[PIC] 120206 Jaejoong at state banquet in Turkey, shaking hands with South Korea’s President, Lee Myung Bak

Source: Blue House website
Shared by: JYJ3


48 thoughts on “[PIC] 120206 Jaejoong at state banquet in Turkey, shaking hands with South Korea’s President, Lee Myung Bak

    • Jaejoong is a much better diplomat than that.

      In fact, I can easily see him fulfilling a very similar role when he goes into the army.

    • JJ isn’t a selfish person. he’s going there as a representative of korea.
      so he will behave like one.
      so much proud of him.
      he’s the only celeb who been invited there right? I’m so so proud.
      my friend said, it’s impossible JJ is the only celeb there. LoL
      korea has many celebs from their hallyu wave, but this event choosed JYJ. XDD

    • @ Hot Nana (@Hotnanacaliforn)

      I understand that my dear.

      But JJ would not do that. One, it is not his style. Two, JJ will not embarrass his president by asking that and puts the president in an awkward position.


  1. Presidents of Turkey and Sk with their First Ladies looking on to SK’s First Son.
    It looks like Pres. Lee is so proud to bring his First Son to some diplomatic events.

  2. The president of Turkey really looks smitten by Jae, lol…The whole pic exudes harmony and peace (V)..dun care if the SK president is pro-business, it looks like 2 families are proud of this young man.

  3. i am glad becoming jaejoong’s fangirl.. so proud of him..
    looking that picture maybe someday jaejoong can take a role as president’s son or a prince in his next drama 🙂

  4. South Korea Prince , Kim Jaejoong , we all so proud of you ^^
    You’re really an unusual man , you have so many unusual stories , you have an unusual handsome face , you have an unusual kind & warm heart , you have an unusual angel voice , you have an unusual experience about your families & in your working life .
    However you’re luckily there are many of good times coming after you overcame the hard time !
    I hope you will meet more unexpected encounters with unusual good fortune in your future !!!
    So Proud of you !

  5. I’m a noona fan beaming with pride now….they(JYJ) have really created waves and are being so well-loved by fans all over the world. ^o^ They are able to receive so much love by the fans and accomplish so much despite all the hurdles along the way…*cries* Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong..although the end of the tunnel is still a long way, but you have never given up…we (fans) will also not give up. Keep fighting!!!!

  6. if jaejoong wanted a career shift, he can totally become a diplomat. he will totally charm the socks off everyone. then there will be world peace 🙂 😄

  7. I’m proud for him and I’m happy for him.Jaejoong is the best<3 I wish him all the best in the world,he truly deserves all the best.

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