[TWITTER] 120205 Junsu joins Yoochun and Jaejoong, endless tweets ensue ❤ (JYJ Love Fest Part 2)

Catch up with Part 1 here

From earlier:


@6002theMicky 이 사진 ㅎㅎ 너무 생생해 ㅎㅎ
Trans: That picture haha It’s too clear haha


New tweets:


@mjjeje 보고잡네~~~얼른한국으로돌아와~
Trans: I miss you~~ Come back to Korea quickly~


@6002theMicky ㅋㅋ유천아 머해??
Trans: keke, Yoochuh-ah what are you doing??

@mjjeje 뭔가재밌었지..유쾌하고ㅋ그나저나 터키는어때??
Trans: Something seemed so funny at that time…we were really happy keke By the way, how is Turkey now?

@beyondmonica 남자들만의..대화랄까..ㅎ
Trans: This is all male…dialogue..ha [in reply to @BeyondMonica’s Tweet: The three of you were talking for over an hour at that time…. ㅎㅎㅎ Just what could the three of you have been talking about ㅎㅎ]


@1215thexiahtic 터키 너무좋아 나중에 같이 가자!
Trans: Turkey is really nice, we should go together in the future!


@mjjeje 동유럽의 꽃이래ㅠ
Trans: it is called the Flower of East Europeㅠ


@6002theMicky 응 촬영장습격을 한번해야겠군!준구랑같이 갈게~
Trans: Ah, I think I will make a surprise visit to your filming set once! I’ll go to there along with Jungoo~


@1215thexiahtic 끄저
Trans: Get  out

@1215thexiahtic 준수야 나 오늘도 신호 준수했엉 사랑혀 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Trans: Junsu-yah. I observed the sign today as well. I love you hahahahahaha
(t/n: Yoochun made a name gag using Junsu’s name)


@1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky 그ㄸ대 사진다른컷으로 나도 가지고있어..ㅎ 우린 그날 위험했어 ㅎ pic.twitter.com/e2W3AJeF
Trans: I have a different version of the picture from that night..ha We were being very dangerous that day ha


@mjjeje @6002theMicky 그날했던 모든 얘기는 다 비밀ㅋ
Trans: Everything we spoke of that day is top secret keke

@6002theMicky ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Trans: kekekekekekeke

@6002theMicky 넌 다좋은데 단점이있다면 안웃긴거같아…..ㅋㅋ
Trans: Though everything about you is great if I have to find one flaw it would be that you are really not funny…keke

@6002theMicky 니가나한테 못생긴게 단점이라는 영상은..지금봐도 치명적이야ㅠㅋ
Trans: That video where you said my weak point was being ugly…even looking at it now would kill meㅠㅋ


@1215thexiahtic 미안해 준수야 ….나는 이렇게 너를 못웃기고..나가 죽어야지…흑….
Trans: Sorry Junsu-yah…because I failed to make you laugh in this way…I should go out and die…huh


@1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky 준수한 외모의 유천이는 촬영장에 재중
Trans: Yoochun who has a handsome face stays in the center of the filming
(t/n: Jaejoong makes a name gag using all of their names (Junsu , Yoochun and Jaejoong’s names)

@6002theMicky @1215thexiahtic 유천이는 표정으로 웃겨줘야함~
Trans: Yoochun has to make us laugh using his facial expressions


@mjjeje @6002theMicky 와재밌다
Trans: Wah, that’s funny

@6002theMicky ㅋㅋㅋㅋ얘왜케웃기냐
Trans: kekeke, why is this boy so funny


배터리 없어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Trans: Battery is dying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


터키 고양이~ http://pic.twitter.com/PJZpEnrc
Trans: Turkish cat~

터키 고양이의 근접사..아 지지 보고싶어졌다http://pic.twitter.com/VjlWh4xz
Trans: A close-up of a Turkish cat…Ah I suddenly miss Jiji

Source: @mjjeje, @60002themicky, @1215thexiahtic
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3, @yookcheoni, @0101jyunshyu, @joejjang, euriel
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


153 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120205 Junsu joins Yoochun and Jaejoong, endless tweets ensue ❤ (JYJ Love Fest Part 2)

  1. omg. the boys are sooooooooo cut………..e hahahaa~

    yc!!! miss u sooo much >.< hope he update his twitter ,post pic like when he's filming SKKs n miss ripley~~

    btw…did u guys see the tweet pic of jae with the turkey staf?? gosh both of em soooo beautiful tgher…. kekke this is my POV. hehe

    junsu, u're so bz with elisabeth…. have anough sleep. cant wait to see chun n jae watch ur musical agaain


    Jaejoong, thanks for your comforting tweets to Chunnie. You are really dependable hyung to your dongsengs.
    Lol..Yoochun miss his hyung and asked him to come back quickly, be strong Chunnie! Jaejoong hyung and Junsu will make surprise visit for u ^^
    Junsu and Yoochun always fooling around together forever.. <3<3333333

    JYJ, I'm really in love with you guys!!!!!

      • @gigi @zan
        Another happy fan here! 🙂
        IKR? JS & YC are clearly the dongsaengs of this group, you can see they always fool around like lil’ kids. Their “conversations” are always so funny. Will make you go hahaha…ya know what I mean?
        And JJ is more like a dependable hyung. A hyung where his dongsaengs can rely on when they are down.

        I so admire their relationships.

      • @gigi @Zan @bubbly

        Please… Dont leave me alone.. Let me be happy with u guys… 😀

        I really love how JS and YC tease each other… When r they growing up??? *Sigh* it might be hard on , Hyung baby sitting the 2 babies~~~~ 😛 I swear i just want to be with them for 1 day.. Jusst 1 day will do…

      • me too!!! my heart was beating fast while reading their tweets on my timeline…’twas truly a daebak experience!! i love them more and more each day that passess….btw, the turkish girl with JJ, was i think one of the two girls who brought the birthday cake onstage during the FM…

  3. Everything is JYJ and nothing hurts.

    I maximized my Twitter capacity, now it won’t let me tweet at all. LOL. Thank you to the translators for your hardwork! It has been a fun night with the JYJ Twitter Party. 🙂 Hope Yoochun feels better after having a good conversation with Junsu and Jaejoong. They just need to be with one another, don’t they?

    Being together is the most important thing after all. JYJ, fighting! ❤

  4. i wonder what conversation they had on jae’s birthday.. top secret junsu’s said.. omo,yoochun’s battery cell phone is dying 😦

      • LOL! Junsu must have been hurt by what YC said. Notice how YC took it back abruptly. I can’t believe it’s still in JS’s mind.

      • They’re sooo dorky!! Poor Su baby was blindsided by Chunnie. Su always wants to edit vids that he thinks are unfavourable, haha..I think he would have liked to edit that part out.

        And I think Yoosu are trying to hint that Yunjae is NOT real…I’ve seen Yunjae together in Bonjour Paris and all I can say is – awkward…They don’t look close. Of course, when ppl say that one guy is supposed to be appa and the other is umma, they’re going to feel awkward around each other. When you watch DBSK’s natural and candid interactions, you can see that JaeChunSu gravitate to one another all the time, they just have that chemistry and bond that true friends have.

        @zan, no I don’t have twitter T__T No facebook either. I’m a technology laggard, think among my friends I was one of the last few to have email. Kinda have a phobia. Besides, I’m already spending too much time on JYJ3. 😉 But I might check it out one of these days, and I’ll let you know k? 🙂

      • @intoxi and @zan JYJ
        I forgot who pointed out to me that YJ was not how it looks like, then I got to watch the couple talk on aadbsk 2 and 3, and it shows that it’s chunnie, jae and su who are close to each other. With the jae-chun talk, you can immediately sense the strong bond bond between jae and chun since they are the ones who shared a room. Then, there’s the way they described each other, how jae appreciates it that when chunnie gets to borrow his stuff (clothes, since they have almost the same built), chunnie would take good care of his stuff. Then enters the comic junsu in the jae-chun talk and they all end up laughing together.

      • i remember that wow i was angry at what Yoochun said to Junsu and did realize Junsu’s reaction but actually yoochun only meant to be funny, crack a joke but it hurt Junsu instead and yoochun realized this and regretted it look at the tweet junsu says that time when u said i was ugly i wanted to die ” meaning u hurt me when u said that ” then yoochun replied in the tweet, i couldn’t make you laugh ” meaning u didn’t laugh, this obviously means yoochun only said it to make junsu laugh but didn’t go as planned, then he said i should die, meaning he regrets his words made junsu felt hurt instead of laughing, u see girls i told u trolling with junsu doesn’t mean junsu is okay with it all the time, he hurt and suck it up, but i realise something from this tweet and now i am sure that junsu would tell them afterwards when their alone that that hurt him and they apologize to him because Yoochun said in his tweet he is sorry and his words had the opposite effect. sometimes i notice this look on Jaejoongs face that said : ah, maybe i said something wrong to Junsu, see i knew the guys Jaechun care about susu’s feelings, they are good hearts, they love Junsu so the words are never meant to be harmful but u see Junsu is sensitive i could feel him, but i could also see when Jaechun realize the opposite effect they meant and feel regretful afterwords they just don’t realize it much at the time, but they do think about Junsu’s feelings i am glad they care about his feelings, i know they care because u see Yoochun never called Junsu ugly ever again when he and Jae troll Junsu, because he realized that kind of teasing hurts susu and stopped repeating it ever again. it also makes me happy that susu tells his hyungs (yoochun is older than susu right) about his feelings and they apologize and put it in consideration and not repeat it again.

        anyway i really think its sweet how yoochun apologized to susu in the tweet about that.

        also is Junsu really talking about this Video ????? does that mean he re-watched yoosu couple talk ??????
        or just recalling a memory ?????? awwww Yoochun means much to Junsu that’s why he said he felt like dying at that moment yoochun and Junsu means much to Yoochun because Chunny also said he should die for what he did, awww susu hurting means chunchun hurting too they really are close. how cuuuuuuuuuuuute #O#

      • I got angry too xD in fact whenever i see anyone trolling junsu i can feel his bother not like he’s really mad at yoochun or jae’s jokes but he take those more serious than someone may expect and maybe because he’s that type of a sensitive guy and I’m not saying this because i see him always like the cute and innocent boy….indeed he’s adorable and lovely but he is also strong when he has to be. and I’m just so in love with them all ❤

      • When i watched this video it was hilarious..i didnt think yoochun meant it whne he said junsu was ugly at all he was just being funny here..i mean look at him..he looks so adorable in this vid i dont think anyone would think he’s ugly..i personally think he looks so much better than yoochun here haha it’s just a preference i really like his old looks and hairstyles..

        i remember i was always miffed when they always make fun of junsu on their videos then haha im really jaesu biased so you could imagine how it really irks me to death..i think that’s one of the reason why i never really warmed up to max..i never really did like him he was so rude all the time to the point that it’s not funny anymore..

      • @pierrot
        hiya..actually my interpretation of this particular tweet from Chun — ‘Sorry Junsu-yah…because I failed to make you laugh in this way…I should go out and die…huh’ — is different from yours, i.e. it’s a tongue-in-cheek trolling thing, something like, “you mean it’s so important that I make you laugh and if I can’t with my jokes, then I should just die??”
        That’s another way to look at it and we have no way to know which way Chun meant. But I know that Chun still loves and cares for Su’s feelings.

      • @intoxi @all
        My thoughts are different here. I think there is a hidden message that our YooSu is trying to put across here. It is not about Junsu being hurt or being ugly and what not (obviously both of them knew very well that it was meant to be a joke and they did laughed it off in the video). That’s how they show their love for each other, anyway, lol. I mean they did mentioned this in the video itself. They show their love by making fun of each other.

        My guess is, the hidden message that they are trying to send behind this video is “YunJae” is not real. They are not as close as all of us fans think, and especially not in the kind of relationship that the *psycho* YJ shippers think.

        They knew that if they pointed out this incident, fans will start searching through their old videos and start to rewatch it again. Both of them did mentioned at the very beginning of the video: YJ is not close. They are close in front of the camera but not behind.

        I might be wrong but knowing them, the smart them, there is a possibility that I might be right.

        Cheers! 🙂

      • @intox

        Thanks for the vodeo… You make me, a Yoosu lover, happy!!!! They are so adorable..


        Hey, my adorable, cutie, greenie little monsta sista bubbly.. *nod nod* Yeah, it makes sense!!!

  5. JYJ have fun ❤❤❤
    Confront your fears & dare to go forward^^
    To me Life is no security, just opportunity ~~^^
    JYJ fighting 🙂

  6. feels like in heaven..the most happiest thing in twitter that ever happened in my twitterland..lalalaaa~~ Love JYJ so much!!! be strong & fighting!!!

  7. Should I sleep or not.. I’m scared to sleep. I might miss their next tweet. ^_^. Btw tnx admin for the very quick updates.. good morning. everybody. I need to get up early later. Hope Our boys tweet will be my lucky charm to pass my interview today.. sleep mode ^_^

  8. Omgosh..I love this convo so much..

    “YC to JJ: Come back to Korea quickly~”
    Aww, our YC misses his hyung! 😦

    “JS to YC: keke, Yoochuh-ah what are you doing??”
    Our JS must be wondering what this naughty boy is up to? He hardly tweets. Suspicious much JS-ssi? 😉

    “JS to YC: Though everything about you is great if I have to find one flaw it would be that you are really not funny…keke”
    Now, this is funny, hahaha~

    YC: Battery is dying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    What?!! No!!! Come back! We want more!


    I love JYJ, I truly do.
    I hope they’ll stay strong for each other.

      • @kaloocapri *hugs*
        What? You named your new kitty “Bubbly”?
        No way! bwahahhaaha~
        You are not serious, are you? 😉
        No way!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Omgosh..you are crazy, sissi~! rofl~
        I know you are kidding.

        But I kinda like your creativeness though:
        Being Together Forever=JYJ
        Kyah~ I truly hope they’ll be together forever.. 🙂

        JYJ fighting~!!!

      • @kaloocapri @zan
        Goodness me, so it’s for real huh.
        My crazy sistahs, what am I to do with you gurls, haha~

        @kaloo sissi
        If so, you better make sure you feed “Bubbly” with premium kitty food ya?
        And oh, please shower him with loads and loads of love, ne?


      • @bubbly
        do u want to know the reason? @kaloocapri asked us to vote to name chunnie,jiji,jae and something we voted but everybody go against naming their bias name.we wanted to see pic of the cat,she said cat is super active so she cannot take pic.Then suddenly she said may be I should name bubbly,then everybody agreed,LOL

      • @kaloo sissi
        Awww, that’s one cute kitty and he’s so tiny~!
        *hugsbubblycarefully lol*
        But why that innocent look?
        That is exactly the look I’ll give my mama when I did somethin’ really wrong and need to beg for her forgiveness, seriously.


      • @Jae-want -me… chunnie’s innocent look?? i think just when he hugs Jae…other i will dead with his look…and he know about it~!!! ^____^

      • @kaloo
        My Chunnie..innocent cute look?
        In a way, hahaha~
        But don’t you dare name him Chunnie..I’ll kill you.
        What if you don’t feed him well, I’ll be so sad.
        I’m willing to endure the hunger for my Chunnie, lol~

      • @anva darling
        Our Chun has got many faces..
        he can be cute, can be hot, can be ugly..
        (oopss, hope there’s no other Chunsas around :P, lol), silly, cool..and the list goes on.
        That’s Park Yoochun, that why we love him right?! 😉 haha~

    • @bubbly & @all chunsas… I’m reading this only now, and it really lifted my spirits up! Love it, love JYJ, LOVE LOVE Chunnie!
      How are all you gals, especially the Chunsas? I’ve been way behind all the JYJ3 news, and am trying to catch up as much as I can now. These sort of news really made me soooo warm-hearted… tho’ i’m sad that Chunnie is stressed with the filming! U can do it, Chun… cos U’re PYC!! 😉

  9. thanks for trans~ that google trans doesn’t really help much for me 😦
    Aaaaa why you guys are soooo cut….e haha 😀
    LOL at junsu still rmbr that video even tho those are from years ago… Junchan you’re handsome and cute baby~
    Lovee the way jae take care of his dongsaeng, and yoochun here are too cute~ like a lil kid miss his mom and pouting over friend~
    Lovee you guys~ best timeline ever!

  10. Thank you for your undying love and devotion to JYJ men: DoctorJaee of JYJ3, @yookcheoni, @0101jyunshyu, @joejjang Thank you all the admins, too.

    What a wonderful surprise to have from them. I am infatuated again with them.

  11. Aish i hate this fans who hate JYJ because the twitter storm, n they said JYJ forget YUNHO birthday,….better find the news tomorrow
    time to sleep now, gotta work tomorrow
    thank you admin JYJ3
    cu my dear JYJ fans….

    • @smilejyj
      Ignore those Yh’s fans.
      Did they remember JJ’s birth day?
      One- side- emo( angsty teens with a fake personality) Yh- fans oO..
      go kill themselves to see if Yh cares *roll-eyed*

  12. oh… i’m a korean who visits this website very often
    but i think there’ re some mistakes from up above’s translations….
    1.보고잡네 has the same meaning with 보고싶네
    so it must be translated as “i miss you” not” someone saw it and took it”
    2.끄저 means 꺼져 in Korean
    so it doesn’t mean” that is right ”
    i think it’d be better to be translated as “꺼져,get out ”

    those two parts were all i cared about
    the rest of the translations are just PERFECT XD

    and…..to my dearest jyj3.net
    i’ve always wanted to express my deepest gratitude
    for sharing this good infos 🙂


      • yes, I think YC treat Js like my buddy with all the easy feeling…but with JJ more respect like older brother who take care them!!!

      • @intoxi sissi *hugs*
        Ikr? He’s always polite to hyung but when it comes to JS..
        oh my..poor JS..hahhaha..
        but I enjoy their bickering too much to blame YC.
        Keep them coming bb, kkeke~

      • @bubs! Hihi dear!
        Yeah, I love their bickering. And that’s how they show their love right?
        I need to zzz soon. 😦
        Oh, I just watched the KBS vid of Chunnie that was posted a couple of days back – something about egg-attack, haha. It’s really nice how they acknowledged him as MVP in SKKS plus covered his acting career.
        When I saw him with the short hair in Ripley (e.g. when he was on the phone), my heart almost stopped. I’ve seen that before but it really gets me every single time. Can anyone be more handsome and manly??? Chun’s gaze can melt all female hearts. I don’t know if I should watch Ripley just for his hair, haha. I so love him in short hair, like in Choosey Lover. Have you watched the ‘O’ concert? That was one of Chun’s best looks for me – short hair and that army singlet, totally hot…I also like his curly hair in Mirotic concert. Actually, I really like ALMOST ALL his hairstyles, except for the helmet hair in the first half of Ripley which was so unflattering. I hope he gets more sleep for RP cos’ otherwise he looks older. Arghhh…SPAZZ…my inner Chunsa is coming out again…Baby Su is gonna get jealous, lol…

      • @intoxi sissi
        I have to agree with you here..the Chungaze is really his strongest “weapon”, lol~

        “I really like ALMOST ALL his hairstyles, except for the helmet hair in the first half of Ripley which was so unflattering.”
        ROFL. I kinda agree with you here.
        He looks best with short hair provided he style it right, that is, hair styled up and off his forehead (I love his hairstyle in Kepco 50th anniversary performance, he looks really hot in that one), flat fringes is a no-no for PYC.
        And of course, your so-called “helmet” hair is..tbh..
        really unflattering compared to the shorter hair in the later half of the drama.
        He looks so much sharper and manlier, thereafter.
        Omo, so does that mean you’ll have to watch the drama from around Episode 11 onwards..kkeke~

        If you like melodrama, MR’s for you.
        Honestly speaking, it could have been better if they have a better scriptwriter.
        The drama would turn out way better than it is.
        But heard this drama’s doing really well in Japan.
        Yet another matter of preference I guess 😉

  13. Aww so cute. When Junsu talks about micky saying his badpoint is being ugly its from allaboutdbsk2 yoosu couple talk. I love JYJ so much.

  14. this kind of tweet combos are the reason why i love twitter….srsly, this men made my day, i love them , i dont even have words to describe how happy im right now *-* JYJ ur the light of my life ❤

  15. Twitter Fest Part 1 & 2
    Exchange of “I love you” , so sweet and endearing, my heart is overflowing with love for these three guys who doesn’t even know I exist. I cannot express in words my admiration for them , “Being Together” is proven by these series of tweets, and they don’t have to be on the same place to be together.
    Thank you JYJ3 and all the translators who always share your time, talent and effort for JYJ and JYJFans. More Power!

  16. YooSu, again, trolled each other, hahaha….I really love them. Finally my long wait to see their convos are over. Jaejoong-ah, bring Jungoo to ParkYoo filming set and surprised him^^. Brotherhood love forever!!

  17. I was on line last night and get to see @mjjeje and @6002themicky tweeting to each other~ but i have work in the morning so i have to sleep tho i really want to stay longer on twitter… sad i missed @1215thexiahtic~
    their conversation is soo nice and cute! they really love each other ^^

  18. I can totally see them cackling together over their secret conversation. Goodness. They are just too cute. Good to see that even though Junsu’s picked on, they still include him in everything.

  19. i keep wondering about their TOP SECRET CONVERSATION on JJ’s bday???
    i think.. they are secretly dating and then talk about it on that day since that they seldom saw each other.. kekekeke^_~

    but i also think its not, coz boys aren’t too open when it comes to their relationships..

  20. i’m all high on giggles right now >.<;
    and squeals…. o.O;
    When they were having this giant tweetfest, the tweets kept coming into my phone and vibrating my pocket at work for sooo long!
    And I couldn't take out my phone and look what the alerts were for all day because I'm a manager (can't be on phone at work! duh).
    I was dying to know! XD

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  22. Hahaha there is no way u can avoid their charms, thatss really make girls going insane :p
    That’s our fate to love them! :p
    So just enjoy it! LOL 😀

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