[PICS + INFO] 120206 Jaejoong, along with Presidents of South Korea and Turkey, at a meeting in Ankara University

According to news sources, Jaejoong attended a youth forum in Ankara University, along with Korean president Lee Myung Bak, and he will also be attending a state banquet at the presidential palace.

He is traveling not just as a Kpop artist (he already had a fan meeting with JYJ Turkey fans) but, also as a representative of South Korea. Which is fitting, considering Jaejoong along with the other JYJ members are International Ambassadors (ICAAP, UNAIDS, World-OKTA), and also National Representative for Korea (Nuclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, and PR Ambassador for The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST).

For those who were wondering why security around him was so tight. This might be because he is also a State Guest.

Lee Myung Bak, President of South Korea, introduces Jaejoong to the students at the university


Jaejoong shakes hands with the President of Turkey







Jaejoong strikes a pose with Korean volleyball player


Credit: as tagged, via @DC_Jellery + @JaeChunSoulmate + Lian
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  1. <3333333333333333333333
    So Proud right now!!! That's our JJ!!
    Thank you for the Turkish fans who also made this possible by supporting the boys and getting them noticed! :')
    (Although I'm younger than the boys I feel like a proud mum now! X'D)

  2. OMG!!! I need a fan account of this moment! Why is the President smiling so? Maybe all the fans started screaming. Maybe Jae should have introduced the President. Everybody knows Jae already. I hope Allkpop and all the big newspapers in Korea carry this photo. Take that Mr. Blocking JYJ.

  3. isn’t the president of south korea really disliked over there? that’s what i’ve heard from k-fans so im worried :/

    JYJ doesn’t need more negative attention ;~;

    • In here its about culture not about politics…..like music, movie, art, sport ..you can representative for you country but it is not mean you support any politic parties in your country!!

    • Pres. Lee is there representing his country and fulfilling his job as a president not for his political party and so with Jaejoong. For me, I’m vey thankful to Pres. Lee to choose Jaejoong for this diplomatic function, he could have brought Yunho or Changmin or Siwon or the 9 girls of SNSD or any SM idols who claimed to be the leader of Hallyu wave, but he chose Jaejoong .

      • @kris i agree its nice jaejoong was chosen or however this happened but I think if SM was asked (since we don’t know) they would probably say no since they don’t get money out of it and are not planning on breaking into the market specifically in Turkey. I mean come on, there is nothing that SM has done so far to suggest that they put their own country any where near the top 5 or even 10 things on their list of priorities. Jaejoong was kind enough to say yes to this meeting that takes up his precious time that he is always complaining he does not have enough of to meet with a small group of fans. but of course that is the jaejoong we know and love 😀

      • @Monica
        “there is nothing that SM has done so far to suggest that they put their own country any where near the top 5 or even 10 things on their list of priorities”
        I have overlooked this thing, yes, you’re right, SM may refused this kind of event since they are too busy gathering every YEN in Japan and to every possible market.

      • @Monica

        “I mean come on, there is nothing that SM has done so far to suggest that they put their own country any where near the top 5 or even 10 things on their list of priorities.”

        ROFL!! I so agree with this! If there is no profit in it, doesn’t work for them. However, I don’t think they would have refused outright. If nothing else, LSM/SME are publicity hounds. I remember the stupid grin on LSM’s face when they did the photo shoot with James Cameron over the deal they were making for 3D videos. And pushing BoA up to the front near Cameron.

        Somehow, I don’t think it escaped Pres. Lee’s attention all the honorary ambassador and representative appointments that have been bestowed on JYJ. You know when you read that kind of resume out in public, it sounds rather impressive. So, why not choose le creme de la creme?

      • @ButterfliesAreFree honestly i don’t think the those idols would be able to pull it off at the level they are at. not saying they don’t have the potential or capabilities but being honorary ambassador or representative actually requires that you speak intelligently and completely understand what you are supporting. of course they don’t want to mobilize their fan bases to actually (god forbid!) THINK about real things going on in the world. you get that thinking thing going and it might catch on and bite them in the ass. they treat their fans like their treat their artists. their PR team must be really shitty but hey i’m not complaining lol.

      • I don’t think that president have asked SME stars to be accompanied with him to this meeting, because if he asked they will never say no for the fearing of passing that great opportunity to another star of another company specially JYJ their most hated rival.Hence even though it is like a charity event they would never say no. by the way Jaejoong is really kind heated to accept this with no economic benefits.But we know what kind of a person is he.love you jj

  4. I’m so proud of him, it must have been pretty terrifying to have gone without Junsu and Yoochun but he’s done so well to represent his country and his band overseas. Let’s hope he comes back to Europe in the near future!

    • I considered it a great help already (one step at a time), bringing him along in the presidential palace to attend dinner for VIPs only is a big boast to JYJ’s morale. Yes it’s quite ironic that they are blacklisted in their country but here on this international event Jae is representing JYJ and his country. I’m sure Daddy PSM is not so happy about this.

      • AGREE!
        I have the same piece of mind with you, my dear. Despite of all that happened to JYJ in their hometown, they are still much preferred or should I say, demanded by other countries. To me, what JYJ had done so far is not merely for money, but for the love to their fans!

        Proud of JJ as an artist/idol with high moral, as an Asian & of course as a human being!

      • How I really wish Junsu and Chunnie could have been there .. then things would really be more explosive .. and the SK president would know that JYJ has been doing their share of ambassadorship everywhere they go …

  5. sooooooooooooooooooooo proud!!!! good job JJ, your fans proud of you, JYJ proud of you !
    Korean Media…did you see? Sm did you see?…….left SM it a best decision from the boys !! ^_____________^

  6. Okey, I have a bunch of rumors as usual 8D

    1. Representatives of JYJFamily in Turkey couldn’t attend this event, because some bitchy Hallyu fans deceived them .__. So they ended up crying together in Twitter TT__TT It’s a real pity because they had prepared everything so carefully, and even intended to ask Lee Myung-bak about JYJ’s situation in SK .__. You know what mommies say, some things are just not meant to be 8(

    2. Jaejoong’s attending this event MIGHT have political implications, because the majority of Korean JYJ fans are in favor of the new progressive party, & Lee Myung-bak is very much hated and isolated now. I don’t understand it but that’s the gist of what I’ve heard 8D

    Anyway, I’m sincerely praying for the day when JJ can meet and shake hands with Obama, or whoever US President will be in office then. Amen! 8D

    • like I said….Hope Korean fans can understand “In here its about culture not about politics…..like music, movie, art, sport ..you can representative for you country but it is not mean you support any politic parties in your country!!
      and sorry and thank you… if I can ask ..I dont get what situation mean” . Representatives of JYJFamily in Turkey couldn’t attend this event, because some bitchy Hallyu fans deceived them” how can they??

    • what ?
      sigh WTF, he come to turkey for his own country sake and even have a free event there, no profit here… back then this is so imposible this things happened.

    • I kinda get the 2 I think. Becaouse if I remember correctly Lee Myung-bak is representative of the right (conservators) kind of politics and many his decisions are controversial because of the government initiatives and spreading power.
      And JYJ situation is more or less (or could be viewed) as the result of growing government intervention into business.
      So yes… now JYJ fans have to read more about Korean politics 🙂

      • “So yes… now JYJ fans have to read more about Korean politics 🙂 ”
        After korean law now their politics too lol i feel more educate about korean then my own country lol, JYJ what are you doing to me ?

        off topic: maybe JJ is the real mr. city hunter lol

      • @ sunbeam

        i heard on the news Lee myung park said ” actually the translator said it ” that korea should have more democracy he encourages it so i thought he was from the democratic party,

      • Snippet from article in today’s New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/07/world/asia/korean-political-star-starts-charity-to-confront-inequality.html?src=tp

        Because of their concentrated wealth and influence, family-owned conglomerates known as chaebol have become a key election issue. Daughters and granddaughters from chaebol families have recently abandoned their bakery businesses after President Lee Myung-bak —often accused of putting chaebol interests before the common good — charged that their “pastime” of selling cakes and croissants deprived mom-and-pop bakers of their livelihoods.

        Conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai have fueled South Korea’s booming export-oriented economy. But they have long been accused of using their power to check the growth of smaller companies and of keeping them under contracts that critics like Mr. Ahn have likened to slavery.

        Mr. Lee’s government has come under fire for business-friendly policies that have coincided with an expansion of the chaebols’ influence. During his four years in office, the conglomerates have added more subsidiaries and expanded into sectors usually occupied by smaller companies, like food and retail. Meanwhile, small and medium-size companies, which account for 90 percent of employment, have struggled and found it hard to add jobs.

      • I don’t think he is bad one way or other 🙂 Politic is politic ^^ 🙂 And yes I agree with comments that this is cultural event so maybe we are seeing to much in it! 🙂

    • that sounds not good. … i hope the best for our boys. pls.pretty pls not add poltic’s issue on them. they have enough problem to settled. but i am proud of him. go go go jaejoong

    • Haters will be haters.
      So what is he suppose to do? If you are called to represent your country in a cultural event in another country, would you say, “hm, I dislike our president, so my country can go su_k it, I’m not going”? How is this wise. He went to represent Korea not “Mr. President”. Some people can’t think two-cents to save themselves. Tsk tsk tsk…

      • correct. and as others say. in Turkey, it’s not about politics. people will see JJ as a Korean representative.

      • i still don’t get why would he be associated with the president but wouldn’t that be good maybe the president would help jyj don’t he have power !?!?!!?? and i think the presy is a nice man why do they hate him !??!?!?!!? he seems friendly to me O.O

      • You’re right,
        let’s not try to be negative all the times, for me I try to see the brighter side.
        To all those people having negative feeling on this, would they be happier and will have peace of mind if Pres. Lee chose any SM idol instead? Is it just alright for them that JYJ are blacklisted in the music industry plus no government officials would mind them at all, no ambassadorship (since some are complaining that they only using JYJ’s popularity). For me, I try to be thankful to every good opportunity given to them(JYJ) amidst all the harships they are facing.

      • @loveUnchanged agree, there will always be people who will disagree, always..and this is a cultural exchange event between two countries. it’s not about “i support the president or i don’t support the president” its a bout I represent our country not politically but in the cultural aspect.

        JYJ fans please don’t be too negative in every issue, iknow you want to protect them, but sometime there too much negativism. Whatever people say bear in mind Kim Jaejoong didn’t go to Turkey to represent the Korean president, HE went there to represent the Korean people and their culture. It is a great honor you know, please don’t put bad vibes in it. rumors will always be rumors, Lets focus on the positive and good side here.

      • seems i must do my homework again, to educated my self more about korea 😀
        and you are right, he cant say no once the president ask him to go since he is represent the country not the politic. hopefully people can see it clearly, since hater always try to find a way to show their hate.
        here i am, acting like a hen when someone try to hurt my baby 😛

      • agree .. just how much politics can you insert towards sk and turkey .. I find Jae’s actions very noble and polite to say the least .. am sure it’s not Jae to think of the political implications of being with the president .. as he have said, he is quite proud in carrying the burden of sharing his country’s culture to a foreign country .. am sure if Su and Chunnie were free, they would have done the same thing .. If the president is trying to use JYJ’s popularity, well what can I say? JYJ gets the job done when it comes to public awareness .. Regardless of whether the president would recognize Jae’s efforts or not, should not really matter. If he does and look into JYJ’s plight, well and good, if not, it doesn’t matter. JYJ have been surviving with their JYJ family for the past two years. I think people know, we’re a formidable force to reckon with. 🙂

      • Oh, I don’t doubt for one moment Pres. Lee is not taking self preservation into account. His conservative govt is in trouble, which IMHO it should be. This does not take away from JJ’s appearance. Representing your country is a good thing, especially when you are very loyal.

        But it was not JJ’s place to say no. He’s not wired that way. There’s simply too much class involved. This really is a win-win situation. SK gets to shine and bask in the light of one Kim Jaejoong, and one KJJ gets to show a very positive face for himself and his two brothers.

        SK can eat crow about the Hallyued Wave, despite all the blocking. Because all the accolades will still be achieved by JYJ’s KJJ. So, it’s all good.

    • Please don’t spread unfounded rumors. The current approval rating for Pres. Lee Myung-bak is over 50%.

      Regardless, this was not a political event but a CULTURAL one. Jaejoong was there as a good will ambassador, just like any international celebrity would.

      Gah, immature kpop fans piss me off so much.

    • I do not agree with your information and it is totally useless to bring politics in this cultural event. Just disregard such “rumors” . JJ and the President are representing their own country, which is honorable. There must be people out there who are eager to lower the meaning of this event^^.

      • You do realize that I said “rumor” in the first place right? ._. Anyway I’m sorry I pissed you guys off so much…… I just wanted to share something I heard from twitter and that I thought was interesting. I didn’t know it would appear immature and stupid and whatever to you guys. I guarantee I’ll never do it again. End of story.

  7. OMG so proud of him :3 this is a great honor, not everyone can take part of such important events with no less than 2 presidents, wow~
    And Jae is so nice and polite greeting the Turkish president with a bow :3

    I hope Korean media will publicize this event, this is important, and put less attention to the scandals and rumors without bases.

    I wish Junsu and Yoochun could have been there too, but it’s ok, one little step at a time 🙂


  8. He can try be a diplomat next time ^^
    and i think his study in Kyung Hee Cyber University as a communications major, will help him more and of course after all we know JJ is social butterfly.

    Anyway, i think now JYJ seems like more interact with SK government (because this ambassador things) i hope they will have a good impact from this especially for their situation now, i can’t help to always things about this.

      • JYJ- might as well be appointed as official International Ambassadors for South Korea.
        Just drop the Hallyu Wave stuff and promote them as Musical Goodwill Ambassadors…
        They are doing it anyway.. in the last two years as JYJ has traveled to and performed their SOLO concerts in:
        They’ve done all of this on their own with no support or backing from any SK organization and certainly their performances have helped promote SK on the world stage. They’ve done all of this and succeeded all with their OWN MONEY! BRAVO JYJ! 🙂

    • @ all, now people must think with open mind, JJ & JYJ definitely very smart and educate stars…. they can take their duty with gentlemen manners, ima so proud of them…. and most quote i belive true, because more wise/smart people, they will be more humble and down to earth too….sorry for my messy grammar

  9. wow , that’s really great

    do u think the president of south korea would help JYJ now , i heard he encourages more democracy in korea i heard him say that personally on tv once. ” read the translation really ”

    anyway @ that last pic hahahahahaha that lady looks like a handsome guy wow and Jae biting his lower lip kekeke i really like this last picture ^^ who is that guyish lady she seems friendly and Jae looks at ease around her, are they friends or something ?????

      • hello MIA2 honey #u# am fine how about u hope ur fine andhappy ??

        yeah she is tall and i i feel she’s friendly if not for the lipstick i thought she’s a handsome male star she really looks handsome ….. and Jaejoong looks really beautiful and a vit naughty with that lip biting i reall don’t know who she is though wish someone could tell us though :

  10. Boy, you make me proud!! How I love his good manners! Jaejoong looks confident, graceful, respectful, and well-fitted to the event. I hope this will bring many good press to JYJ, it’s a diplomatic event between 2 countries anyway.

  11. ” considering Jaejoong along with the other JYJ members are International Ambassadors (ICAAP, UNAIDS, World-OKTA),

    and also National Representative for Korea (Nuclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, and PR Ambassador for The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST). ”


  12. I know that Jae’s bow is a mark of respect, he’s very polite, but, Was it unneeded to do that because I don’t see a difference between a singer and a President. I’m just saying that I feel that it’s unneeded, but anyway Jae was doing very good. The picture above just gave me an impression that Jae was inferior to the Pst.
    Just my opinion 🙂 Anyone disagrees?

    PS :I’m happy that JJ and JYJ can come this far ❤

    • I think that’s Korean way of greeting even for just an ordinary person. I remember when we had some Korean/Japanese guests in our office, they bow to everybody even to the guards opening the door for them.

    • Well, ok .. Since you asked if anyone disagreed, I’m tempted to reply now xD

      … As proud as I am of JYJ and as much as I respect singers, I really don’t think we can say that presidents and singers are the ~same~ … I mean, as much as people like to hate on politicians, they’re RUNNING A COUNTRY. That’s not an easy job and not at all on the same level as the singing profession …

      And besides, bowing is just a a form of greeting and, as you said, sign of respect and politeness … It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re inferior or submitting to a higher being … Also, it’s in Korean culture to bow deeper to people who are seniors … I mean, DBSK were known and were praised for being extremely polite and bowing 90 degrees to their ‘sunbaes’ … Jae was just greeting the president and being the polite boy he is. I don’t think it’s anything negative at all ^^

      That’s my opinion 🙂

      • 🙂 You know it was just the first impression that I’ve had, I know that bowing is in the culture of Korea and it’s what make them respecful. I just couldn’t help myseft thinking that way though I know what JJ did was right xD
        Nevermind ~ 😀
        Anyway it shows a positive side of JJ and of Koreans as well ! This makes me think of the fan that bowed him deeply…People love him so they want to show their respect in Korean way too 🙂

    • I know that a bow is not needed in hand-shaking. But, in Korea younger people still feel awkward about standing upright while they shake hands with elders. It’s kind of conflict, ha ha!. Though my brain knows it is not needed, my heart is still not comfortable about following only the western style of manners. So I tend to end up with mixing both…

  13. wooowww!!! what an honor, such an honor, i’m sure he is very happy to be able to represent the Korean people and it’s culture to such a state event. HE also represent every ambassadorship they were given. Good job jae, well done. keep it up…

  14. Well JJ is considerate, respectful, well mannered, doesn’t have bad things to say against anyone–really he is a diplomat at heart since when he was a young kid up until today! He might have an alternate career here post JYJ.

    Now the maddening question… was he able to small talk with the President with regards JYJ’s plight? More importantly, will he be able to help them? Reading some of the comments above has just made it clear to me that government officials may be beholden to certain groups, whose support, when shifted, will make tjem lose power..

    Nevertheless, still proud that JJ was chosen to be the representative of SK. How has this guy ever damaged the Hallyu wave, I don’t know, but the SK media outlets should have been choking on their own words no? Because they have had to eat them regularly??

  15. Why would you try to talk to the President about the JYJ situation? I’m pretty sure the President has MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO.

    • Well, JYJ’s situation is no less important than other national issues simply because it is a representative high-profile case of human rights violation within his very own backyard. More importantly, its result will have huge repercussions not just to the well-being of thousands of minors and young adult Koreans continuously duped into a corrupt entertainment system but also to the so-called hallyu “product” the the country is “selling” to the rest of the world.

    • People are free to ask about whatever concerns them – be it the economy, diplomatic relations, security, trades, whatever. Their government concerns themselves with spreading knowledge of Korea and of Korean branding and they do this through investments into things like the very cultural event we are discussing. Would it hurt for him to know about how corrupt some of the companies are that their country is supporting? Seriously, how embarrassing is it that even in Turkey, people know what’s going on with a trio of apparently “ineffective” entertainers? So, who are you to say what’s important and what isn’t?

  16. omg… jj took my last breath away… drop dead handsome!!! he and presidents… SOOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!! hope the presidents get a chance to meet JYJ next time

  17. It’s a great thing for Jae, but I doubt LMB will do anything. LSM was charged for crimes years ago (and he fled to America) and he was pardoned when Lee Myung Bak as elected. And he has many close ties to the entertainment industry and a terrible reputation. I’m still glad Jae got to go though.

  18. i still remember those TROLL on alkpop last night, they said JYJ fans manner similar with their idol,…useless so on, har…har…
    Now i want they look at those pic, JYJ is such Gentlemen. And must be JYJ fans also have the same manner….
    eat your juicy fruit MELON troll!!!!!!!!

  19. I am so proud of him.

    and you know what? I am Korean and stand by progressive side, this is not problem at all. Turkey invited Mr. Lee as the pres. of Korea not personally for sure. anyway, the Pres. is paid for that and he has to do what he is supposed to do.
    the haters will hate whatever JJ or JYJ do.
    I don’t give a Sh** any attention to that.

    • Thank you to raise you voice…hope more korean fans think like you ..this is Representatives for your country’s culture not for President of politics party…yes hater always hate no mater what!!

    • thank u for the comment
      i hope there are gonna be more Korean fans who give a comment or information in here
      and yes like u said haters always be haters

  20. ‘He is traveling not just as a Kpop artist (he already had a fan meeting with JYJ Turkey fans) but, also as a representative of South Korea. Which is fitting, considering Jaejoong along with the other JYJ members are International Ambassadors (ICAAP, UNAIDS, World-OKTA), and also National Representative for Korea (Nuclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, and PR Ambassador for The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST)’
    THIS and
    ‘For those who were wondering why security around him was so tight. This might be because he is also a State Guest’
    THIS is my favorite line from that report

    i’m so proud of him 🙂 🙂
    well done Jae

  21. I think Korean pres knows abt JYJ n their situation, I mean wouldn’t he be briefed by his staff before he approves the delegation list? This might some kind of peace offering to jyj fans n progressives, but we dunno if it will stop e blocking.
    Jae did a fantastic job, it’s a great honour for him n JYJ to b chosen as national rep. They r our pride!

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  23. bow while shaking hands..kya i love you jaejae and you look super duper handsome ! and looking sweet with the volleyball player 🙂

  24. “He is traveling not just as a Kpop artist (he already had a fan meeting with JYJ Turkey fans) but, also as a representative of South Korea. Which is fitting, considering Jaejoong along with the other JYJ members are International Ambassadors (ICAAP, UNAIDS, World-OKTA), and also National Representative for Korea (Nuclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, and PR Ambassador for The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST).

    For those who were wondering why security around him was so tight. This might be because he is also a State Guest.”

    this exactly what i said to AKP to anyone (and particular fruit) that bashed on him, or to someone who said kpop not fitted to be cultural representative. JYJ not just kpop artists, they are also SK representative, thats why from the fanvids, clearly seen that the security not just for celeb security =)

    gosh, so so proud. now, SK, esp you government people, can you take a good care of your nation represetantive????

    • someone really said kpop is not fit as a cultural representation of s.korea? maybe most people that do kpop would not be “fit” but if it is jaejoong I see no problems. At this type of event they want to draw a lot of people so you must go for someone internationally known that will draw crowds. and i would hope they want to keep it mature and classy. not bubble gum and aegyo if you know what i mean.
      did people bash him? for what??? some people are really creative because i don’t know how they go from seeing this and make it into something negative.

      • ok.. i might should rephrase it better..
        this someone (forget the name) said that, “Not hating but I don’t think Kpop should be the representative of Korean culture…. ”
        and thats why, i told this person, that Jae along with JYJ arent only kpop artists/singers. they ARE the representative of the SK, since they represent SK in so many ambassadorship. not only represent SK, they also represtative for International organizations.

        well, actually this what i wrote in akp yesterday :
        “well, actually since JYJ also have so many International ambassadors (2011 ICAAP, UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors and World-OKTA), and also national representative for Korea (NUclear security Summit, KEPCO, FLL Korea, and Online PR Ambassador for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST).and they even also Ambassadors for Korea-Jeju Island in N7W campaign, in which it means they are representative for South Korea Republic. so in a way, Jae in Turkey, together with SK President, not only as an Kpop artist, but also as a representative of SK. and i think thats why the security around him are so tight, coz he is considered as guest of the
        state, not just as an artist. esp since he will attending an event ALONG with SK President and also attending a state banquet held at the presidential palace.”

      • your right. Jae and JYJ are the closest anyone will get to a complete package that covers as many areas as possible since they do so many things. its impossible to find one person that represents what korean culture is but they had to do their best and they really did get the best 🙂

      • @monica, actually, what made me proud the most not the facts that he able to talk, shake hands, standing next to the 2 countries President (but i am proud of it too). but the fact that, this man, as well as his 2 brothers still able to stand tall, achieve great success in many areas, and being honoured n recognized, not just as artists, but as men who people could see, that being blocked n face unfairness dont mean it should kill what can you do, give and achieve. JYJ are living proves that they are flying higher despite all those mistreatment. i think it normal if they have some bitterness to be chosen by their country, but it let them face those mistreatment alone n didnt do anything to help them. but that is another quality they have. they still love their country and willing to let it used their popularity to bring good name for it.

    • @one_nee

      “or to someone who said kpop not fitted to be cultural representative. ”

      Ok, so what is the reason for all the talk about kpop taking over the world? Can’t these folks come up with something better than this? I suppose then all the time and effort SM spent getting SNSD on Letterman and Kelly’s shows was wasted? Better let LSM know their efforts are falling on deaf ears!

      • @ButterfliesAreFree
        I always feel joyful at your post. 🙂
        That is not from a creativity mind, sadly, some Kpop commentators are carrying too much of the venomous jealousy in their body. We can see that they feel threatening because our Jae Joong JYJ is doing many honorable works compare to their slavery idols under SM. They feel bad for their puppets and the 9 Viagra pills. So they posted their twisted words, which make them look illogic.
        It tells us that JYJ3 site is more peaceful than other sites when it comes to posting comments.
        If we think well, we are sure to act well too.
        The negative people are not going to change. Change is their enemy lol.
        What we do and support for JYJ is more important to us than to them, beside its fun to see their ugly emo, their ego, and their illogical minds. It’s giving us a good laugh 😉
        JYJ fighting ^^

      • When you mentioned ‘9 Viagra pills’, you are obviously referring to SNSD right? Why someone would use such derogatory terms on other people is beyond my comprehension, even more so if you happen to be a female yourself. If you want to call them talentless, call them puppets, fine, it’s your opinion. But to go as far as to use such insulting terms on them, really? Sure, they never defended JYJ, but they have never said anything negative about them either. Just because they working under SM, they deserve to be called such offensive names? Shame on

      • @nsj
        The term “9 Viagra pills” is actually an opinion of the viewers coming from the Letterman and Kelly’s shows.
        So live with nsj.
        I didn’t come up with that term, my term for them is even worst than that.
        You would be glad i didn’t write it down in this post.

      • Your term for them is even worse than ‘9 Viagra pills’? Maybe you should learn a thing or two from JYJ. I know they will never call people such derogatory names because they know how to respect people.

      • @nsy
        LOL! It’s funny to pick a cat fight over 9Viagra pills.
        It’s even more hilarious when you are trying to teach me some respects over merchandises. The main purpose for those 9Viagra pills are to be used and discharged.
        On another topic, why do I need to learn from JYJ? They are not my teacher, in case you don’t know; I don’t go around preaching who or which one should respect.
        By the way, it‘s overly used in Asia countries, every time they can’t win an arguments, they bring up the subject of respects. 9 out of 10, when they are pointless in their thinking, there, they come and bring up the issues of how to respect someone or something for their own agenda. The best part of hiding their agenda with how they were raised to respect, blah, blah, blah….
        Go sleep with whoever you want but stop preaching others how to conduct their views or their vocabulary.
        Just in case you have not learned anything through the SM slavery contracts, you are not really to show respect on the humanity rights, let alone teaching the derogation of human values.

      • Well, the so-called ‘9 Viagra pills’ are definitely a lot of classes higher than you. What does that make you, if to you, they’re merely ‘merchandises’? No wonder you don’t hold any basic respect for other people. Take a look at the way you write, the terms you choose to use on other people, for example, telling me ‘go sleep with whoever you want’ as I quote you. That is outrightly crude of you. The way you talk about other people makes it seem like you don’t even hold respect for yourself. That’s fine, but definitely leave me out of this.

        By the way, ‘9 out of 10 people’ as I quote you bring in respect in arguments because it is basic and expected but some people (like you) just don’t have it and think it is ‘pointless thinking’. The real pointless thing is you dragging in the issue of SM slavery contract (link, please). What has unfair contract terms got to do with basic respect of people by refraining from the use of derogatory terms? Why use a much more extreme example when we’re talking about something basic here regarding respecting of people by not calling them such names?

      • @nsj
        LOL, so you are not “the boys”. Why are you so into the 9Viagra pills?
        You are not well when it comes to the 9ViagraPills, are you?
        How high do you think they are? And what classes do you prefer to?
        This one:
        — quoted from lyOns # letterman
        “Um what’s this shit girl group! Lip Sync and just some untalented strippers! Girls G is a joke!”

        Or this one:
        SNSD & Regis Philbin For “Viagra” On “Late Show With David Letterman”
        IATFB 01/31/2012
        Can’t insert the pic here, because I’m a minor. not allow to see those pics yet. Do your own homework.

        Oh, wait, may be you are one of those girls? In that case, you may be working so hard and not much left to enjoy from your labors.
        Everything you work for is all owned by SM. You don’t have anything in your name. Do you? Poor girl 😦
        Haha.. this one from the SM slave contracts.

      • yah.. (sigh)
        i guess this person thought that it was supposed to be someone more important than ‘just’ a kpop artist should be represent SK in these cultural event, esp since it involved 2 Presidents.. i guess. but, what made me dont understand is, how come after all those National n International, even chosen by SK Government (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology/MEST), people still forget, that these 3 amazing men arent only artists/singers. they have done and reached level in which they are recognized by the world. UNAIDS didnt chose them just because they are popular. i believe many Asian artists more popular than them (like Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Rain, etc). But i believe UN saw what quality JYJ have, and what achievement they achieved, what JYJ can show to the people in Asia, are the reason why UN chose JYJ.
        people can argue that group X are bigger n famous than JYJ since they can apperead in well known shows in USA, or group XX have most fans in Asia or how in their country many are know about XXX but not JYJ. u can say all of that, but still, it didnt change the facts that it is JYJ that UN choose to represent Asia Pasific Region. it is Jae of JYJ who represent SK Culture along with SK President and being introduced to a group of people in Turkey Culture meeting by none other SK President himself. even from the pic above we can also see, that he met and even shake hands with Turkey President who standing next to SK President in a state event. in Presidential Palace. not in some event or building. not in an occasion when you could just paid some ‘higher up’ people then use your connection so they can being video taped ir photographed shake hands or talking or standing next to each other and then pay media to post it to make look like they made it BIG.
        Jae isnt there as kpop idol/part of hallyu wave (i’m started to sick with this hallyu wave thingy), he’s there as a represntative of his country and he is chosen to be the representative. and for me, that speak volumes.

      • @one_nee

        It’s okay sweetie, you’re entitled. 😉 I understand how frustrating these folks are. Just try and remember, “the source”. These people are still butt hurt over the fact that here are three young men who are basically ostracized in their own country for having the temerity to want FREEDOM! – not only want it, but get it.

        Ok, the blocking is still going on, but despite the blocking, the blockers are not stopping JYJ from being successful. Successful way beyond anyone’s imagination. So, when these fans look at the lives of their own artists, and realize the HUGE chasm, it makes them ill.

        I dont doubt for one moment these are basically SM group fans. Because by most accounts, the condition of the others is not quite so draconian. But in the end, all I can say is…it must suck to be them.

        IN THE END IT’S JYJ! 🙂

    • This reminds me so much of when JJ went to Thailand (to scout out the concert venue and finalize last minute preparations for the 2011 concert) and he, together with CEO Kang (?spelling) of 411-Ent, went to the hospital to pay his respects and best wishes to the ailing King of Siam’s recovery.
      According to many reports posted back then, JJ took such care with his attire and he carried/presented himself so respectfully that it was widely perceived as a very positve, graceful/classy gesture by Thai fans and the Thai public.

      Whether intentional or not (though I doubt JJ meant it that way) but from what I understood he had simply wanted to pay his respects and formally express his get-well wishes since he knew how much the Thai people love their king.
      Plus, he actually kept his promise to wear that pink wrist-band (a get-well wish band many Thais wore for their king) for quite a long time even after leaving Thailand.
      Now THIS is what it means to be an effective cultural representative and Goodwill ambassador. Not how cute/hot their inumerable Hallyu idols are being touted to be “conquering the world” by biased K-media (baseless claims unsupported by foreign press or any sense of reality).

      S. Korea has the ultimate treasure-trove in the JYJ boys—-the International community has ALWAYS recognised this fact and hopefully this Turkish visit is a sign that SK is finally waking up to that realization and stops denying what’s in front of its eyes.

  25. Pingback: [Pics+Info][06.02.2012] Jaejoong tại buổi họp mặt ở trường Đại học Ankara cùng với tổng thống Hàn Quốc và Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ | PigJaeBoo_VN

  26. Wow~ Jae looks hot~! How can someone looks that good? And he mingled with powerful people, as in much more powerful that SoMeonE. I love what I’m seeing!

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