23 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 120205 A Compilation of Tweets About Jaejoong’s Fanmeet in Turkey

  1. LOL… Shy babie!! Hoho
    I see in my tline this sentence ” jae: you’re pretty, could marry turkish fans with good korean”!!! Haha
    So should we all learn korea??? Haha

  2. So happy the event went well, thanks Turkish fans… ^__^
    Can’t wait for JJ’s new drama, PtB was such a good drama so I’m sure his next drama will be interesting too.
    The Turkish fans must be happy to hear JJ learn some Turkish to greet them ^^

  3. Thanks to all the accounts above.. who where tweeting those yesterday in English.. it was a great help to live the event with the Turkish Fans..<3<3<3
    and thank you Admins for summing them up to us like this.. you are great 🙂 <3<3<3

    I wish JJ & JunChan & ParkYoo can be as happy in every country they visit so they can feel the warmth and the appreciation that they lack now in their own country :)))

    Again thank you JYJ Family in Turkey.. you made JJ feel like as if he is home.. :))))

  4. Thank you so much Turkish fans for loving him !!!! And you’re lucky too !!!
    It’s a good thing that the fan meeting is just prepared in 1 week but there’s no big problem. I’m sure both Jaejoong and you guys enjoyed this event so much !

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