[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong and a beautiful goddess-like Turkish fan girl crowned ‘Visual Couple’?


A photograph of Kim Jaejoong together with his fan has been revealed.

On Feb. 6, the photograph with the title ‘Photograph of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong with his pretty fan’ appeared on an online community’s bulletin board.

The photograph of Kim Jaejoong with a fan girl who attended the fan meeting caused admiration for their perfect visual features.

In particular, the pretty-as-a-picture fan girl with superior features garnered a lot of attention from netizens.

Meanwhile, the 600 fan meeting tickets, which were on a first-come first serve basis were sold out in only 30 minutes, showing the power of the Hallyu wave.

Source: Nate
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205 thoughts on “[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong and a beautiful goddess-like Turkish fan girl crowned ‘Visual Couple’?

    • @ jenknight18

      Quite my feeling there….I cried, I smiled…..
      I am thinking about going to Turkey and kill that girl….LOL

      • even being a junsu-biased fan, i cant deny that there is a strong jealous feeling inside me… that girl is sooo pretty and think she is very vey young…

      • @jenknight18 your words made me feel good too…thank you… I wish I knew this when I was younger….better late than never right?

      • kekekeke.. well she seems to look nice and cool.. it would be nice for JJ to actually fall and marry a fan.. it’s like a cinderella story.. every girl deserves the chance ^__^ and to whoever the girl who captures our prince heart as long as she makes the boy happy am with her.. same goes to whoever my baby Chun and Junsu would like.. JYJ makes me smile so they deserve a girl who can make them happy forever..

      • @ jenknight18

        She is so strikingly beautiful and she didn’t act like a crazy fans who would hugged JJ like he has been long gone (me)…but I think she did know she must act normal (due to what-you-suppsed-to-do-as-staffer book of conduct).

        JJ said that he will marry a fans (weeping and dying writing this). She has everything. She only needs to go under plastic surgery to make one eyelid instead of 2…unless JJ changes his preferences…

        I need my dying moment now. It happens each time I see that photo….+___+

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        JJ’s preference seems to change as days passed.. i think he is the type of guy who looks at cute girls but would prefer connection .. the girl dont have to go surgery.. i was hoping Jae appreciates beauty regardless of race .. ^__^

      • @Meisy chandra (@meichero)
        dont cry.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder ^__^
        If you feel beautiful .. then others would feel that way.. it is us who first have to appreciate our uniqueness ^__^ regardless of our flaws.. each person has beauty in them.. and each will find a pratner who will see that like no one else would ^__^

      • @ Meisy chandra (@meichero)

        I don’t believe you are ugly. And everyone is beautiful. And do you know the good news? JJ is not attached to anyone until now. We can still be his #1,000,000 candidates and be happy about that…

        @ jenknight18

        I need to add something to you “Jae appreciates beauty” with inner before beauty…..LOL

    • This is what Exotic looks is about, not too whorish but demure, wholesome and preppie down to earth kind of good girlish. JJ needs virgins as brides.

  1. Duh!!!…..I am so dead of jealousy!

    But yes….they are so perfect together….*bleeding to death while typing this*

  2. A w e s o m e Jaejoong hit the jackpot in Turkey and soon will find a girlfriend/wife material in Turkey. The gene pool is overflowing with exotic girls with goddess like features. JYJ the Global village and family is forming now, this Century belongs to you now so make your mark and make History for the Books a Turkish Delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @amie my dear sista,….Turkish have unique features mix, Kaukasian n Middle East, my smart brain adores them,…..kekeke. I have collection of male Superbmodel, check this

      sorry if bring those pic here inappropriate

      • smilejyj you hit the head on the nail Turks are gorgeous beings seen a lot in Germany very warm too. Turkish women are Exotic looking multicultural are all the rave in this day and age so JYJ should get with the program of the 21st Century and mix business with pleasure. They haven’t seen anything yet, Jae, Chun and Su can do impossible and magical things if they follow their heart.

      • JYJ are only part of K-pop and the hallyu wave when it benefits Korea. The rest of the time they don’t exist. Show me one time where they are invited to a joint concert with other K-pop singers. Never once. The news doesn’t want to give them credit for themselves and what they have done.

      • I don’t believe this hallyu wave crap because JYJ is not part of the Kpop idols. The Entertainment gurus don’t treat them fairly. This guys are very phenomenal, matured and very humble by themselves and not bunch together with these new kpop idols who silently people in the West think they are too corky for their own good and privately people thinks Kpop will falter. All i want is for S.Korea to genuinely Honor an hold JYJ in high esteem because they are being recognized around the Globe meaning they are Big Fishes in a Big Pool but in Korea they are Big fishes in a little pool get my drift they just used them to promote Cultural things in the Country when they are needed but their powerful influence and status around the World is not well recognized and appreciated in South Korea by helping to solve the issues with SME meddling in their business in any shape or form.

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Kim Jaejoong …
    I can imagine how beautiful their baby would be.
    I really love this pic, I keep on staring on their faces, they are like made in heaven, too beautiful!

  4. when i first saw this picture yestarday they cought my attention
    i mean the girl is srsly pretty and big fan jae
    they look cute together
    ideal couple ~ waaah (now im going to bed and cry) *sobs*

  5. They look cute together! Their hair and outfits match, so cute!!!!! I really hope Jae finds him a girlfriend and then wife. He deserves to be loved by someone who is going to love him for who he is not just for being a star.

  6. if i were her, i would wash my hand (after shaking hand), will never clean/laundry the clothes i wore … arrrhhhhh jaeeeee take your hand away from her shoulder, see this pic is bad enough,

  7. When i read this news the first thing come to my mind “Oh….The ‘other couple shipper’ will be fuming and angry now”..kekekekeke..bad me!!! Oh well….~~~

    The other note..i hate this sentence “…… showing the power of the Hallyu wave.”- IT”S JYJ WAVE YO!!!! Get that right..geez…..

  8. The fangirl is so beautiful….
    Hope I won’t get bricked for saying this, but looking at the photo reminds me of what JJ said years ago (I forgot the exact time) that he might end up marrying his fan… ^__^ (Everyone must be hoping to be one, including me ^///^)
    Sorry for my bad English, though…

    • Don’t worry, no one will brick you out. I am actually targeting that girl…..LOL

      JJ needs to get a girlfriend….!
      *bleeding to death, suffocating while typing that*

      • @ putrihs

        I am…….! huhuhuuh….I need super bandages for all my wounds….

        Err….why didn’t you reply to my and jenknight18’s comments re: sweet darling Chunnie?…Since JJ is speculated to have a girlfriend, we are considering Chunnie as our best candidate….^___^

      • its so sad yet heartwarming that we began to accept jae`s marriage ~
        sigh, i dunno if i`ll accept him marrying a fan, cuz i`ll daydream
        im here all the time,
        jaejoongie lets forget about the whole marriage thingy
        for a while~okeey?

      • i just remembered a clip from the “COME ON OVER DVD”
        jae talked about marriage..
        and how he`s dad will turn 70 soon and wants a grandchild..
        he console his team mates,
        evil chunnie and xiah gave him their blessings >.<
        but then he said, he cant get married just now, he needs
        to 1 meet the girl, then date her, THEN think about marriage..

      • @ Haruna-Chan

        JJ’s marriage??? *trembling, bleeding, suffocating* +___+

        Well….it is way better than having him alone in his big house celebrating his happiness and wallowing his sadness.

        Go darling JJ! It may kill me on spot, but your happiness is above my funeral!!

  9. HAHA XD!!! you have got to be kidding me!!!! so now even JJ and fan photos creates scandals? XD!!!! but yes she is pretty. and JJ was VERY happy after the fanmeet. hm……..does it have some connection? XD!! but seriously……..now JJ will have to stop taking pictures with fans too? XD!! lol imagine if this made headlines in korean newspapers XD!!! oh well……..thats the power of JJ 😀

    • i imagine korean fans reactions lolz
      i wonder when they hear that jaejoong said “he could marry
      a turkish girl who speaks korean” what will they do??!

      @Jae-is-Mine though im 100% with u, yet, i still cant picture him getting married ,<
      though he needs to marry since he`s lonely all the time and hes parents
      want a grandchild ~_~ no to mention lately he talks ALOT about this subject T_T

      • i want him to get married soon..kekeke^^.. get married at an early age..
        you know there are alot of advantages when he gets married early.. He can be best friend with his sons and go hiking..then he’ll get to see his grandsons/daughters!
        if he is too old, he can’t play with his children anymore!…haha

        since he is financially stable anyway.and owns a house. theres nothing to worry about…^^

    • Hi there brat ^^ Yep jaelous fans are scary >>! Am a bit concerned about this girl…. so many negative responses huhhhh. .
      And yes 🙂 this photo is really beautiful 🙂 JJ is handsome and girl is really pretty 🙂 JJ you have to try and find your better half 🙂 Fans wants to see you happy and in love ❤

    • Bwahahahaha…..that UJ has her hatred on JYJ3 exposed on Twitter already. Should she come here, I am holding a copier machine now. Heavy and effective tool to throw at (with security’s help)

      • murasaki…….! *hugs the way YC hugs JJ*
        I missed all the excitement though….I was so well prepared. Scanner, fax machine to throw at…
        Well….life sucks!

      • @Uj….Thank for correct…if i miss understood i am sorry…
        .About HM talk…we are different opinion…( i think alot of ppls in here too…not hate just different) ..that why we just stop here.
        About Beast Story…..I know you feel bad but i hope just misunderstand….and pps here some they really try correct.

        I dont like pps do something bad and they mean it…..but if you read some @P comments before and after, you can understand the way she is…sometime make me laugh and cry (exp: the comments just below this post)…just something emotion in that time…but I don’t think mean it and she did apologetic.
        Anyway…like @rebeckham27 said ” “what happened comes to an end here”…..Peace!!

      • Hmmm… This sounds just….. I read her tweets and yes she was mad, but don’t all of us are sad when their bias group is insulted? Where did she “exposed her hatred on JYJ3” ? I know UJ for a year and she is one of the girls who always try to stop trolls on akp on JYJ articles … so seeing others writing this is just a bit …. And before you ask – I’m JYJ fan only. I don’t hate others (am trying to respect other artists), but am not buying any products from SM or Avex. I am visiting this site for 2 years now but this situation made me really really sad. Don’t we as JYJ fans have to respect and think before writing comments with hateful words about other artists? Please respect to be respected. I really hope you will put that copier machine down and rethink your words.

      • Is this @Uj..sometime post her comment lasts year?? O I see….She OT5 fan but she really support JYJ too ( offcouse HM) sometime she help for both.
        I did reply her in Junsu post….hope dont much offence her just want she read all comments from pps try to correct information before say “all you” and the girl post comment said sorry already…she still got mad??

      • @sunbeam911 Hello, oh well, she did tweet in big caps on her tweeter on her hatred on JYJ3, you can re-read her tweets, not surprise it has been re-tweeted by her followers. She had somehow admitted that she had been bearing with JYJers (from her comments, so she dislike JYJ3 all along but come here for news) so once the time come, it got cross the line from a misunderstanding from 1 of the readers and then she blow and berated all of us.

        As we all know, JYJ3 is one rare site that support JYJ only and no others. This site tell the truth and not fabricating nor hiding it. Your friend is JYJ biased, naturally she will defend JYJ but with emotional attachments with the past.
        I am also a JYJ’s fan but I have no emotional past baggage to drag with me (Life is short, you never know what will happen tomorrow), to support the other 2, is like throwing daggers at JYJ (as some of our wise readers had mentioned).

        I don’t want to take our readers’ side and I got to say “Both are at fault”. And I hope your friend has calm down. And also what is respect? “Respect is something has to be earned”.

      • Anva 🙂 please imagine someone saying not very nice things about JYJ… wouldn’t you be mad after that? I know I would… and it would take me time to cool off. Yes she is OT5 and Beast fan… so she got all emotional but she is over it now 😉 And yes I read the apologizing part, and it would be really ok and good written if not for “but when u think about it i didn’t really say bad things about him i was just assuming theories cause i really did think he is an sm artist”. Maybe it’s better to not assume, but ask? Because we don’t want to make other fandoms fans angry right? The majority of fans get defensive and emotional when their bias is insulted. This is why I wrote, that we have to be more careful with words and respect other artists if we want other fans to respect JYJ 🙂 This is only my point of view 🙂 And I will respect others, if they will disagree with me.

      • IOnlyShipJaemuCouple Hi there! I agree that respect has to be earned, and it’s requires work from both parts right? It always better if respect is mutual I think… So, to other fans to respect JYJ we also have to earn it right?
        And yes, I agree that both sides got emotional. Let’s hope that all fans would think before writing next time 🙂 I really hope that one day it would be all about love and JYJ in our comments 🙂

      • its not wrong for people to mention and curse the other group.. noone blames the fan who actually started the hate by cursing B2ST and EunHyuk ( both of whom are friends of Junsu, and people Junsu likes and follows on Twitter) because she was one of them! but if UJ speaks only in defence of B2st and HoMin, she is the villian! why? because she is not one of them, she is an OT5!

        in English wouldnt it be called Hypocrisy?

      • ..@rabeckham27….I know you before too in here and AKP..just want say Hi first…
        “noone blames the fan who actually started the hate by cursing B2ST and EunHyuk ” if you read all comments in post..you will see alot of comments direct and indirect try to correct her @P they are not only TO5 but JYJ fans too….hope you see them…and she did apologizing
        and” because she is not one of them, she is an OT5!” became about different opinion when only HM pop up..anyway what i can say…hope you dont easy use the “word” before understand something like @P again…calm down!!

      • @anva

        hello! nice to meet you 🙂
        if you have seen me before you must know that Junsu is my bias and i always and forever defend and support JYJ in everything!
        What i meant there was not just this site, this incident got discussed on Twitter as well and people called UJ ‘hater’ and ‘Fake OT5’ (directly mentioning her at that) , i personally know her and i know she supports JYJ and buys their merch, is that an anti behavior?
        i have never gotten into argument with any JYJ fan before, and i know not all fans are the same because many of my close friends on Twitter and AKP are JYJ only fans .. i just hope what happened comes to an end here, it shouldnt get more propagation… ganging up against each other is neither pleasant nor the solution! JYJ fans and the OT5s who visit this site should maintain the certain level of protocol that they have …


      • @rebeckham27… smiles like that better right?^_^….I think this happen just misunderstood ..yes agree with you…i dont want to see bad happen for both @P and @UJ or JYJ fans and fans support JYJ…
        ” “what happened comes to an end here”…..Peace!!!

      • @anva
        okay i really didn’t want to comment here but i feel i should correct you..
        you are misunderstanding me! i didn’t mean to say “all you”, hon read my sentence again! i said “Okay FIRST OF ALL you talk too much and most of it is utter nonsense! didn’t bother to read after the 2nd para!”, meaning it was only directed towards the Pierrot person!
        it wasn’t “all you” but it was “first of all”! you are really misunderstanding me here! 🙂
        Also my anger wasn’t because of HoMin talk ( i already know how much they are hated here!) but because of the way the B2ST members were talked about! Even though i am an OT5 but i really really admire B2ST! and they really are JYJ’s friends! so it was really low to talk about them like that!
        Also ya i know i had an anger burst on twitter and that was because i was being targeted unjustly, while the one who started the bashing got off scot-free!
        You seem like a decent person and i don’t want you to misunderstand me!

        “If she turn into a sweetheart with a sweet mouth, then that’s a miracle LOL!”

        ah please don’t expect any sweetness from me, because i am one hell of a sarcastic person!!

        Also the person who wanted to throw a fax machine or whatever at me, please grow up!
        and also thank you to all of those who left lovely messages in my mention on twitter, calling me a fake OT5 and a “hatred girl” LOL! I am sure JYJ would be proud to have such fans! *sarcasm*
        I know not all JYJ fans are like this P person, i have JYJ fans on twitter too and they are quite decent human beings unlike certain trolls!!

      • @Uj….Thank for correct…if i miss understood i am sorry…
        .About HM talk…we are different opinion…( i think alot of ppls in here too…not hate just different) ..that why we just stop here.
        About Beast Story…..I know you feel bad but i hope just misunderstand….and pps here some they really try correct.

        I dont like pps do something bad and they mean it…..but if you read some @P comments before and after, you can understand the way she is…sometime make me laugh and cry (exp: the comments just below this post)…just something emotion in that time…but I don’t think mean it and she did apologetic.
        Anyway…like @rebeckham27 said ” “what happened comes to an end here”…..Peace!!!!

      • @All: first of All.. my comment only for YunJae Shipper. and what i believe about YunJae Shipper is: YunJae fans are OT5, but not all OT5 are YunJae fans. so.. if @UJ is part of OT5 but she isn’t YunJae shipper, i have no problem with her.. 😀 and im trying to correct @p too at Junsu post, but @UJ may be already emotional for the comment of @ P and @ P also made the mistake of not doing research or at least ask about BEAST before making a conclusion. I just hope we don’t hated each other.. 😀 bdw, YES! i hate YunJae Shipper..

  10. very pretty indeed. even their hair color is similar haha
    and it’s not the power of the hallyu, it’s the power of JAEJOONG you idiots! XO

  11. They look adorable together.. and yessss she is sooo beautiful she knows it.. he took a BIG note of it..

    if your heart desires go for it JJ.. we love you.. we support you.. & we will always do..
    and we wish to see you happy.. you deserve to be happy.. you make us all happy.. you are entitled for a happy life bb..

    so if you want it go for it.. don’t be afraid that your fans will walk away from you.. because they won’t (the real ones won’t).. they might or for sure will feel jealous looool but as long as you are happy then it’s are ok..

    This girl or any girl your heart beats for.. it’s time now .. go go go..

  12. As I’ve said in the previous post, the only thing that could have made this even more perfect is if the girl had her arm on jae’s slim waist waahhhhh 😀

  13. Meanwhile, the 600 fan meeting tickets, which were on a first-come first serve basis were sold out in only 30 minutes, showing the power of the Hallyu wave.

    excume me, i think that happened because of kim jaejoong power, not power of hallyu wave. i’m sure they knew hallyu through JYJ.

  14. woww…

    “such a cute couple”..

    *but i don’t think i can say that statement if yoochun is in jaejoong position,LOL…^^

  15. TT–TT
    my heart’s bleeding… i’m so jealous of that girl… so pretty and cool.
    but oh yeah Jae, go and find a GF!
    Wouldn’t shouldn’t, couldn’t object if you end up with this girl or any other beautiful soul out there.
    Just always be happy like this 😀

  16. tsk, tsk, k-media obsession w/ superior gene pool: well she is prettier than a photo…because she is real. PRETTY PRETTY REAL.

    and what Hallyu Wave? Hallyu Wave, my foot! this is all Kim JaeJoong and JYJ wave. I guess media is as delirious as some purported so called fans.

    can we give credit where credit is deserved?

  17. As a noona fan, I support him for getting a girlfriend… I mean, come on girls, he’s also human, he’s a man, and he’s 27.
    Fans need to understand this. I think it is time for our prince to find his princess 😀

    You go JJ… find a good one, ok? kekeke :p

  18. Well, jaejoong need a girlfriend. I will be happy as long as him happy. But I hope it will be korean too. but.. his happiness comes first.. *sighed* OMG, i’m so jealous now!!! *crying outloud* But It’s time for him to look a girlfriend and start a new family to make little jaejoongs. hehehe

  19. wooowww she’s in the news already,ahhhaha you go girl!!! i actually like her, calm, simple yet strikongly beatiful. and you can see in this photo that she’s a nice girl too, she have that aura..Turkey you’re so lucky, your great work and dedication to jyj really paid off.

    on the other hand i don’t think i’s the power of hallyu but i’ts KIM JAEJOONG’s POWER..ok??

  20. SHE IS FREAKING AVERAGE don’t u have eyes am not saying she isn’t pretty but totally not even near goddess beauty at the fan meet there were a number of turkish girl fans who are more deserving of being called goddess beauty but this one totally isn’t a beautiful goddess am i the only one with eyes , her beauty is average.

    • @Pierrot
      You know what, I think sometimes you should think, and think some more before you comment.
      Maybe read through your comments to see if people might misunderstood your meanings and try and change them before posting.
      I think it’ll avoid a lot of confusions and misunderstandings.

    • can i ask you where are you from ? couze i think she is average too ! i’m saying this couze my country is neighbor with turkey and i know turkey’s girls are sooo pretty , she is just average one !!! i gusse tastes are diffrent !

    • Is she the most beautiful, goddess-like woman I have ever seen? No. Is she beautiful and goddess-like in her own way? Yes. I don’t know why you have to put down her looks in your comments. She is a beautiful girl, better than “FREAKING AVERAGE”. She might not be the most beautiful, or even the most beautiful in that room, but she’s the one who took a gorgeous picture with Jaejoong and acted with class too. We all have eyes, but we (apparently) have lower standards of beauty than you, and we also judge with more than just someone’s looks, but also their attitude and actions.

      • i agree with some of what you said …but….you cant see her ‘actions’, ‘attitude’, and ‘class’ through a photo lol just saying.

        and shes goddess like in her own way? huh? then anyone can say that lololol

        i mean, shes pretty but shes not pretty enough to cause the sensation and awe shes getting now.

        now jaejoong on the other hand…<3

        also i dont think pierrot was trying to offend anyone. maybe she was too blunt lol

        anyways im not angry or anything 🙂 just trying to bring light to different opinions!

        and i must say she is DAMN lucky!!!! 🙂

      • By actions, attitudes, and class, I also mean her tweet and how she conducted herself at the fanmeeting. No, you can’t judge all that by just this photo, but by all the information that has came out of this. But the photo does show how calm and poised she is, while still being excited and happy. Not everyone can do that.

        I think beauty is a matter of opinion. I think she’s goddess-like in her own way. Not everyone is goddess-like, but she’s beautiful enough to be considered goddess-like by most people. You implied that Jaejoong is someone who can be considered god-like, but to be honest, I don’t think he is. I am Jaejoong-biased, but there are times where I don’t think he looks good at all (and of course other times when he’s absolutely gorgeous). It’s just a matter of opinion. Do I ever say he looks just average when other people are gushing over his looks in some of these posts? No, because that’s rude and again it’s a matter of subjective opinion. Why did Pierrot have to rain on our parade with her insensitive and pointless comment when we think she looks beautiful and good with Jaejoong? That girl didn’t come up with this news… many Koreans (and other people around the world) thinks she’s befitting of being compared to a goddess.

      • @jaime

        yeah, i suess i can agree with you

        really, this all comes down to opinion!

        although in my opinion, i dont think saying someones average is necessarily rude. i stated she was average but not in a rude and condeming way. regardless pierrot could have been a bit more pleasant about it lol

        anyways thanks for your input. it makes more sense now thats youve explained it.

        anyways i just think koreans view on foreign people are a little skewed as they think anyone with a high nose, double eyelids, pale skin and a pretty face is automatically considered “beautiful” and not to mention the phrase “goddess-like is WAY to overused, but i guess thats another story.
        i live in america and shes pretty average (NOT ugly); as in, most girls look like her, so she doesnt really stand out to me. I guess koreans dont see that as she would be considered really exotic to a korean, as they dont see girls like her as much as i do.

        and jaejoong i consider exotic and beautiful as ive never really found a guy who looks like him.

        anyways in the end, in regards to the girl herself, we’ll have to agree to disagree! lol

      • @ Jaime

        did you just say Jaejoong’s beauty is avrage O.o !?!!?!?!? ” commits suicide : P ”
        no no no , no way u said that i am imagining it
        Jaejoong out of all people u call average O.o ” commits suicide in her grave ” i seriously can’t believe u said that, him when tired is rightful of the title gorgeous he is in the category of most beautiful men of the century, am just saying there are classes in beauty and Jaejoong belongs in the upper class when it comes to beauty so he is rightful of such upper terms to be called with, unlike the girl’s title in the news hope u understood my first comment it isn’t really about the girl its the term unfitting her class of beauty . i mean it questionable cause its not a Nichol kidman lever nor a Sandra Bolic level of beauty she can’t compare to them but Jaejoong can be compared to gorgeous male hollywood male star i mean sure Brad Pit is average compared to Jaejoong : P ” i actually said ugly not average but someone said i should think about others feelings before i talk but really i don’t think Brad Pit would notice my post : P ” just saying i definitely didn’t read u write Jaejoong’s beauty is average but am still gonna commit suicide for thinking i did X D just saying u can’t call average goddess and can’t call godlike average is all.

      • @junjjang and pierrot: I didn’t say Jaejoong was average looking. I said that he was not good looking sometimes, but really good looking other times. He’s really not my style (romantically) at all even though he’s my biased so that’s probably why I don’t find him that attractive. I know I am not the only one who thinks Jaejoong is not godlike in appearance because there are many people who think that too. As I have said, it’s a matter of opinion and maybe culture. I agree that the girl looks exotic to me (I am Asian) which probably does make her more aesthetically appealing to Koreans/Asians. But I think that girl can be considered beautiful no matter where you are from. There are many beautiful girls like her in America, but just because a lot of people are beautiful in that kind of simple way doesn’t make her any less beautiful. This is not a normal distribution curve, there can be a large percentage of people that can be considered beautiful. In fact, I think that’s a good thing.

        @pierrot: See those celebrities that you listed, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, I think they are beautiful women, but not goddess-like… it’s really a matter of opinion. You have yours and I have mine. That girl in the picture is not my definition of goddess-like either, but she is beautiful to me and I could see how she can be goddess-like to other people. Why must you dismiss other people’s views so disdainfully? She might only be “freaking average” to you, but that doesn’t mean we are blind for thinking she’s beautiful. Jaejoong is not that handsome to me sometimes, and that’s my opinion, why can’t I write that? (Note: I don’t actually write that on his posts, but it’s quite presumptuous of you to think that there could be no other opinion on Jaejoong’s look) You are getting so many replies because of the way you express your opinion and your closed-mindedness about others’ opinions, not because you don’t think she has goddess-like looks.

      • @ Jaime

        okay honey i get it , am sorry about the Jae misunderstanding post . i misunderstood u, i had no right to make about that Jaejoong comment so about that really sorry , i was a bit upset at u because u scold me for my opinion , but i get it now u misunderstood me and yeah i did misunderstood you too, but i get it in that first post i worded my opinion wrongly with that thing about people not seeing that . so if i said (she looks average so she isn’t a goddess TO ME ) and only said that sentence no one would have scolded me not even you ???? is this what ticked u and everyone was getting at !?!?!!??!!?
        if so i can see it clearly now and yeah i realize i was out of line again sorry about that so yeah i keep this in mind to write TO ME : P so no one misunderstand me and not comment on others comments i get it i will try not comment on others comment i will try really, i repent iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii repent my fellow JYJ-ers the Pierrot can see the light now : P
        am not joking i really care about my manners and no way i meant to offend anyone.
        anyway thank u Jaime i realize u only meant well and yeah everyone has their own taste.
        ” i just voiced mine : P ” runs off ^^

    • Pierrot, you really need to cut it off and be considerate with your opinions. Think hard before posting sth that might offend other people. You have offended not only her but also us JYJ fans who agree that she is pretty. Although, beauty is in the eyes of beholder but no need to insult other people of having no eyes or what not -_-


    • @pierrot : Beauty average or not ,all I know she and Jaejoong has shared a beautiful moment. And I really love her sharing her fortunate moment ^^

    • ahhh i actually thought the same thing. ive seen girls way more beautiful than her lol. i mean she has nice hair and all but really, shes not that pretty lol shes kinda average.
      im not saying shes ugly lololol shes just average looking

    • @pierrot please don’t be rude, she might be “freaking average” in your eyes but she is also awesomely beautiful in our eyes,, are you questioning if we don’t have eyes? the answer is we have clear eyes and it’s different from yours..
      and don’t think and say i’m saying you can’t express your opinion, but please do so in a polite manner., you like jaejoong right? you know how polite and respectful he is? i think you should look at him as an example not just his handsome face. And Turkish fans have been very well mannered all this while, please don’t offend them by your reckless words…
      remember we all have different opinion but we don’t have to be rude. you already cause a misunderstanding i hope you learn from it and refrain fom causing another one.

      logic— pierrot you can be the ugliest person in others opinion but you can also be the pretties for me or for someone..jaejoong can the the handsomest guy for us but he can also be a normal guy for some others..but we don’t need to be rude to express our self, bcoz some might understand you but you can also be the cause of trouble for some.

      personally, i like her beauty..she is very simple, and i find it beautiful.

      • @ withjyj and maybe everyone ells too

        actually am a Junsu bias : P

        if i already said wrong then i realized but already post it how do i erase my post, and i wasn’t trying to be rude to anyone i just meant the media exaggerated with the use of that word ” goddess ” i just saw it that way and no one noticed it so like i said so , i’m also average i don’t get offended when i’m told am no Nichole kidman cause i aint and if u did say i was at her level of beauty i would think ur making fun of me, am just saying , but okay i can see ur point along others that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as someone said i don’t remember who i was reading so much scoldings i couldn’t remember everyone’s name but okay i get it i was wrong ” again : P ” i am sorry about my behavior i will try to be more polite , but its easier said than done i mean what if i don’t think i said something wrong and then i post and then i get scolded ” do u girls want to spank me too : P ” and u don’t know how much i improved from the past the first person that scold me i used to lash out at them personally but i don’t do that ever again but this new request ur asking me isn’t easy for me everyone could see its rude but i didn’t , i think it was until i realized everyone got offended , i get it my words probably gave the wrong impression but like u said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so i said no she is no goddess but yeah i over did it with people not seeing it like i did,

        like how do i fix this : P

  21. He said that Turkish girl are beautiful and he can consider to marry a Turkish girl who knows how to speak Korean?!!! omg!!! i heard this from a fan who was there!

    From now on, i will learn Korean 😀

    ps: did you watch the videos??

  22. hi helen are you there ? sooooo welcome , i’m sure youre going to be happy here !
    یه چیزی بگو ببینم بلدی حرف بزنی !

  23. Personally I think that “goddess-like beauty” is very over used in Korea so putting that aside I think the girl is just cute ^_^. What I think is so nice about the picture is seeing how diverse is Jaejoong’s fanbase, and how much of a sweetheart he is for having a fanmeet there.

    Oh and….. this might be off topic but I always wonder why do sometimes Koreans (some not all) feel that foreigners are prettier then them? I am saying this cause a Korean classmate of mine told me that I was “soo pretty” and wished she had my nose and eyes while I on the other hand thought that SHE was the really pretty one xD. I guess what I am trying to say is that beauty is truly subjective but I wish girls would see how beautiful they are just looking like themselves not some warped image of perfection.

    • I think just how normal or rare we see……Like me …my classmates or workmates they always say my hair look so cute with very straight and black hair…but me i feel so boring, some time i went to salon make them curly and color but only few day they comeback normal…and i look other girls with many beautiful colors and curly ..feel soo pretty and sexy ^__^

    • i totally agree!
      i think there are koreans who are sooo pretty and they dont see it because they dont have double eyelids or a high nose.

      gah its sad. “foreigners” can be pretty too, just in a different way, not in a better way!

  24. I would like to add to all the wonderful comments here that what makes her look so beautiful is how she looks with Jaejoong. Junsu once said that if he likes the girl, he will think she looks beautiful. What makes her so beautiful is not just herself, but how well suited she seems from the inside out to Jaejoong. I think he meant it when he said that he feels so comfortable in Turkey, and I think this girl looks really good with him. Come to think of it, I have never seen anyone look good with him before. Even though he is so gorgeous, he is also a bit unusual looking, so most girls just don’t fit. I always thought he will have a hard time finding someone to marry because of that.

  25. wow they really look good together…she is a beauty who happens to be so lucky.well not all beautiful ladies out there are lucky to have a good photo with Jae.
    and some of us(or may be many)cant be even considered a beauty…more like a cuties,perhaps…
    it is just a matter of taste.Turkish are beautiful.but for me some Korean ladies are more beautiful with their flawless skin.if you like their creamy complexion.but then some people with honey-coloured kind of skin too appear to be more attractive.
    tis the truth,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

  26. OMG.. it is just a picture..he took pictures with other fans to …… Did he say he was dating her?… so I don’t get all the comments…He took a picture with a fan and now we get all of this from a photo?? Poor Jae

  27. our ♥♥♥ Jaejoong having good time at Turkey..thank you Turkey fan for the warm welcome & love toward Jaejoong..The pic proven Jaejoong happiness..although i’m quite jealous with this girl…well at least she lucky to have this special moment with our Jaejoong..
    i love you jaejoong ♥♥♥..take care oppa~

  28. I am a Turkish girl and I was there during the fan meeting.Like 10 people took a picture with him and we all watched them dying of jealousy TT.TT
    By the way, she is beutiful but not that beatiful.She’s like an average girl in here Turkey

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