[PICS] Junsu’s Photo Gallery for Playdb


Credit: Playdb
Shared by: JYJ3


34 thoughts on “[PICS] Junsu’s Photo Gallery for Playdb

  1. new concept for my baby, cool and handsome guy ❤
    but can't u smile??? i mizzz ur sunshine smile, Junchan ahhhh T____T
    and too skinny, eat more plzzzz T___________________T

    • Tod smirks and seldom smirks cause death is a tragedy

      Dramatic tragedy : P

      and that’s gloomy but dramatically beautiful gloom that’s how they bloom u see , the tragedy, the Dramatic Tragedies. : D so beautiful

      • @Pierrot

        … “beautiful gloom”. Makes me want to write something beautiful and erotic and tragic. Or should I wear something dark (or suffocatingly pale) and completely covering but very enticing? Ah! BOTH, ne?

      • @grlrex

        sounds ur gonna write something cool , do u write fanfics ??

        don’t forget to paint ur nails black : P and i bet u’d look gorgeous too : )

  2. So many different looks and moods from Junsu; my fave is the steely determined look in pic #4! It says ‘I will have you’. ‘Elisabeth’; look out! 😀

  3. Junsu is Junsu. he already explained why he lost his weight, but still can’t satisfied everybody.
    well to me, he’s good in any condition on any camera. S2
    “good job Junsu-sshi, we watched your rehearsals and you’re hella GOOD. promise us you will be healthy and always happy, and so we will be fine too” XDD

  4. i dunno, looking at his skinny body…but i do love him no matter wat.
    Junsu, ur voice shakes my soul…so please..please be healthy and be happy…and please meet a very2 good girl, ok! Got my blessing, u know… :))

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