a different matter. It’s nice for them to interact with fans who will only probably get to see them once or twice maybe.

    • my first thought was that she is sooo pretty!! i love her hair, and she has a really cute face. and my second thought was, that her dress is way too long and that she is even wearing pants under it ;; (and not even tights) ww;
      but i think this is a cultural thing, right?~ hmm

      • a lot of people do XD;;
        i mean.. if it’s cold outside i would understand it.. but i personally think tights or leggins look more attractive…
        i mean~ if you have beautiful legs (like i believe that staff girl has ; D why not show it off a little)
        and when you go for a simple black one f.ex., it’s not “slutty” either or something lol

        but this is just my own opinion >_<;; and of course everybody should wear what they like and are comfortable in!!

        (i guess for me it's just hard to understand somebody wear pants under a skirt or dress.. but mainly because i spent a little to much time in japan i guess 8D; got too involved with gyaru fashion there lol and in germany, in my hometown nobody does it either XDDD but a lot of turkish girls who live here actually do it. so i thought it might be a cultural thing..XD;)

      • She’s wearing tights not pants. Do you mean pants as in trousers?
        A lot of people wear trousers under their dresses. I do as I’m not allowed to wear tights or even leggings

      • wait..is she? XD
        i really needed to re-check lol
        i first thought it was an usual denim °A°!
        i think i mistook the shadow of the table cloth LOL;;
        my bad XD

        you are not allowed to?…
        so there are cultural things like this then somewhere?
        i guess if the culture in the country i live in would be like that i would be super sad >_<; i personally enjoy leggins and tights XD
        but everybody is different in that :3
        and when you say you are not allowed to, then it's great that you stick to the rules!
        hmm different cultures are definitely interesting~ makes me want to go and visit lots of countries hehe

      • I think it’s more to do with religion than culture. A lot of girls still do but each person has their right to wear what they want.
        I on the other hand prefer trousers and jeans. We are not allowed to show our legs and the shapes of our legs. We’re meant to dress modestly (not wearing clothes that are tight fitting which reveals the shape of our body).

        I’ve grown up with this so it’s second nature and doesn’t bother me but I’m not going to get into religion and will stop it here. 🙂

      • She’s either wearing tights or leggings you can see her knee through the material. I am from the US, New York more specifically and leggings have pretty much become the norm here less and less women are wearing jeans/pants. Secondly why does it matter to you if Jae is posing with a female fan/staff member 0_o their just taking a photo together chill. I am Jae biased and it doesn’t bother me. Really the massive insecurity of female fans when a male idol interacts with women needs to stop. Grow up.

      • If I said something wrong then I apologise. It doesn’t bother me who they take photos with as long as them and the fans are happy 🙂

      • ah i am not the person who posted first!
        i was the person who just said that she is really pretty but i questioned this whole tights/leggins/trousers thing XD
        but mainly because i was interested in it. i did not want it to sound negative in any kind of way. </3 sorry if it did.

        i first thought she shadow of the table cloth would be like the ending of the pants. that she worse some denim which were lighter on the thigh/knee area, and bigger around the ankle. in my country we have a lot of those! i did not look closely enough ;;!

        and i agree. i actually think it's great that he took a picture with her!
        it's a nice gesture and he for sure made her super happy with it ♥
        (and the majority really needs to grow up. liking an idol is one thing, but acting like an overprotective girlfriend is another thing. and just saying; most bf's are not too happy either about their gf's spazzing about idols nonstop lol)

      • ww; my text is full of weird typos. i really should go to bed now. already late here ;;~
        seems like my brain is in some energy saving mode right now ;;

        have a good night everyone ♥

      • yes, i thought you did, because you mentioned both things in one post; and also basically went from one to the next topic in one line even.
        (i do that too when i am online with my mobile though)

        but it’s fine now XD!

        and good night ♥

      • i always wear like this ^_^ i’m arabic muslim and in my country some Families don’t allow their girls wear dresses that are too short like in my family and i think it’s the same in turckey as well so i think she’s just fine ^_^

  1. يالله شالتواضع هي تقدم له التحية وهو بعد

    (وضعية السجود (

    هذا الشيء جدا مؤثر
    بس مو كأنه هذا الشي الزوجين يعملونه لما يقدمون التحية لكبار السن ووالديهم عند الزواج

  2. Okay so now we know for sure South Korea picked the right person for this event.

    Look at the third picture of JJ bowing in reciprocation to that fan.

    This my friends is the perfect demonstration of what it means to be a CULTURAL AMBASSADOR.

    Totally unscripted…Kim Jae Joong just being himself …so spontaneous, humble and ACCOMMODATING.
    Looking at that third picture of JJ spontaneously kneeling and bowing in reciprocation to the fans same gesture tells us more about JJs real nature, his character about who he really is as a person. That’s humility and caring for others in action.

    He is truly a beautiful person INSIDE and outside… This is why people love him so much.

      • Kim Jae Joong……. dream comes true, he knows where to find a wife now. As Korean Culture Ambassador to the World don’t settle for just Asian women but have multicultural family and many beautiful children.

  3. its said a fan kissed him on the cheek

    (wipe her lips) am so going to do that to Junsu when i get to take a photoe with him am not going to miss out on that only chance, hell why not rip his pants while am at it too (takes out knife) hey wait, why are u running its to cut ur pants only i swear …O.O he thinks i’m a mugger , it must have been my eyes i tend to look crazy when i’m in my romantic mode : P naah , he ran cause he’s just shy i can understand that, yeah : ) that’s probably it #u#

    • @Pierrot,Junsu is my ‘Prince’ of choice of the three; I agree abt the kissing part, but the rest had me dying with laughter 😀 I can just see it: his eyes getting big and him backing up then running! ROFL!!!

  4. I had goosebumps seeing the 3rd pic.. ♥

    sure the fan is doing it out of pure & extreme love..and JJ is replying with extreme respect and admiration that is apparent in his glance to her due to her action 🙂

    sure he has to fall in love with Turkey.. They are really beautiful (@maybeaday is so beautiful :))) ), organized and now this and above all they made him really happy..

    ah~ and we should not foget the cute Turkish cats 😀 😀

    Seriously My deep Thanks To Turkish Fans.. For taking care of our Jaejoong & making him so happy..
    #JYJFamily in Turkey you are awesome.. <3<3<3

    • That’s the problem of some SYC commenters, they are on Jaejoong’s article but all they are thinking is that guy which has nothing to do with the post. It’s always that way, SYC is a great site, thanks to the Admins there, but the commenters are inclined more to other side than to JYJ.

      • Yeah..sometimes i want to told to the admins to change their name into SYJ *sharing yunjae* to think that almost all of their admins are yj shippers.

  5. What a nice shot! Love the lighting, the matching hair color, the pretty faces of both JJ and the girl. Now, the only thing that could have made it even more perfect is if the girl had her arms ever so slightly on jae’s waist 🙂

  6. LOL, i knew this pretty girl from last night. They so perfect as couple, i’m not jelous cuz ugly me, sobs…. Turkey as moslem country have conservatif fashion style, and so good on them

  7. Woah pretty girl ! Not in a sick , plastic way , but really pretty in a down – to -earth way ! I hope Jae gets married before I do , but doubt the possibility of it happening *sigh

  8. 1st pic – Mr. & Ms. Kim Jaejoong, they looks like a newly wed couple, they look so good together!
    3rd pic – He’s not a Goodwill Ambassador in the name only, instinctively, anywhere Jae goes, he’s an ambassador on his own way.

  9. JYJ fans, you are wonderful showing such respect, maturity, and kindness towards the pictures above. JJ is magnificent towards both ladies, and the girls is so pretty and lovely.

  10. I love the fan reactions of support towards Jae and the pretty fan-staff.. i was kinda thinking people might want to strangle her or call her names out of jealousy or because Jae was suppose to be for someone else (LOL *hints to shipper reactions) .. but i believe it’ll be not in this house of love for JYJ.. people here are classy

  11. that last pic makes me want to LOL but right now am in the bus so gotta control.. but it will be hard to control if it were to be a video.. jae so funny!!!!!!! that fangirl is definitely the first to have jae bowed to her!!!

  12. she’s simply naturally beautiful..no wonder jae said he can marry a turkish girl.. I like how polite and respectful turkish fans are. I can feel the warm love for jae and jyj..thank you Turkey!!

  13. wow, jaejoong is so awesome, bowing like that! XD
    cross culture moment on the spot and what does he do, bows right back omg!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

    • @jyj1214.. enough time to say HI with you .happy see you again…hanging out too much aleady in here have to go…hope see you soon!!

      • @anva
        Hi there too. Yup, i’ve been MIA here in JYJ3, just peeked while preparing for work. Have a great day ahead!

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