[PICS] 120206 Jaejoong at Ankara University meeting, Part 3

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Credit: As tagged via @CermetZedVerm + @yuchunami + @luvjey 
Shared byJYJ3


36 thoughts on “[PICS] 120206 Jaejoong at Ankara University meeting, Part 3

  1. Biting lips, licking lips….Argghhh….are u trying to kill people there?????

    OMG…you are such an angel in the crowded…..
    Jaejoong-ah….when can I see u in person?
    Note: CPR from you is guaranteed to take place….^___^

  2. Whoa! I spot another visual couple cropped shot over there; this time, the girl looks more mature but still pretty.
    Turkish girls really look so exotic and pretty, it’s difficult to stereotype their looks into a single definitive “look” wow!

  3. Seeing the last pic… now I want a drama or movie with JJ as a prince. But from the hero festival questionaire, JJ wants to play as a vampire, right?
    So how about vampire prince? ^^

  4. I hope JJ was sitting with that volleyball player and some other young people. It would be a long uncomfortable dinner sitting with all those older people in suits.

    I just keep thinking about how his family feels. Baby Jae dining with Presidents. Surely they suffered so much over the last couple of years seeing him go through so much. This must really make them feel happy for him.

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