[PICS] Kim Junsu Spotted at BEAST’s Concert


Credit: As tagged + Jyj_1537 + Twitter
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69 thoughts on “[PICS] Kim Junsu Spotted at BEAST’s Concert

      • Calm down, Beast is under Cube Entertainment. And Junsu’s friend’s with at least one of the members because of FC Men. Nothing to do with SM at all.

      • No dear.. Beast is under cube along with 4minute and APink.. 😉 they were friends in fcmen, they even come together in the Zorro musical .. 😀 cheer up..

      • @Pierrot
        Relax darling, Beast isn’t from SM, and for me Beast is better than any SM recent idol groups. It is just that Beast isn’t as popular as Suju and gets so much award, but here’s one example of their MV, much better than Mr. Simple.

        They are JYJ’s friends.

      • @loveUnchanged
        ” Almost every song out there is better than “Mr. Simple” and “The boys”.
        lol, but what can we do, all the awards are theirs!

      • Okay first of all you talk too much and most of it is utter nonsense! didn’t bother to read after the 2nd para!

        get a background check before you start ranting paragraphs about someone! B2ST is under Cube entertainment and SM does not control them! I hated the way you said stuff about the “beast dude”, cant stand it when someone says nonsense about the bands i love!

        Also there is no need to bring HoMin into this conversation! i know my comment may get blocked for saying this but both parties are equally to be blamed for the DBSK breakup and JYJ never defended HoMin either! ( I am a JYJ biased OT5 and even i say that!)

        Stop making a mountain out of a molehill!

      • When were they given the chance to defend anybody, even themselves. And for what reason would they need to defend Homin for? I mean were they accused of something wrongly that required JYJ to defend them? Lets not stretch this conversation anymore.

      • @loveUnchanged
        as you said lets not stretch this conversation anymore..but you have to be blind to see just one sides story and completely ignore the other side!

        yes lol as much as you want!

        i love JYJ3 as a source of JYJ news but i swear many people here (not all ofcourse!) have too much poison/ hatred and bias in them!
        this is going to be last comment on this site!
        peace out!

      • @UJ …I not discuss @Pierrot..right or wrong because i dont know about this….but
        * “all you talk too much” except @Pierrot i see all girls here try to correct her and DID NOT say bout HM…You are not even read comments and start to bring it up… at least to know what ppls say before correct them if not the pps talk nonsense is you..I dont mean offence anyone included you just hope pps come here at lease respect, try to understand other pps jumping conclusion and easy to make fan war or misunderstand!!
        * “both parties are equally to be blamed for the DBSK breakup” I dislike the way HM treat JYJ, but why we have to blame HM and JYJ about DBSK breakup?? I think we should blame SM because they the one treat their artics so bad make JYJ have leave them even maybe have to end their career…That my opinion, you can disagree !!!

      • @Uj
        ” Stop making a mountain out of a molehill! ”
        I hope you listen to your own statement.
        The problem is you don’t read Pierrot’s whole statement and get the whole sentiment of it.

      • Baby why waste your time replying? Remember that as much as u talk u are not going to be able to reason with stans! So let it be!

        Don’t waste your time with the fandom!

      • @UJ
        hello there honey~~~
        well this is JYJ fansite, of course all people here are JYJ biased, what do you expect?
        it’s you guys ot5 who always bothered to check this site lol
        just go to your ot5 fansite, dun come here~~~~ :p

      • aww thanks am sorry i got suspicious about him am not a trusting person : ( i’m glad i didn’t say much bad things about it but when u think about it i didn’t really say bad things about him i was just assuming theories cause i really did think he is an sm artist.

      • Am I the one who agree with @Uj here ? @pierrot had to think what she wanted to say first. It could bring some misunderstanding to fans. She might be blamed for bashing B2ST -.-
        Secondly, it’s JYJ fans site right ? At least don’t mention HoMin if you all don’t want to have a fanwar ! Let this site be in peace by not mentioning HoMin at all ! Could u all just think about ur beloved JYJ and ignore HoMin ? You can’t blame HoMin for not thinking about JYJ. I think they want to do smthing for JYJ if possible. Don’t even think any bad thing about other side ! Once again, pls don’t mention HoMin in this site.. Aren’t u saying that this is JYJ fans’ site ? Why do you still mention Homin and even bash them as you like ? pls just talk about the good things JYJ have and don’t mntion a little bad thing about HoMin. I want to know if HoMin stans say bad things about JYJ, what will all of you feel ? So pls think b4 saying unimportant words ! I’m begging to all of you~
        Pls forgive me for my impoliteness..

      • @Rere…you can agree and disagree..no problem with me..^__^ I am not totally offence @Uj..just don’t agree with she generate “All you” when I see lot of girls try to correct misinformation from @Perrios…I agree we should always careful when information about other..and did @Perrios said sorry already?? no one perfect right?
        HM…phuu..all most this topic come up when ..tired …what i see:
        * when TO5 comment with AKF5, miss HM, reunite, YJ, ….that against the rules ( you know why)
        * when post or topics relate to HM ….this is JYJ site, at least we can say what we think about our opinion about the lawsuit or musics…different pps different thinking …not mean we say we dont like it mean we hate …( but we still became hater and now this topic became hot and sensitive) we are not jump to other site to make pps upset.
        any way..me either ..i will ignore HoMin ..but if off course i will support JYJ and depence my opinion if this topic come up again or when need!!

      • Yoseob, doojoon and kikwang are members of FCMen. Junsu came to their united concert before, cube united concert. Kikwang gave someting to junsu as birthday gift (err.. earrings? uh, forget, sorry).. and there are a lot of pics junsu and kikwang/yoseob/doojoon being together. They’re friends, best friends. So calm down honey 😉

      • : P aww some people defended me , and everyone ” except someone : D ” cleared the fog off my mind “and its naturally foggy like London dawns : P ” like for reals he went to JYJ’s cooncert in Japan well i take it back then am sorry : (

        awwww u guys ” except for a certain someone : P ” i love u girls hugz for all of u and this beast dude too ” i swears i can’t remember his name for the life of me i don’t really know the dude so i had no idea, tsk but u guys know what i’m like am Pierrot am known for long lashing out paragraphs and delusional conclusions or at least i think i am : P but aww ur so patient wid me i feelz tearful now so many being nice to me #.# thank u all ” except for a certain someone : P
        thanks anva and intoxication and everyone am sorry i went outta line but i really did say i take it back if am wrong about the dude and it seems i was wrong abouts him and now i want to go tell him what i said about him and apologize : D but i don’t know korean and i have a feeling if i did try to tweet korean stars in korean i could feel some of would feel apprehension i don’t even know what apprehension really means but am hoping it means fear but don’t be afraid i don’t know korean or have a tweeter account…not yet anyway : P am so going to tweet junsu some stuff is it okay to send Junsu pictures of his own butt : P or would that be offensive material cause i was also planning to send yoochun pics of junsu’s butt too but i don’t really know why i would do that maybe i should send them pics of my butt but then junsu could mistake it for his butt but i won’t really do that i really think it wrong so i might send him a picture of my glasses with my eyes attached to my glasses or my watch attached to my ankle cause that’s where i wear my watch : P

    • I think the ‘paparazi’ timing was not right, because sometimes taking pics is not allowed in concert, and there might be bodyguards around.

    • The person who’s sitting in front of them is Kim Junsu.
      If Junsu is in front of my eyes, then I would do the same like those fangirls in the pict!

    • @Puti @Chimi

      we are JYJ Family/ Fans /Stans /….. we are entitled by the book to do that loool …
      but they came for beast lol….

      I think our boys’ charm cannot be missed/avoided even if from other groups fans..

      LOL even the antis are totally obssessed with our boys to the level that they stalk them and their news day & night…:D

  1. i was just wondering in that second pic under the dudes chair O>O is that a condome ????!!!!!!!!!! right under the 7 i thinks i see a condom O.o

      • mmmmmm mango pineapple smoothie now that’s yummy , sorry made u choke on delicious drink : (
        i’d buy u another one if i could anyway enjoy whats left of ur drink dear : )

        about my comment am sorry but it looked like that to me 😛

  2. Its super cool that Junsu is at the Beast concert showing his support to his FC men friends Gikwang, Yoseob, and Doojun. He looks a bit serious but I’m guessing he doesnt want to draw attention. He needs this break since his musical is opening soon, fighting JYJ and Beast!!

  3. Beast leader doojon, kikwang n yoseob are member of fcmen.. recently junsu went to zorro musical along with doojon n yoseob.. kikwang n doojon follow junsu on twitter even hv normal conversation at twitter.. kikwang also bought an earring (not sure the one he’s wearing now is the one) as birthday gift for junsu.. beast is from cube ent. and their fancafe member is already reached no 4 in korea.. so its mean they hv alot of fans than suju (a little more will beat snsd).. i know them coz they are one of the young idol group that not afraid to directly involve n interact with jyj member (beside mblaq member) … I’m saying these just to tell those who think bad about junsu friends not to start a war or watever.. sorry for my bad english.. peace!!! Hehe… Btw, junsu look hot n cool.. like a hyung watching over his dongseng.. wait!! he is hyung to them.. omoo, our baby junsu..

  4. I’m not “beauty”,
    but I like Junsu and B2ST.
    everyone should know that yeoseob, doojun, gikwang (member of B2ST) is FCMEN player !
    please thinking first before say something.
    and whatever everyone say,
    JYJ and B2ST have a good relationship.

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