[TRANS] Turkish Hallyu fans cheered as Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong visits


Kim Jaejoong was invited by the Korea Cultural Center in Turkey to open a fan meeting in a hall at Ankara University on Sunday, Feb. 5. After a state-owned television channel broadcasted Korean dramas in Turkey, Hallyu wave began. ‘Korea Fans’ is the most representative fanclub in Turkey and has more than 40,000 actively participating fans at present. The Korea Cultural Center in Turkey has secured an invitation to JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who has the most number of Turkish fans and it hopes to spread Hallyu wave and increase the number of cultural exchanges between the two countries through the fan meeting.


All 600 fan meeting tickets were sold out in 30 mins after the Korea Cultural Center made an announcement that they would be distributed on first-come first-served basis. In a few hours, more than 2,000 requests were received, confirming the power of Hallyu wave in Turkey. Calls from fans who could not get the tickets swamped the Korea Cultural Centre and the Korean Embassy. Turkish fans hope that the fan meeting will cause the opening of more events and performances from entertainers. Meanwhile, on Feb. 1, Miliyet, a Turkish daily newspaper introduced JYJ and provided details on Kim Jaejoong’s fan meeting.

Source: culturenori
Translation by: Shermin for JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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25 thoughts on “[TRANS] Turkish Hallyu fans cheered as Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong visits

    • @nomusicnolife

      I was about to write all star, but it sounds weird, like some sports channel.
      He is an angel anyway…..disguised as a human being.

      Found it…..Jaejoong is MY STAR!

  1. Korea Cultural Center —->>JJ of JYJ is “spreading Hallyu wave and increasing the number of cultural exchanges between the two countries(and other countries)”~~~~~and they are deprive to spread their artistry at their on country, its like they are promoting Korea but cant perform in Korea???

  2. here goes the Hallyu wave again,,, it’s JYJ wave ok, kim jaejoong waves… Common, a leader of hallyu wave who can’t hold concerts in your country? whenever JYJ achieve something they are part of the hallyu wave but they rejects them everyday day, what does your hallyu wave do to help jyj’s difficult situation?, this shameless people.. It’s more appropriate to call them Korean artist.

  3. when Jaechunsu do something really amazing in other country Kmedia always said Halyuu wave here and there it’s really makes me want put or bring a big banner which said JAEJOONG +JUNSU + YOOCHUN= JYJWAVE or something like that and showed it to those people
    i’m really happy if there are any JYJ fans want to that when they attend JYJ concert and when the media came to report that concert the fans just hold that banners till those words get capture perfectly on any media who report it

    • When JYJ needs some support in their own country, everyone in the media and entertainment industry suddenly can’t see or hear anything. tsk, tsk.

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