[PICS] 120205 JYJ For NII, Part 3





Credit: NII via nate and naver
Shared by: JYJ3


113 thoughts on “[PICS] 120205 JYJ For NII, Part 3

  1. Holy shoesticks, that close-up picture of Jae. :Q___________________________ *eyes glued to screen*

      • @Jae-is-Mine (Jae&JYJ/DBSKforever)

        Not a problem. I’ll take everything Yoochuna is wearing and if they have a life-sized cardboard cut out or poster? I’ll take that too.

      • @ grlrex

        Let’s go to SK then….. I steal JJ cardboard and you for Chunnie. I hope those immi officials are JYJ bias….LOL

  2. Junsu my eyes
    only Junsu can make orange a killar
    cause junsu in orange is the killar
    he suuuuu suficating mee that eye needs to suck up the earths atmosphere just to breaths properly probably, sorry world but that what u get for letting susu wear orangei TvT am so loving it

      • @Love

        IKR!!!! I never get bored of seeing chunie… He always gives us new look and different personality… I mean he is not only handsome, he can be a different person with different cloths and hair… Dont u think amazing?? Seriously, so far i got to know, he is the only one who can do that..

      • @nandar
        THIS..”he can be a different person with different cloths and hair”
        100% agree with you here.. 🙂

    • @princess Putrihs

      Heart attack?? Lucky u.. I died seeing YC’s photos and come back to JYJ3 as a ghost!!!! I wish i were a ghost (for the first time in my life).. So i can freely flying around and looking after our Chunie boy~~~~ *crazy-chunsa-mode-on*


      Where are u my twinnie??? Do u see those photos of YC???? How can u not jumping up and down??????

      I love Park YOOCHUN!!!!! I wan to keep him in ma poket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @Nandar: NO.. u don’t want to be a ghost.. u can’t touch chunnie if you are ghost dear.. ckckckckckckk..bdw, im not seeing @bubbly too.. where is she??

      • @princess putrihs

        Even if i am a human now, i cant touch him rght?? If i am a ghost, at least i can be always by his side and see him all the time.. oops.. What if Chunie is changing??? Grrrr… more tempted to be a ghost~~~ LOL

        Where is @bubbly?? Good question.. She is MIA again… ahhahhh,, wait wait.. I kept her in my pocket so that she cant sneak out to “molest” my hubby while i am away… 😀 😛

      • @nandar: why you have to mention about chunnie changing huh? suddenly my pervert mind create alot of picture about chunnie changing.. hhh.. poor me.. lol

        hahahhahahaa.. good job @nandar, just keep @bubbly in ur pocket and release her after we finished eat chunns..

      • @Nanar twinnie!!!!!!!!!
        So unfair! See, I’m so late again! It’s all your fault, hahaha~
        Next time lemme outta your pocket sooner, ne?

        My fave pic’s taken! *pouts*

        @putrihs leader-ssi
        I’m here! 🙂 *waves*

      • @nandar
        “How can u not jumping up and down??????”
        I can’t, coz you kept me in your pocket, remember? kkeke~

        Go grab PYC fast and keep him in your pocket.
        Waah..both PYC and me in your pocket *evilsmiles*
        It’ll be heaven in sissi’s pocket, yes!

  3. Love JaeSu combo shirts …
    Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, I think they are on offensive/aggressive attack right now, they are on invasion, tweeter fest, pictorials, dramas, musicals, fanmeets…
    They may be blocked from doing what they want for their fans, and their opponents are trying harder to suppress them, but I think they can’t. Looking at their photos, I realized how much they have grown, the way they project to the camera and how they become more good looking each day. Just by their looks and stare alone, they can melt fangirls/fanmommies/fangrannies/fanaunties , how much more if they start a note to sing!

    • @gigi

      ya right. Seriously i like all the YC photos of NII … They are awesome …

      I love the last pic.. The photo can even capture the pretty eyelashes of him.. I have heard a lot of people saying Chunie is a lot more handsome in person.. Is it true?? can @anyone confirm with me if u guys have seen him before.. Even if the photos are that nice, i cant imagine how “shui” he will be in person.. Kyaaaa… Park Yobo~~~

  4. Omg Jae ……….He is just so GORGEOUS!! O___O *eyes stuck on pic.*
    Jaejoong has that swag (n looks) that just attracts people, even in pictures he memorizes you >.<, I love NII photoshoots!!!

  5. they just look so good! they make the clothes. even the colors. i am not a fan of orange but man does it look good on them!!!

    • @ Guest

      Because JJ’s lips is so moist. It’s naturally moist too. It only takes his own saliva to keep it moist….^__~

      Actually, Jaeharems do not only talk about JJ’s lips. If you notice, we talk further more than his big beautiful eyes, moist lips, sharp nose, perfect porcelain skin.
      But….we refrain ourselves from writing more than that…it needs various kinds of insurances to cover the fatal effects caused….


    • i think people talk abt yoochun’s lips more compared to jae’s, cause people consider yoochun’s lips looks more sensual.
      people talks abt jae’s lips cuz it’s pouty.
      well, even a girl with pouty lips look gorgeous, and this is a guy we’re talking about.
      and it’s not just a guy. it’s Kim Jaejoong.
      so i understand XDD

  6. I pick de last pic 🙂
    I like the hoodie, the colour and all..the whole effect of the pic is just so different, so beautiful~!
    And just look at the model’s oh-so kissable pouty-lips..yum-yummilicious~!

      • @putrihs *bighugs*
        What??!!! I’m late again? *pouts*
        But I so want de last pic..

        can you share yours with me? pleaseeeee!!! *reallycutepuppyeyes*

        Ne, leader-ssi?


      • @bubbly: why u always late? u know that we miss u.. allrite i will share my chun to u.. *im a good leader ne?* kekekekekee.. hug!!

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