[INFO] 120206 Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines presents a Special Screening of Heaven’s Postman


KCC Valentine Special Film Screening


Spend the day of hearts here in KCC with our first movie screening for the year!
it's “Postman to Heaven” starring Kim Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo! You can
bring your date, but if you don't have one, bring your family and friends!

All you have to do is click the link below to book your tickets now:


– ONLY one ticket per booking (Remember, even if you put four (4) guests,
we will change it to only one (1)

– Print the coupon and present it to the receptionist before the movie starts!

Note: All tickets are already fully booked.

Credit: KCC via JYJ_Philippines
Shared by: JYJ3


25 thoughts on “[INFO] 120206 Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines presents a Special Screening of Heaven’s Postman

  1. omg! i wanna go. i still remember how i was mesmerized by jae’s charm in the movie. i wish i can spend my valentine with jae’s movie. at least i wont be so lonely 😦

  2. when our boys documentaries (for a valentine gifts for their fans) get canceled in their own country, Jae’s movie get screening in Philipina with same purpose (a valentine days)
    so ironic
    Jae look so handsome in that movie ^^
    Philipnes fans congratz u can watch and enjoy Jae’s movie together with your couple or your family ^^

    • actually not too long ago,a cable channel broadcasted this movie with a dubbed voice and it received a good response from the audience.that very night #heaven’spostman was trending on phtwitter.

  3. Pingback: [INFO][06.02.12] Trung tâm Văn hóa Hàn Quốc ở Philippines giới thiệu 1 buổi chiếu “Heaven’s Postman” đặc biệt « TVXQ5_VN

  4. I hope the people in the Philippines enjoy this delightful movie.

    What do you know…this is the same movie LSM/SME worked so diligently to keep people from seeing because they got a whiff of Jaejoong’s dissatisfaction. SK continues to allow said entity to continue to block the activities of JYJ in their homeland, but they have no shame in using it’s members to further advance the vaulted “Hallyu Wave” around the world. Good going SK, we international fans are still keeping our eyes and ears open. Just saying.

    • I have to move somewhere JYJ is appreciated – so obviously that rules out SK! Which given their maximum winter temps have all been in the minuses this past week, is probably a good thing, at least where my tootsies are concerned!

      • Well, we have temps rolling in the 40s-60s believe it or not. Every time we have a mild winter, we have a very hot summer! So, if it’s warm weather you’re looking for, my neck of the woods might be just what you’re looking for! 🙂

  5. Oh, the tickets are fully booked already 😦 Too bad, i learned about this just now. I hope they will show it again soon. I already saw this before, but I want to watch it in big screen.

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