[SCAN + TRANS] 120206 JYJ Featured in Peruvian Newspaper “El Comercio” – “Korean Pop: The New Trend”

JYJ3 Note: JYJ is receiving great coverage in Peru. They were recently  featured in the most influential Peruvian Newspaper named “El Comercio” 

“Korean Pop: The New Trend” 

* In three weeks, all concert tickets for JYJ’s concert were sold out. By request of the fans, they added 1000 tickets on sale. *They explain their interest for the Band.

*** By Marilia Pastor

Her goal was to get to Heaven. Of course, not literally. Pearl Ipanaqué camped on January 11th at the entrance to Plaza Vea of San Miguel to get a ticket IN HEAVEN (Super VIP). All to see the Korean band JYJ. That will make a performance on March 11 in our country. Some followers, more cautious, camped two days to secure their entrance.

“It was quite crazy! At 4 am more fans were arriving, all night they chanted and danced. They also send tweets to the boys of JYJ to know that Peruvian fans were going to buy tickets to see them.  Recalls Pearl who study management and international business.

The time played against her. A half-hour Super VIP tickets were sold out and she was content to get her VIP ticket only. In three weeks, the 5000 tickets were sold.


What is this group? You could say it’s the Asian version of a “boy band”. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (The initials form the name of the group) interpret romantic themes and overcoming messages. In 2010 they separated from the South Korean group TVXQ to form their own band.

To date, they have released “The Beginning” (more than 520,000 albums sold worldwide) and “In Heaven” (over 350,000 in Korea). The low figures are explained because the public uses more digital versions. Despite these numbers, without massive publicity, the ticket sales for their concert broke record held by Justin Bieber in our country. The key is in their origin: they are Asian.

The young lovers of oriental culture rarely have the opportunity to see their favorite artists. “Fans have never had a K-pop (Korean pop) group here. Usually they see them on videos,” explains Christian Uema founder of Noizu Producciones (T/N: Noizu Producciones  is the promoter for JYJ’s Concert in Peru).

Indeed, the fans follow them because they are not what we are used to consuming.

“It’s another culture with other type of celebrities. Isn’t the same music that you always listened on the radio like reggaetón” says Naomi Zavala, Member of Red Ocean Club TVXQ.

However, the same features that work for a “boy band” (attractive members, elaborated choreography) also applies to them. “The Asians are known to be good dancers and they do them justice. Their wide popularity wasn’t only because they are cute [laughs]”. Their songs have messages like “Do not be overcome, follow your dreams” and “You are very valuable as a person and woman,” says Madeleine Lerggios, who has followed them since the beginning.

To Christian Uema, the interest that we have now will grow in the upcoming years  “We are always used to seeing American and European artists, but Asians are also good musicians. People who listen to K-pop is increasing.” We will have to keep track of them.


Place: Explanada sur del estadio Monumental. Ate
Day and Time: Domingo 11 de marzo, a las 8pm
Tickets: Tu Entrada.

Source: Diario El Comercio
Spanish Transcription + Scan: JYJPERU Lovers
English Translation Credit and Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


12 thoughts on “[SCAN + TRANS] 120206 JYJ Featured in Peruvian Newspaper “El Comercio” – “Korean Pop: The New Trend”

  1. Have they appeared in “El Comercio”??!!!! :O
    Is this from today?! OMG! I need to get a copy!

    “El Comercio” is the most influential, respected and …expensive newspaper here in Perú!
    I’m so happy! 😀

  2. This shows how good (GREAT) JYJ are. Let them show to SK entertainment industry that the obstacles that are imposed on them on their native land only make them more valuable and recognize to the eyes of the world. Love them so much.

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