[FANCAM] 120205 Jaejoong at Fanmeet in Turkey

Credit: Karpanamel + KGirl91tr
Shared by: JYJ3


30 thoughts on “[FANCAM] 120205 Jaejoong at Fanmeet in Turkey

  1. Wow he looked super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really seemed so relaxed and was enjoying himself. I love seeing him like this, just being relaxed and being his adorable self!!!!

  2. OMO !!! When is said Turkish girls are too beautiful that he might get married from Turkey then hid under the tableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…LoOoOoOoL !!! Thats the Cutest thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ❤

  3. What did he get from the cake? KIM JAEJOONG, you’re getting used to fan meet lately! And so.ever enticing, adorable and hmmmm..naughty?

  4. In the last video the person who uploaded it wrote this:
    He came to hall and greeted fans. He said ‘Merhaba’ which means “hello” in Turkish.
    He was asked what he feels right now. firstly he introduced himself.
    Then, we all greeted him by saying “Oso oseyo !” 🙂
    We were really excited. So we kept screaming unconsciously 🙂
    It was great to see him by personally.. He was really very kind. He talked sincerely..
    I think I’m fall in love with Jaejoong 🙂

  5. owie………Jae-ah how it can be there are person like you, adorable but in the same time also so manly ? >_______________________<
    Turkish Fans thank you so much for everything that you have done for Jae even tought it must be so tiring but i'm sure you guys must be so happy and have some fun today ^___________^
    i am waiting for some fanaccount now

    • He picked the figure of Junsu(There were three figures of all JYJ members) then he accidentally broke it(I mean his head just fell down) then he said that he was sorry because he broke the Junsu’s figure ^^

  6. I like that they seem to have secured a professional interpreter.
    He did a fantastic job so JJ could keep up and respond quickly.

  7. It seemed like there were a LOT of people there! It seemed more than 500… does anyone know how many people were in the hall? I can’t wait to see photos of the crowd.

    What a fantastically successful and joyous fanmeet this was! I’m so impressed with the Turkish fans.

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