[PICS] 120206 Some relevant JYJ Macros



Credit: Hazy | Shared by: JYJ3


49 thoughts on “[PICS] 120206 Some relevant JYJ Macros

    • YUP!! my 4 thumbs for d pics!!
      i hope mr president can help them for d future. at least he knows that JJ is a nice person who has 2 great friends called JS n YC. And they r JYJ, a group which has a great talents but don’t have many chances to show all of their ability!

      • @ diana dee (@_dee2)

        Go JJ. Go Mr President. Deal with the cockblockers!
        Although I doubt that my sweet JJ would ever raise anything about that darn cockblocking. My JJ is way too kind and nice for that….*teary*…*hugging JJ tightly as supportive act*….

  1. i must caps locks some part of that macros
    ‘we don’t often representing something ————-> but WHEN WE DO,we made sure it’s TOP SHITS like ICAAP, UNAIDS, World-OKTA, Nuclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, PR Ambassador for The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST’

    .’i don’t often show my face —————————–> but WHEN I DO, i made sure it’s in PRESIDENTIAL BANQUET with the PRESIDENT of SOUTH KOREA and TURKEY

    LOVE IT SO MUCH ❤ ❤ ❤
    our boys totally a classy group
    thank u admins

  2. why there is no news about JJ and President culture thing in ALLKPOP, SOOMPI, OR in other k pop media … thats shame …. anyway we don’t need anyone … JYJ fighting

  3. Who else get the chance to sit together with two President …WHO WHO … tell me … none other Kim Jae Joong JYJ.
    Is there a photo taken at the banquet. Really hope Admin can display it here..

  4. High Five JJ i already said it, that you and your bros JS and YC are going to conquer the World and make History among Nations and Countries your wishes and dreams will materialize. Love and Happiness will come to JYJ

  5. LOVE IT!!! Thanks Admins…This is True!!! JYJ and their Fans are a ReaL Family….and I proud of JYJ…JaeJoong, YuChun and JunSu are The BesT!!!

    I wish there were more Macros here, it really lightens the mood (during hard times of course). But’s we’ve been having GREAT news lately, after the theatre shit.

  7. Fortune teller predict those boy in the future :
    Kim Jaejoong as multibillionere on KJJ agency, win oscar for The Best Director on several movie, Owner of high class Korean Restaurant in NY,Tokyo,Paris,London and Bali. Also Chairman of KJJ & Friends foundation.., this last actually TOP SECRET,…. Mr. Kim Jaejoong start his political carrer after his wedding with Princess of Japan, also ended cold WAR between both side…
    How about Mr. Kim Junsu and Mr. Park Yoochun??
    … It’s Secret….

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